25 Baby Names So Current No Kid Could Even Make Fun Of Them

It seems like the trend in baby names at the moment is to go bold or go home. More and more parents are gravitating toward current names that are eclectic and original. Millennials want their kids to stand out in a crowd and be remembered for their unusual names.

With that being said, it can be tricky finding the perfect balance between a name that is both out-of-the-box but not too eclectic. While millennials want their child’s name to be memorable, it needs to be for the right reasons. After all, no one wants their little one to be teased for having a different name, even if it is on trend. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of twenty-five baby names that are the perfect blend of trendy yet sophisticated. These names might be modern and current, but they’re too cool for anyone to ever make fun of them.

Remember, what matters at the end of the day is that the parents and baby are satisfied with the name choice. We can’t please everyone, and there’s bound to be at least one person who doesn’t like a name choice, especially if it leans on the trendy side. Just remember this: If Kylie Jenner can name her daughter Stormi, then anything can go!

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25 Timber

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Nature inspired names are a huge trend at the moment, with some of the biggest names including Grizzly, Woods, or Hunter. We love the fact that the masculine name Timber has that same earthy vibe but it’s not as popular as other woodland names (yet). Of course, Timber means the word it’s inspired by “wood used in carpentry.” With a name like this, we’re sure your boy will love the outdoors just as much as he does working with his hands.

24 Audara

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Audara is a millennial-made name that is definitely going to increase in popularity in the coming years. With no direct translation of its own, Audara is a play on the more common name Audra, which translates to mean ‘noble strength.’ Audara has a feminine quality to it, while also being a bit whimsical. It reminds us of the name of the main character from a fairy tale. And who wouldn’t want their little girl to have such a magical moniker?

23 Jaxony

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Jackson has been one of the most popular boy’s names in recent decades. As adorable and classic as it is, it’s definitely been overused. So, many parents are beginning to turn to variations of the traditional moniker for baby name inspiration. Jaxony is a play on the name Jackson. The ‘x’ spelling gives it a bit of an edgy vibe, while the ‘y’ ending makes it stand out from other boy names. This modern invented name has no direct meaning, though Jackson means ‘God is gracious.’ Doesn’t Jax make an adorable nickname?

22 Darlowe

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The names Marlowe and Harlow have both been popular (Nicole Richie named her daughter the latter). So, if you’re attracted to either of these cute girl names, then consider the variation Darlowe. This modern name lacks its own translation, although Marlowe means ‘driftwood’ while Harlow means ‘army.’ We love the various nickname options that come with this name, including Dari or Darla. With a strong, unique sound, this should definitely be a contender for any parents expecting a little girl.

21 Earthen

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We’ve already mentioned that nature-inspired names are taking center stage when it comes to baby name trends recently. If you really want to show off your love for Mother Nature, then consider the bold name Earthen. This gender-neutral name would be a great fit for any kiddo. It’s definitely a conversation starter. But it beautiful meaning will make other parents jealous they didn’t think of it first. Consider using the nickname Eari if you end up choosing this name for your little one.

20 Reverie

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Reverie is a name inspired by the word ‘revere,’ which is defined as feeling deep respect or admiration for something. That’s definitely an accurate word to describe the love you have for your new baby girl, which is why we guess more millennial parents are choosing this unique option for their bundles of joy. Although Reverie definitely has a feminine flair, it’s not overly girly or too over-the-top. Rather, the gorgeous meaning will have all of your friends wanting to use it for their kids, too.

19 Bassius

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Cassius -- often said to be the masculine form of Cassie -- has become a popular name in recent years. It’s unique yet easily rolls off the tongue, making it a great option. If parents find that they love this name, then they should consider its variation Bassius. We love the idea of using Bass as a nickname. Bassius has a strong, masculine sound that is sure to leave an impression on everyone who meets your little man. Though it doesn’t have its own meaning, Cassius is interestingly Latin for ‘hollow.’

