25 Baby Names Even More Extra Than Dream Kardashian

When the world met Dream Kardashian, daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, social media platforms had a meltdown over whether the name was cute or too over the top. Now that Dream is about to turn two years old, her name no longer rings as abnormal in a family with cousins named True, Chicago, and Stormi, as per E! News. The Kardashians are pros at making waves in all aspects of their lives, but wild and wacky baby names are nothing new amongst celebrities and rock stars—it's just par for the course.

Unusual and unique celebrity baby names aren't a recent phenomenon. Some ingénues, artists and actors have been going against the name grain for decades. A little digging will turn up names that make Dream sound quaint and ordinary by comparison. Today's millennials aren't the only parents who are focused on providing their child with something original and meaningful. There's always been a trend of eschewing the traditional and seeking out the bold and wild. A name can give others an impression that doesn't always match up with the truth, or can even set up expectations that may never be fulfilled. Some names just leave us scratching our heads and wondering.

Here are 25 baby names that are more extra than Dream Kardashian!

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25 Banks, Banks Baby


Hilary Duff recently gave birth to baby number two—and she was thrilled to welcome a girl following her six-year-old son with Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie. Duff and boyfriend Matthew Koma welcomed baby Banks Violet Bair, revealing her unique name on their social media accounts, according to Elle. While Hilary clearly didn't take her son's name suggestion of Cofant Croissant, we are pretty curious as to what the inspiration for the name Banks was.

24 Much Ado About Denim


It turns out that the first version of Toni Braxton's son's name was Denham, but when the nurses kept mispronouncing it, the singer and her husband decided to change the name's spelling to Denim—just like the jeans, explains Toni in OK! Magazine. She sees unusual names as freeing and feels that her kids' unique names allow them to have their own identities. While many fans seem to approve of the name Denim, it didn't make waves on the baby name charts and remains a rarity on birth certificates.

23 Audio Visual

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Creative baby names certainly aren't new—the world met baby Audio Science back in 2003, as per contactmusic.com. Mom Shannyn Sossamon explained that the name was a bit random—her boyfriend took to the dictionary for inspiration. She felt the words resonated with her and noted that Audio was special to her. They thought of calling their son Science but elected to make it his middle name after worrying that people might shorten it to Sci, as in Simon. Well, we wouldn't want that.

22 We Can See The Future


When Ciara and then-fiancé Future were thinking of baby names, she explained that using Future as a baby name just felt right in her gut, according to The Guardian. The rapper and father Future isn't actually named that—his real first name is Nayvadius. Ciara revealed that baby Future's middle name, Zahir, was much more difficult to settle on. While the couple ultimately didn't stay together, baby Future Zahir has grown up now to the ripe age of four, and already has a modeling career.

21 Sunday, Baby Sunday


Move over, Wednesday Addams, it's a new day for baby. A lot of fans really liked Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's name choice for their daughter—Sunday. While it was rumored that they named their daughter Sunday in homage to the art patron Sunday Reed, Kidman dispelled that gossip when she explained that she just liked the name for itself, as per Nameberry. Although the name hasn't made great waves in baby naming, Mike Myers liked it enough to name his daughter Sunday, also.

20 Birdie's Sweet Song


Sweet little Birdies are popping up in family nests all over these days. Busy Philipps' daughter has the cheerful moniker, and shares it with Maura West of soap opera fame, according to Town & Country. Many more stars and others are employing Birdie as a nickname for the names Elizabeth or Beatrice—or just as a cutesy name completely unrelated to the actual name of a person. Some baby name experts think Birdie is making a comeback because quaint and old-fashioned names are in right now.

19 He'll Be Your Huckleberry


Some celebrities whip out the wild names with an eye to the future. Bear Grylls and his wife Shara apparently gave it a lot of thought when they named one of their sons Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne Grylls back in early 2009, revealed People. Grylls told interviewers that he and his wife plan to call him Huck. Huckleberry joined the Grylls' other children Marmaduke and Jesse, and Bear explained that they thought it would sound cool when the kids are older to call them Duke, Jesse, and Huck.

