25 Baby Names So Stunning They'll Stop Everyone In Their Tracks

A mom has just learned that she's pregnant, and there are so many exciting things to do to get ready that she doesn't even know where to begin. She's shared that she's expecting on social media, heard well wishes from family and friends, and started painting the nursery and buying baby products. But there's one more detail that she hasn't quite figured out yet, and that's the baby's name.

People talk about "following tradition" or "picking a name that not everyone in the child's class will have." We don't often hear people talking about picking a baby name that is stunning, and we think that should change. We want our little boy or girl to have a name that makes people say, "Whoa, that's stunning!" don't we? Of course. It's tough not to feel like this is such a key decision, and it can feel like there's a lot of pressure to find a great name.

There are many baby names that could be considered stunning, and most are very contemporary and used sparsely. This is a good route for parents who really want to come up with something that will make people stop, nod, and smile, appreciating that it's such a fascinating name.

Here are 25 baby names so stunning they'll stop everyone in their tracks.

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25 Ariella

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Ariella is a baby girl name that is so stunning that it will definitely stop everyone in their tracks. We may know the baby girl name Arielle (which reminds us of Ariel in The Little Mermaid), and Ariella is a gorgeous version of that.

When parents come up with some baby names, they can think of different ways of spelling each name. Stunning baby names have one thing in common: they're spelled in an interesting way. We love the way that Ariella is spelled.

24 Layla

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Layla is another stunning baby name. If we want to stop everyone that we know in their tracks, this is an amazing name to choose.

According to Nameberry, Layla means "night." Isn't that gorgeous?! (Maybe if we choose this name for our baby girl, she'll sleep through the night... Here's hoping...)

Nameberry also mentions that there are a few different ways to spell this name: "The spelling Laila is represented by boxer Laila Ali. However, we prefer the classic spelling Leila."

23 Otis

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Of all the baby boy names that start with the letter "O" it definitely seems like Owen or Oliver would be more common. Those are cool names and moms choose them all the time.

Moms who want a stunning baby name that will stop everyone in their tracks might want to go with Otis, though. Otis is a gorgeous name and it's very offbeat.

The Bump says that Otis means  "wealth; son of Otto" and has a background in Germany. It's also number 1485.

22 Shea

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Shea is a baby boy name that is also stunning. It comes from Ireland, and according to Babble, it can be spelled "Shay" or "Shae." (Seeing it spelled differently will definitely help with pronunciation, too.)

Parents say that this name works for girls and boys: in the What To Expect community forum, someone posted, "I like it a lot! I have a girl second cousin named Shea but I honestly like it better on a boy! :)" We think that it's great for a boy name, too.

21 Piper

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Piper is a stunning name that doesn't pop up into our brains immediately when we think about baby girl names. Parents who want to go bold and anything but ordinary when choosing a baby name will want to think about Piper.

Nameberry explains that Piper means "pipe or flute player." While this meaning might not make a lot of sense these days and be super relevant when you're choosing your baby girl name, it's still a cute meaning. Piper was number 78 in 2017 and can also be a boy name.

20 Adelyn

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Popular "A" names might be Amanda or Ashley. Parents who want to go another way will be happy to hear about the stunning baby girl name Adelyn.

In 2017, it was number 203, according to Nameberry, so it seems like a lovely choice if parents don't want to pick the number one name that everyone wants. The publication explains more about this stunning name: "Adeline in all its forms, including Adelyn, is rocketing up the list, but we do prefer the original to the variations. Or you might consider varying it yet further to Adelia, Adele, or Adelaide. Or lengthen it to Madeline/Madelyn."

19 Sage

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When we hear the word Sage, we think of a lot of calming things. We picture the sage leaf or herb, which can be used in cooking and which has a really nice, beautiful aroma. We also picture a wise, sage person who can help us with life's big and little problems. And, of course, people also use sage in order to get rid of bad energy in their home.

