25 Baby Names Exploding In Popularity This Spring

Choosing the name for a baby is not an easy task because we must consider various personal factors, such as religious, names in the family, meaning, originality, opinions of loved ones and possible nicknames, among others.When it's about choosing the name of our baby it is best not to rush and try to find different sources of inspiration that offer us a wide variety of names to choose from. Some lovers of the seventh art seek inspiration in their favorite movies, others seek to commemorate the name of a relative, some people look for ideas in books and characters of their favorite authors, others do their research online, while some people are inspired by nature and seasons.

Today we're going to talk about seasons and baby names inspired by them. Each season is unique and brings to mind different memories, colors, smells, and emotions. For example, winter is that time of the year when we look around only to find snow, cold colors and gloomy days; but also, winter is usually associated with the warmth of home because we seek a haven from the cold. And it is that longing for a warmer weather, what it makes the arrival of spring, at the beginning of March, so special because this season of the year seems to fill us with life and embraces us with its warmth. When we think about spring, we think of the joy of doing outdoor activities and enjoying our surroundings. This season is associated with a new rebirth, growth, blossoms and bright colors.

If you love spring, you should consider some of the names on this list that are inspired by this beautiful season of the year and that are exploding in popularity.

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25 Abril


Abril is one of those names that steals sighs. This beautiful girl name refers to the month of April in Spanish, while in Latin it means "open". This name has different meanings depending on the language, culture, and country, but its most common meaning is related to the month of April and the colors of spring.

On the other hand, the French version of the name Abril is Avril, which means “opening buds of spring or born in April”. And one of the best-known stars with this name is the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne who, with her irreverent personality and warm heart, has captivated thousands of people. Usually, women with this name are natural leaders and are quite independent in their lives.

This name is not common among girls born in the northern hemisphere, so it can be an excellent option for parents who are looking for a short but significant name for the princess they are hoping will come to their lives.

24 Berilo


Berilo is a name for boys that is associated with people of cheerful personality, lucky and warm-hearted. The name Berilo has two different origins, the first in Spanish and the second one is of Greek origin and means "pale green gemstone" that also reminds us of the colors of spring. In addition to that, the name Berilo is the male version of the name Beryl.

Berilo is an unusual name for boys, nowadays, however, during the era of 1910 and 1919, it was a fairly popular name because people associated the name with good fortune and luck. Nevertheless, it can be an interesting option for the name of your baby, if you are looking for something different, enthralling and that is related to a precious stone, Berilo can be the ideal name for that prince who is about to come to your life.

23 Blossom


Blossom is a girl name of American origin, which means fresh and refers to how everything blooms in the spring, as the trees and flowers fill the streets around us with colors and life.

The name Blossom is also known for the TV Show from the 90s that follows the adventures of Blossom Russo, a teenager who lives with her divorced father and her two brothers. The actress who played Blossom was Mayim Bialik, also known for her role in the TV show Big Bang Theory as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.

The girls with the name Blossom have an extroverted personality, they love everything about art and they tend to be very creative people who enjoy activities such as singing, painting, writing and acting. Do you think your baby could have all those qualities? If so, you may have a Blossom in your arms soon that will fill your life with joy.

22 Aviv


Aviv is a boy name of Hebrew origin, which means spring and young, so it is associated with jovial, cheerful, extroverted and colorful people throughout their lives. This name is ideal for parents who are looking for short names, unusual but easy to write and spell.

The men who bear this name, when they grow up are passionate, romantic and compassionate people, with a tendency to lead and are characterized by having a magnetic personality that attracts people. Do you feel that your little prince could be an Aviv? That his personality would resemble all the characteristics previously exposed? If so, keep this beautiful name in a notebook and then share it with your loved ones; but let me tell you something if you decide to name your son Aviv, he would steal hearts everywhere he goes.

21 Petunia 


When you think about spring, the first things that cross your mind are flowers and colors. Therefore, when we hear the name Petunia, we will instantly associate it with that beautiful flower belonging to the family of the Solanaceae native from South America.

Petunia is a girl name of French origin and means flower. Usually, women who are called Petunia are people who love adventure, change, travel around the world and help people. They are also characterized by being people of noble heart and very creative.