18 It's Not Java, Man


Even celebrities co-sleep—Josh Holloway revealed that his children, including eight-year-old Java, sleep in the room he and his wife share, as per People. Holloway and wife Yessica's other daughter is named Hunter Lee. We're wondering who had the inspiration to name their first daughter Java Kumala. We know that Kumala was Yessica's name before she was married, but aren't sure if Java is a nod to the beverage, the island, or just sounded fun and cool to mom and dad.

17 An Ode To A Mountain


Jena Malone, best known for her work in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, welcomed her son Ode Mountain with her boyfriend back in 2016, according to E! News. Possibly Jena chose the name Ode Mountain out of a love for the great outdoors and the beauty of mountain views. When she confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram, she chose a photo of herself posing in mountain scenery. Although the photo is no longer there, we're assuming that her baby's name commemorates something Jena Malone appears to hold dear.

16 North By North West

Harper's Bazaar

We think North by North West might one day be a real fashion line, as North, daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, is already making a name for herself in the modeling world, according to Harper's Bazaar. After both North and her mom Kim and grandma Kris Jenner landed modeling gigs with Fendi, North walked the runway for L.O.L. Surprise in her favorite look. In one photo, mom Kim called her daughter Northie in the caption, which must be a nickname for the young diva.

15 A Rainbow In The Clouds


Sometimes inspiration comes to us long before we ever think of having children. That's what happened to former Playboy model Holly Madison, who remembered a fellow classmate's unique name back in high school when it came time to name her daughter, Rainbow Aurora, revealed Mabel + Moxie. Holly even explained that not only did she think that Rainbow was unique, but that she was even a bit envious of her classmate's special name. Rainbow Aurora was born in 2013. We hope she's as unique as Holly's former classmate was.

14 What's A Dweezil, Exactly


The wild eccentricity of dad Frank Zappa was expressed in the naming of his children, including his eldest son, Dweezil. Zappa was “extra” decades before the expression existed, and despite the fact that Dweezil was born in 1969, it's taken fans years to become accustomed to the name, as per Daily Herald. When asked about his name, Dweezil explained that he really wasn't made fun of as much as people thought, but rather that other students liked how original his and his siblings' names were.

13 A Crime Fighter Needs Moxie


Maybe it's wishful thinking or an early nod to a future career that inspired Pen Jillete and his wife Emily to name their daughter Moxie Crimefighter. Jillete did note that he was inspired by the meaning of the word moxie when choosing a name for their daughter, according to CBS News. It's not clear what prompted the middle name Crimefighter, but there's no doubt that the name combo is certainly one of a kind. It definitely implies confidence and a sense of action.

12 A Gentle, Wafting Breeze Beretta


In what seems like a lifetime ago but was only a decade, Levi Johnston became a celebrity by association as the boyfriend of Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. By 2012, Johnston was 22, had moved on from the Palins, and was welcoming a new daughter into the world, whom he named Breeze Beretta, as per Daily Mail. Johnston wasn't shy about explaining the baby's middle name as a nod to the Italian company, as he's a big fan of hunting. He got the first name, Breeze, tattooed before the baby was even born.

11 The Classic Moon Unit

LH 2018

The first of Frank Zappa's children, Moon Unit, wasn't always happy with her name and what it meant to the outside world, according to The Independent. She lamented the complete lack of boundaries in her life growing up, and how her name was perceived as wild and out-there even when that's not the impression she wanted to give. Moon Unit often struggled with the inherent disappointment that people had when she seemed more normal than how they thought she would be based on her name and parentage.

10 Growing Up To Be A Pilot Inspektor


Inspiration can come from any place. Jason Lee and his wife proved that true when they named their son Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee back in 2005. Lee and wife Beth didn't just like the word pilot but were really impressed by a tune from band Granddaddy's album The Sophtware Slump called 'He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot,' as per Stereogum. It's just unfortunate that the song has a less-than-flattering title. We're not sure where the interesting spelling of Inspektor came from, either.

