25 Baby Names Perfect For Future Models

There is everything right and nothing wrong with a mom knowing exactly what she wants her little boy or girl to be when they grow up. Some parents groom their little munchkins for future professions from the moment they decide they want to have children. These parents do everything from reading specific books to the baby in utero to booking future prep school interviews before they've even received a due date.

Nothing’s left to chance for parents looking to secure an ideal future for their little ones.

While most parents favor professions like health care and law for their kids, other parents want something a little more exciting and glamorous like a future in modeling and fashion. Models make millions just for being the face of brands. They travel to amazing cities all across the world, and they rub shoulders with the rich, famous, and influential.

There's a certain je ne sais quoi about a model who everyone is drawn to. And although attributes like alluring eyes and a dazzling smile play a huge part in a model's success, the one thing that adds the right amount of sparkle to their career is their name.

What's in a name? Everything! Some models go as far as changing their birth names just so they'd have a name that makes them stand out from the competition. The secret to having the perfect future model name is choosing one that sounds exotic, that's good enough to be used on its own, or is a twist on the traditional.

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25 Giselle

The name Giselle is full of model potential. And it doesn't hurt that one of the top models, Gisele Bundchen, shares the same name (just different spelling). Giselle has a pretty sound. It offers the image of class and elegance. It’s the right amount of exotic but not too much to take away from its humble meaning which is a pledge. Giselle reached its peak in popularity around 2007 making it a perfect pick for your little model since you don’t really want several Giselle’s at a casting call.

Model Gisele wasn't the only person who made this name famous. Giselle was the name of a 19th century ballet whose main character was a peasant girl. Giselle has a soft yet alluring ring to it, suggesting the person with this name has grace and style.

24 Leo

When you think of Leo, the zodiac sign undoubtedly comes to mind. Often associated with the lion that made this name popular, Leo is a stunning name for a male model. Who needs a last name when you've got a three letter first name that commands respect and attention? Sure, your handsome little one will turn heads on a runway, but on paper he'll at least get a double take.

Leo has a double meaning depending on what region of the world it is being used in. In Latin, it means lion while in German, Leo translates as brave people. What’s universal is that Leo has a strong yet friendly appeal. Famous people with this name include Leonardo DiCaprio. This name was popular among Roman popes but here in the 21st century it's perfect for a future model. It suggests strength of character, possibly a strong jawline, and piercing bright eyes.

23 Chanel

Mirrored Cs on a quilted-designed bag hanging from beautiful gold chains is often associated with this name. Regal energy exudes from the first syllable of Chanel, and this is interesting since its meaning is a little underwhelming. Chanel's origins are of course French and began as a simple surname. Chanel means canal and is linked to being a French occupational name.

If that does nothing for you then maybe knowing that Chanel was also the name of a 14th century saint will convince you this name is perfect for your future model. Regardless, it's new age beauty is what’s relevant and is linked with prestige and class. Chanel gained popularity in the 1960s and is showing no signs of being viewed as boring or outdated. We can thank the lovely perfumes and fashions from the stylish Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel for our undying love for this classic name.

22 Sebastian

If the name itself fails to capture your attention, its history will hook you. Connected with being the name of a medieval martyr in the third-century, Sebastian was favored for several fictional characters ranging from Shakespeare to Disney. And those characters were strong and sometimes even seen as heroes, so win, win!

The name Sebastian has Latin from Greek origins and means revered or venerable. As you can see the name Sebastian carries a great deal of respect in its history. This name is quite popular and has been growing in interest as the years progress. After making its debut in the 70s, it’s been a hit with parents ever since. And can you blame them? Sebastian has an exotic yet classic sound to it. When people think of the name Sebastian, they think of someone strong and mystical. A name so alluring it borders on magical.

21 Naomi

Two words: Naomi Campbell, need we say more? This name might be as fierce and head-turning as the woman who helped put it on our radars but it has a sweet meaning. Naomi is derived from Noam which is a Hebrew name that means pleasantness. So, Naomi simply means beautiful and delightful. What makes it fierce is that it’s conveniently connected to high fashion and couture and if you're looking for a similar career for your little future diva, then Naomi it is.