Those are some really good things to think about when choosing a name. Sage is a stunning baby name that can be used for a girl or boy name.

18 Fletcher

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According to Nameberry, the meaning behind Fletcher is "arrow-maker." In 2017, it was number 631, so it's the best pick for parents who want a baby boy name that isn't on lists of the trendiest names but is still stunning.

If you name your baby boy Fletcher, you can call him Fletch for short... which is perhaps even better. It's also a really sweet nickname. When it comes to baby names that are stunning and will stop people in their tracks, this one lives up to that.

17 Night

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Night is such a stunning name for a baby boy... although we think that it would be wonderful for a girl's moniker too.

While we might not want to call our baby girl or boy Day because that doesn't really seem like a name, Night has a different ring to it. It just seems gorgeous and special, and it would stop everyone in their tracks, that's for sure. It's funny to think that Night would be such a cool name but we would never think to name anyone Day...

16 Prescott

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Don't we think that Prescott is an adorable baby boy name?

Baby Center says that in 2019, this name is number 5,311. This is totally great news for parents who want a non-popular baby name. 

Parents.com says of this name, "One imagines Prescott as an Abercrombie & Fitch-clad blond guy who might excel at lacrosse or rugby." The website continues, "Some might find Prior or Percy sound a little less staid — but this one's especially worth a look if Prescott is a family name."

15 Danica

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Fans of The Wonder Years might be thinking about the actress Danica McKellar who played the character of Winnie Cooper when they hear this baby girl name.

Danica is another stunning baby girl name. It sounds a bit like Danielle, so if parents like the name Danielle but want a name that will really stop people in their tracks when they hear it, Danica seems like a better one to choose. A totally and completely stunning baby girl name: check.

14 Forest

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It's safe to say that the name Forest will appeal to parents who might consider themselves hippies or at least a little bit bohemian. After all, if you want to name your kid Forest, you have to be comfortable with doing things a lit bit more differently than others.

But Forest is definitely a beautiful and stunning name, so it's a great one to choose for your baby boy. While it would of course work for a girl (since it's such a unique name there are no rules here), it just sounds right for a boy, don't we think?

13 Emerson

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It seems so impossible to hear that someone has chosen Emerson for their baby girl and not think "wow." Of all the stunning baby girl names, this is a fascinating and special one.

Parents.com explains that this is based on a last name: The website says that it's "A surname derived from a medieval personal name." The website also explains, "Possibly given during the 19th century in honor of poet and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, leader of the transcendentalist movement. George Emerson, the principal male character in E. M. Forster's 1908 novel, 'A Room with a View,' is another literary namesake." If parents have literature degrees or just love to read this would be a cool background for the name.

12 Marlowe

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It seems like Marlowe is one of the least popular and used baby girl names out there, so when we want a stunning baby name that will stop everyone in their tracks, it seems like the perfect one.

It's totally cool if you really want to choose a baby girl or boy name from a list of popular ones, but many couples are searching high and low for names that are not on those lists.

Nameberry says that Marlowe is a name for boys and girls. We might think that it's great for a girl, though, since it just sounds like that. In 2017, it was number 981.

11 Everett

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How about Everett for a stunning baby boy name? Nameberry says that in 2017, it was number 104, and it means "brave as a wild boar."

The website explains," Everett is a statesmanlike, wintry New England name whose recent leap in popularity can be credited to its similarity to trendy girls’ names such as Eva and Ava. Its high point was about a century ago, when Everett was a Top 100 name." That's an interesting basis for a name, and since it's so pretty and solid, you can't go wrong with it.

10 Athena

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How pretty and stunning is the baby girl name Athena? Right away, you hear this baby name and think about Athens, which is such a beautiful and historical city.

As Baby Name Wizard points out, there is a goddess named Athena and her traits are "wisdom" and "skill." Moms want their babies to have all the good vibes and well wishes possible when beginning their lives, and wisdom and skill seem like two really great traits to have. Athena is a stunning baby name idea.

