25 Baby Names So Rare They Haven't Been Heard In America Yet

Every parent wants their child to stand out in the crowd. Yes, every child is special and every child is extraordinary. So how do they find a name that perfectly suits their extraordinary child? Here are twenty-five names that are gorgeous, but are so unique that many people in America are yet to hear them.

Many people have baby names they've loved as kids, and even wished that their parents had given them such cool names.

You definitely wouldn't want your child sharing their name with five others in the same class. Different countries, languages and cultures and provide inspiration for really unique names that have the most wonderful meanings.

Choosing a unique name is a great idea, but one has to be careful not to choose something so unusual that it draws negative attention and turns out to be a cross for the child to bear. School life is tough enough without being saddled with a ridiculous name. Weird and unique have a fine line between them, so parents need to be extra cautious when they go out of the way to name their child.  If you are tired of John, Mary and Harry, take a look at this awesome compilation of 25 gorgeous names from outside the US.

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25 Neva

Neva is a sweet sounding name which is believed to be of Spanish origin. However, it is found to have roots in Nordic, Hebrew and the upper Midwest as well. The meaning of the word Neva in Spanish is “white snow”. The name indicates that everything pure and calm, just like the smooth white snow.

Neva is a major Russian river that flows via St. Petersburg and over to Finland. Celebrities bearing the name Neva include Miss America 1953, Neva Langley Fickling, and Neva Walker, who was the first black lady to make her presence in the Legislature of Minnesota.

Neva name bearers are beautiful people inside and out. She will always tell you like it is as she is honest and straightforward. She is very independent and tough on the outside, but she is a very loving person. The name will be a suitable one for any little princess, no doubt.

24 Bodhi

Short for Bodhisattva, Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning ‘the enlightened one’ or ‘awakened’. It also means a level of ‘nirvana’ achieved by Buddha. Buddha reached enlightenment under a fig tree, which was later known as the bodhi tree. ‘Nirvana’ is a state of being free from all negative feelings like ego, hatred, and greed.

Bodhi is the character played by Patrick Swayze in the movie classic "Point Break." The name ‘Bodhi’ attained popularity when celebrities like Chef Tom Colicchio, Bodhi Elfman etc. used it for their children and grandchildren.

The name is unique and has warmth and feeling. Unlike certain other boring spiritual names, ‘Bodhi’ comes with an optimistic and upbeat feel. He is attractive, funny, and cute though he can be a jerk at times. He works hard though he doesn't seem like that kind of a guy. He may seem like a player, but deep down he's a good, caring guy. If you are on the lookout for a unique boy name, why not try ‘Bodhi’!

23 Oriana

Pronounced as ‘O-ryah-nah’, the female name of Italian origin has the meaning ‘dawn’. Like many other names Oriana also have many meanings. ‘Blond’ in Celtic, ‘golden’ in Italian and ‘sunrise’ in Latin; all the meanings of Oriana is beautiful and peaceful!

Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci had a long and successful journalistic career. The 1985 film "Oriana" was about a young girl who is sent to a South American to discover some secrets about her aunt who died and left her some property. The film won the Caméra d'Or Prize at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival as the best first feature film. People named Oriana exhibit supervision skills and rise in status.

Wealth and power will succumb before them as a reason of their dedicated and disciplined lives. Truth and justice will be the leading forces in their life and they will be respected due to their characteristics. A very endearing name for a girl child! The uniqueness of the name makes it even more special.

22 Mathis

The boy name Mathis is a shortened version of Matthew and holds the meaning ‘Gift of God’. Indeed a unique and special name for your bundle of happiness, Mathis is unique unlike the repeated Matthew. Mathis is also the name of a town in Texas.

Mathis are usually friendly personalities. They are talented and helpful guys who keep their word. They have a tendency to be a little lazy sometimes. While the name is used as a surname, it's not an uncommon forename. There are many famous personalities sporting the surname Mathis, which makes the name all the more interesting.