18 Breeze

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Like we’ve said many times, word names are a huge trend when it comes to naming kids right now. Parents are taking inspiration from common objects or phrases. The moniker Breeze fits right into this trend. It’s obviously inspired by the word of the same name, which can be defined as a ‘gentle wind.’ We love the connection this name has to nature. It’s both feminine and gentle, yet it’s uniqueness also makes it a bold option. The name can always be shortened to Bree if you or your little one wants something more common in the future.

17 Astala

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Astala is an extremely handsome option for a baby boy, which makes us question how this name hasn’t become more popular already. A-names are the most common types of monikers for baby boys. But this name is definitely untraditional enough that no other kid in your child’s class is bound to have it. Astala is such a new baby name that it doesn’t have a direct meaning. However, it’s already been used by celebrities- late socialite Peaches Geldof names her son Astala in 2012.

16 Damina

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You’ve likely heard of the name Damien, which has become a favorite amongst millennial boys. Damina is the newly-invented feminine version of the beloved name. This unique moniker lacks its own translation, but it’s safe to say it shares the same meaning with Damien, which has origins in Greece and means ‘to tame’ or ‘subdue.’ Maybe that’s a sign any little one with this name or its feminine version will have impressive manners. Damina is also a great option for parents who like the option Davina, which means ‘little deer.’

15 Harth

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If parents are looking for a baby boy name that screams strength, then consider the name-inspired moniker Harth. This name has a similar sound to the popular one Garth, which is Norse for ‘groundskeepers.’ However, Harth is clearly inspired by the word of the same name, which can be defined as the brick, stone, or concrete area in front of a fireplace. This name has a distinctly masculine air to it. We love that it’s short and sweet, and its common usage as a word makes it easy to pronounce.

14 Teal

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Naming children after a color has been all the rage ever since Beyoncé named her firstborn Blue Ivy. One color-turned-name that is definitely current is the moniker Teal. This beautiful name is clearly inspired by the bluish-green color that has become a millennial favorite. We love how short and simple this name is. It might be bold and unusual, but its four-letter spelling keeps it from appearing too over-the-top. Teala is a variation of this name that’s just as beautiful, while Tea could make a cute nickname option.

13 Xeden

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More and more parents are seeking out X-starting names due to their edginess and originality. For years, names that start with ‘x’ were few and far between because of how unusual they can be to pronounce. However, now that unusual names are all the rage, parents have been embracing the x-name trend. Xeden is a great boy’s name if you like this trend. It’s such a new name that it doesn’t have a direct meaning. But you can be sure its boldness will leave an impression on everyone who hears it.

12 Honey

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If you want a baby girl name that is literally sweet, then consider the name Honey. This feminine moniker is clearly inspired by the ooey-gooey treat of the same name. As a word-inspired name, Honey is definitely on trend. While other names on this list are made up, the fact that this name is a commonly used word helps prevent it from being too over-the-top. No one is going to have a hard time pronouncing it or understanding the name choice. Rather, everyone will love how beautiful this word actually is as a name.

11 Twyler

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Tyler has become one of the most overused baby boy names of the twenty-first century. So, we beg expecting parents to choose something a bit more original if they’re going to go in this direction. Tywler is a cool play on the classic name Tyler and gives it a much-needed makeover. This millennial-made name doesn’t have its own meaning, but Tyler interestingly translates to mean ‘maker of tiles.’ We’re not sure if this means your son will grow up to be talented with his hands or not. But if one thing is for sure, any kiddo with this unique name is bound to be popular on the playground.

10 Calma

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If you want a baby girl name that gives off tranquil, peaceful vibes, then look no further than this beautiful option: Calma. This unique name is inspired by the word ‘calm,’ which can be defined as ‘not showing or feeling nervousness.’ This is a great name for any parents who want to honor their spiritual or holistic side through their baby name choice. Aside from that, it’s also just a cool-sounding moniker in general. It’s feminine, sophisticated, and of course original. Plus Cali is a great option for a nickname.

