25 Baby Names Teachers Have Only Heard Once

Parents-to-be spend a lot of hours wondering what to name their baby, and it seems like there are almost too many possibilities. There are names that stay in the family for generations (which is why there can be three males in the same family named "John", for example). There are names that are meaningful, chosen to honor a loved one who has sadly passed away. And then there are names that we simply just like a lot.

But when we think about it, there are two types of names: names that are unusual and names that are more typical. In the first category, we have names that we hear all the time, and it seems like every time we hear that a friend or relative is pregnant, they are choosing from a similar list of names. In the second category, we have names that we hear really rarely. Whenever people hear these names, they always say the same thing: "Wow, that's definitely different."

Teachers hear a lot of names depending on how many kids they have in their classrooms each year. While they must hear names like "Sarah" and "Matthew" a lot, we bet that there are a lot of monikers that they hear much less frequently.

Here are 25 baby names that teachers have only heard once.

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25 Arrow


According to Mom Junction, when it comes to baby names for boys that we don't hear very often, Arrow is one of them.

Arrow sounds like a really strong name. A little boy named Arrow seems like he would love spending time in nature. He might also be sporty or a great runner. But someone named Arrow could just as easily be artistic and prefer to stay inside and color or read, even if the weather is beautiful outside. Arrow is a name with many possibilities, and moms would do well if they chose this name.

24 Ferris

Parents Magazine

Mom Junction also counts Ferris as a name that isn't used all the time, and we would have to agree. This is definitely a name that teachers have only heard once.

When we think of this name, we probably all think of the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. According to Nameberry, the name Ferris means "rock." If moms want a name for a baby boy that their friends and neighbors probably aren't going to choose, this seems like a great idea.

23 Birdie


Nameberry counts the name Birdie as one that is pretty different. Funny actress Busy Phillips chose this name for one of her daughters, and it's definitely a sweet name.

If a teacher had a Birdie in their class, they would for sure think, "I've never heard that before." This name would suit a lot of different people. It works for girls who are sporty, it works for girls who are more on the creative side, and it works for girls who seem wise beyond their years. It's a bit of an old-fashioned name but in a really good way.

22 Azure

Thought Catalog

Nameberry also mentions the name Azure, and we have to say that we really love this name. Sure, if moms are expecting a baby girl, they would pick a name that they have been thinking of using since before they got pregnant. There are so many gorgeous girl names to pick from and it can be a tough decision.

But there is something so cool and beautiful about the name Azure. According to Nameberry, "Azure is a colorful choice for a blue-eyed child. Among other blue-toned color name possibilities: Indigo, Cerulean, and Blue itself. In the Middle Ages, azure was another name for lapis lazuli, the gemstone used to make the brilliant pigment seen in much medieval art."

21 Cassidy


Mom Junction calls Cassidy one of the "rare" names that moms choose for their babies.

Cassidy has a cool ring to it, like a name from the '80s. Doesn't Cassidy sound like the most popular girl at school that everyone wants to invite to their birthday party or go to the mall with?

According to Nameberry, this can be a boy or girl name. It sounds like Cassandra (or Cassie) for short, but it's definitely a name that teachers have only heard once.

20 Nova


Babble says that Nova is an "exotic" name and it's one that we would agree teachers haven't heard very often.

If we're fans of Teen Mom, then we know that this is the name that Catelynn and Tyler chose for their daughter. They named her Novalee and call her Nova for short. We bet that her teachers have only heard this name once and that they don't have many little girls coming into their classroom each year with this name.

19 Caterina

Daily Mom

Babble also lists Caterina as an "exotic" name. Caterina is a great name for a baby girl. Her parents could call her "Cat" as a nickname. Is there anything more adorable than a good nickname?!

Caterina is the name of an actress on Grey's Anatomy: Caterina Scorsone plays one of the doctors, Amelia. When she was in school, whether high school or university, we feel pretty confident that her teachers had never heard this gorgeous name before. If we named our baby girl this, too, we bet that their teachers would say the same thing.

