25 Baby Names Mom And Dad Stole From TV

Nowadays, it seems that parents are wanting to find more and more unique names for their children. Something cool sounding or just something that would be a guarantee no other child in their class would have.

One hard thing that they are tasked with, though, is making sure that the name they choose will not be a complete and utter embarrassment on their child. Something that they will later in life get made fun of or picked on for.

One way a parent can avoid making their child the laughing stock of their school is to just pick cool names from some famous movies or television shows.

Now, just because the parent loves the movie Pocahontas or Cinderella does not mean they should go naming their child after the loveable raccoon Meeko or Prince Charming. That being said, there are tons of famous movies and television shows out there that have lots of unique and cool names — some barely used and some a little overused, like the names Elsa and Anna.

Granted, one’s child will not care how their parent picked their name, but it is a cool thing to one day have them watch the show or movie and go “Hey Xander, does his name sound familiar?” later in life when they are old enough to understand.

Now, here are 25 baby names that have been inspired by different movies and television shows, and the meanings behind them.

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25 Ronald

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It is quite obvious where this name is inspired from. Though not as popular as other characters in the movie, Ronald Weasley was quite the inspiration for many fans. Starting off in the Harry Potter series as a wizard from a family of too many, poor, very timid, and unsure of himself, Ron grew into a man of confidence and bravery as the series progressed.

According to nameberry.com, the name Ronald is of Norse origin and means, “Ruler’s Counselor.” Coming in at number 460 on the popularity charts, the name Ronald was first brought over to England and Scotland by the Vikings. It wasn’t until the year 1883 though that the name was seen in the US. It shot up the charts quite quickly, landing in the top 10 on the popularity chart from the 1930s to the 1950s before it slowly started to drop back down.

There are quite a few influences for the name beside Ronald Weasley, some including President Ronald Reagan, another being the McDonald franchise mascot Ronald McDonald, and then there was even Ronald Colman, the dashing matinee idol.

24 Coraline


In 2002, Neil Gaiman released a best-selling children’s novel called Coraline. In 2009, that novel was made into an animated film with the young Dakota Fanning being selected to voice Coraline.

The movie was almost like a horror movie, but for children. It was about a young girl named Coraline who finds an alternate reality filled with button-eyed doppelgangers of the people from her world. At first, everything is going great. Then, the reality shifts and she soon realizes that everything is not as she thought it was. She becomes trapped in this dark reality and must go on a wild and spooky quest to save not only the other residents but also her parents who were taken. If she fails, she will be trapped forever and have buttons sewn over her eyes.

They name Coraline is a great alternative to the overused and more common Caroline. It is unique and after a pretty brave little girl.

According to nameberry.com, after the release of the book in 2002 and the movie in 2009, the number of babies in the with the name Coraline increased greatly, going from five to over 500 in a decade.

23 Baxter

Via: Babygaga

So, Baxter sounds like a silly name at first. In all honesty, it sounds like a name that someone would name their dog, and to be completely honest, that is exactly where the name got its inspiration. The name Baxter comes from Ron Burgundy’s adorable best-friend and four-legged pal Baxter in the hit movie Anchorman.

According to nameberry.com, the name Baxter is of English origin and means “Baker.” Any name that has the letter 'X' in it is a cool name. In this case, though, having an X in the name Baxter is adding a bit of pizzazz to the original Baker, making it a unique and rare sounding name.

From the year 1880 to about the 1920s, the name Baxter remained pretty high up on the popularity charts, peaking at number 515 in 1886. Unfortunately, it took a bit of a dip after the 1920s, like many names that fell off the list though, it is only a matter of time before it makes its grand comeback.

22 Belle

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One Disney movie that has captured not only the hearts of children but also the hearts of their parents is the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.

A movie about a young heroine named Belle whose father is captured by a prince who has been cursed to live as a beast. In exchange for her father’s life, Belle takes his place. While there, she learns that it is not only the prince of the castle who has changed, but also all its inhabitants. In order to break the curse and return everyone to how they once were, the beast must get Belle to fall in love with him before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose.