Buster Mathis, the heavyweight boxer, Clint Mathis, the soccer player and Edith Mathis, the Swiss singer are just a few of them. The fictional characters holding the name are René Mathis, who played the ally of Bond, and Jude Mathis who was the protagonist in the video game Tales of Xilla.

21 Oceane

There is no mystery about the meaning of the word Oceane; it is ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. The name is of French origin. Gentle and stormy with unpredictable mood swings, she resembles an ocean closely.

Art and aesthetics will be highly interesting to Oceane and the affection and love she showers on those who she loves will be unmatched. Girls with the name Oceane are sensitive and emotional. They are very selective in their relationships and expect total commitment and loyalty in their professional and personal lives.

Sharing emotions and feelings is not her forte. However, she will shine in professions like counseling. She does not reveal what she feels, but is good at listening to others and being empathetic. Sure of her ideas and approach, it is not easy to object her unless you have valid stuff to contradict her.

20 Knox

The name Knox, meaning ‘from the hills’, is an English baby boy name. According to Numerology, people with the name Knox exhibits stability, love and hard work. They seek appreciation for their work. They like to lead rather than follow and attain goals with their determination and efficiency.

The name implies focus, creativity and implementing capability. Nevertheless, they can be aggressive and find it difficult to accept authority. Impatience and stubborn natures are other black marks for the name Knox. However, if you are interested in the name, let the black marks not pull you back, for the positives are much more in number than the negatives. The name is quite unique.

People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. Knox are characters who initiate events. They like to be leaders rather than followers. They have powerful personalities and tend to be focused on specific goals. They are storehouses of creative ideas and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination.

19 Juniper

There are some bohemian names that catch our attraction fast, and Juniper is one among them. The name was derived from an evergreen small shrub that bears berries that are used in gins.

The tree got its name from Juniperus, a Latin word. The word in Latin stands for young, evergreen and producing. The English variants of Juniper include Genefer, Jinifer and the French variants are Genevieve. Ginepro is an Italian variant.

Junipers are the most amazing kind of friends you will have, as they are caring and funny. They will stick up for you, no matter what. They are animal lovers. Though commonly used for boys, it is a unisex name. Some individuals think the name is more suitable for girls, that too as first or second names. The meaning and sound of the name makes it a good choice for your little one.

18 Mireya

Mireya, meaning ‘miracle’ or ‘admired’ is of Latin and Spanish origins and has many variants like Miranda, Mira and so on. Another similar name of Indian origin, Miraya, means Lord Krishna's devotee. Though this variant seems to have lost its charm, Mireya stands out unique and lovely to this day.

Girls who bear this name are trustworthy and they always have your back. But be careful not to betray her trust. She doesn't forgive easily. They have an amazing sense of fashion and a great taste for music.

Searching for an appropriate name for your child is fun, though it takes some time. However, the meanings of the names should be searched well to make sure that you are presenting your little one a name which she or he will be proud to bear. After all, it is your first gift, with which he or she will start her journey of life.

17 Rohaan

Rohaan is a boy name of Arabic origin. The name not only sounds good but carries a worthy meaning. ‘Pure spirit’, ‘compassionate’, ‘spiritual’ and ‘kind-hearted’ are some of the meanings of this name. In Arabia, Rohaan also means 'a flowing river in paradise', making it an interesting name to those who belong to this region.

In Celtic, the meaning varies a lot from the above ones; it is ‘red-haired’ or ‘keeper of wolves’. Rohaan in Sanskrit denotes ‘ascending’, which means climbing higher in life, on a spiritual as well as on a personal level.

The spelling of Rohaan also differs from place to place. The pronunciation may differ too. The name is spelled Ruan in South Africa. When the name is anglicized, it becomes Rowan. Rohaan is the ideal man with his boyish good looks and intelligence. He has the magical ability to make people smile when they are down.

16 Lilith

Lilith is a name with a dark connotation. This name that is associated with a Hebrew girl has a demonic aura due to the many folklore of Jewish origin portraying her in a negative light.

