25 Baby Names Moms Already Started Scrapping For 2018

When it comes to naming a child, the perfect pick doesn’t always come easily. While many expectant parents will take inspiration from various people, places, things or family traditions, there are others that will ditch such names due to these associations.

When a name becomes associated with something or someone, it can directly impact the naming choice. Think about it: moms today are no longer giving their children names that were once popular in the late 80’s or early 90’s. That’s because the millennial mothers will likely have a friend or colleague (one we may not be fans of either) with these names, making them a less appealing choice for their babies.

While still lovely, names like Sarah, Justin, or Megan are beginning to slip on the baby name charts. Why? Moms today would rather give their baby a name they didn’t hear throughout their childhood and teenage years. As time passes, these names may once again become popular, but for now, they seem to be on many expectant mamas’ ditch list.

Want to know more names that millennial moms are currently scrapping? Read on to find out.

25 Cody

This Irish name meaning “helpful” may seem popular, but it has continuously dropped on the baby name charts since the late 90’s. Say it isn’t so! The name hit its peak in 1991, where it was the 24th most popular boy name in America.

Today, Cody currently sits at 337, down 43 spots from 2017, and we expect it to drop even more within the next five years.

While we think Cody is an adorable name, it’s just not being used as much anymore. This is likely because many expecting moms today grew up in the 90’s, which means they have probably already heard the name many times before. Perhaps they even went to school with a bundle of Cody's, or maybe even dated a few back in the day. If you ask us, this is reason enough not to use the name when naming a baby boy.

According to SheKnows, name bearers of the name Cody are quiet observers who are great life partners. They are trustworthy people who yearn for a relationship that is filled with love and stability. So mamas, even though Cody isn’t as popular of a name as it used to be, it’s still an excellent choice if you’re expecting a little boy.

24 Sarah

Sarah is a biblical name that is not only lovely but also timeless. When translated from its Hebrew origin, Sarah means “princess.” While a great choice for any little girl, moms today are just not using it. Today, Sarah currently sits at 82 on the baby name charts – down twenty spots from 2017. Since the year 2000, where Sarah hit its peak, the name has been on a downward spiral.

Why is Sarah being scrapped? The name is just too common. Think about it: you likely know someone (or more than one person) with the name Sarah, so we understand why it wouldn’t be an expectant mother’s first choice for her little girl. Don’t worry, though. For any of you who love the name Sarah, don’t think it’s being scrapped because it’s not a beautiful name. In fact, Sarah has proven to be one of the most beautiful names known to date, and any little girl would be lucky to have it. Seriously, though! Who wouldn’t want a name that means princess?

So, if you’re still considering the name Sarah, we suggest taking note of its special meaning. According to SheKnows, people with the name Sarah are said to be quiet observers who like to keep things simple. And while they are adaptable individuals, they often find change to be hectic and worrisome.

23 Shawn

Shawn, a Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious,” or “a gift from God” has been slowly declining in popularity since the mid 90’s. According to BabyCenter, the name hit its peak in 1973 where it sat as the 27th most popular boy’s name in America.

In fact, Shawn consistently remained in the top 100 until about 1995. So, what happened? If we’re being honest, Shawn is just too common.

From about the mid 90’s to present day, Shawn has been declining in popularity. Today, the name Shawn sits at 370, and while it jumped 58 spots from just last year, it’s still not the first choice for many expectant parents.

Shawn is also a familiar name. Many millennial men hold this name, which is why mothers are scrapping it today. Plus, who doesn’t remember Shawn Hunter from the television show Boy Meets World? We are certain this name rings a bell for many of you millennial moms out there. And although Shawn Hunter was the character we all swooned over, his name is not one that catches our attention. Truth be told, moms today are just too used to the name Shawn – we grew up hearing it on television, in school, and well... pretty much everywhere.

22 Nadine

Nadine, the French form of the Ukrainian name Nadia, is one that mom’s are no longer using. Popularity-wise, Nadine isn’t a hit. It currently sits at 793 in the U.S., and while it’s up 49 spots from 2017, it’s hasn’t broken into the top 500 within the last twenty years. In fact, the name has consistently sat in top 1000’s for baby girl names in the U.S. since 2002.