According to nameberry.com, the name Belle is from France and means “Beautiful.” The name first hit the top 100 charts in the 1880s, but sadly dropped down in numbers quickly in 1934. It wasn’t until the year 2016—after 80 years of being in the shadows of its more popular cousins such as Bella, Isabella, and Annabella—Belle took its place in the top 1000s.

21 Archer


The name Archer in this reference is from the adult cartoon series that once aired on FX called Archer. Though the character Archer on the show is not exactly the inspiration of goodness and something a parent would want to name their child after, the name is actually a unique and rare name that a parent should consider for their son.

According to nameberry.com, the name Archer is of English origin and means “Bowman.” It is quite popular in the US as a boy name, sometimes even as a girl name, ranking in at number 254 on the popularity charts.

The name first appeared around the Anglo-Saxon time period, but then in 1889, the name took a 130-year nap, only reappearing again in the top 1000 spot in 2009, where it then shot straight up on the charts. In 2011 the name was one of the hottest names for a boy, having jumped up 102 spots that year alone. Some would say it is because it is a new take on the old name Asher, others would say it is because of its cross-gender appeal. Either way, it is a cool name for a child.

20 Elsa

via allpicts.in

The name Elsa is one name that has become quite popular since the Disney movie Frozen was released.

The movie follows the tale of two sisters, one cursed with the powers of ice, the other left in the dark, confused as to why her sister shut herself away and stopped spending time with her. It was during her coronation that the kingdom learned of Elsa’s powers, along with her sister, and the young Queen took off, leaving the kingdom in an endless winter. But it is with the help of some friends that her sister Anna is able to find her sister and help her.

According to nameberry.com, the name Elsa comes from Europe and means, “Pledged to God.” The name sat at number 683 on the popularity chart for years until the release of the movie Frozen, where it then shot up to number 286 on the list. The highest ranking it has ever had since the 1890s.

19 Alaric


On the show Vampire Diaries, fans were able to learn about different supernatural creatures such as vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids, and even doppelgangers. Among all these creatures were quite a few remarkable names, but it is one name that really stood out, Alaric. Alaric was one character on the show who did not have it easy, but through it all, he remained strong and even moved on from that show when it ended and became one of the main characters in his own show, Legends.

According to nameberry.com, the name Alaric comes from Western Europe and means, “All-powerful Ruler.” Alaric is an ancient regal name, mostly used back in the day as names for the kings of Ostrogoths. The most famous of the ancient kings is Alaric I, the king of the West Goths who booted Rome in 410.

The name is a rare and unique name, sitting at number 994 on the popularity charts.

18 Anna

Anna is another name from the movie Frozen. Anna was Elsa’s sister in the movie who was left in the dark when it came to her sister and her powers. It all started when they were young, and Elsa accidentally hit Anna with her powers. To save her, the rock trolls removed all her memories of Elsa’s ice powers. Elsa then shut herself away from the world, unable to control her powers and fearing that she would hurt someone else.

After Elsa runs away from the kingdom and leaves it in an endless winter, Anna takes off after her and with the help of some friends she meets on the way, she is able to bring her sister back and help her.

According to nameberry.com, Anna is of southern origin and means “Grace.” It is ranked at number 211 on the popularity charts and it actually one of the most popular names for girls in the US.

17 Dexter


Now, there are quite a few television shows that have memorable characters named Dexter, but it is one very popular Showtime show that this article is referencing, the show Dexter. Dexter was a television series that aired on Showtime from 2006 to 2013 and captured the attention of many people. The show focuses on the story of a man who was known for some pretty dark stuff, but he didn't act out for pleasure or anything like that, he did the crimes with purely good intentions.