From Medieval times, the name Lilith is known as Adam’s wife, whom he rejected. The meaning of the name is ‘night monster’ and ‘ghost’. Amazingly, the name managed to sustain and establish itself with the names having wonderful meanings around. Now the name is surprisingly increasing in popularity with passing time.

It is observed that women with the name Lilith show excellent analyzing skills, learning ability and understanding power. Hence they are more prone to be philosophers, mystics, teachers and scholars. They are introspective and quite, and tend to live in their minds. But do think twice before choosing such a name as your child may not be too happy to bear it. But then you never know, your child might also revel in having such a powerful name. Lilith name bearers are born leaders.

15 Svea

Svea was a very popular girls' name during the 20th century. It has been rising in popularity since 2012. Svea is a two syllable word, pronounced as Svay-ahh. The pronunciation enhances the feel of the name and gives a cool ring to it.

The unique name is Swedish and means ruler or conquerer. It originated from the word ‘Sweden’ itself. Svea was the first queen of Sweden and 'Sweden' literally means 'svearike' or 'svea's kingdom'. The name ’Svea’ is also said to have originated from a tribe called ‘Swedes’ or ‘Svear’, who threatened to conquer the region that is now Sweden.

The name is popular in Scandinavia and Sweden but is unique to other countries. A large number of people all over the world believe that names play a major role in a person’s life. They strongly believe that the name has a lot to do with the success and failure of a person.

14 Cadman

If you see an energetic and loving youth in your little one, who cares, loves, and values relationships, Cadman can be considered for your boy. We all want to present the best for our kids, hence the search begins early. The search for a name kick starts it all!

Cadman as a boys' name is pronounced KAD-men. It is of Anglo-Welsh origin, and the meaning of Cadman is "battle "or ‘the warrior’. The meaning of the name suggests that the people christened with the name Cadman will be brave and work for peace and unity. The name is a variant of Caedmon.

Saint Caedmon was a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon cowherd and poet who supposedly received his poetic inspiration from a dream. The name was revived in the 19th century and has become more popular in Wales and its surrounding areas. The name is suggestive of compassion, passion, romance, intuition and other magnetic personal traits. Broadmindedness, humanitarianism, generosity, and affection are also factors associated with the name Cadman.

13 Zaire

Zaire is a unisex name that oozes power and bravery. The name is more commonly used for boys though. This African/Portuguese name means ‘the river that can swallow all the rivers’. The name has roots in Arabic as well. Zair has many variants, of which Zahir is the most common one, and is found in Arabic, Swahili, and Hebrew. The female version of Zair is Zairin. However, some use Zair as girl name too.

Parents have different concepts about how their children should grow up. Parents who wish to see their sons be powerful and brave will find the name Zaire a good option.

Girls named Zaire are smart and exotic-looking. They are intellects who won't tolerate ignorance or stupidity. Girls named Zaire have high expectations of themselves and those around her. They are hardworking and dedicated to social causes they take up.

12 Raimi

Though Raimi is a unisex name, considered to be of Arabic origin, there is a section of people insisting that it is of African origin. In Native American/Quechua, the name means 'sun celebration'.

The African name meaning is 'compassion'. It is also said to be a Hebrew name derived from the Arabic/Persian boys name Rahim meaning “merciful”. It is a charming and adorable name. Any person with the name will have an aura of goodness, peace, and calmness around him.

Females named Raimi tend to be gorgeous and make people's hearts stop when they are seen. Raimi has a great sense of humor and has many talents. She is one of a kind and beautiful in every way.

It is used as a surname in America and is rarely heard as a first name. Samuel M. Raimi is an American filmmaker who directed the original Spider-Man trilogy from 2002–07.

11 Anselm

The German words ‘ans’ means “God” and ‘helm’ means ‘helmet’ make up this name. Helmet stands for protection, making the meaning of the name Anselm “he who has divine protection”.

According to birth signs and astrology, a person with name Anselm is a domestic person who will maintain harmony within his family as well as his community. However, he will expect others also to be equally responsible. He likes to make sure that his spouse and others to do their part well, but he is helpful, not pushy. Sudden outbursts of anger, quick cooldowns and the forgiving nature of Anselm should not be overlooked.

