25 Baby Names For A Spunky American Boy

The best names for spunky American baby boys have the bold and confident spirit that the USA is known for. They are simple, masculine and traditional. If you want your baby boy to go for the American dream, choosing your favorite name on the list will prime him for success in the United States.

These names aren't new. They are classics. They are names that Americans know and love. Some of the most rugged and successful guys in the country have these first names! Choose one name for a first name or select two of these names for the ultimate first and middle name combo.

It's smart to pair a shorter American first name with a longer last name. If you have a short last name, choose a longer first name. When you read every name on the list, you'll find names with one, two, three and four syllables. There is something for everyone.

To make this list more fun, I'm going to talk about spunky male celebs in the USA who have these names and what these famous guys are up to right now. I'll also talk about what the names mean. My goal is to help you find a name for your baby boy that you really love.

By going for a classic American name, you'll make it easy for your baby to fit in...and then make his mark.

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25 John

Via Pinterest

John Cena is an American wrestler who is in the news constantly these days, because of his recent breakup with female WWE diva, Nicki Bella. According to Wikipedia, John was born on April 23rd, in 1977, in Westbury, Massachusetts. John and Nicki were supposed to get married, but one of them pulled the plug and it looks like it was Nicki. She apparently got cold feet.

John and Nicki were spotted getting coffee together in San Diego just days ago, post-breakup, according to Et Canada. John went on the Today show and said that he's now willing to have kids with Nicki. His lack of interest in being a father was reportedly the main issue that drove this couple apart.

Now that Nicki knows that she won't have to sacrifice being a mother, she's probably going to make a lifetime commitment to John. It may take a little time for this glam couple to decide if marriage is going to happen. They have some things to work through.

Here's a cute pic of John as a child:

Via WWE.com

If John and Nicki have a baby, will they call it John, Jr.?

If you love American names, John will be such a great choice. It's simple and it's the name of presidents (JFK, John Quincy Adams), so it's got true USA impact. This name has Hebrew origins and

it means "Jehovah has shown favor".

John Cena is pretty much the American ideal of what a man should be. He's strong, he's successful and he has a clean-cut image. Is the name John right for your baby boy?

24 Brad

Via Globalmedicalco

Brad Pitt is definitely one of the most famous guys in America. For many women, he's the ultimate American dreamboat. Fans have loved him since he looked so gorgeous in Thelma & Louise and they've followed his career as he went on to take edgier roles in Seven and World War Z.

These days, according to the US Magazine website, Brad is smitten with a brainy and beautiful MIT professor named Neri Oxman, who was born in Israel. Neri is a very impressive woman. She's sort of like George's Clooney's wife, Amal Clooney, in terms of balancing major beauty with incredible career achievements. Neri bears more than a passing resemblance to Brad's ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

Here is Brad as a baby:

Via Pinterest

Call your baby boy Brad or put the name, Bradley, on his birth certificate and then use the shorter version as a nickname. Don't hesitate to put Brad on his birth certificate if you want. You don't need to name your child Bradley if you prefer the short version. It's your baby boy and you can do whatever you want!

This name means, "broad clearing". It's an old English word for a wide clearing within a forest.

23 Clint

Via Fade Haircut

Clint Eastwood was so completely awesome in a range of Westerns, including The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. His chiseled features and strong, silent manner made him the ultimate American hero.

If you loved his classic Westerns, or enjoyed watching his performances in later films, such as "In the Line of Fire", naming your baby boy Clint may be a great way to honor the actor. Your son will be able to enjoy Clint's films when he's old enough and he may be inspired by Clint's talent and charisma, just like you are.

Here is Clint as a baby:

Via YouTube

These days, Clint is 87 years old, according to Wikipedia. He is an American legend and his name evokes so many powerful American images. According to the Empire Online website, Clint is interested in joining the cast of Bradley Cooper's upcoming film project, The Mule.

This name will always be linked with Eastwood.