According to nameberry.com, the name Dexter is of Latin origin and means, “Dyer or Right Handed.” The name is not quite as popular as other boy names in this article, sitting in at number 447 on the popularity chart, but that just makes it unique.

There are quite a few diverse real and fictional characters with the name Dexter, some including C.K. Dexter Haven, the witty Cary Grant character in The Philadelphia Story, Dexter Green, the protagonist of the F. Scott Fitzgerald story called Winter Dreams, Dexter Gordon, who was an amazing jazz tenor saxophonist, and then, of course, for all those '90s children there is the boy genius Dexter from the cartoon network show Dexter’s Laboratory.

16 Arya

via: babygaga.com

Arya is a fan favorite thanks to the character, Arya Stark, in the HBO series Game of Thrones. Arya is a firecracker in the show. Quick with a sword, smart as a whip, and seeking revenge for those who have harmed her family, she is an unstable storm when released. She is a character that empowers the female gender with her strength and courage for not adhering to the gender stereotype of her time.

According to nameberry.com the name Arya is of Sanskrit origin and means, “Noble.” The name is a unique and exotic name that first entered on to the popularity chart in 2010 when the book series by George R.R. Martin and then the HBO show was released.

15 Hans


One can not have a baby name article with Elsa and Anna as choices from the movie Frozen, and not have the name Hans as a choice as well. The name Hans is not only a loveable character in the movie, but also would be a great choice for a child coming from a family heritage from across the pond.

According to nameberry.com, the name Hans means, “Gift from God or God is Gracious,” two meanings that make the name an even better choice for a boy.

There are a few childhood icons that many have grew up on with the name Hans such as: Hans Brinker, a child novel by Mary Mapes Dodge that was published in 1865, Hans(el) and Gretel, a classic story about two siblings who are captured by a children eating witch, and Hans Christian Andersen, an author known for his many remarkable fairy tales. It is due to its Old Country image that a lot of people have chosen this as a name for their sons.

14 Felicity

Via: Instagram/@mariahhh.fernanda

Back in the '90s and early '80s, teen dramas seem to be what was most popular on television. They outdid dating shows, reality television, and many other different genres of television. One, in particular, that was most popular was the show, Felicity.

Felicity was a show that followed the life of a young girl named Felicity. It starts off with her graduating high school. It is on graduation day when everyone is going around signing each other’s yearbooks that Felicity decides to change everything about her future, all because her high school crush writes one message that sends her into total chaos, “I wish we would have gotten to know each other further.” That message makes her skip going to Stanford University to pursue a pre-med degree and instead chases after her crush to New York.

According to nameberry.com, Felicity means “Good Fortune and Happy.” When the show first aired, it gave the name a soft, modernize feel. Then the Colonial doll, Felicity Merriman, made her grand entrance in the young adult book series, and the name took off even further. It is now sitting at number 347 on the popularity chart.

13 Gunther


So, first time hearing the name Gunther, it does not sound like a very appealing name. Many will probably agree to that, but it is the meaning behind the name that makes it such a great choice. See, Gunther is actually a character on the classic television show Friends. Though this loveable character wasn’t one of the main cast members, he was a supporting cast member and always hanging around in the background of Central Perk.

According to nameberry.com, the name Gunther comes from Europe and mean “Battle Warrior.” Gunther is a very unique and distinctive name. It may not be used as much as its northern version Gunnar, which ranks in at number 502 on the popularity charts, but that just makes it even more unique and rare.

12 Emma

The Golf Club

There are two shows that have boosted the name Emma to the number one spot on the popularity chart, Once Upon a Time and Friends.

In the show, Once Upon a Time, Emma was known as the savior for the storybook fairy tales. It all started when the rude queen invaded the land and wanted revenge on Snow White. Trying to save the kingdom one last time, Snow and Prince send their daughter Emma away, with the hopes that she will one day save them all. Years later, she comes to the town of Storybrooke where everyone is under a curse and has no memory of who they truly are; she is able to break the curse and even become friends with the once immoral queen.