He will not be a pretender or fake to please anyone. If it is your dream to see your baby boy grow up to be an honest person with no airs or dramas around him, go ahead and choose this name!

10 Nimah

Nimah is an Arabic name that is very popular in Ethiopia and Pakistan. It is a female name to mean ‘blessing’, ‘devotion’, and ‘favor’ and is believed to be a gift from God. Sometimes ’Nimah’ is used for gifts given by Kings and other high-ranking people.

Girls with the name Nimah are said to have very nice eyebrows and pleasant smiles. They are very loyal friends and are fun to hang out with. They have helpful natures and try to see things from the other person’s perspective.

A baby comes as a blessing to the home and family, and the name ‘Nimah’ will be apt for the baby. Nimah is a unique name for U.S, and will not be found at every corner. If your idea is to give a stand-alone name with a divine meaning to your baby, the name ‘Nimah’ is bound to please you.

9 Anju

Though the name Anju's language of origin is Sanskrit, it is used in both Indian and Japanese languages. Anju, in Japanese, is a female given name meaning the "apricot tree". Anju is a very popular name in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In Sanskrit, it means 'beloved' or 'the one who lives in the heart'. It also has the meanings 'an honor' and 'shining'. Anju Inami is a Japanese voice actress, born in 1996.

Anju is often used as a short form or pet name for females with the given names Anjali and Anjana. According to numerology, girls with the name Anju have much potential for achievements and financial rewards. They are excellent at organising and managing.

Though they fear loneliness, they like being alone. They are honest and sincere individuals. They have many interests and passions, so they find it difficult to stay focused on any one hobby for long periods of time. Their mix of interests often give rise to innovative and creative ideas that stun the world.

8 Taran

Taran is a name with different meanings in different countries. If the name is under consideration for your boy, ensure it doesn’t turn out inappropriate in the place you live. The boy’s name Taran in Welsh means ‘thunder’. If your boy grows up to be a wild or energetic youngster he will thank you for the name, but if he happens to be a softie, the name can turn out to be a misnomer.

In Ancient Egyptian, Taran means "he who possesses a remarkable chode". Taran name bearers are full of self-confidence. They tend to be tall, dark, handsome and financially successful. He is obviously going to get quite popular with women considering his enviable chode. Not sure if that’ll appeal to parents, but I'm sure his friends will think that he’s the coolest guy.

Taran also has the meaning ‘rocky hill’ or 'earth' in English, while in India the name suggests ‘raft of heaven’. The meanings do vary significantly. If the name has really caught your fancy, then check if it goes well with the last name.

7 Aislinn

Aislinn, the Gaelic name, became popular in 1947 with the publishing of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’ romance novel called “The Wolf and the Dove”. The novel was a hit and so was the name of the beautiful heroine. Following the huge success of the novel, there was a rush of romance novels and characters with Gaelic names.

Aislinn named girls are beautiful and divine. She is breathtaking, but she is oblivious to how perfect she is. Her mate will know that he is the luckiest guy in the world, he’ll hold her close and cherish her forever. Wow! Doesn't that sound dreamy!

The meaning of the name is ‘dream’ or ‘vision’. Though the name is pronounced differently by different localities, the correct pronunciation of the name is ash-lynn. A holder of the name may get ample nicknames or pet names like Ash or Ashy.

6 Ignacio

The name Ignacio has the same meaning in Italian, American and Latin; it means"fiery". The famous personality bearing the name is St. Ignacius of Loyola. Ignacius is a variant of Ignacio.

Think ignite when thinking of Ignacio, as they tend to bring the heat with whatever they do. They are obviously hot and passionate individuals who will love or hate with passion. Though the first meaning associated with the name Ignacio is fiery, the name is considered synonymous to truth, discipline and justice. They are expected to be practical by nature and will accumulate worldly things.

