25 Baby Names That Are Extremely Rare But So Beautiful

All moms want for their baby's name to be something that's fitting, special, and perfect for their child. And sometimes this name can be passed down through generations, something popular and chic, or even creative and fun. A rare name can quickly become a part of a child's identity and give them an air of uniqueness that they can tell people with confidence. Rare and often unheard of names are beautiful, one of a kind, and show a child that their parents thought out their name and decided to gift them with something all their own.

Moms may have heard of some of these names before, but we guarantee people haven't heard them very much. They each hold a special place on our list as some of the rarest names that can be found as well as being some of the most elegant and lovely names out there. Each has its own meaning and origin and if nothing else, this list will be a fun read and give parents some insight into what other names are out there. Many of these moms might have heard in a different context, but when used as a name, they're transformed into something entirely new and stunning. Who knows, maybe it'll even inspire readers to give their child a rare name!

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25 Mirabelle


For a name that denotes beauty and elegance, Mirabelle is so perfect. The name itself is delicate-sounding but also one that's definitely a showstopper and definitely rare. You won't find too many girls walking around with this name and the only thing more lovely than the sound of it are its various meanings. It's derivative of the Latin "mirabilis" which means "wonderful" and in French, is translated to "of wonderous beauty". This is a stunning name for a baby girl with a whole host of potentially adorable nicknames.

24 Zadie


Just because a name is rare doesn't mean it can't be cool-sounding and avant-garde at the same time! Zadie is a modern take on the name Sadie, and by replacing the "S" with a "Z", you instantly have a more edgy name for a little girl. The name means "princess" and is extremely rare, probably due to its newness. The name supposedly has another meaning similar to "independent" which we think aligns perfectly with this sporty, yet not totally unfamiliar, rare name.

23 Caspian


Caspian is a beautiful name for a little boy and is seen most notably in tales of fantasy and adventure. It means "of the sea" which makes sense due to the naming of the Caspian Sea, one of the largest seas in the world. A body of water isn't the only thing that shares the name, though. The Caspian Tiger roamed the earth under the names of the Hyrcanian or Turon Tiger up until its extinction around the early 1970s, and it's also the name of a unique bird call The Caspian Tern. With so much strong and powerful imagery that's denoted to the name Caspian, it's not surprising to note that C.S. Lewis also chose this name for the prince in The Chronicles of Narnia.

22 Pax


Simply put, the name Pax is quite literally translated to "peace" in Latin. It's a wonderful name that denotes an idea we all love to believe in, and it's a worthy name for any little boy. Having a name that means something and is the literal translation of such a strong connotation is what it means to truly embody a belief. It's perfect for pacifist parents or even families who just love the idea of giving their child a positive and uplifting name.

21 Everest

If you're looking for something unique and rare, why not name your child after the tallest summit in the world? Everest definitely denotes power, adrenaline, and a fierce nature, just as is exhibited by the 29,000-foot altitude at the top of the world's highest peak. There is a lot of beauty in this namesake, and from afar it's easy to see so many people devote their lives to reaching the top of the mountain that shares the name. It's also unisex and would sound equally as beautiful for a girl or a boy.

20 Octavia


The name Octavia is another strong one for a girl and presents itself elegantly. As you can probably already tell, it is Latin in origin and means "eighth child". It's a name notable amongst some celebrities and famed writers and is gentle in nature but has a compassionate and wise quality about it. This would be a stunning name coupled with a Romanesque last name or one-syllable middle name to make for the perfect full name. While there might not be too many nicknames associated with Octavia, we think it's simply perfect left alone.

19 Tierney


This Gaelic name is such a cool name for a little girl who might grow up to be an adventurous tomboy someday. The name is often a family name as well and has deep roots in the Irish culture. The Irish meaning of Tierney is "lord" or "lordly" which speaks powerfully for itself. There are a ton of cute and fun nicknames that can accompany it, such as "Tee" or "Tia". While it's not overly girly, it's a solid stand-alone name that's sure to make your little girl the center of attention. Paired with an Irish last name, she'll be unstoppable!