While a lovely-sounding name, Nadine just never seems to be a top contender. The last time Nadine saw a major spike in popularity was in 1932. That’s quite a long time ago! During this year, Nadine hit its all-time peak, where it sat as the 231st most popular baby girl name in America.

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Nadine are visionary individuals who often seek after spiritual truths. They also have a way of inspiring others to be mystical believers, like them, but their heavy focus on the mind can often become their downfall.

So, is there a plus side to naming your daughter Nadine? Yes. Most moms today aren’t using it, which means it won’t be too common once your little one reaches preschool.

21 Brandon

Brandon, a variant of the Old English name Branton, is a well-known male name that mom’s today are ditching. When translated from its origin, Brandon means “Prince,” or “brave.” Although the name is a strong male name with a wonderful meaning, it’s just not a name that moms today fancy.

Perhaps it has something to do with it being overused in the early 90’s.

According to BabyCenter,

Brandon hit its peak popularity in 1992, where it sat as the sixth most popular name in America – and for three consecutive years at that!

This is around the time that Beverly Hills, 90210 aired. We all remember Brandon Walsh, don’t we?

This is also right around the age that many expecting moms today would have been born, so it makes sense that they would stray away from this name, as it was likely heard many times while they were growing up.

For those moms, however, who fancy the name, rest assured you’ll have a pretty divine little boy. It has been noted that people with the name Brandon are thrilling individuals who thrive off of change and excitement. They are also known to be energetic go-getters who won’t let anyone get in their way!

20 Julie

Julie is a female name that is the French origin of the Latin name Julia. Julie, meaning “young,” was a popular choice for many moms of the 70’s. Popularity-wise, Julie hit its peak in 1970, where it was the eleventh most popular female name in the U.S.

Today, Julie is rarely given to a baby girl. It’s one of those classic names that moms today are not using. In fact, it’s hit an all-time low in America; Julie currently sits at 665, down a whopping 202 spots from 2017.

It has been said that bearers of the name Julie are beautiful, bold and excellent at expressing themselves. They are natural born leaders and enjoy life tremendously. Julies often need to be the center of attention and enjoy professions that allow them to be in the limelight.

While the name Julie is a lovely, not to mention, ultra-feminine choice for any little girl, there are just so many other feminine-sounding names today that have trumped this one. We don’t see it disappearing completely, though. We expect Julie to make a comeback in the next twenty to thirty years. Rightfully so! Julie is a beautiful name with timeless roots, so don’t be discouraged if you’re considering it.

19 Ross

Although one-syllable names are hitting big in America right now, Ross isn’t one of them. Ross, a Scottish name meaning “red” or “woody meadow,” continues to drop in popularity year after year. In fact, Ross currently sits at 1,523, down 180 spots from just last year. That’s a huge plummet, and we only expect it to fall even lower next year.

Why is Ross being scrapped? Perhaps moms today already have a preconceived vision of this name, especially if they grew up in the 90’s. How can we forget Ross Geller, a quirky, but loveable character on the 90’s sitcom, Friends? While he was considered by many to be the most intelligent member of the group, moms today just can’t picture their child having the same name as this silly New Yorker.

If you are still considering giving your baby the name Ross, however, take note of these name-bearing traits. For example,

people with the name Ross are said to be selfless individuals who enjoy working with others as a way of feeling appreciated.

They are also known to focus strongly on business affairs and are successful at achieving their material goals.

18 Brittany

Brittany, a Celtic name meaning “From Britain” is another name that moms today are no longer using. Down 505 spots from 2017, Brittany currently sits at 1905 on the U.S. baby name charts for 2018. That’s a significant drop!

While the name Brittany is extremely low on today’s baby name charts, it wasn’t always the case. In fact, Brittany was quite the hit in the early 90’s. From 1989-1991, Brittany was the third most popular girl’s name in the U.S., and it didn’t see a significant drop until the year 2000 – that’s ten consistent years of being in the top 100. From then on, Brittany began to drop, and we don’t expect it to rise anytime soon. Because of its regular use in the early 90’s, there are many Brittany’s in the millennial generation, so the name isn’t as desirable today as it was thirty years ago.

