25 Baby Names Moms Wish They'd Used

Naming the baby is one of those things that comes unimaginably easy to some moms but is also something of a challenge for others. No matter what name moms choose, she can be sure that it was the perfect name for her little son or daughter. This list is a cute way of introducing names that parents may not have seen before (or often!) if she is planning on expanding her family or might just be a soon-to-be mom who wants to expand her options. Rather than seeking out super popular names, we've scoured the world of baby names to find the most beautiful, stunning, meaningful, and unique names out there that might possibly make their way into the baby's life. These names are awesome both in meaning as well as phonetically in the way they sound, giving the baby a unique identity as well as a story.

Even if she's hard-set on her chosen baby name, this list is just a cute and fun way to see what else is out there. Mom may find that a name she's already picked is on here or even that her own name made the list! Either way, these are some wonderful naming options from virtually all over the world.

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25 Amory


Definitely unique in identity as well as meaning, Amory has three different origins with three different, but all strong, meanings. The name's Teutonic meaning stands for "hard-working". As a boy's name, this can be inspiring and meaningful to families who are determined and ambitious. In England, the name denotes the meaning of "brave" and "powerful", which is very similar to its German origin meaning "leader", "divine", and "powerful" as well. Even though it's most commonly used as a boy's name, we don't see any reason why this couldn't be unisex as well. It's just too pretty not to be!

24 Bellatrix


Right off the bat, you might recognize this name from Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series. Fear not; this name doesn't denote anything nearly as wicked as she was but instead is translated to quite the opposite. Aside from being a wild name, if chosen for your child, she'll share the same name with a star from the left shoulder of the constellation Orion. Astronomy aside, the name is translated from Latin to "female warrior". With a touch of astronomy and a bit of Latin history, you have a name that's sure to be (almost) unheard of with a ton of fun nickname potential.

23 Guinevere


For something entirely different, why not a name from Arthurian Legend? Guinevere is from the Arthurian Romance and the name alone evokes a powerful but gentle maiden and also King Arthur's wife. Granted she was also in love with Lancelot, the powerful and strong knight and fellow friend of Arthur, it can only be attributed to her beauty and the fate of true love. There's a lot of romance associated with this name and it means "fair one" which is certainly fitting for a queen of the court...And also a beautiful baby girl!

22 Caelan

This name, also a unisex name, is strictly Gaelic in origin (as if you couldn't already tell!). It's a fairly well-known name in Ireland and England and is a beautiful name at that. If you've considered an Irish name for your child but could never find one that was gentle-sounding and not complicated, Caelan is a great option because it's simple yet understated as a pretty name for either a boy or a girl. It's translated to "girl" but also supposedly shares the meaning of "strong fighter".

21 Jayce

Jayce, pronounced "jays" (S as in "side"), has been increasing in popularity but not overwhelmingly so. While the name is seen mostly in the United States, it's Greek in origin. Jayce is derivative of "Jason" most notably seen in Greek mythology and is translated to "a healing". Perhaps the most powerful name meaning out of all of them on our list, this name can have a significant impact for families who have gone through trauma or are looking for a name that is uplifting, pure, and full of light for their baby boy.

20 Owen


The name Owen is both Welsh/English and Irish in origin. In both cases, it's masculine and is the modern form of the name "Owain". Not surprisingly, the meaning of the name Owen is only slightly different in each culture. In Welsh/, the name is translated to "young warrior" but can also mean "well-born". In the Irish culture, its Gaelic meaning translates to, "young fighter". Both meanings are rooted in inspiration and would be a strong name for a little boy.

19 Amara


Amara is so beautiful that you almost don't even need to worry about the meaning behind the name to use it. It's a feminine name and comes from West Africa, with origins rooted in the Igbo culture of Nigeria. West African names can add a uniquely stunning twist and can offer options that you wouldn't normally hear while giving your baby girl a beautiful namesake. Amara means "grace" in Igbo which makes it equally as lovely as it is pretty.