The name, Clint, is an English name and it means, "settlement upon a hill".

If your baby's last name has English origins, Clint will be an ideal fit as a first name. While some first and last names do naturally complement one another, because they have the same country of origin, don't get too worked up about baby-naming rules. It's more important to just be passionate about the first name you choose.

Use the guidelines to get ideas, but go with your heart in the end. Any first and last name combo can work!

22 Chris

Chris Hemsworth is currently starring in Avengers: Infinity War. This latest installment in the Marvel Avengers film series is getting the most amazing reviews. According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, audiences rate this film 91 percent "fresh". It's getting great reviews from many critics, too.

If you love Chris in his role as Thor, or you've admired him in other films (he was wonderful playing race car driver, James Hunt, in the film, "Rush"), you may want to give him this traditional American name. Yes, I know Chris was born in Melbourne. He's an Aussie, as is his brother, Liam, who is linked with Miley Cyrus. However, Chris' entry in the Marvel universe had made him an American hero with Aussie origins.

Via YouTube

Marvel used to be all about comic books and it's an American company. It's part of Americana and the company keeps pushing forward.

Other actors named Chris, who were born in America, including Chris Evans and Chris Pine. Chris Evan played Captain America. Chris Pine played James T. Kirk in the Star Trek reboots.

The name, Chris, has Greek origins and it means, "carrier of Christ". Choose Christopher for the birth certificate or use the shortened version, Chris.

21 Matt

Via Globalmedicalco.com

Matt is short for Matthew. It's the name of Matt Damon, who is definitely the epitome of all-American charm. Matt captivated audiences in Good Will Hunting, with his close buddy, Ben Affleck. These days, Matt is teaming up with Ben Affleck and Kevin Bacon. According to the USA Today, they are creating a new drama for Showtime, which is set in the 1990s. It's called, City on a Hill.

Via Pinterest

Other famous American Matts include Matthew LeBlanc of Friends fame, and disgraced TV host, Matt Lauer.

The name, Matthew, is the English version of the Greek name, Matthaios and it means "gift of Yahweh".

If you love the short and sweet version, call your baby Matt. No need to choose the full name, Matthew, for the birth certificate unless you want to. Matt is a great American name which is an enduring fave.

Matt Damon was amazing in the Jason Bourne movies, which were inspired by a series of novels by Robert Ludlum. If you love the Bourne movies, why not choose this simple and attractive name for your baby boy? Matt is also a popular middle name. It's easy to say and spell and it's a name that every American is familiar with.

20 George

Via Pinterest

George is the name of Prince William and Kate Middleton's oldest son, but it's a nice American name, too. The late USA president, George Washington, is just one reason why this name has so much pure American appeal.

Of course, George is also the first name of actor George Clooney, who just attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Here is George during his younger years:

Via Pinterest

George wore a beautiful, pale-grey suit to the wedding and his wife, Amal, dazzled in a yellow suit from Stella McCartney. Stella also designed Meghan's evening wedding dress, which featured a halter neck for a sleek, sensual and All-American look.

According to People Magazine, Meghan loves Stella because Stella promotes female empowerment. That's a cause that Meghan really believes in. She plans to promote the same cause now that she's the Duchess of Sussex. She says her new hubby is a feminist, too.

The name, George, has Greek origins and it means, "farmer" or "tiller of the soil".

It'll be a good choice if you want a name that isn't shortened. George is a one syllable name which can't get any shorter. It's also a versatile selection as a middle name because it is a shorter moniker.

19 Jared

Via Pinterest

Jared Kushner is a rich boy who married Ivanka Trump and then became an integral part of the Trump presidential administration. Jared has taken some heat for being so close to Trump. His marriage has brought him fame and fortune, as well as a great deal of trouble. According to Newsweek, Jared's former classmates have just shamed him by roasting him via a fifteenth-anniversary "report".