A well-known spelling variant of the name Brittany is Britney, most commonly seen on pop star Britney Spears. Other spelling variants of the name include Britanie, Britnee, and Britnay with a common nickname of “Britt.”

It has been said that bearers of the name Brittany are independent people who are capable of handling large tasks. They are also known to be natural born leaders who would rather delegate details instead of following someone else’s lead.

17 Jeffrey

Teutonic for “God’s peace,” Jeffrey is a lovely male name that, while popular, is not a hit among parents today. Chances are we all know of someone with the name Jeffrey. Think about it: it’s a classic, professional sounding name that moms in the sixties loved.

In fact, the name hit its highest peak in 1966, and according to BabyCenter 16,930 babies per million were given this name.

Today, however, moms have strayed away from giving their son the name Jeffrey. Don’t believe us? The name currently sits at 820 on the U.S. baby name chart, a 323 spot decline from 2017. What a drop!

Although the name Jeffrey has dropped significantly from previous years, we still think it’s a great choice for parents looking for a name that can easily grow from child to adult. So don’t get discouraged. Just because it’s dropping in popularity doesn’t mean that it’s not okay to use if you’re expecting a baby boy.

In addition, the name Jeffrey comes with some pretty divine traits. According to SheKnows, Jeffrey’s are very creative individuals who enjoy expressing themselves. They are often seen in careers where they are the centre of attention, and would rather lead than follow.

16 Christina

Christina is a female name of Latin origin. When translated from its Latin roots, Christina means “follower of Christ.” The name in itself is a nice option for any little girl; however, today’s parent is overlooking it. The trend in soft sounding, feminine girls’ names are rising, and Christina hasn’t made the cut. While lovely, this three-syllable name has a bit of edge, and is continuously dropping in popularity year after year.

Popularity-wise, Christina currently sits at 548 on the U.S. baby name charts – down 92 spots from 2017. And while Christina saw a small spike in popularity this past year, it has consistently dropped on the baby name charts since the year 2000.

A famous Christina is none other than pop star Christina Aguilera, and while she’s a favorite among many, her name isn’t. Don’t worry, though. While dropping in popularity, the name Christina is still a beautiful one.

Bearers of the name Christina are said to be very spiritual beings whose visionary thoughts often inspire others. They are highly intuitive and their magnetic personalities have the ability to draw just about anyone in. They are also natural born leaders who can successfully achieve great wealth and power in almost everything they do.

15 Brett

Brett, a Celtic name meaning “A Breton” is one of those names that moms are no longer using. If you ask us, Brett just seems like a “dadish” kind of name. Think about it: we all know of someone whose father’s name is Brett. Plus, we just can’t picture a baby with the name Brett. Perhaps it’s because of the preconceived “father-like” notion.

According to BabyCenter,

Brett currently sits at 722 on the U.S. baby name charts. And while the name has climbed 245 spots from last year, we still see it as an undesirable option for moms today.

Was Brett ever a hit? Yes! The name hit its peak on the U.S. baby name charts in 1986, where it broke into the top 100 and sat in spot 69.

If you do however fancy this name, your baby may hold the following traits. For example, bearers of the name Brett are said to be adventurous thrill seekers who yearn to set their own pace in life. They usually excel in high impact, competitive careers – often in sports and entertainment. Brett’s are also said to be very cooperative, considerate, and sympathetic; this nature makes them excellent life partners.

14 Heather

Heather is a lovely female name of English origin. When translated, Heather means “a flowering evergreen plant.” When we hear the name Heather, we immediately think of feather, and both are beautifully feminine.

While a striking name, Heather is no longer being used. Perhaps it has something to do with its popularity in the 70’s. In 1975, Heather was the third most popular girl’s name in the United States.

When a name hits an all-time high, it usually flattens out within a decade or two. That is the exact case with the name Heather. It remained in the top 100 until 1999, and then it began to drop. Today, Heather sits at an all-time low; it currently sits at 1045 on the U.S. baby name charts.