9 You Don't Know Heiress


T.I. has a track record of not caring at all what people think about the names he's given his children. He and wife Tiny had a daughter in 2016, their third child together, according to Atlanta Black Star. T.I. and Tiny named their daughter Heiress... Harris. Yes, T.I.'s last name is Harris, so the now two-year-old is Heiress Harris. Fans have tweeted and posted their approval for the name, but we wonder how many people are going to need to practice saying the name a few times.

8 Rocket Zot To Fame

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US actors and celebrities aren't the only ones who can come up with wacky, weird, or interesting baby names. In 2015 all of Australia had a meltdown, and it wasn't just the heat: actress Lara Bingle and her hubby Sam Worthington named their baby boy Rocket Zot, as per The New Daily. When some journalists expressed their opinion that the name was rather extreme or silly-sounding, actress Lara Bingle angrily tweeted that Zot had been a nickname of her beloved grandfather, and was given to her son in honor of him.

7 It's Daisy Boo To You, Sir


Jools and Jamie Oliver have indicated over and over again that they are not consulting traditional baby naming books when they welcome a new child into the world. Their 15-year-old daughter, Daisy Boo, is just one of five children, all with creative name combinations, according to Mirror. Her full name is Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver, but it seems like she generally just goes by Daisy. Flowery names are coming back in fashion with younger millennial parents. Despite having five, the Olivers haven't ruled out having more uniquely named children.

6 Zuma Zoom Zoom


We do expect rock stars and celebrities to get creative with baby names now, and back in 2008, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Gavin Rossdale of Bush did not disappoint. Zuma Nesta Rock was born to the couple in August of that year, as per CS Monitor. Although the relationship didn't last, Zuma has often been in the public eye with mom Gwen and always stylish to the max. He was reportedly named for Zuma Beach, located in Malibu, California. Nesta was probably a nod to Gwen's love of reggae.

5 All Hail Kal-El

Picture Boss

When Nicolas Cage and wife Alice Kim were pregnant, they brainstormed baby name ideas, but Nicolas explained that his wife wanted something truly original. Kal-El was born on earth in 2007, instead of on Krypton, the birthplace of Cage's son's namesake, according to People. Kal-El is the name goes by Superman on his home planet—maybe that means that Nicolas Cage's son will be called Superman if he ever travels to Krypton. Cage's wife Alice was satisfied with the originality, and Cage felt that the name represented something good.

4 Mastering The Banjo

Maria Fresa

Aussie star Rachel Griffiths is a well-known actress both down under and in the US, so it was a big deal for a lot of fans when she gave birth to her son, Banjo Patrick, in 2003. Rachel Griffiths revealed that it wasn't just a random word—she chose Banjo as an homage to the Australian poet who wrote Waltzing Mathilda, as per People. That Banjo—Banjo A.B. Paterson—was also a storyteller and journalist. Griffiths continued to choose names that had special meanings with the births of her daughters.

3 We Love Ya, Tu Morrow


Maybe they just couldn't help it. The pun started with Rob Morrow's wife, named Debbon Ayre, and they clearly enjoyed the play on words approach to naming when they gave their daughter the first name Tu, as per Architectural Digest. Rob Morrow is known for his work on Northern Exposure, Numb3rs, and The Whole Truth. Tu Morrow is now 17, and building an acting career for herself. We're curious in the next couple decades whether she'll look to start a family and carry on the punny tradition.

2 May We Present Jermajesty


Jermaine Jackson carried on the name alliteration with only some of his nine children. In 2000, he and wife Alejandra welcomed a son into the world, and named him Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson, according to Jackson Source. Jermajesty is most definitely a one of a kind name, but not many were surprised at dad Jermaine's flamboyant name choice. Jermajesty is now 18 and may be following in his father's musical footsteps. There was talk of a reality TV show, but that never made it to air.

1 Speck Wildhorse, The Next Western Show


We don't want to speculate too much about why Speck Mellencamp, son of rocker John Mellencamp, has had several brushes with the law. His latest incident seemed to be at least in part as a result of a verbal or physical altercation, as was a previous run-in with police, as per USA Today. Speck Wildhorse Mellencamp might be living up to his name, his rockstar legacy, or rebelling against both, but we hope he and his brother Hud can resolve their next conflict with others more peacefully.

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