9 Harmony

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While naming a baby girl Music or Musical probably wouldn't sound that great (and people would definitely be confused...), Harmony is an actual name that is simple and beautiful, not to mention it's also a stunning name.

Want to stop everyone in their tracks when you reveal your baby girl's name? Go with Harmony and you'll get that effect. There is no way that everyone who hears this name won't ask you how you came up with it. Harmony is a peaceful name, too.

8 Gray

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It's funny that when we think about baby names that would be based on colors, there aren't many that would actually work. A baby named Red, Blue, Yellow, or Purple would definitely sound pretty strange...

But Gray? Gray is a great baby name, and it totally works well for a boy (although it would be a beautiful girl's name, too). If you want a stunning baby name that will stop everyone in their tracks, it would be cool to pick the name Gray.

7 Peyton

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You might associate the name Peyton with the character played by Hilarie Burton on One Tree Hill. Peyton is also a stunning choice for a baby girl name.

According to Parents.com, it's "A surname that originated from a place name. Perhaps best-known for the 1957 film, 'Peyton Place' that also became a TV series during the 1960s. Frequently used as a girl's name." While Peyton wouldn't be super out there as a boy's name and wouldn't seem like an unacceptable choice, it does sound like more of a girls' name, as Parents.com says.

6 Clover

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Parents who are about to meet their baby girl can think about Clover since it's also a stunning name.

There are some baby names that are also the names of things, such as the spice clover and also the four-leaf clover. As someone posted in the forum on Baby Name Wizard, "I love this name and this is definitely a name which I can see myself using! I love how fresh and fun Clover sounds and it would be very unlikely for your daughter to have another Clover in her class. I first heard the name from What Katy Did and as I think Clover comes across as such a kind, fun and playful character in the book, I think it would be nice to be associated with her."

5 Rosaleen

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Baby girl names beginning with the letter "R" might seem to start and end with Rose (or Rosie) but there are so many other options. We have to think about stunning names that will really make people stop in their tracks, and we'll find something that stands out from the tons and tons of names.

While some might say that Rosaleen sounds strange because it's so rare, this name needs a bit more attention because it's stunning. Nameberry says that it means "rose, a flower" which is awesome. The website also mentions that there is a character with the name in the book The Secret Life of Bees.

4 Elora

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Elora doesn't sound like the most popular baby girl name... and it's probably not: it was number 738 in 2017, according to Nameberry.

The website says, "While the etymology of the name is unclear, it's most likely a contraction of Eliora or Elnora. Despite the uncertain heritage, it's a winning construction, based on its El- prefix, the feminine three-syllable flow, and the a ending. It debuted in the US Top 1000 in 2015." We really like the name Elora for a girl.

3 Harlow

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Parents.com says of the name Harlow, "Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname."

While there are many last names that are just as trendy as many baby names, like Smith, for example, Harlow is a stunning baby name that will stop people in their tracks because it's a name that is out of the ordinary.

Nameberry put it at number 390 in 2017 and says it's a boy and girl name... although it does seem to make more sense as a girl's name since it's kind of girly.

2 Remington

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Remington is another baby girl name that's stunning and will make people take notice of such an interesting name.

If we're wondering how popular it is, Nameberry puts it at number 419 in 2017. The website also says that it comes from England and means "place on a riverbank." What a beautiful meaning. As the website says, "Between 1980s-era television private eye Remington Steele and Remington Arms, this name might seem all-boy. But in 2014, Remington entered the US girls' Top 1000, and it's been rising since."

1 Elijah

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Elijah is another baby name that is great for a boy. It's not only stunning but many parents posting on the forum for Baby Name Wizard have been really happy with it.

As one wrote, "My son's name is Elijah and it fits him perfectly. Elijah is a shy, creative, smart little boy." Another shared, "I love it but I'm going to spell it different ( Elisjah) omg I just love how it sounds."

These 25 baby names are so stunning that it's safe to say that they will definitely stop everyone in their tracks.

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