Petunia is a beautiful and unusual name, in 2016 less than 5 people used the name for their daughters, but this 2018 spring the name has regained popularity among parents who seek original and different names from the classic and repeated names that they have heard during these previous years. After all, we always want our children to stand out in a positive way.

20 Attwell

Attwell is a baby name of English origin, which means "lives by the spring". This unusual name has a charm in its simplicity. It is easy to spell and write, so it does not generate confusion when it comes to saying the name of the child loud. It's ideal for these parents who are looking for something different but at the same time want to pick a name that sounds good. Moreover, the name Attwell is easy to combine with different surnames and this makes it the perfect pick if you’re looking for something unique.

Normally the men who are called Attwell are people who are good at communicating, they love everything about the arts and they know how to enjoy every moment of their lives. A man named Attwell probably decides to choose a profession where he is allowed to be in the limelight.

19 Laverna


Here we present to you, another name that you had probably heard before but that you had never stopped to appreciate its beauty or to research its meaning. Laverna is a French name for girls and means "born in spring" referring to babies born between March and June, mothers usually call their daughters Laverna to honor the new life that blooms in this season.

Laverna is a beautiful name and one that is not frequently heard among other children. However this name was quite popular in the United States during the years 1920-1929, and by spring 2018 it has returned to gain popularity among female names.

Women who are called Laverna are usually smart and independent personalities, quite creative in the professional and women with specific goals that they want to fulfill throughout their life.

18 Caldwell


Usually, when parents are searching for names to their male children, they look for something easy to write and spell, but at the same time they seek for a name that transmits reliability, sounds good and easily combines with a second name or surname, and that's what the name Caldwell offers.

This name is of Old English origin, but it also has Irish roots. Caldwell was a fairly popular name between the years 1900-1909 according to records in the United States, but has returned to gain popularity because of its beautiful meaning "born in the cold spring".

Men who bear this name are often considered people who seek stability in their lives, have a strong bond with their families and have magnetic personalities that attract people due to their charisma and nobility.

17 Daffodil 

The following name is definitely for parents who are looking for something unique and different, parents who don't have between their top 3 of priorities, pronunciation and how to write the name, as something too important.  Although this name sounds strong at first glance, it has a beautiful meaning and is ideal for girls born in spring.

Daffodil is a baby girl name of Greek origin, which means flower. In addition to that, Daffodil is the national flower of Wales and in the language of flowers, it symbolizes fairness, respect, and unconditional love. Ideal for any princess born in this season.

The only detail against this name is that people usually call them Daffy, as a nickname. But if you do not like it, you can use the nickname Daisy, which sounds much better than Daffy.

16 Wells

Rosie Pope and Wells in New York, Wednesday, May 18, 2011. (Stuart Ramson/Insider Images for Pampers)

The name that I am going to present to you next is just out of the oven because thanks to Rosie Pope, a British American entrepreneur, best known for owning a maternity clothes store and a lifestyle blog, the name Wells became fashionable.

According to Rosie, Wells is the abbreviation of Wellington. This name for boys is of English origin, and means "lives by the spring", but it has been thanks to Pope that the name has positioned itself in the 63rd ranked on the baby names lists since 2017.

Children who are called Wells are usually, in their adulthood, pragmatic and adventurous men, who also tend to have skills for business and always seek to achieve their dreams. They are people who enjoy their independence.

15 Day


The next name, "Day", is ideal for parents who like to think outside the box and turn a common word in the name of their baby. And this is what actress Gwyneth Paltrow did in 2004, along with her now ex-husbandChris Martin, lead singer of the band Coldplay, when they decided to name her daughter Apple.

At the time it seemed very strange to call your daughter Apple, but it has become a common activity among celebrities to name their children with uncommon and unusual words, and this is because for parents that word has a personal meaning that usually reminds them a happy and specific moment in their lives.

Day is an uncommon name on baby names lists, but it works for both girls and boys. On the other hand, it is a short name, easy to write and spell that combines perfectly with any surname.

14 Midori 


Midori is a girl name of Japanese origin, which means "green" and is closely related to spring because the color green is associated with life. In addition, in Japan, this name reminds them of the violinist Midori Goto who at the tender age of 11 made her debut accompanied by the New York Philharmonic. On the other hand, "Midori" is also known as a melon liqueur in Japan.

