25 Baby Names Inspired By Food

Choosing a name for a baby can be one of the most exciting and equally frustrating things expectant parents do as they wait for their little one to arrive. Whether mothers are debating with a partner or choosing the name all on their own, it never really gets easy. But being able to at least pick a category to use for naming their baby might make things at least slightly easier. And as weird as it might sound, baby names inspired by food may be the way to go.

Basically, there's going to be somebody who will not make happy in the whole name-choosing game before the little one is here. So, have fun with it and choose a name that both parents want for their unborn baby. Don't let others determine the name of their baby if they have their heart set on something super unique and interesting.

We aren't saying to name a little girl Watermelon or a little boy Chicken Thigh and call it a day, but there are so many baby names inspired by foods that a baby would be lucky to call it their own. If nothing else, it gives parents the chance to find a unique name for their little one instead of opting for a common name just because it's the easy way to go.

And lucky for parents, baby names inspired by foods will definitely help mothers and fathers to at least get the ball rolling in choosing their baby's name.

25 Alfredo

Alfredo obviously makes you think of the creamy, white sauce you typically pour over tender fettuccine, but it also serves as a pretty decent name for your future son. Just like the sauce, the name Alfredo is of Italian heritage, which is pretty hard to ignore. And weirdly enough, the name Alfredo means "elf counsel", which obviously stems from its early origins.

The best part about the name, though, is that you can shorten it to Alfie, Fred, or even Fredo. The best baby names are ones that can be shortened to your kid's liking, but also remain long enough to be spoken in your stern mom or dad voice when need be.

24 Barack

Barack is a strong name, most notable for being the name of the 44th President of the United States, but it also has a strong history and meaning to it. Being an African name that is also considered biblical, Barack means "blessed". But as far as food is concerned, Barack also refers to a Hungarian brandy made from apricots.

It might seem strange to name your baby after an alcoholic beverage, but it gives you a way to name your baby with a name inspired by food, and also with greatness. It's important to find a name for your baby that is strong and special, and one that you as the parent are comfortable with first.

23 Barley

Barley most commonly refers to the whole grain used in either soup or as an early ingredient in different kinds of beer. But we can all agree that as a name for your baby, Barley is one that would serve as both food-inspired and kind of legit. It doesn't sound super out there, like Apple or Apricot, but it still lends itself to the unique baby name category and just sounds cute.

Although in this case, it's considered to be a masculine name, Barley could work for either a baby boy or girl and be just as sweet sounding. It also doesn't hurt to choose a food-inspired baby name that involves a food that is good for you, rather than opting for a name like Cookie. Yeah, that's a thing.

22 Bartlett

The name Bartlett actually has a history in Hebrew, meaning "Ploughman the son of Talmai", which means abounding in furrows. But in terms of food, Bartlett is also the name of a type of pear. And since you can't exactly name your little girl or boy Pear, opting for Bartlett is a nice alternative.

And as always, being able to shorten the name is important. In this case, Bartlett for a boy can be shortened to Bart. For a little girl, you can end up calling her Lettie, as a sweet-sounding nickname for Bartlett. Of course, if your baby's name does not allow for a nickname, that isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's always nice to have options, right?

21 Basil

Surprisingly, Basil is actually a legit baby name, aside from its relation to food or spices. Basil comes from Greek roots, meaning "king", which isn't a bad meaning to be placed behind your son's name. But as far as food is concerned, Basil derives from the plant and the basil spice.

It's not very common, as baby boy names go, but that doesn't make it any less special or any less of a prospective name for your baby. The popularity of the name Basil has actually gone down in popularity in recent years, but it's a food-inspired baby name that is simple to spell and easy to pronounce, so don't be so quick to count it out.

20 Benedict

Benedict is clearly not the most out-there baby name as far as food-inspired names are concerned, but that's because it is not at first linked to food. The background of the name Benedict is in Latin with the meaning of "blessed".

In pop culture, we are most familiar with the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, whose fame as actually helped make the name more common in the past few years. But where food is concerned, the name Benedict is reminiscent of eggs Benedict, which might be the first thing you think of when you hear the name, as opposed to the famous actor.

19 Cane

As a baby name, Cane is most commonly spelled with a "k" as in Kane, and means "tribute". With the spelling of Cane, the name refers to cane sugar, which is the sugar you get straight from a sugar cane. As a masculine name, Cane is totally fine, but when you consider it to be linked to sugar, it's not a bad name to consider for your little girl, too.

