25 Baby Names From All Over The World That Any Little Girl Would Be Proud Of

Names are powerful! Given names can shape one's personality and influence their path in life. Therefore, baby names become one of the main worries parents all over the globe worry have.

It's understandable- naming a baby is tough. People give certain names to honor someone, to provide a sense of uniqueness, or to make Grandma happy. On top of that, there's a wild variety of baby names out there. Celeb names, hipster names, exotic names, and so on and on...

With all the cool, modern-day twists on old-fashioned names, deciding on a girl's name is even more difficult. Parents want to choose something delicate and wicked all at the same time. Aurora or Laura?

But hey, mama, our list can help; choose a foreign name and help your little mini-me stand out. Foreign names may sound like tongue twisters, but an unusual name will definitely make a daughter proud of her name choice. On top of that, children are the future, so it's the responsibility of parents to show them the diverse beauty of the world they're living in. From Japan to Denmark, here are 25 names from around the world that any girl will be proud of.

25 Yvonne - Mon Amour

Aww, France - the country of love, wine, and Louis Vuitton! Who can resist the its romantic chansons... and names? Yvonne is a wonderful French name, a feminine form of the name Yvon. It’s derived from the Germanic name Yves, meaning "Yew". Just like a wild yew tree, girls called Yvonne are passionate, adventurous, and mysterious - qualities any girl would be proud of.

Other variations of this melodic name are Ivon, Ivet, Ivonnette, and Evonne. Currently, the name Yvonne is out of the US top 1000, which will make your little Yvonne stand out.

24 Valerie – Girl Power From France

Valerie is another beautiful name, which carries the sweet vibes of France and its vineyards. It comes from the Roman name Valere, meaning to be Strong. Little girls called Valerie will be become strong and independent young women. A famous bearer of this name is the American actress Valerie Harper.

Other variations of this lovely name include Valery, Valeria, Val, and Lera. Well, my daughter is called Valeria, and I can agree that the strong meaning behind her name has already left a magical impact on her unique and wild personality.

23 Iva – Floral Beauty from Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a small piece of heaven, situated at the edge of Europe. Mountains, lakes, roses, and sand dunes influence the floral magic of its traditional names. Iva is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian names, which will make any girl stand out. In fact, the name Iva is quite popular in other Slavic countries, such as Serbia, Macedonia, and Poland. It means Willow Tree. Other interesting variations of this natural name are Ivanka, Ivka, Ivy, and Ivelina.

22 Poppy – Royal Cuteness

The name Poppy is a feminine English name. Just like the red flower it represents, the name Poppy has a powerful meaning. It's not a secret that the remembrance poppy is a symbol of the brave soldiers who fought in WWI. It’s interesting to mention that the remembrance poppy is associated with the poem "In Flanders Fields" written by the Canadian physician McCrae. As McCrae wrote, "We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields."

Girls named Poppy will be strong, brave, and daring human beings.

21 Ava – Nordic Elegance

Sweet wintery aroma and warm wishes from Santa’s reindeer mix in a white fairy tale in Scandinavia. From Iceland to Denmark, nature with its severe climate plays a crucial role in people’s lives. So, the name Ava, which means Strength, is just a perfect match for your resilient baby girl. It’s also believed that the name comes from the Arctic Canadian word Avka, meaning Little Shore Spirit.

The iconic American actress Ava Gardener was one of the most famous bearers of this elegant name. Note that Ava can be used as a male name as well.

20 Ruth – Brave Names And Bagpipes From Scotland

Ruth is another wonderful name that any girl would be proud of. It comes from the Hebrew word Re’ut, meaning Friend. According to babynamewizard.com, Ruth is one of the most influential characters in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament. It’s believed that Ruth was the ancestor of King David. As we know, David defeated the giant Goliath and became a king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah.

Ruth is a popular name in Scotland, where the melody of the Great Highland bagpipes is whispering Ruth, Ruth, Ruth.

19 Azra – Where Europe and Asia Meet

Eurasia, the great and combined landmass of Europe and Asia; hundreds of countries, cultures, aromas, and languages. It’s no surprise that Turkey, the exotic place where Asia and Europe meet, fascinates people. So, the Turkish name Azra is perfect for girls whose charisma can unite and enchant people. The Turkish-Dutch model Azra Akin is a famous bearer of this name.

It’s interesting to mention that Azra means "maiden", and according to nameberry.com, the name Azra can become a fresher take on the lovely name Virginia.

18 Zeynep – Exotic Vibes From Turkey

If you’re looking for an exotic name, Zeynep is a perfect match for your little girl. Zeynep is another lovely name from magical Turkey, a name any girl would be proud of. It means Precious Jewel and Dad’s Precious. There’s no doubt that little girls called Zeynep will be loving, strong, and beautiful. The Turkish Para athlete Zeynep Acet is a famous bearer of this name.

