Neva is a sweet sounding name which is believed to be of Spanish origin. However, it is found to have roots in Nordic, Hebrew and the upper Midwest as well. The meaning of the word Neva in Spanish is “white snow”. The name indicates that everything pure and

calm, just like the smooth white snow.

Neva is a major Russian river that flows via St. Petersburg and over to Finland. Celebrities bearing the name Neva include Miss America 1953, Neva Langley Fickling, and Neva Walker, who was the first black lady to make her presence in the Legislature of Minnesota.

Neva name bearers are beautiful people inside and out. She will always tell you like it is as she is honest and straightforward. She is very independent and tough on the outside, but she is a very loving person. The name will be a suitable one for any little princess, no doubt.

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