In the report, which was put together by fellow classmates from Harvard University, there is a lot of criticism of Donald Trump, as well as some shade which is directed at Jared himself. Jared Kushner didn't contribute to the report, but everyone else from the class of 2003 did.

Jared is living out an episode of House of Cards. Before he got into politics, he was into real estate. He had to pass the reins of his family's real estate empire to others in order to help his father-in-law.

I couldn't find a baby pic of Jared, so here's a pic of his wife with his baby:

Via Todayshow

The name, Jared, has a clean-cut and American vibe and it means, "rose (flower)". Jared is a Hebrew name, so it was a natural fit for Jared Kushner, whose family is Jewish. Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism before marrying handsome Jared in October, 2009.

18 Mason

Kourtney Kardashian’s son is named Mason. His full name is Mason Disick and he was born on December 14th, 2009. He's currently eight years old, according to Wikipedia.

Since the Kardashians are the subject of endless media fascination, the name, Mason, has become very famous. It's not the most common name, but it's having a moment, thanks to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.

Here's a pic of Mason as a baby:

Via Pinterest

Mason's middle name is Dash. According to People Magazine, Mason is now a personal photographer to his Mom. He recently took a pic of her enjoying the beach in a black bikini and the photograph looks very professional. Maybe he'll get into photography. He probably won't become a member of the paparazzi, though, because it's safe to say that getting chased by them all of the time is a turn-off.

Kourtney posted Mason's pic to Instagram and gave him a photo credit. She seems like a loving Mom and she's a big proponent of the attachment style of parenting. Attachment parenting is about letting the kids sleep with you when they want to and generally fostering a lot of physical and emotional closeness. Kim K has said that she practices a stricter form of parenting than her sister, Kourtney.

The name, Mason, means, "one who works with stone".

It's generally a boy's name but is becoming more gender-neutral as of late.

17 Billy

Billy does have an American feel, doesn't it? It's a charming and informal version of William. Examples of famous American guys named Billy include actor Billy Crudup, "piano man", Billy Joel and TV and radio host, Billy Bush.

If you're a Billy Crudup fan, you should know that he may be dating Naomi Watts. She was his co-star in the Netflix drama, Gypsy. Gypsy was canceled, but, according to People Magazine, love bloomed on the set. Naomi is divorced from actor, Liev Schreiber. She and Liev share two sons. Billy Crudup's biggest relationship drama came when he left his pregnant girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker, for Claire Danes.

Here's a pic of Billy Crudup with his son, William Atticus Parker:

Via Liverampup

If you like the name Billy, you may be curious about its meaning. The name Billy is short for William, which means, "will" and "resolute protector". Prince Charles' first-born son is named William. This name has German origins. The thing about this name is that it has a lot of variations. When you choose William, you may call your son Will, Billy, William, Bill or Willy. Bear in mind that other people may call your son by shortened versions of William that you don't really like.

16 Ethan

Via Pinterest

This name has Hebrew origins and its meanings are, "impetuous, strong, firm".  If you like the meaning of this popular American name, it might be right for your baby boy.

There are a few famous American Ethans in show business. The most famous is undoubtedly Ethan Hawke, who writes and directs, in addition to acting. Hawke was once married to Uma Thurman (they have two kids together).

Ethan's daughter with Hawke is named Maya and she played Jo in a BBC production of Little Women. Apparently, her performance was really amazing and she's being added to the cast of Stranger Things as a result. I guess acting talent runs in the family.

Here's a pic of Ethan Hawke as a young boy:

Via Pinterest

His daughter, Maya, is a mixture of him and Uma. She's not a carbon copy of either. If I had to pick who she resembles more, I'd say Ethan, rather than Uma. Ethan is a wonderful actor and his daughter is following in his footsteps. Uma Thurman is not too shabby, either. She's The Bride from Kill Bill!

Other notable Ethans include Ethan Zohn, who won Survivor: Africa and Ethan Coen, who is a respected movie director and TV producer. He also edits films and works as a screenwriter.