This beautiful name for girls is simple but unique. Easy to write, spell and combines with almost any surname, so it can be a fantastic option for those who want their princess to stand out with a different name but also symbolize something beautiful. Moreover, women who are called Midori are usually people who enjoy their freedom and like to think outside the box, are humanitarian and have a noble heart.

13 Verdi 


The next name on the list also means green, and being of Italian origin, Verdi has been associated with female names over the time; however, it can also be used for boys.

Verdi was a very popular name in Italy during 1913 and 1922, but it seems that by spring 2018 it has once again been among the most sought-after names because of its simplicity and meaning. In fact, the name is also related to the Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, who was born in 1813 and led the opera during the 19th century in Italy.

Verdi is one of those short names, easy to write and spell, that easily combines with any surname, making it a great option if you want to avoid those long and complicated names, that although they sound great, create confusion for others when it comes to pronouncing and writing it.

12 Florence


The name Florence has been ignored for the last decade in the most popular baby names lists, but recently it has reappeared as an option for girls who are born in spring. The name Florence is of Italian origin and is related to the beautiful Italian city and flowers, in fact, the name means "flourishing and prosperous".

However, this name was quite popular in the U.S during 1886 until 1906, standing out among the top 10 of the most popular names of the time. While in the U.K it is ranked number 26 of the most wanted names for girls.

On the other hand, some celebrities or recognized people have been called Florence, such as Florence Nightingale, a renowned reformer and founder of modern nursing; followed by Florence Griffith, considered the fastest track athlete, and finally, Florence Henderson, American actress known for her role in Carol Brady; among others.

11 Navin 


The name Navin is of Hindu origin and is generally used for boys, although it can also be used for girls. This name means "new and youthful", and despite the fact that it has descended in the popularity ranking since 2016, it is still a beautiful option for babies born in spring because it is related to a new birth and a new beginning

In addition, the name Navin would fit perfectly with the currently popular in/an/en/on-ending boys' names. While another advantage of this name is that it is easy to write, pronounce and spell, plus it easily combines with almost any surname.

Usually, the men who are called Navin, are pragmatists and calculators that will do anything to achieve their dreams, they are people who at first glance seem calm and docile, but in reality, they are the opposite.

10 Primavera


Just hearing the name, Primavera, the first things that cross your mind are flowers and the smell of the season. Primavera is a Spanish name that means springtime and is commonly used to name girls who are born during this season of the year.

Women who bear this name are usually people with strong values, creative souls, who create strong bonds with their families, are disciplined, like order and have a great sense of justice. In addition, they are always seeking to help others. This name is quite romantic due to its Spanish roots. It is easy to pronounce and write, it also easily combines with any surname. And for these reasons, the name Primavera is an ideal option to choose as the name of that princess that is coming to their lives and that will fill them with joy.

9 Neville


Neville is a name for children that have different meanings depending on the country and culture. Although, probably for the fans of the universe of Harry Potter, created by JK Rowling, the first thing we think when we hear the name "Neville", is Harry's classmate, Neville Longbottom, who was not only a great friend but a very brave and skillful partner at Hogwarts.

The name Neville has French and English roots, and has meanings like "from the new town and new village", and is related to the spring because it talks about the new beginnings. Normally, men who bear this name are academic and analytical people. 

This name is an ideal choice because it's a classic name that easily combines with different surnames, but at the same time offers the advantage that it is not such a common name nowadays among children.

8 Nouvel


Nouvel is a name of French origin, which means "new". This name has not only gained popularity among the girls who were born during the spring season, but also, because the former golden couple, in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, named one of their daughters, Shiloh Nouvel, in 2006, making the name "Nouvel" one of the most requested names for girls during those years.

Usually, the girls who bear the name Nouvel are calm but very sociable, enjoy talking with people, love animals and are very creative people who enjoy practicing several activities at once. This name is ideal for that baby girl you are waiting to hold between your arms because you can use it as a middle name or as a first name, making it easy to combine with other names and surnames.

7 Newland 


Newland is a name that we have heard in previous times, either thanks to John Newlands the British chemist who worked in the development of the periodic table or the Newland town located in Avery County, North Carolina in the United States.