This name is simple and memorable. It suggests the name carrier is stylish and novel. Funny, the meaning behind Naomi is biblical. Its origins as mentioned are Hebrew and is often given to young girls on Shavuot—a major Jewish festival held on the sixth and seventh of Sivan - making Naomi a name that sounds melodic and good nature with fashion origins that is unrivaled.

20 Phoenix

Phoenix is a name that is saturated in mystery, and mysterious is often sought after in the modeling world. Besides it being a place name, (making it impossible to forget, perfect when meeting someone for the first time like how a model would meet an agent) the symbolism behind the name is intriguing and unique.

The meaning of Phoenix is crimson – a rich deep red color that’s strong in hue and stands out. In addition to the color, when we think of Phoenix, the story of the Phoenix bird rising above the ashes beautiful and unscathed comes to mind. Phoenix, with Greek origins, has the potential to be a stand out in a pack of names and will raise a few brows when your little man introduces himself to prospective agents.

19 Violet

This name is ethereal sounding and is a play on a color and a flower that most people love. Color names are unique because they aren't common, and uncommon is much needed as a future model. Unlike other popular flower names like Rose, Daisy, and Lily, Violet has a regal ring to it. With Latin origins, the name Violet was created from a host of name variants. It got its start from the Old French Violette which was a form of Viole a name that was derived from the Latin Viola.

Violet has a lovely history of transformation into a name beautifully unique and vibrant. Violet offers an exotic take on traditional flower names. On its own, it is attention grabbing and sweet sounding. The name Violet is popular in Hollywood with celebrity couples like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck choosing the name for their daughter.

18 Mason

What makes this name awesome? It's unisex. So, whether you are having a boy or a girl, Mason will be a perfect pick. This is great if you are looking to keep the gender a secret even from yourself but you really want to name your baby before they are born. But for this list, we'll discuss Mason for a future male model.

With English origins, Mason means stoneworker or in other words, to make. Without a doubt the name Mason skyrocketed in popularity after 1/3 of the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian, named her oldest son Mason. It sounds different and fresh in the name spectrum. So, parents find it irresistible when brainstorming names that have model potential. Aside from the reality TV connection, Mason just sounds cool. It offers a twist on the traditional Jason name and it's another one of those surnames that makes a cool first name.

17 Valentina

Valentina for a first name gives the impression that the young girl with a name so pretty would also have a lovely personality. It's the feminine version of Valentine and it sounds romantic. It’s a V name and there’s just something about this letter that screams royalty. It’s regal without even trying and it’s so famously vintage it’s modern.

The meaning behind Valentina is a significant one. It simply means strong. Even as the name rolls off the tongue, it beckons attention that’s worth its weight in gold. Its popularity has risen in recent years but not so popular that it would make you worry about your little one being unoriginal. Valentina is another name that's popular amongst Hollywood parents. Actress Selma Hayek and her husband named their daughter Valentina.

16 Liam

Liam Hemsworth, anyone? This name grew in popularity in recent years thanks to actor Liam Hemsworth who starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games film series. But before him was the amazing Liam Neeson. These two actors played strong and fierce some roles. Roles that require a lot of brawn and stamina but they make it look so simple. It’s no surprise that both gentleman have names with a meaning that suggests warrior status and that they are protectors.

The name Liam has Irish origins and means strong-willed warrior. Liam is simple yet alluring. It’s new school but still a part of a common everyday name. Liam is a shorten version of the traditional William and sounds a lot more appealing than other shorten versions of William like Bill and Will. It's one of the fastest growing Irish names since 2012.

15 Juliette

Juliette is one of those names that's easy to fall in love with. It sounds like music to one's ears and is ultra-rich in French undertones. Juliette is an extended version of Julie and the feminine version of Julius. As a variant of Julie, you can’t miss the youthful essence present in the name Juliette. It's also impossible for the mind not to wander to thoughts of the classic story of Romeo and Juliet (Romeo is another name on the list) whenever this name is uttered.

Fine, the story ends tragically but the romantic associations with the name Juliette embodies beauty and timeless elegance. It’s meaning is heavenly and means father of the skies. Though its name rival Juliet sounds the same, that extra T and E in Juliette adds a special twist to the way Juliette looks written in ink.

14 Carter

This is another name that's known popularly as a surname but works as a first name too. Not to mention, it's another unisex name on the list perfect for the little one who’s gender you’re keeping a secret until his or her birth. Carter has Irish, Scottish, and English origins and means cart driver, cart maker. It’s simple sounding but still interesting enough to standout in a list of names.