15 Channing

Via Pinterest

Channing is an attractive baby name with a modern feel and it's super-American. It's very popular right now because it's the first name of Channing Tatum. Channing has been in the news lately for a sad reason. His marriage to Jenna Dewan-Tatum has failed. The couple has a daughter, Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum, who was born on the 31st of May, 2013. According to the Famous People, Everly was born in England, just like the royal babies!

According to People Magazine, Channing has been spending recent Sundays painting and drawing with his little girl. He seems like a very loving and involved father.

Here's a pic of Channing when he was much younger:

Via Star1045.com.au

If you like the name Channing, you may want to learn about its meaning. We're here to give you the inside scoop.

This name has English origins and it means "young wolf" and "church official". It also means, "wise".

Channing is different enough to be interesting, while still fitting the American mold. Channing Tatum really made this name famous. Tatum was born in Cullman, Alabama. His child was born in England because he and Jenna were overseas for work. Channing is currently 38 years old.

14 Nathan

Via Pinterest

Remember Nathan from Gossip Girl? The girls on the show were crazy about pretty-boy Nate, who had long bangs, blue eyes, and long eyelashes. Nathan is a great American name, so it's not surprising that the producers of Gossip Girl chose it for one of their "heartbreaker" characters. The character of Nathan on Gossip Girl was played by actor, Chace Crawford.

These days, Chace is gearing up for a new TV show called The Boys, according to Comingsoon.net. This show will be made by Amazon Studios. It's based on a series of comics with the same name and it will co-star Erin Moriarty from Jessica Jones and Jack Quaid from Logan Lucky.

Here's a shot of young Chace Crawford, long before he became Nathan from Gossip Girl:

Via Snakkle

Now, back to the name, Nathan, and its meaning.

Nathan is a name with Hebrew origins and it means, "he gave".

This name is also linked with America because of a fast food chain called Nathan's Famous, which is known for its exceptional hot dogs. If you love all things American, from Gossip Girl to Nathan's Famous hot dogs and beyond, why not give your son this charming name? You can call him Nate or Nat for short.

13 Hunter

Via Pinterest

Do you like the name, Hunter? It's very rugged and it does have American spirit! Model Niki Taylor used to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was also a Cover Girl model. She had twin boys and named one of them, Hunter. Niki was known for her All-American look and she gave her son an All-American name. Hunter is actually gender-neutral and this is pretty awesome. An American soap opera queen, Hunter Tylo, made this name famous.

Like so many kids of famous parents, model Niki Taylor's son, Hunter, is now getting into show business himself. Here's a shot of Hunter with his beautiful mother. Hunter is embarking on a career as a male model:

Via Laurenoleary

The name, "Hunter" doesn't have a cryptic meaning. According to Baby Center, it used to be a last name for bird catchers and hunters during the Middle Ages. While it's gender-neutral, boys tend to get this name more than girls. One other famous example of an American named Hunter is gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson.

Hunter is bold, just like America. If you want to give your boy a name that is all about hitting the target, this may be the right name for your baby. It's a name with attitude.

12 Owen

Via Pinterest

Owen is a name that sounds wonderful and it's also the name of Owen Wilson, who voices the very American cartoon character, Lightning McQueen, from the Cars cartoon films. Owen Wilson is a talented comedian who is also very talented with dramatic roles. Owen Wilson is beloved in the USA and you may want to give your son his first name. Here is Owen Wilson with his son, Ford. Ford is definitely an American name, just like Owen is!

Via Celebrity Babies

Owen Wilson has become so successful that, according to Gazette Review, Owen is now worth a whopping 45 million dollars. He's a great example of the American Dream in action, although he has had mental health issues in the past. His depression led him to try and harm himself.

I remember hearing about his issues in 2017 and feeling sad. It's true that many "funny men" have a lot of darkness inside of them which probably gives them the desire to make others laugh and forget about their own problems.