9 Grove

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Most millennials grew up watching Grover on Sesame Street. So, perhaps that’s why the name Grove has actually started picking up traction as an option for baby boys. Grove is inspired by the word of the same name, which means a ‘small wood, orchard, or group of trees.’ Thus, this is a great option for parents wanting to show off their love for nature through their baby’s name. We also love that Grove is one of the shorter options on this list, making it easy to pronounce and not too wild. Could you see yourself with a Grove?

8 Dracarah

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Many of the baby girl names on this list are distinctly feminine. But this isn’t one of them. Dracarah is a stunning option for parents who want a girl’s name that veers on the edgier side of things. This modern-invented name has no meaning of its own, but it does remind us of the infamous vampire Dracula- or is it just us? This name is attractive for its mysterious air and dark connotation. Despite being unusual, it’s also got a sophisticated feeling to it that helps make it so appealing.

7 Starling

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Here’s another nature-inspired name for any parents who love the outdoors. Starling has become a popular choice among millennial parents. Although it’s technically a gender-neutral name, Starling has most been associated with little boys. It’s inspired the Old World songbird that’s known for its dark coloring (though sometimes its feathers can also be brightly colored). This is a great option for parents who like the more popular name Sterling, but want something a bit more original.

6 Tansy

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If you want a baby girl name that is fun and playful, then look no further than the cute moniker Tansy. This is actually a floral name, as tansies are a type of rare flower (not to be confused with pansies). Thus, this is a great option for parents who love flower names like Rose, Lily, or Daisy, but want something that stands apart from the crowd. As a name, Tansy actually translates to mean ‘immortality’ and comes from Greece.

5 Peridot

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Parents have been naming their children after gems and jewels for decades, with names like Ruby, Crystal, and Opal being some of the most well-known. If you find yourself veering towards this trend, then definitely keep the name Peridot on your list. Peridots are green gems that are used as the August birthstones. This name can be used on either gender, although it’s been more often used for boys. Peri makes a cute nickname, but we also love the sound of Dottie for a little girl.

4 Jezaleigh

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You likely know at least a couple Jessica’s in real life. While this name is a total classic, it’s gone down in popularity ever since it’s become too overused. So, if you really want to give your child a name with a similar sound, at least make it a bit more original than plain ol’ Jessica. We suggest the moniker Jezaleigh as a cute upgrade. This name lacks its own meaning. Nevertheless, we think it has a mysterious, edgy vibe to it that will make it a crowd pleaser.

3 Eluan

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‘E’ names are huge for baby boys right now, with monikers like Eli, Ezra, or Eric taking some of the top slots. If you want a name with a similar sound that’s still a bit different, then keep the moniker Eluan on your list. This modern-invented name doesn’t have its own meaning. But many people consider it to be a variation of the name Elian out of the Netherlands, which is a variation of Elijah. Elijah means ‘Yahweh is God.’ We love that Eluan is one of the softer baby boy options on this list.

2 Prairie

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Fans of the OA will recognize Prairie as the name of the magical lead character. But your baby doesn’t need to have superpowers to have a moniker as cute as this. With the popularity of the show, Prairie has been rising as a potential baby name. It’s obviously inspired by the word of the same name, which can be defined as a ‘large open area of grassland.’ So, this name is a great way to represent a love of nature. We love Prairie not only for its uniqueness but also for its feminine and soft sound.

1 Cinna

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Some parents have been naming their daughters Cinnamon after the spice of the same name. And while the jury is still out on whether that’s trendy or tacky, one name that we do love that has a similar sound is Cinna. This five-letter name sounds more exotic than many of the other options on this list. It’s actually traditionally a Latin surname. The great thing about Cinna is that it works well on either gender. Even more, fans of The Hunger Games will recognize this name as the Katniss’s beloved costume designer, making it a great way to honor their love for the series.

Sources: NameBerry

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