Carter also suggests that the young model with this name is versatile and can be either cute and preppy or edgy and chic. The name Carter is wrapped in prestige and class. Carter even has presidential appeal having been the last name of Jimmy Carter, a United States president. Carter has appeared as character names on series’ like Gossip Girl and ER to name a couple.

13 Bella

A play on the popular Isabella, Bella bypasses all the nicknames to be a solid first name that can shine on its own. Really, any name that ends with “ella” makes us all think of princesses and beautiful things like orchards and sunrises. Bella has several meanings, all good, depending on where in the world the name is being said. In Hungarian and American, Bella translates as intelligent while in Hebrew it means devoted to God.

Bella is a form of belle and adds a dash of femininity and daintiness to an otherwise pretty name. Bellas are usually perceived as being regal young girls with perfect etiquette and class. So, Bella would make a perfect name for a future model. With its different interpretations, Bella in Latin and French means beauty and many celebrities noted this when they named their daughter’s this name. Actors like Mark Ruffalo and Eddie Murphy are dads to little Bellas.

12 Romeo

It is hard not to fall head over heels in love with a Romeo. His name suggests that he’s a master of the heart and its meaning is that of the Romans. There isn't a Romeo in this world that people haven’t loved at least once, making this name ideal as a name for a future male model. Granted, most Romeos we know are musicians or characters in plays, as model potential, for a model name Romeo will at least help get a double take.

With Latin origins, Romeo has a romantic texture to it. And no, it's not because Romeo is a name used in one of the most well-known Shakespearean plays. It's how the name is annunciated that makes Romeo a flawless choice for a future aspiring model.

11 Hazel

You have to literally sigh to say the name Hazel making it a name that’s easy to fall in love with. This name made a huge comeback in 2004 after Hollywood actress Julia Roberts named one of her beautiful twins Hazel. Before that, Hazel sat idle on top baby name charts and was close to non-existent until the new Millennium. However, the name Hazel has been around since the 1800s taking its time and steadily rising to popularity.

When you think of the name Hazel, you think of a warm brownish, greenish hue in eyes that looks mesmerizing. For some time, many new parents believed the name Hazel was too dated. In fact, Hazel was one of those names that seemed more proper for someone born in the 1900s. But today, Hazel is a hit on several hottest names lists and is unique enough for a future model.

10 Sean

Not all parents are interested in names that go too far left from the usual. While parents are choosing to name their kids after trees and hues on a color wheel, others may want something a little closer to common but still modern. And Sean offers this and more. It has a humble meaning which is gift from God. The name Sean is perfect for parents who want a changed spelling to the traditional Shawn and who would like a variant of John.

This spelling, however, has more of an edge to it. And it's more up-to-date. Sean has some old school feel to it as this name isn’t as new age as other names on this list like Liam and Mason but it offers a fresher take on an original while still adding that extra oomph to stand out in the modeling world.

9 Summer

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who dislikes Summer… the season that is. Just the mention of Summer encourages visions of beautiful weather and happy times. Surely the name Summer will inspire similar thoughts without even trying while hinting at a personality bursting with sunshine.

Seasonal names like Autumn and Summer are popular because they automatically bring about good feelings associated with those seasons. Summer crept on everyone's radar in the early 1970s and has been a staple on name lists ever since.

You've heard the name Summer pop up in Hollywood and on TV shows from Baywatch to the Mentalist, but as a future model name, it's captivating. Casting agents will automatically think of beaches and smiles when they read the name Summer under your little one's casting photo.

8 Hunter

Hunter is a very illustrative name. It’s hard not to envision strength and brawn when Hunter is mentioned. Like most of the standout names on this list, Hunter got its start as a surname. It paints the picture of someone who is a seeker, a huntsman. And if you’re looking for a unisex name that can be masculine for a boy or edgy for a girl, this is the perfect choice. Yes, interestingly, Hunter isn't just a boy's name.

Though in the 1990s, Hunter was given primarily to boys, parents wanting to give their little girls a little edge in the name game are giving their princesses tough names. They’re probably looking to break the glass ceiling on girl names and are choosing to challenge the Status quo, a model thing to do.