According to nameberry.com, this show is what boosted it back on the popularity list; it was in 2002 when Ross and Rachel on the show Friends named their daughter Emma that really boosted it in rankings, though.

The name Emma means, “Universal.” It has been at the top of the popularity list for four years in a row, first hitting it back in 2002 and then again in 2017.

11 Xander


Xander, a name in itself or a name short for Alexander, is from the hit television series classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While there are quite a few characters from the show that have unique names and would be a great pick for any boy or girl, Xander is one character that some would say is the most unique, normal and cool names to choose from. Plus, it is just fun to say.

According to nameberry.com, the name Xander is from the Aristotle period and means, “Defending Men.” Kind of fitting seeing as the character Xander was always trying to save his friends, even though he had no powers or anything.

It is from the show Buffy that the name first saw the spotlight, then again when Vin Diesel’s character Xander emerged for the movie XXX. The name is now sitting at number 163 on the popularity charts.

10 Jessa


The name Jessa comes from the hit comedy on HBO Girls. The series focuses around four girls in their 20's as they learn how to adult while living in the big apple. Jessa was the most memorable of the girls, due to her bluntest and how free-spirited she was, that along with such a pretty and unique name makes her the coolest of all the girls.

According to nameberry.com, the name Jessa is of Hebrew origin and is ranked number 879 on the popularity chart. Though the name has gained great popularity since the HBO show Girls aired from 2012 to 2017, the name first became popular in 2008 when the show 17 and Counting aired on TLC, staring the Duggar family and their 17 children, now 19, one who is named Jessa Duggar.

9 Slater

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Slater, played by Mario Lopez, was a popular character on the late '80s, early '90s, hit comedy show, Saved By The Bell. On the show, Slater was known for being a suave jock, who made friends easily but became attached to his girlfriends even easier.

According to nameberry.com, the name Slater is of English origin and means “Maker of Slates.” The name is quite rare, making it unique, but what makes it really cool is that not only would a child with this name be unique, but he would be named after one of the coolest characters from a classic television show.

8 Haddie

via: babygaga.com

The show Parenthood was a show that left an everlasting mark on its fan. It first started n 1989 when the film Parenthood was released. The film had such a great success that they decided to make it into a television series, which aired from 1990 to 1991 on the NBC network. It wasn’t until the year 2010 though that Jason Katims would reach out to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer again with the suggestion that they bring the show back yet again for an updated version, a version that would go on from 2010 to 2015 and have a six-season run.

Among the cast of the show's second run, was a character named Haddie. Haddie was a teenager who was a main series character for the first three seasons, then in season four, she would pop in and out before only showing up in rare moments in the final two seasons. She captured everyone’s hearts though.

According to nameberry.com, though the name Haddie has yet to make it on to the top 1000 popularity charts, it has been slowly climbing the charts with 162 girls recorded with the name in 2015. The alternative on, the other hand, Hattie, is quite popular, coming in at number 488 on the popularity chart.

7 Cyrus

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Cyrus is typically one name that is used as a surname, but thanks to the popular political character on the ABC drama Scandal, the name Cyrus has started to get a boost as a first name and is now sitting at number 427 on the popular list of boy’s names.

According to nameberry.com, the name Cyrus is of Eastern origin and means “Sun.” It is said that the name first originated with Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Cyrus was a powerful leader who conquered Babylon in order to claim and establish his empire.

6 Lorelai

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The name Lorelai comes from the hit ABC show, Gilmore Girls. Fans of the show will most likely agree that Lorelai is a household name and by choosing the name for one’s little one is praising the character from the television series.

According to britannica.com, there is a legend behind the name, just with a different spelling. There's actually a town named Lorelei with a large rock on the bank of the narrow Rhine River. The rock makes a weird echo sound that got the story started that there once was a beautiful maiden who threw herself into the Rhine after an unfaithful lover betrayed her and broke her heart. In turn, she turned into a siren who haunted that rock, while luring fishermen to their destruction.