While undesired today, Heather is still a lovely option if you’re considering this name. According to SheKnows, people who hold the name Heather are known to be idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive, and very spiritual beings. They are also extremely opinionated and they are excellent at inspiring others to a higher cause. At the end of the day, the name Heather is a great choice; so don’t be discouraged if it’s not as common today as it used to be.

13 Kevin

Kevin, a male name meaning “gentle,” or “loveable” is another baby name option that’s recently been overlooked by moms today. This comes as a surprise to us! The name is usually one of those go-to names that moms always keep in mind. Plus, we think it’s a great option for any little boy, but also for a grown man. Perhaps that’s why it’s usually always sitting at a steady number on the baby name charts.

Recently, however, the name has dropped.

Today, the name is currently at an all-time low, sitting at 181; down 17 spots from 2017.

In fact, 2017 was the first year the name Kevin didn’t make it in the top 100 on the U.S. baby boy name charts.

Bearers of the name Kevin have a SoulUrge Number of 5 meaning they have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure. They would rather set their own pace in life than practice convention. Kevin’s are also known to be wanderers who learn by discovering new things on their own. They enjoy personal freedom, and, at times, may seem detached from society. Above all, Kevin’s are some of the most alluring individuals you’ll ever meet, and just because the name is slipping in popularity, doesn’t mean you have to discard it from your baby name list.

12 Samantha

Samantha, an Aramaic baby name meaning “listener” is on the descent. Before this year, Samantha consistently remained in the top 100 on the U.S. baby name charts. Today, Samantha sits at 117 – the first time since 1975 it has fallen passed 100. So, why is the name Samantha falling? It could be because of it’s overuse in the past.

If you’re a mom in today’s generation, Samantha will ring a bell! Does Samantha Jones sound familiar? Samantha, one of four single friends portrayed in the Sex and the City series is a public relations worker who is a proud, confident, highly sexual woman. Samantha is a favorite among many viewers for her feisty personality, so perhaps that’s another reason why moms today aren’t using this name; they simply can’t picture their little girl with the same name as the romance goddess herself.

If you do however like the name Samantha, take note of its special meaning. According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Samantha are excited by change and adventure. They are also known to be dynamic, hard-working individuals who resent authority. While their rebellious nature is admired by many, it can, at the same time, become their downfall. So, mamas, watch out. If you choose to name your daughter Samantha, get ready for one fiery little girl!

11 Scott

Originally known as a Gael surname, Scott, also used as a first name means “from Scotland.” Today, Scott sits at 731, down 130 spots from just last year. When it comes to desirable baby boys’ names, Scott doesn’t seem to make the cut. It did, however, have a spike in interest in the early 70’s, as it was the tenth most popular boy's name in the United States.

After 1971, Scott remained in the top 20 for four years. After 1975, Scott began it's decent and hasn’t, since then, made its way back.

While Scott can be a great name, we see it more as an “adult-like” option. We can’t really picture a baby named Scott, so we understand why it’s a less desirable option today. And although the nickname Scotty could be cute for a little one, there just seems to be other, cuter-sounding choice for a little boy today.

The name Scott holds an expression number of 5, meaning they become excited by change and adventure. They are usually seen in roles of leadership and would rather “go with the flow” instead of following a conventional path. Scott’s are real go-getters and will do just about anything in their power to get what they want, when they want it.

10 Megan

Greek in origin, Megan is a female name that means “pearl.” While the name is dropping in popularity, it is one of the most common female names in North America. Think about it: chances are you know at least one (if not more) Megan.

Popularity-wise, Megan is slipping. According to BabyCenter, Megan currently sits at 432. Even though Megan has climbed 104 spots from 2017, it’s still quite low on the baby name charts. That wasn’t always the case, though. For seventeen years (from 1984 – 2001), Megan consistently remained in the top 20. There you have it. This seventeen-year run is the reason why we all know of someone named Megan.

It has been said that bearers of the name Megan are loving individuals who yearn for stability. They enjoy working with others in order to feel appreciated, and would rather focus on the bigger picture. Megan’s are known to be excellent problem solvers who often undertake large endeavors with great success. So even though Megan isn’t a hit for today’s mommy generation, it’s still a lovely name with some pretty awesome traits attached.