Newland is a name for those parents who like to think outside the box and look for something definitely original for their baby boy. This name of English origin means "lives on the new land" and normally the children who bear the name Newland are characterized by being very sociable, having strong family bonds and for being passionate about the things they like.

On the other hand, among the advantages offered by this name, it stands out that it is a name with presence, easy to write, pronounce and spell. It is also easy to combine with other names or surnames.

6 Tulip

MALIBU, CA - MAY 08: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE, PREMIUM RATES APPLY) Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn with their daughters Charlie (L) and Dolly (R) celebrate Mother's Day at a park on May 8, 2011 in Malibu, California. (Photo by PMM/FilmMagic)

I love names inspired by flowers because immediately you think about colors, life and those scents that we would like to have always in our home. And that's what happens when we hear names like Tulip. This name of Turkish origin refers to the flowers that grow in those lands.

Tulip, is a beautiful short name for a girl that has become popular with parents since 2017, in fact, one of the daughters of the stars Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, is named Charlie Tamara Tulip, and although having three names can be something complicated when you have to do paperwork, I think the name Tulip is an ideal choice as the first name for a baby girl or even as a second name, especially if you are looking for something inspired by spring or flowers.

5 Xavier


Xavier is one of those names that for some reason sound seductive when you heard them.  It captivates your attention and motivates you to know more about them. The name Xavier has several origins such as Spanish, French, Catalan, and English, and of course in each culture or country has a different meaning, but the most common meaning of the name is "new house or bright"

Xavier is one of the few names that people know with the letter X and they like to use it to name their children, especially as a middle name. It's short, easy to write and spell, although sometimes it generates confusion about how to pronounce it and the correct way to say it is ZAY-vee-er.

This name is quite popular in several countries such as the U.S where it ranks 88th in the ranking of the most popular names for boys, while in Canada it is ranked number 98.

4 Verna 


Verna is another name inspired by the beautiful spring season because this name of American origin means "springtime or born in the spring." being one of the favorite names for parents who wish to call their princess in honor of the season.

Verna is one of those names that are inspired by the color and essence of flowers during the spring. And although in the last decade it has not been among the most requested names for girls in the countries of the northern hemisphere, in Europe Verna is a quite popular name nowadays. Nevertheless, during the years 1905 to 1961, it was one of the most common names for girls in the U.S. This name is an ideal option for parents who are looking for a different and unique name; short, easy to write and pronounce it. Moreover, Verna is easy to combines with other names or surnames.

3 Bradwell


If you and your partner are looking for a distinctive and charming name for baby boys, Bradwell may be the name you've been looking for. It is of English origin and means "from the broad spring", so it can be used inspired by children born during this season.

In 2016 less than 5 children were named Bradwell and the most popular moment of this name was around the 1890s in the United States. However, that does not mean that Bradwell is a bad name, rather the opposite because it makes it a unique name that will make your child stand out from the rest of the children. In addition, this name is ideal to use as a second name because it is easy to combines with first names and surnames.

2 Bluebell 


Bluebell is a name that has become popular after one of the former Spice Girls, Geri Horner, decided to use it to name his eldest daughter in 2006. This name of English origin means "American flower" and refers to the flowers of beautiful violet color, found in Atlantic areas from north-western Spain to the British Isles.

This name was quite popular during 2006 and the following years' thanks to Horner, although after a while it descended in the lists of popularity for names of girls. In 2016 less than 5 girls were called Bluebell. However, it's still a beautiful, unique and uncommon name among girls, it's easy to write and spell, and its correct pronunciation is "blue-bell" -which is not complicated at all-. This name is an ideal option for parents who want their daughter to have a mesmerizing name that makes them feel like a princess and not all girls have it.

1 Odelette 


Odelette is one of those names of French origin that are accompanied by grace, elegance, and warmth. This name means small melody, little song or little spring because it refers to spring and somehow this name seeks to reflect all that reminds us of that season.

On the other hand, Odelette is one of those names that makes you think about princesses, castles and blue princes; however, women who bear this name are quite independent, courageous, optimistic and eager to know new places around the world. During the 1890s it was a very common name but it lost popularity over the years; nevertheless, in the United States at least 6 girls were called Odelette during 2016.

This name has the advantage that it is easy to combine with other names and surnames, and its correct pronunciation is O-de-lette, which makes it easy to pronounce, write and spell it.


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