18 Calynn


Calynn is another name that's Gaelic in origin and a fairly obvious Irish name. It's simply stunning for a baby girl and would be a wonderful option for an Irish family. Calynn, not to be confused with "Caitlyn", is a variant of several other Irish names. Calynn is unique in spelling as well as in meaning, and in Gaelic is translated to "powerful in battle". This is an interesting meaning for a girl's name, but it's not unusual to hear of strong women going off to battle in the Irish and English cultures.

17 Faye


Faye is derivative of a couple of similar-sounding names. Most obviously, of "Fay" without the "E" which had a derivative nature from Middle English and the term "Faie", which was literally translated to "fairy". That meaning is also shared with the French name it's derived from, "Fayette", meaning "little fairy". In modern English, however, the name Faye is translated to mean "confidence", "trust", and "belief". These are all angelic-sounding and pure attributes to match a just as equally angelic name.

16 Kalila


We weren't kidding when we said we were going all over the globe to find the most unique and gorgeous names for you! Kalila is Arabic in origin and also has an alternate spelling of "Kalilah". The name of Kalila is "dearly loved" which is so true to the nature of bringing a new baby into this world. Kalilah with the extra added "H" on the end means "darling" or "sweetheart". It's an innocent and sweet way to denote a meaning of love and compassion to your child.

15 Serenity


This is a name that is definitely not heard very often. It's somewhat mysterious and any lover of anime will note its usage as the name for Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom in Sailor Moon. While the meaning of Serenity has nothing to do with outer space or fictional characters, it's a graceful name full of dignity and, well, serene qualities. It's derivative of the Latin "serenus", which means "clear" and "calm". In English, this name is literally translated to "tranquility". It's virtuous as well as incredibly unique.

14 Rhiannon


We're not talking about the Fleetwood Mac song, although the name Rhiannon often brings back lyrics such as, "Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night..." The name itself has origins that are deeply rooted in the Welsh and Irish cultures and a bit of history as well. In the Irish culture, "Rigantona" was the name of the goddess of fertility and the moon and means "great queen". The goddess herself was strong and unchallenged in her power, and later on, the name Rhiannon was coined in popular Welsh legend.

13 Anya


If you follow Disney at all, Anya was the name of amnesia-suffering princess Anastasia until she remembered who she was. The name itself is Russian in nature and origin but has roots in other cultures as well. The Russian meaning of the name is "gracious" and "merciful", which is very befitting of a princess and it comes as no surprise it was used in the popular Disney film. It's often the most common nickname for Anastasia but is a beautiful stand-alone name that's strong in sound and in meaning.

12 Misha


Unlike other names with multiple origins, the name Misha has only one. It's Russian and diminutive of "Mikhail". The name isn't harsh-sounding by any means and in Russia is sometimes a nickname for Michael as well. It holds a very special meaning and is perfect for a family of strong faith, as its translation means, "gift from God" or "God-like". There are multiple versions of this name with various spelling and extra syllables, but we think that the name Misha is perfect all on its own for a little boy.

11 Brody


Brody often spelled "Brodie" as well, is a really fun name for a boy or even a girl if you're a fan of masculine-sounding names. It's more popular than the other names as far as a boy's name goes and much more unique to see for a girl. The name Brody is Scottish in origin and means "second son" as well as "ditch". While the meaning might not be as symbolic as the other names, we're big fans of Brody just because it sounds strong and determined.

10 Eiden


Eiden is a name you won't find a meaning for if you're trying to seek out this exact spelling. It's a modern, yet still old-world sounding twist on the name "Aiden". Eiden is super unique in its spelling and can be pronounced "ay-den" or "eye-den". The name of its derivative from, Aiden, means "little fiery one" and that name is Anglicized from the Irish name Aodhan. Eiden is Gaelic-sounded in nature and is a great unisex name, but definitely comes off sounding more masculine than it's "A" counterpart.