Note that Zeynep is the Turkish variation of the Arabic name Zaynab, meaning the Adornment of the Father. Zaynab is also the name of a flowering tree.

17 Elizaveta – Slavic Innocence

Elizaveta is a beautiful Slavic name, a variation of the name Elizabeth. It comes from the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning my God is an Oath. According to behindthename.com, in the Old Testament, Elisheva was the wife of Aaron, while in the New Testament Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth II, and Elizabeth Banks are among the most famous bearers of this name.

Other variations of the beautiful name Elisaveta are Lisbet, Elisa, and Isabella. Cute nicknames include Vetka and Lizzy.

16 Olga – The White Beauty of Russia

White beauty, snowy scenery, and ballet - Russia is just wonderful. It’s no surprise that many people still remember the emotional animated film Anastasia, the magical story about the Grand Duchess Anastasia and the wizard Rasputin. Note that Anastasia was the youngest sister of Olga, Tatiana and Maria, and the elder sister of Alexei.

As a matter of fact, Olga is one of the most beautiful Russian names. It’s believed that the name Olga comes from the Scandinavian name Helga, meaning Holy and Blessed. Little Olgas will be powerful and delicate all at the same time.

15 Teodora – Southern Melodies From Greece

Teodora is a lovely name. It’s popular in sunny Greece and other Southern European countries, such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, and Portugal. The name Teodora comes from Greek, meaning Gift of God. Other variations of this divine name are Doreta, Dorothy, Theodora, Tea, Todorka, and Fedora. Currently, Teodora is out the US top 1000, which will make your little Teodora stand out, mama. Little girls called Teodora will be quiet, observant, and sensitive.

Note that one of the most popular masculine forms is Theodore.

14 Prisha – Sacred Colors and Spices from India

Prisha is perhaps one of the most exotic names on our list. It comes from colorful India, sprinkled with delicious spices. Other interesting variations of this name are Parisa, Porcha, Paris (yeap, Paris Hilton is one of the most famous bearers of this name), and Persia.

According to babynamescience.com, Prisha is a very unique name. It peaked in popularity six years ago. In addition, stats show that 1 in 15,035 baby girls is given the name Prisha. With such unique and mysterious roots, Prisha is a name any girl will be proud of.

13 Tsvetelina – Balkan Petals Of Love

Floral names are charming, beautiful, and gentle. Therefore, the Balkan name Tsvetelina is a wonderful match for your little petal of love, mama. Tsvetelina comes from the Bulgarian word Tsvete meaning Flower. A cute nickname is Tsveti. And although Tsvetelina is be hard to pronounce, we should agree that this Slavic name is more than unique.

When it comes to floral and natural names, popular choices are Lilly, Flora, Camellia, Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Autumn, Blossom, and Dalia. Masculine names inspired by Mother Earth include Aidan (meaning little fire), Orion, Forest, and Oakley.

12 Alexandra – A Great Name For A Great Baby Girl

Alexandra is a powerful name. It’s the feminine version of the name Alexander. Alexander is the Latinized form of the Greek name Alexandros, meaning Defending Men. Carried on the wings of time, one of the most famous bearers of this name was Alexander the Great - the powerful king who built an empire that spread across Europe and Asia.

Little Alexandras are strong, brave, and active. And there’s no doubt they’ll be proud of their inspiring name. Lovely nicknames are Sasha, Alex, Alix, Alicky, and Alexa.

11 Victoria – Little Conqueror

Our children are our future. In fact, they can conquer the world with their beauty and innocence. No surprise the name Victoria is loved by many moms and dads. It means Victory. It’s interesting to mention that Victoria was the name of the Roman goddess of victory.

Queen Victoria was a famous bearer of this powerful name. Note that Queen Victoria had nine kids over the course of 17 years. Although this name is classic, celebs like Victoria Beckham has made it modern and feminine. Lovely nicknames are Vickey, Vic, and Tory.

10 Wiebke – German Names Can Be Soft

Many people joke that the German language lacks melodic vibes. However, the name Wiebke proves that German names can be soft and charming. Note that Wiebke is a feminine form of Wiebe.

Although the name Wiebke sounds a bit unusual, you might be surprised that many popular names, such as Mia, Mila, Emilia, and Elsa, root in Ancient Germany. Elsa? Yeap, Elsa! One of the main characters in the wonderful animated film Frozen, loved by people from all over the globe.