18 Sunshine


What mom doesn't want their little girl to be full of sunshine? We all hope that our children will grow up to be happy and we want to encourage their well-being as much as possible. It would be pretty cool to choose a name that literally spells out being positive and having a sunny personality.

Mom Junction let us know about this awesome, beautiful name. We love the idea of naming a little girl Sunshine. Of all the names that teachers have heard only once, this is up there as one of the best.

17 Auden


According to the Huffington Post, Auden is a name that parents don't choose very often.

Auden could also be a boy or a girl name. Nameberry says that it means "old friend." Since every mom wishes for their daughter to have a lot of friends, this is a great meaning for a name to have. As the publication explains, "A softly poetic surname name, associated with poet W.H., Auden is enjoying quiet but marked fashion status. It was chosen for his daughter by Noah Wyle and is definitely one to watch."

16 Ace


Ace isn't a name that we have heard very often. It's also a name that teachers would agree is something they've only heard once.

Naming a baby boy Ace seems like it would give him lots of confidence. A kid named Ace sounds cool, right?

According to Babble, this name has two meanings: "unity" and "Ace has become a term for one who is superior, one who excels." For example, we often say, "I'm going to ace this test." It's an amazing pick for a baby boy name.

15 Zelda


Babble also notes that this is an "exotic" baby name.

Zelda is not only an intricate, gorgeous, old-fashioned name, it's also a unique one that teachers have heard only once. It's not every day that we see parents naming their baby girl Zelda. According to Nameberry, "Zelda was in baby name limbo for a number of years, but it's making a comeback with the interest in Z (and X) names. It was one of the fastest-rising girls’ names of 2015, when it entered the Top 1000 for the first time in nearly 50 years."

14 Slater


Mom Junction counts Slater as another baby boy name that isn't used all the time.

Do we think about Slater from Saved By The Bell when we hear this name? Probably, right? Played by Mario Lopez, Slater was such a cute and funny character.

If we were fans of that show, we might want to give our baby boy this name. It might also work for us if we want a name that teachers won't have heard all the time.

13 Meadow


The List says the name Meadow is "rare" but also such a great name. Maybe this is our first time hearing this name and we can agree that it's unique and different but also really pretty.

Meadow sounds calm. She's someone who likes to be outside all the time and would say that a rainy day is full of beauty. She splashes in puddles and walks in the mud and nothing about the great outdoors fazes her at all. It's also a name that teachers have definitely only heard once.

12 Diamond


Parenting.com says that out of 1,000 baby names that parents use a lot, Diamond is one that is used on a much less frequent basis.

Have teachers heard the name Diamond? They would most likely say that they've only heard it once because it's a very rare name. It sounds like a very sophisticated name and like it would be given to a kid who is destined for great things. It could probably work for a girl or boy, too.

11 Marlow


Marlow is such a beautiful name, it's hard to imagine that more parents wouldn't pick it for either their baby boy or their girl. It seems like a name that would work great for either gender.

But since it's a unique name that's rarely used, we can say that it's a name that teachers have heard only once.

SheKnows says that according to numerology, "People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination." That sounds good, right?

10 Maverick


Could the name Maverick be any cooler? We really don't think so.

If we watch Teen Mom, then we know that Maci and her husband Taylor decided to name their son Maverick. That is reason enough to be convinced to use this baby name for a boy since Maci is really awesome.

We bet that the name has a fascinating backstory, and it does: Nameberry says it means "independent, nonconformist." The name became popular because Tom Cruise plays a character with the same name in his famed flick.

9 Baxter


Have we heard the name Baxter? Many of us would probably say that we've never heard it.

It's an interesting name, that's for sure. It sounds like it would only work for a baby boy name, not a girl, although of course parents could choose it for their baby girl if they really want something cool and different. There aren't any rules when it comes to baby names (and in this case, no need to mind them anyway).