The name Owen has Welsh origins and its meaning is "well born" or "young warrior".

It became a popular choice for baby boys when it was chosen as the name of the main character in the novel, "A Prayer for Owen Meany", by American author, John Irving.

11 Bryan

Via Pinterest

Bryan is the real name of WWE wrestler, Daniel Bryan, who is married to Total Bella, Brie Bella. Bryan and Brie have an adorable baby girl with the original name of Birdie. They often call her, "The Bird". To see just how cute Birdie is, check out Brie Bella's official Instagram account, @thebriebella.

Bryan is a traditional American name. It's not too "out there" or original. It's classic, simple and easy to say and spell, although it may be spelled with a "y" or with an "i".

Daniel Bryan from WWE went through some hard times when he was injured in the ring. He thought that he'd never be able to wrestle again. He fell into a depression. He's struggled with depression for years. Brie tried to help him as best she could. Now, he's back in WWE.

WWE creates "brands" for each wrestler and they decided to use Bryan's real first name as his wrestling last name. It's safe to say that Daniel is thrilled to be back in the ring. He's wanted to wrestle since he was a young boy. Here's a pic of Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) as a tot. He is posing with his sister:

Via Uproxx

The name, Bryan, means, "noble" or "high". It's got old Celtic origins. Is it the perfect American name for your baby boy?

10 Xander

If you want something with a touch of exotic appeal, consider Xander. It's the name of Vin Diesel's adrenaline junkie character from the film, XXX, so it's definitely a choice with American flair. Also, it's elegant and interesting. Short for Alexander, Xander has some modern edge. It's a millennial variation on a timeless name.

According to She Knows, this name has Greek roots and it means, "defender of men".

You may be familiar with Alexander the Great. He lived in the fourth century, in Macedonia, and the Egyptian city of Alexandria is named in his honor. A lot of emperors and popes have had the name, Alexander. Shorten your baby boy's name to Xander to freshen up this ancient and revered boy's name.

I went to see Vin Diesel play Xander Cage in the latest installment of the XXX action saga. My son and I enjoyed the movie in one of those "fancy" new theaters, where you are allowed to order food and bevvies right from your movie theater seat. The seats vibrated along with the onscreen action. I recommend these pricier theaters if you want to make a night out more special. I also think that Xander is a perfect name for a spunky American boy.

9 Paul

Via Pinterest

Were you a fan of the handsome actor, Paul Walker, who starred in so many memorable "Fast and Furious" movies? It was tragic when Paul Walker passed away too young due to injuries from a car accident. Walker's former co-star, Vin Diesel, named his daughter Paulette to honor his friendship with Paul.

According to Wikipedia, Paul Walker was born in September of 1973 and passed away on November 30th, 2013. His mom modeled and his dad boxed and worked in the sewage industry. His Dad was actually a champion boxer! Paul had an Irish, Swiss, German and English background. He was born and raised in California, to a family who was part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Here is a pic of Paul as a very cute baby:

Via Pinterest

Paul was known for his All-American looks. He was blond, with blue eyes and symmetrical features. He looked great onscreen. While he got some shade for his acting skills, people loved him, even though he wasn't the greatest actor in movies.

If you love this classic American name, you should know that it means, "small". It's got Latin origins and it's derived from a Latin word, Paulus.

8 Henry

Jack White’s son is named Henry Lee. I think that's a great first and middle name combination with plenty of classic American charm. Henry Lee's mom is a redheaded model, Karen Elson, who hails from Scotland. She and Jack are divorced and also have a daughter named Scarlett Teresa.

While Jack and Karen had some drama during their breakup, and Jack's angry emails to Karen were leaked online (according to Rolling Stone), both Jack and Karen are caring parents. I love the traditional American names that they've given their kids. They definitely guard the privacy of their children. Here's a rare shot of Jack with his son. It's a profile shot so the boy's looks are still a bit of a mystery.