Either way, a parent chooses to spell it, the name is a unique and beautiful name. And like Lorelai’s daughter who was also named Lorelai, the parent can use the nickname Rory, which is also cute and has a cool sound to it.

5 Forrest


The movie Forrest Gump is one movie that will go down in history as a classic. It first was released in 1994, and to this day it is still the most loved movie to be made. Following the life of a simple man and those who are lucky enough to know him, it is no wonder why parents are constantly giving their children this unique and admirable name after an even more admirable character who people today still quote.

According to nameberry.com, the name Forrest means “Dweller Near the Woods.” Since 1913, the name Forrest has remained steadily on the popularity charts. After the released of the movie Forrest Gump though, the name shot up the list to number 175. It has taken a bit of dip since 2003 though, but it seems since 2013 the name has been climbing the charts again, now resting at number 596.

4 Skyler

Via: Babygaga

The name Skyler doesn’t need any movie or television links to make it beautiful, it's already beautiful all on its own. That being said, the name was inspired by the hit television classic, Breaking Bad.

In the show, Anna Gunn plays the character of Skyler White, the wife of a suburban chemist Walter White, and mother to Walt Jr, her son who has cerebral palsy, and newborn daughter Holly White.

According to nameberry.com, the name Skyler is quite popular as a girl’s name, coming in at number 393 on the popularity chart.

There are different versions of the name that a parent can choose from. Skylar seems to be the most common version people choose to use for a little girl. Then there is Skyler, which is close on the heels of Skylar and seems to be the one given most to both boys and girls. If a parent wants to get really unique with the name though, they can choose the original version, Schuyler, which means “Scholar.”

3 Tristan

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Back in 1865, Richard Wagner released a musical by the name Tristan und Isolde. The play was about a couple that was similar to the legendary couple, Romeo and Juliet. It was a tragic love story just like Shakespeare’s play that captured the hearts of its audience with its romantic tale.

It all started with Tristan, a dragon-slaying hero of Celtic legend, and also one of the Knights of the Round Table, who falls in love with Queen Isolde, a relationship doomed from the start.

In 2006, the opera was turned into a movie with the same name and the hopes of giving the couples love story significance again. Unfortunately, the movie did not do so well at the box office, but it did boost the name Tristan a bit.

According to nameberry.com the name Tristan is of Celtic origin and means, “Noise or Sorrowful.” The name is quite popular as a boy’s name, ranking in at number 121 on the popularity charts.

There are different variations to the name that a parent can choose from like: Tristen, Tristin, Triston, and Tristian.

2 Stella

via :IG

Back in the '50s, there was a movie called Streetcar Named Desire. Even today, this movie is known as one of the greatest of all time. In the movie, there is one unforgettable quote that inspired the name Stella. It all started when Marlon Brando began crying out, “Hey Stella!”

The movie might be old, but it is a classic and to use it as an inspiration for a baby name would be totally amazing.

According to nameberry.com, the name Stella means “Star.” The name is quite popular for girls, ranking in at number 42 on the most popular list of baby girl names. While the name hasn’t quite beaten its cousins, Ella, Gabriella, and Isabella, it is on their heels and still manages to stay both celestial and earthy.

1 Noah


Everyone knows the story of Noah’s Ark. The story of the man who built a boat and filled it with two of every animal, along with his family, to please God in time before an upcoming flood would wash over the Earth.

Well, it is this biblical story that gave the name a huge boost, but it was the character in the movie The Notebook, played by Ryan Gosling, that really gave the name a boost and helped it to get to its number one spot.

According to nameberry.com, the name Noah is of Hebrew origin and means “Rest or Wandering.” It was in 2013 that the name shot to the number one spot on the popularity chart, unseating the name Jacob after a 13-year reign. The name maintained the spot for three years before dropping to the number two spot in 2017.

Sources: nameberry.com, Britannica.com

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