Of course, it also helps if your baby's food-inspired name is also relatively common or acceptable as a name, period. When choosing a baby name, it doesn't necessarily have to be on the more common or "normal" spectrum, but it certainly doesn't hurt if the name you choose for your baby is easy to spell and pronounce--and, you know, won't result in other kids poking fun at your little one.

18 Colby

Colby is another name that you can get away with, so to speak, as it is more commonplace in the world of names but can also be considered to be inspired by food, as in Colby cheese.

But other than that, the name Colby is of English descent, commonly a last name, but comes from the Old Norse name Koli, which means "dark" or "coal", and the name Byr which means "town". Of course, it doesn't matter if you have Old English or Norse culture in your background to choose a name like Colby for your baby, but it does add a certain extra note of uniqueness, along with its food-related meaning, too.

17 Frank

Matching the name Frank to food might be stretching it. But, in a way, maybe it's not. We've all heard hot dogs referred to as franks. And in German, some sausages are referred to as Frankfurters. So it's not out of the realm of possibility for the name Frank to be considered inspired by food.

The name is most popular in Sweden, ranking at #63, while in the United States, the name Frank is ranked in at #355 for popularity. Granted, that's not too far down the line of popularity as far as names go, but it's still surprising the name Frank isn't as popular in the United States. If you want to distance the name from its origins, though, you can always opt to name your son Franklin and use Frank as a shortened nickname.

16 Kale

There is no getting around the fact that the name Kale is directly related to the vegetable of the same name. But as far as foods go, it isn't the worst one to have your name be inspired by. It's a sometimes slightly bitter-tasting, leafy vegetable that provides lots of nutrients, so that's kind of amazing in itself.

But you might be surprised to learn that, should you name your baby Kale, you wouldn't be the first to think of it. Only, in this case, you would be one of the first to consider the name as far as food in concerned. Kale comes from Gaelic backgrounds as a unisex name but has also been present in Germanic, Hebrew, English and Hawaiian cultures. So it's pretty unique, but no, your baby won't be the only one in the world with the name Kale.

15 Absinthe

Absinthe is most commonly known as a highly alcoholic and even sometimes hallucinogenic drink that is infused with fennel and anise, but let's forget that for a moment. Instead, focus on the way the name flows and sounds coming off the tongue. Sure, it might refer to a beverage that isn't the sweetest thing in the world, but as a name, it sounds sweet. It's also unique, and totally doable for your baby.

The old definition of Absinthe is wormwood, the leaves and flowers which are used to make the drink itself, but that's not an awful connection to make to the name, should you choose it for your little girl.

14 Ambrosia

You know that weird dessert you see at parties--the mixture of Jell-O, marshmallows, and pink and orange fruits? That is what we know to be Ambrosia, but there is a reason it is called that. As a name, Ambrosia is Greek, meaning "food of the Gods", and while you probably don't want your daughter's name to literally mean "food", it does have a kind of amazing ring to it.

Should you (or your daughter) come to find the three-syllable name to be a bit much down the line, call her Amber for short and get another pretty-sounding and unique name as her nickname. It's kind of a win-win type of situation.

13 Anise

We know Anise as a spice, but the spice comes from a pretty plant that actually looks just like a flower, so that's kind of amazing in itself. If you decide to name your little girl Anise, you can also use the nickname of Ann, since the pronunciation of the word or name is Ann-iss.

It isn't typically used as a name just yet, but that's not to say that no one hasn't ever thought of it. It's also a simple and short name, so your kid won't be dealing with a bunch of different letters when they learn to spell their name someday, which is always a plus. And the whole point for some parents is finding a totally unique name, so it's a great contender for sure.

12 Apple

By now, most people know of actress Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter with Chris Martin who they named Apple. Of course, at the time of naming her, it was a totally out-there baby name that a lot of people considered to be strange or even silly. But as of late, it seems like the more unique your baby's name is, the better.

And while Apple isn't exactly original anymore, it's still unique in its own way and special, should you choose to name your baby girl Apple. Now, it's considered to be a cute, nature-based name that isn't particularly strange or ridiculous at all.

11 Cherry

Obviously, the name Cherry is at first related to the name of the small, berry-like fruit that grows on trees and is often far too expensive at the grocery store. As a baby name, it stands on its own just fine, and even works as a shortened version of a longer name for your baby girl, like, say, the name Cheryl.

It's always convenient to have a nickname available for your little one, but even if you decide to go for the name Cherry, call your little girl Cher (pronounced chair) for short. It's also a cute name that just rolls off the tongue, and who doesn't want a cute name for what they presume will be a cute little girl, right?