7 Monika

This is another name for the parent who wants to give their future model a name that has a traditional sound but offers a twist on paper. Monika, spelled with a K, offers a modern spring on the regular name, Monica, which means advisor. Besides it being unique looking, Monika spelled this way adds a twist to the usual and can offer a great conversation starter when meeting new people in the fashion industry.

While its original variant saw much popularity in the 90s thanks to the hit TV series, Friends, it fell in popularity in 2000 with parents going for more unique sounding names. But once you add that K to the mix, the name gets some much-needed added appeal allowing Monika to offer a certain exotic look to an otherwise usual.

6 Axel

It's hard not to do a double take when you see this name. This is a name that doesn't require that a surname be mentioned. In fact, it might be a bit much to include a surname with a name so show stopping. Axel is associated with heavy metal thanks to Guns N' Roses Axel Rose whose real name is William. Axel in Danish means father of peace and the name is popular in Scandinavia, Germany, and France.

Axel has biblical beginnings being a variant of Absalom. But on its own, its popularity lies in the untraditional X in the name. Few baby names have Xs in them and the ones that do include this letter have a unique sound to them. Celebrities who have Axels as children include Will Ferrell and Tiger Wood’s whose son’s middle name is Axel.

5 Naila

If you're looking for a name, that's pretty yet powerful in meaning, Naila ought to be your top pick. It's soft on the ears and strong in meaning. It's Arabic and translates as meaning attainer or successful one. It’s up in popularity after experiencing a dip in interest in the late 90s. But today, Naila is becoming a favorite for young girls with parents who are looking for a balance of beauty and strength in a name.

Because the name has some culture attached to it, it has that exotic element that’s so popular today. Naila ends with the lovely sounding "La" that most parents gravitate toward. It doesn't sound like many other names eliminating the chances of your future model's name sounding like any of the other models on the list.

4 Maxim

Maxim is masculine in sound and that might be because of it sharing the same name with a men's magazine. But before the magazine, there was Maximilian (where Maxim got its start) which means great. Some experts say that Maxim originated from Maximus which translates as greatest. Whichever variant you choose to accept, they both will mean the same great thing, literally. This is perfect since without a doubt when you are selecting a name for your little one, them being great is a thought you ponder when considering their future.

In Russia, where the name is originated from, it means the greatest and is associated with people who are leaders and exude personal independence. Maxim is new age and appealing. It doesn't sound like many other names and it's original. Chic in sound and powerful in meaning, Maxim is a name that your future male model will enjoy.

3 Brooklynn

Place names are always a popular variety for baby names and Brooklynn is no exception. What makes Brooklynn so cool is the extra N that's added at the end of the name. Instead of it looking like a name inspired by a borough in New York, it looks like a nice combo of two traditional names, Brooke and Lynn.

Another English meaning of the name is water or stream making this a refreshing take on a name with some edge. A girl name Brooklynn will more than likely be interested in self-expression. Considering that her name will not sound like many of her peers, her interests will be expansive and creative. The name Brooklynn is edgy yet feminine, but not too feminine and will add just the right amount of pizazz to your future model's career.

2 River

When you think of Rivers, you think of tranquil environments filled with harmony and calming sounds. It’s usually a place where people go to relax and clear their minds because a River is just great to be around. So, it's no wonder why parents are flocking to this name like eager beavers, get it? It's a nature name which many parents love. And it's just different, and different is necessary if you want your little one to stand out amongst his peers.

In popularity, River is favorited among parents welcoming little boys. After experiencing a slow crawl to the top starting in the 70s, River saw a boost in interest in the early 90s. This is more than likely due to rise in fame of late actor and teen idol, River Phoenix, who conveniently has two names with model potential present in this list.

1 Lila

Feminine, ethereal, short, and sweet. These are the attributes that come to mind whenever this name is read or said. It's amazing how four letters can make a name unforgettable. Lila has the double sound that names like Lily and Layla offer but Lila gives more of an exotic spin.

It's Arabic and has a sultry yet strong presence to it. Lila means night or beauty depending on where in the world it’s translated and is elegant and not associated with a name that follows trends. This name is a common Indian female name adding that lovely dash of rich culture to its sound. Lila has an airy vibe to it and sounds pretty. It’s been popular since the 1900s, falling in popularity in the 70s only to see a resurgence in the 2000s. This name is nothing short of magical and is the perfect addition to a mini-model’s budding future.

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