Over-cautiousness is also attributed to the name. Ignacio is bound to rise in popularity due to its cheerful sound and the way the word is uttered. The shortened form of Ignacio is Iggy, quite a cute name for a baby boy. The name is sure to please all.

5 Betta

The original form of ‘Betta’ is Elizabeth, which is an Italian name. It has Hebrew roots and has the meaning ‘God is my oath’. Another variant used for the name in Dutch, Hebrew, and English is ‘Betty’. The name ‘Betta’ that is pronounced as BEH-Taa is a rarely used baby girl name. The pronunciation adds to the charm of the name.

Though ‘Betty’ and ‘Elizabeth’ are commonly heard names, ‘Betta’ is a unique and vibrant name for a girl. Since the name is not very popular, I’m sure that your little princess will stand out from the crowd with this special name. Moreover, the meaning of the name has a divine touch too.

If you search for this name, the results may seem quite fishy to you. Betta is also the name of an easily kept aquarium fish originally known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. Male Betta fish are competitive and aggressive towards one another, so the fish are often fought for money, like aquatic cockfighting, in Siam and Vietnam. So this name is not advisable for boys. But then surprisingly, statistics show it is 6.281 times more common for Betta to be a boy's name.

4 Hagan

The Teutonic name Hagan is quite interesting because of its meaning as well as numerological readings. The name will be loved by parents for their male child as it means ‘protector’. Surely, parents want their sons to grow up to be strong and good.

Numerology suggests that Hagan is a born leader who will be a powerful force in his own life and in the lives of others. Endeavors will be undertaken and completed successfully by individuals with the name Hagan.

Boys bearing this name crave companionship and love. They are lovers of peace and work towards harmony. Endowed with leadership qualities, they make a powerful and positive impact on the lives of all they come across. They do not compromise on justice, truth or discipline, and emerge victorious in all the projects they undertake. Surely the name will have a positive effect on your baby as he grows up. After all, he has to rise up to the expectations of the name!

3 Hadassah

Hadassah is a popular Jewish girl name. It is a biblical name and one of the many names attributed to Queen Esther in the story of Purim. The name is thought to be originated from the myrtle tree, a tree with a pleasant aroma.

Esther was believed to have gotten the name Hadassah because of her righteous nature. Queen Esther lived bravely among non-Jews to display the way for a Jew to live; how to be proud of her inheritance and lead a happy life whatever may be the circumstances.

When Hadassah walks into a room, people will be forced to look at her as she has such a regal air. She is not haughty, but she does have a royal presence. Hadassah is quite a fun person once you get to know her, though she takes her time in making friends. Her friendships are long and enduring as she is loyal to the core.

2 Farren

The name Farren is popular as a boy name, but in some areas, the name is given to baby girls also. The name has varied meanings in different languages, of which the meaning ‘adventurous’ in English is the most popular.

In Gaelic the meaning is ‘protection’ and ‘journey’. The name Farren is used in French as well and the French meaning is ferret or pilferer. Farren is also used as a female name, though it more often heard as a male name. Women with the name Farren tend to be gorgeous and fun-loving. She lights up every room she chooses to grace with her presence.

In German, Farren means ‘journey’ or ‘venture’. Lastly, the meaning of Farren in Irish is ‘the land’. So if you are going for the name, which meaning are you interested in? I think ‘adventurous’ is the best one.

1 Ashish

Ashish is an Indian name, or to be more specific a Hindu name. Ashish is most common in India and Nepal. This masculine name literally means blessing from the elderly or from god.

We can find noted Indian celebrities named Ashish, like Aashih Khan the noted classical musician, educator, composer and Sarod player. Asshish Kaul, the actor, Aashish Kapoor, the cricketer and the hip-hopper, Aashish Rana Magar are other celebrities with the name.

Ashish is used by various religions in India in spite of its Hindu origin, especially by Christians and Muslims. Buddhists and Jains to seem to like the name. The cool ring of the name and its divine meaning must be the reason for its popularity. All parents know that their children are a blessing and what better way to show your appreciation for it than by naming your child Ashish, which literally means ‘blessing.’

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