9 Alex


You might be wondering why we've included a name on this list that's very popular as far as names and nicknames go, and the answer is simple. We've included "Alex" because rather than name a child Alexander, Alexandria, Alexandra, etc., we liked the idea of the simple, two-syllable form of the name. The fact that it can be unisex and neither masculine nor feminine makes us love it even more; the real love for it, though, comes from the meaning: "Defender of mankind".

8 August


We're already envisioning scenes of summer, warm breezes, and...Wisdom? That's right, this unique unisex name is Latin in origin and means "great", "moral", and "wise". Normally, we think of the eighth month of the year when we think of August. In actuality, it dates back to Roman times and holds a much stronger meaning than what we see on the calendar and mark the passage of time by. The name August is more than just a summer month, it's a perfect baby name, too.

7 Bryant


You could name your son after a diverse and serene park in New York City. We're just kidding; obviously, the name Bryant was not coined from the name of Bryant Park. It is, however, a derivative of the name Brian and Gaelic in origin. Bryant is a new take on a name that was big in the 90s and is still fairly popular today. It means "noble", "strong", "virtuous", and "wealthy" -- All traits we're sure you wouldn't mind your child having!

6 Ari


Ari can be sure for a long list of "A" names. We just love the simplified, short sound of Ari because it can be unisex (although is masculine in Hebrew) and has an air of slight mystery to it. This name denotes powerful meaning because it's seen in four different cultures, each having their own meanings behind it. In the Norse culture, Ari means "eagle", in Hebrew it means "lion", and in the Maori culture it means "visible and clear". Most recognizable, though, is probably its Greek origin in which the name means "superior" and "best of thinkers". It comes from the names of some of the Greek greats, such as Aristotle.

5 Colton


It doesn't get much more English than this, and Colton makes for an elegant and upstanding name for a baby boy. It's not a very popular name but lovely-sounding all the same. Its meaning doesn't say much for the actual name, but is translated to "town at the neck of the hill". It's classy and can lend the nickname "Cole" which is also very classic and English-sounding. Colton would make a proper name for any young boy and definitely set him apart from the rest.

4 Everleigh

Talk about unique names. Everleigh has been spectated to be a variant of Evelyn and an alternate spelling of the name Everly. It's gorgeous and stunning all the same and lends itself to a plethora of nicknames, all as lovely as the next. This name is, quite obviously, English and also modernized. The meaning is "from Ever's meadow" but with the second syllable of "Leigh", has a secondary meaning of "wood", "delicate", and, of course, "meadow". We couldn't imagine anyone not loving this name, it denotes all kinds of beauty.

3 Nadia


Nadia is derivative of a longer Russian name, Nadezhda, which carries the meaning of the name Nadia as well: "Hope". The name has been around since the 20th century and was first introduced in France. Nadia is also a stunning Muslim name and means "caller" or "announcer". This name is a showstopper for sure and not one that's overly popular, but very pretty for a girl. A fun fact about the name is that it's also "Aiden" spelled backward, making it a fun and bonding name for twins or siblings.

2 Bowie


Not only is this name perfect for fans of the late David Bowie, but it's a popular Scottish surname as well. It's a great name for either a boy or a girl and kind of cute-sounding as well as strong and independent. For the color lovers, the name is translated to "yellow" but also means "fair-haired". For music lovers, this name will always remind you of and evoke the positive attributes of David Bowie, including his unparalleled musical talent and poetic way with words and lyrics.

1 India


You need not have traveled to India to love the name for a baby girl. Along with being the name of a country, India has biblical roots and is translated to "praise" or "law". The name India also has some diverse and fun nicknames that can be derived from it including "Indy" and "Inna". India is a name that's decades old and can be really beautiful when coupled with a unique middle name, such as with Chris Hemsworth's daughter India Rose.

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