The name, Henry, has German origins and it means "rules his household".

As you probably already know, it is popular in England, as well as America. The late King Henry VIII was probably the most famous bearer of this popular name. Unfortunately, he was a major tyrant. Prince Harry's name is actually Henry, so Henry does have a lot of royal appeal.

Famous American men named Henry include the late actor, Henry Fonda, who was Jane Fonda's Dad, and the American diplomat, Henry Kissinger.

7 Ashton

Via Pinterest

Ashton Kutcher played Kelso on That '70s Show and that show was the epitome of American. It made Ashton really famous. He became a household name. His marriage to Demi Moore, who was a lot older, also made him someone that most Americans recognized. His marriage to Demi wasn't fated to last. Today, Ashton is married to Mila Kunis and they have two kids. Mila met Ashton on the set of That '70s Show and he says he was probably her first kiss.

Here's a pic of Ashton as a child. Who knew he'd grow up to compete with Josh DuHamel in a modeling competition (Ashton lost) and then go onto a successful career as an actor and investor?

via Stars Changes

Ashton and Mila recently took a night off from parenting and went to see U2 in Los Angeles. U2's latest tour is called, "Experience + Innocence".

If you like names with American flavor, why not call your baby boy Ashton? This name is really common nowadays. It's a name that everyone knows because of Kutcher. The name has English origins and it's derived from the name of a place known as "ash tree town". It's a gender-neutral name. In 2007, it ranked 124 in terms of popular male baby names.

6 Collin

Via Pinterest

Ok, I know you might not want to call your son the same name as a "Gosselin" kid, but Collin is an attractive name, so you may want to consider it anyway. You may spell it, Collin, with two "Ls", or spell it the old-fashioned way (Colin).

In mid-May, 2018, Jon Gosselin shared a pic of his son Collin, who is now fourteen years old. The photo was rare as there aren't that many current pictures of Collin Gosselin out there. According to Us Magazine, Jon was celebrating the b-days of his sextuplets when the pic was snapped. In the photo, Collin looks quite a bit like Dad. Collin has special needs and is currently attending an away-from-home program.

Via Yourtango

A Hollywood Gossip story indicated that Collin has "anger issues". Hopefully, the new program will help him manage his anger. It can't have been easy growing up with cameras pointed at you all of the time. I'm very sympathetic and hope Collin is ok.

The name, Collin has English origins and it began as a variation of the name Colle, which is a shorter version of Nicholas.

The name began to be used during the Middle Ages and it means, "victory of the people" or "dove".

Tom Hanks' son, Colin, also has this attractive first name.

5 Tom

Tom is so simple, basic and easy to say. Of course, it's also the first name of legendary USA actor, Tom Cruise. While Tom has run into controversy over the years, mostly because of his strong connection to the Church of Scientology, he's still renowned for his quintessentially American performances in Top Gun and Jerry Maguire. He's an American actor that so many USA residents have grown up watching.

These days, according to Daily Mail, Tom is reprising his role as Ethan Hunt in the next Mission Impossible movie. Tom is now 55 and shots of him in the upcoming movie posters show that he still looks great. Tom is rumored to be dating his co-star in the film, Vanessa Kirby. You may know Kirby because she was amazing as Princess Margaret in The Crown. Vanessa has vigorously denied the romance rumors.

Here's Tom as a little one. So cute:

Via Pinterest

The name, Tom, is a baby name with Aramaic origins and it means, "twin".

Tom isn't a twin and a lot of boys with this name are not twins. Another famous American Tom is New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.  Tom is definitely one of the great American names for baby boys.

4 Wesley

Via Pinterest

According to Baby Name Wizard, this name is a variation on a place name. The place name is Westley. This name has old English origins.

As a last name, it means, "dweller near the Western wood". It also means, "clearing".