Nameberry says that the name Baxter means "baker" and explains, "An x makes any name cooler, so that Baxter has a bit more pizzazz than the original Baker. Baxter had some currency as a first name a century ago -- it was on the popularity lists sporadically from 1880 till the 1920s, peaking at Number 515 in 1886 -- which means it's just about due for a comeback."

8 Darian


The List mentions Darian as a "rare baby name" and it's definitely a really nice one. If parents want a name that starts with the letter "D" but is much different from the typical "David" or "Dave", this seems like a good idea.

Nameberry says that it's another version of "Darius" and it can work for a boy or girl name. They also share some history for the name: "The most popular spelling in a family of names including Darien and Darion, Darian has nonetheless been on the decline since it peaked in the 1990s."

7 Quincy


Motherly mentioned Quincy on a list of names that are different. If there is a name that teachers really haven't heard much, it would be this one.

Baby Center says that the name Quincy means "estate owned by fifth son." While that might not help parents decide if this is the right name for their baby boy or girl, it's good to know that this name works for both genders. It's not only a unique name, it's also a really adorable one.

6 Cleo


When we hear the name Cleo, we probably think of Cleopatra. While that would definitely be a name that teachers would hear only once (if at all), we think that Cleo is a really sweet name for a baby girl.

According to Nameberry, Cleo is a name that is popular in Greece and it means "glory." The publication gives us a bit more of its history: "Cleo was most popular in the early decades of the twentieth century--when it was also used for boys. The opening of the Egyptian tombs along with the 1917 silent film starring Theda Bara popularized a range of now-obscure Cleopatra diminutives, including Cleora, and Cleola.

As it turns out, David Schwimmer named his baby girl Cleo. If it's good enough for Ross on Friends, it's definitely good enough for us.

5 Lucinda


If we're looking for an interesting baby girl name, Lucinda seems like a really good option, especially since it wouldn't be a name that teachers could say that they have heard a million times.

When parents want to pick a unique baby name, asking themselves how often teachers have heard it is a cool way to find a good name. It would especially help moms and dads who are really struggling with picking out a name. There's something fancy about Lucinda. It's a solid name.

4 Winslow


Thanks to Motherly, we know about the name Winslow. Have we heard this name before? It's possible that we've heard it here and there but we don't actually know anyone who has chosen this name for their baby girl or boy.

It seems like a name that could work for either gender and so it could work for parents who want to be surprised and don't want to know ahead of time. If a teacher heard the name Winslow, they would for sure think that they haven't heard it before.

3 Indigo


According to the Huffington Post, Indigo is a unique baby name.

Sometimes parents go for names that also colors, and we think that's a really interesting way to go. A kid named Indigo would just be automatically chic and cool. They would want to be very independent from an early age, excel in school and in artistic situations, and have lots of hobbies and interests. Plus, there's the fact that Indigo is a really nice color, too. Have teachers heard this more than once? Probably not.

2 Seth


There are many four-letter names that are super popular. Matt, Mike, John, Dave, James -- these are just a few. These names appeal to many parents since they're simple to spell and sometimes you want a name that's simple to pronounce, too.

If teachers had a Seth in their classroom one year, it seems like this would be a pretty rare occasion. Seth isn't a baby boy name that is quite as popular as the others listed above. Fans of The O.C. would probably love to name their baby boy Seth thanks to Adam Brody's adorable character Seth Cohen.

1 Mirabelle


Are parents looking for a gorgeous baby girl name that teachers haven't heard a lot, if at all? Mirabelle would fit the bill perfectly.

Parents only need to know that this name means "marvelous" to pick it for their baby girl. Who wouldn't want to give a baby such a great name?! Nameberry says of this name, "If you're looking for a fresher belle name than Isabelle, Mirabelle is lovely, and we also like the extra flourish of Mirabella."

We think that this is a great baby girl name, and teachers will not only say that they have only heard it once before, but they'll be impressed that parents came up with such a cool, different name.

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