9 Jamie

Originally seen as a male name from the Hebrew meaning “supplanter,” Jamie is now used for both boys and girls. Today, the trends show that in the U.S. Jamie as a boys’ name is higher on the name charts sitting at 432, whereas, on the girl’s name charts, it sits at 541. The name hit its peak in 1976, where it sat as the 18th most popular girl name in the United States. Jamie, when used as a boy’s name, hit its peak the same year, but sat at 62. Since then, Jamie, when used for both genders has been on the steady decline.

While the name isn’t seen as a hit today, it’s still a lovely option for a boy or a girl. It’s a name that is something attractive, easy to spell and commonly used in many countries.

So expectant parents don’t get discouraged if you’ve liked this name for your future child; it’s still a good one.

It has been said that bearers of the name Jamie have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community. They are very selfless individuals and enjoy careers where they are able to work with others. Jamie’s are also extremely trustworthy and respectful, making them excellent mediators and partners.

8 Tyler

Tyler is an Old English name meaning “doorkeeper.” It’s also believed to be derived from “tiler,” which means “one who makes tiles.” While most commonly known as a first name, Tyler is also a surname.

Popularity-wise, Tyler hit its peak in 1993, where it was the fifth most popular boy’s name on the U.S. baby name charts. Today, Tyler currently sits at 116, down 15 spots from 2017.

While Tyler is a great boy’s name, its popularity in the 90’s is what makes it an undesirable option today. Many expectant mothers are also among those who grew up in the 90’s, meaning the name Tyler was certainly not few and far between. In fact, Tyler was probably one of those “overheard-in-the-classroom” type names.

With that being said, we think it’s still a lovely choice if you are considering it. Tyler is easy to say, it's short, and comes with the cool nickname Ty. Plus, it’s a perfect transition-type name that can grow from child to adult. What’s not to love?

7 Bethany

Derived from the Hebrew name Be t’eina, Bethany is a lovely female name that is becoming overlooked. When translated from its Hebrew origin, Bethany means “daughter of the lord.” Bethany is also known as the name of a town near Jerusalem, so you can say that it’s quite biblical.

When it comes to popularity, Bethany currently sits at 576, down eight spots from last year. This drop is certainly not surprising; Bethany has consistently fallen on the U.S. baby name charts since its peak year in 1987. Even then, Bethany wasn’t a huge hit, sitting at 87 – that’s the highest number has seen!

According to SheKnows,

bearers of the name Bethany possess an expression number of three, meaning they are creative individuals who are usually drawn to the arts.

Their creative nature makes them excellent at careers that put them in the limelight; they just love to be the center of attention! Because they are always involved in different activities and engagements, they can become reckless with both their energy and their money. Aside from this setback and that the name is quite outdated, an expectant parent should be proud to give their daughter this name.

6 Patrick

English in origin, Partick is a delightful baby name that means noble. The name has a rich history that dates back to Roman society. Today, the name is used all over the world, however, it’s beginning to slip on the U.S. baby name charts. Popularity-wise, Patrick currently sits at 195, down two spots from 2017.

Although Patrick doesn’t seem to be hitting big in America today, that wasn’t always the case. The name hit its all-time peak in 1968, where it was the 30th most popular boy name in the U.S., and it remained in that spot for five consecutive years before it began to make its fall.

It has been said that bearers of the name Patrick are born leaders who would rather delegate the details of large, important issues. They are also natural peacekeepers and try to avoid confrontation at all costs. If you ask us, Patrick is a grand name and just because it’s not on the hot name list of today’s generation of moms, doesn’t mean that it should be put on the back-burner. Plus, if you decide to give your son the name Patrick, he’ll have another day – aside from his birthday – to celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day! How cool is that?

5 Rachel

Rachel is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means "ewe, female sheep.” The biblical meaning of Rachel is Jacob's wife, and Benjamin and Joseph’s mother. She was described as being "beautiful in form and countenance.”

Popularity-wise, Rachel currently sits at 335, down 56 spots from last year. While the name is fading out today, it was once a huge hit.

The name hit its peak in 1996, where it sat as the ninth most popular girl’s name in the U.S. After that, Rachel consistently sat in the top twenty for five consecutive years before it dropped to spit 24.