10 Clementine

Clementine as a name is nothing new. In fact, its popularity recently hit a rise at 819th place in the United States in 2015. And the previous year, it placed at 417th in England. So no, there is no shortage of people carrying the name as of right now, but that doesn't mean you can't opt for it yourself for your own baby.

As a female version of the male name Clement, Clementine means happiness and peace. Of course, the name also refers to the orange-like fruit that is sweet in flavor. So think of your little girl's name how you would imagine her to be--sweet and small and cute, just like the name Clementine would suggest.

9 Ginger

The name Ginger might at first conjure up images of Ginger Spice of The Spice Girls, but it has a much different meaning than a member of a former all-girls singing group. Not surprisingly, the name Ginger refers to just that--the reddish-brown seasoning that is often used in Asian sauces.

There might not be some amazing and totally unexpected meaning behind the name of Ginger, but that doesn't mean it's any less special of a name, should it be the one you are drawn to for your kid. Its popularity reached its peak around 1970 when more than 200 babies in the United States were given that name. But since then, the numbers steadily declined, making it even more unique now than ever.

8 Honey

The name Honey was originally used as an English nickname long ago. But instead of being a shortened version of something else, Honey was used as a nickname to refer to a sweet person. So, it kind of makes perfect sense if it's the sort of name you want to choose for your daughter, who will at one point or another, be a sweet person in your eyes.

It might be the sort of name that doesn't sound particularly admirable right away, but it's also a sweet-sounding name for any little girl, and naming your baby isn't about pleasing other people anyway.

7 Jasmine

In pop culture, the name Jasmine is almost synonymous with the title character from the popular Disney movie. So that alone is kind of amazing, in terms of your little girl growing up knowing there is a movie out there with a title that shares her own name.

But when it comes to food, Jasmine refers to the pretty, flowered plant that has properties used for both perfumes and jasmine rice. Not to mention the fact that the name itself just sounds pretty and has both English and French origins.

6 Olive

Use the name Olive if you'd rather not go for the more common (but still lovely) Olivia. It's also a way to pick a name that will make you think of something small and cute when you have a small and cute little girl running around.

Obviously, the name Olive makes you think of the olive tree. Sure, it's not typically used as a first name for a child, but it is a potential baby name inspired by food that doubles as a name that can be derived from a more traditional baby girl name.

5 Peaches

Now, before you turn up your nose at the idea of the name Peaches for a child or a person at all, think of it this way: you want a food-inspired baby name for your little girl and you want one that will be absolutely unique. So in this case, it's a win-win.

There aren't any celebrities with the name Peaches to compare the popularity or normalcy of the name, but that shouldn't stop you. If you're looking for a baby girl name that is inspired by food and totally unique, there are no reasons why Peaches isn't totally legit.

4 Pepper

The name Pepper hasn't been given to many people, much less those in popular culture, but there is the character of Pepper Potts popular in the Iron Man comic series. Pepper is also the name of the common companion for salt as a seasoning, but that doesn't really matter.

Since the name Pepper isn't particularly popular or common, there isn't much data yet on its popularity at different points over the past few decades or even now. But that doesn't mean you can't claim it as your choice for your own little one, boy or girl.

3 Rosemary

There have obviously been people with the name of Rosemary in the world, so no, it isn't a ridiculous food-inspired baby name, but it's still one worth mentioning. Of course, that's also because the name itself sounds so beautiful and allows you to call your daughter Rose for short.

Rosemary's Baby was released in 1968, which was shortly after the height of its popularity in the United States. Now, the name Rosemary, which is from the herb of the same name, ranks at around 500. So as far as food-inspired names go, Rosemary is still plenty popular.

2 Saffron

Not only does Saffron refer to the popular spice, but also the crocus flower from which it comes. It hasn't been used very much as a name, or even heard of as a first name really, but it's still a good option if you're looking at food-inspired baby names.

With Arabic origins, Saffron also makes an appropriate name for you to choose for your baby from a cultural standpoint. As a female name, it ranked in at 494 in the United States in 2014.

1 Sherry

Sherry obviously refers to the drink of the same name, but for a baby girl's name, it's like a play on the more common Sheri. It once had the Gaelic meaning of "foal" as a surname, but after the 20th century, it is said to have possibly been inspired by the French word chérie, which means "darling". So in short, Sherry's meaning aside from being food-related also happens to be of the sweet and feminine variety. And as a name, Sherry ranked at an all-time high of 48 in 1962 in the United States.

Choosing a baby name can be totally fun, but it can also be insanely stressful. The thing to remember is to try your hardest to have fun with it, regardless of how hard that eventually becomes.

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