9 Flora – Mystic Vibes From Transylvania

Romania, the land of Dracula! Mysteries, myths, history… and beautiful names. Flora is a wonderful Romanian name echoing across Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains. It's of Latin origins, meaning Flower. In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of spring. Little girls called Flora are beautiful, delicate, and charming.

As explained above, floral names are loved by parents worldwide. According to nameberry.com, floral names were popular a century ago, and have started to bloom again. So, no doubt your little petal will be proud of her unique name.

8 Ji-hye – Wisdom From South Korea

The Far East and its exotic vibes have always inspired people. Mesmerized by ancient rituals, wise stories, and lush nature, people from around the world love Asian names. Ji-hye, also spelled Jee-hye, is a beautiful name from South Korea. According to behindthename.com, it means Wisdom and Intelligence.

Ji-hye sounds unique and emits special vibes. Girls called Ji-hye will become bright individuals who’ll be proud of their exotic name. Other wonderful Korean names are Jin Ae, meaning Treasure, Jae Hwa, meaning Respect and Beauty, and Jee, meaning To Know.

7 Hateya – Footprint In The Sand

Hateya is a beautiful Native American name, meaning Press with the Foot, to Make a Footprint. Note that Hateya comes from the Miwok language, an endangered language spoken in central California. According to sheknows.com, Native American naming ceremonies are unique and diverse. In fact, a child may be named just after they reach puberty.

Hateya sounds lovely, that's for sure. Also, its special meaning can have a magical impact on your girl. Girls called Hateya will accomplish remarkable achievements and leave a footprint in your life.

6 Zoya – A Lovely Mediterranean Twist

Zoya is another Southern European name, which comes from lively Greece. To be more precise, it derives from the Greek word Zoe, meaning Life. Interestingly enough, Zoya is also very popular in Russia and Ukraine. Another variation is Zoe, which comes from the Persian word Mohabbat, meaning Love.

According to the numerological meaning of the name, little girls called Zoya tend to be powerful and active individuals. According to sheknows.com, their expression number is 22, which means little Zoyas can become influential figures and charismatic leaders who value justice.

5 Aiko – Love Whispers From Japan

Names inspired by love are magical. Aiko, for instance, is a female Japanese name, meaning Love Child. According to tsunagojapan.com, there’s a beautiful Japanese story about love. Princess Orihime, the daughter of the God of heavens, fell in love with Hikoboshi. The two lovers were so in love that Orihime stopped weaving clothes by the Milky Way and Hikoboshi let his cows wander the skies. That angered Orihime's father and he cursed the two divine lovers to meet only once a year.

Interestingly, the name Aiko and its variation Ayko are popular baby boy names in Scandinavia and Germany.

4 Leena – Baltic Fairytales

Trolls, winter creatures, and Vikings, the Scandinavian world and its neighbors, the Baltic countries, offer a magical list of beautiful names. Leena, for instance, is a wonderful European name, which is very popular in Finland and Estonia. It’s believed that it’s short for Helena or Matleena.

Note that Helena or Helen means Torch in Greek. In Greek mythology, Helena was the daughter of Zeus and Leda. She was captured by Paris, which triggered the Trojan war. Sweet variations of this cool name are Elena, Heli, Nelly, and Ellie.

3 Imani – The Spirits Of Africa

Africa is a magical continent full of traditions, cultures, and rituals. Central Africa, in particular, is the home of the Swahili language, spoken in Kongo, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Imani is an elegant Swahili name, which means Faith. Girls called Imani will be spiritual, free-minded, and loving. It’s interesting to mention that Imani was the name of one of the most iconic dolls designed by Olmec Toys (founded in 1985). The company created a whole line for African-American kids – with the sole purpose to promote self-esteem.

2 Greta – Pearls From Germany

Back to prosperous Germany, Greta is another wonderful German name. It’s derived from Margaret which means Pearls, so no doubt any girl would be proud of this charming name. Other variations are Gergana, Gretchen, and Gretel (one of the main characters in Hensel and Gretel).

Greta is popular in Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia. Millennial moms will love this beautiful name the most – we should mention that Greta has been added to cool name lists such as Hipster British Baby Names for Girls. A famous bearer of the name Greta was the American-Swedish actress Greta Garbo.

1 Cait – Find A Baby Leprechaun In Ireland

Ireland with its majestic rocks and green fields inspires legends and... parents. So, although we can’t promise you’ll find gold at the end of the rainbow, we can help you find a wonderful baby girl name. Cait, for instance, is a beautiful Irish name, meaning Pure. Little girls called Cait will have bright thoughts. According to the numerological meaning of this name, little Caits value beautiful things and harmonic relationships.

A famous bearer is Caitlyn Marie Jenner, previously known as Bruce Jenner, the biological father of Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

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