Koa is a baby boy's name, and its meaning is “warrior” in the Hawaiian language. Adorable, isn't it! The combination of nature and strength indicates that Koas are generally both gentle and bold, and are adventure-loving people. But surprisingly, Koa has never ranked high in the top 1000 baby names

list. Children or adults with the name Koa have a deep inner need for quiet. They have a desire to analyze and understand the world that they live in. They look for deeper truths and are quite curious about everything around them.

While pronouncing the name Koa, it should sound similar to the name “Noah,” hero of the biblical flood story in the Old Testament book of Genesis. The Biblical meaning of the name Koa is 'Hope, a congregation, a line, a rule'. This is one reason why many parents like to choose this as the name of their beloved one. For instance, the well-known American guitarist Tom Dumont’s kid’s name is Koa Thomas.

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