Wesley Snipes made this name famous. He made it an amazing baby name option for little boys. Snipes rose to fame giving wonderful performances in the Blade film series, as well as New Jack City and other acclaimed cinematic efforts. He is now 55, just like Tom Cruise and he's a martial artist, author, and film producer, in addition to being an actor.

Snipe's luck took a turn for the worse in 2010 when he had to go to jail for evading taxes. He's the father of five children, some of whom were quite young when he began to serve his sentence. Snipe's wife is a painter who comes from Korea. Here is a pic of Wesley with his family:

Via Blackcelebritykids

I'm sure Wesley has learned from his mistakes. We all stumble sometimes and he paid the price for what he did.

If you loved Wesley in the Blade movies or for his other films, consider this classic name for your baby son.

3 Brody

Via Pinterest

Brody Jenner is probably the most famous American guy with this clean-cut name. Brody is the son of Bruce Jenner. Brody's mom is Linda Thompson. Brody rose to fame as a part of all of the Kardashian reality TV drama. He isn't a Kardashian, but he's a Jenner, and that means instant fame at a young age.

Handsome and privileged, Brody Jenner is currently preparing for his wedding to Caitlynn Carter. According to In Touch Weekly, Brody has not invited the Kardashians to his wedding. Here's a cute pic of Brody as a boy:

Via E! Online

According to In Touch Weekly, Brody despises Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian and doesn't want any Kardashians at his Bali wedding. He doesn't consider them to be his family in any way.

Now that's some bad blood.

I wonder what the Kardashians think of this. Apparently, Brody is committed to not being linked with the Kardashians, ever. Good look, Brody.

Anyway, the name Brody is cute and it means, "from Brodie". Brodie is the name of a place. It is derived from a Gaelic word for "ditch", and it may be spelled different ways. Choose to end this first name with a "y" or an "ie".

2 Harrison

Harrison Ford is definitely the main reason why American parents are choosing the name, Harrison, for their baby boys. Aside from Clint Eastwood and perhaps Tom Cruise, I really can't think of a more iconic American actor. Harrison Ford made the ultimate one-two punch by playing Han Solo and Indiana Jones. He was brilliant in both parts. As a young girl, I remember thinking he must be the perfect man. I am sure I was not alone. He was sarcastic and temperamental, and he was handsome and he was just cool.

Anyway, Harrison is getting older, but his masculine and All-American name lives on. According to Wikipedia, the name, Harrison, has English origins and it can be spelled in different ways, from Harrison to Harryson to Harrisson.

Its meaning is simple. It means, "son of Harry".

Here is Harrison Ford as a baby:

Via Pinterest

These days, Harrison Ford is 75. He's married to Calista Flockhart, who used to play the lead role in the Ally McBeal TV series. According to Bustle, Harrison Ford thinks that Solo: A Star Wars Story, was great and that the actor who portrayed Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) did a "spectacular" job.

Harrison has a youthful spirit. He's still doing projects when most people are retired.

1 Derek

Via Pinterest

Now, we've made it to the last name on the list. This name is Derek and it was chosen because it's the first name of American baseball superstar, Derek Jeter. Baseball is such a beloved sport in the USA. Few have played it as well as Derek Jeter has!

According to Wikipedia, Derek Jeter is now 43 and was born in late June 1974. His birthplace was Pequannock, New Jersey. These days, Derek is married to Hannah and has one child, Bella Raine. Derek was such a cute little boy. Did anyone suspect he'd become a baseball legend? I bet his talent was evident very early on.

Via Derek Jeter

This name is a male name and it's the English version of Diederik.

Derek means, "people ruler".

Spell it any way you want, but bear in mind that choosing the same spelling as Derek Jeter will give the most All-American effect.

Jeter is a Miami Marlins owner these days. His new career move requires different skills. It's a learning curve. When Derek was playing baseball, he mastered the sport. He was known for being very diplomatic off of the field and this should help him in his new duties as a team owner.

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