Why was it so popular at this time? We think Rachel Green, one of the six main characters who appeared in the 90’s American sitcom Friends, has something to do with it. What’s not to love about miss Rachel Green? Even her popularity established her as the show's breakout character, where she has since been named one of the greatest television characters of all time.

So, why is Rachel fading out in popularity? We don’t think it has anything to do with the name being a boring one, but rather that its overuse in the 90’s has turned millennial moms away from choosing it.

4 Justin

Justin is a Latin baby name that means, “Just, upright, or righteous.” The biblical version of the name originates from the New Testament and can be translated to Justus. While sources say that Justin is of Latin origin, it has also been argued that Justin was almost exclusively an Irish name until the 20th century.

When it comes to top baby boy names today, Justin hasn’t made the cut. The name currently sits at 177 on the U.S. baby name charts. And while the name Justin has risen three spots from 2017, it still has a long way to go to make it into the top 20. Justin was once a huge hit, though. In 1988, it was the 7th most popular boy name in the United States. In fact, for thirteen consecutive years (from 1980 – 1993), Justin consistently remained in the top 20. This is probably why expectant moms today are not choosing the name Justin for their baby boys; too many men their age already hold this name – and arguably the most famous among these Justin’s is Justin Timberlake, of course!

If you are, however, considering the name Justin, take note of its associated character traits. It has been said that bearers of the name Justin tend to be excellent public speakers, as they very expressive and witty.

3 Kristen

The female name Kristen has some interesting roots. It was originally derived from the Ecclesiastic Late Latin “Christiānus”, which means “a Christian,” or “follower of Christ.”

Kristen is no longer considered a common name for baby girls born today, as it currently sits at 1,182 on the U.S. baby name charts.

In terms of a popularity peak, Kristen hit its highest in 1983 where it sat at the 33rd most popular girl’s name in the U.S. From then on, Kristen began to drop, making its way to where it sits now – very low on the baby name charts.

Why is Kristen dying in interest? Well, when we think of a little girl, Kristen isn’t the first name that comes to mind. That is not to say the name isn’t pretty; we just don’t picture it for a baby girl. For us, Kristen seems to let off a “teenage girl” vibe. So, if moms-to-be are in any way thinking the way we are, then Kristen wouldn’t make the cut.

2 Derek

Derek is a male name of German origin. It is the short form of the Old German name Theodoric, which means “people ruler” or “gifted ruler.” Popularity-wise, Derek currently sits at 283 on the U.S. baby name charts. For moms today, Derek is not a hit. In the 80’s, however, Derek was a more desirable choice. In fact, in 1980, Derek sat at the 50th most popular boy’s name in the United States, and it remained that way for three consecutive years.

So, why are moms today scrapping Derek? We think it’s because Derek is one of those names that millennial moms are too familiar with – Derek’s are heartbreakers! Chances are that there was a Derek either you or your girlfriend dated in high school. It’s true! We all know of someone who dated and got her heart broken by a boy named Derek. So, we understand its drop in popularity for baby boys today.

While Derek isn’t a name that moms are choosing today, there may be some who are considering it. For those moms, the name comes with some pretty cool character traits. According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Derek are born leaders who are also excellent problem solvers – a pretty handy person to have around if you ask us!

1 Alison

Alison is a sweet female name of German origin. When translated from its German derivation, Alison means “noble” or “kind.” It has also been said that Alison was derived from the name “Alice,” which was used by the Norman French and brought to England in the 11th century.

While we love the name Alison and the way it sounds when pronounced, it’s (unfortunately) dying in popularity year after year. According to BabyCenter, Alison currently sits at 550 on the U.S. baby name charts.

Alison has made a steady fall in popularity for quite some time – since 1980 to be exact. In 1980, Alison sat at 101 on the U.S. baby name charts.

From then on, Alison never hit a higher spot. Some would argue that Alison was never a common name, which is why it continues to fade away today.

We don’t expect Alison to be a chart-topper anytime soon, but if you’re considering it for your little girl, rest assured it’s a beautiful choice. Plus, the pet forms, Allie or Ally, are not only lovely but have also become beautiful names of choice in their own right. That’s a win-win right there!

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