18 Ilaria


Have you ever heard a more beautiful "-ria"-sounding name? Ilaria is seen in a couple different cultures, including Slavic and Italian. In Italian, it's viewed as the Italian version of the name Hilary and is pronounced the same as in Slavic culture, "ee-lah-ree-ah". In Latin, Ilaria means "cheerful" as it's derivative of the word "hilaris" which is the feminine form of the word Ancient Romans used for "hilarious". Ilaria is a feel-good name and one that means joy and the promise of a laugh amidst great cheer.

17 Ellington

Ellington isn't associated with much as far as meaning goes, but in music history, the opposite is true. The name Ellington was first brought to the scene by Duke Ellington, master of jazz. This name is surrounded by connotations of famous jazz pieces and songs that go above and beyond in sound and emotion; all the things that jazz is known to evoke. For lovers of the Big Band 'n Swing era, Ellington is a name that would be perfect for a boy or a girl who is constantly surrounded by some of the greatest music of our time.

16 Sacha

Sacha is a unisex name that was first brought to France in the 20th century. The name itself is believed to be a borrowing from the Russian name Alexandra and was viewed as a pet name originally. The name Alexandra means "defender" or a "helper of mankind", which has been passed on to Sacha and remained the same in meaning. It's a gentle name that isn't a very popular one, but one named Sacha is sure to be friendly and kind-hearted.

15 Bronwen

We could just picture Bronwen being a character out of Lord of the Rings or Disney Pixar's Brave, a fair maiden on a horse full of spunk and fearlessness. Perhaps that's because the name itself is Welch and seen in Celtic mythology, but it's also a super strong name for a girl both in meaning and history. Bronwen has a compound meaning with "bron" meaning "complexion" and "gwen", the Welsh element of the second syllable, meaning, "white, fair, or blessed". Together, this compound is translated to mean "pure heart".

14 Poet


Ah, what could be more beautiful than a name that hails from the most valued works of literature? Poet is traditionally a girl's name and definitely not popular as such, but it's so gorgeous that we couldn't help but add it to our list of rare names. While everyone knows the meaning of what it is to be a poet, this name entrances all of those positive notes of love, romance, emotion, and expression. Poet is perfect for a family of writers or moms who want to break the tradition of names that are considered "normal", it's stunning both in meaning and sound and will make your little girl unique in her own right.

13 Braylon


The thing about rare names is that occasionally, they don't have meanings associated with them whether it's because they're so new, or have been created in their own way. The name Braylon is one of those names that are unique, rare, and not much is known about it. Though it is a striking name for a little boy, it sounds Irish in nature and is gentle enough to not stand out too much. Nicknames could be "Bray" or simply just "B", both of which are adorable and kind-sounding.

12 Harmony


This precious and bubbly-sounding name seems to have the same consensus as far as opinions of girls who share this name: They're kind, upbeat, and have shining personalities that others are naturally attracted to. The name Harmony is similar to Pax in the sense that it denotes peace, kindness, and oneness. As a whole, Harmony can be related to music or an attitude toward life in general and would be the perfect name for a little girl who is going to bring love and light to the world.

11 Jamarion


Another name that doesn't have a definitive meaning but is an awesome name nevertheless! Jamarion is cool and upbeat and would perfectly suit a little boy who is always smiling and looking on the bright side. This name could have tons of cool potential nicknames, like "Jay" or "Marion" or even "J-Ma" for something even more unique and rad-sounding. Boys name Jamarion are sure to have tons of friends with an outgoing personality, they'll definitely be the ones who always care for others.

10 Lizeth


Not surprisingly, Lizeth was traditionally the pet name of the full name Elizabeth -- Until now! That's the cool thing about names, you can really use them however you wish and give your child something super common or really unique and independent of the norm. The name Elizabeth comes from the Hebrew form of the name and has roots in the Bible as the name of a kinswoman to both the Virgin Mary and mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth means "God is my oath", therefore Lizeth probably shares much of the same meaning.

9 Patience


Very much like the name Harmony, Patience is another name that's evocative of positive qualities and things that are necessary throughout life. Patience is undoubtedly kind and gentle, and interestingly enough comes from the Latin word "pati" which means "to suffer" -- Anyone who has had to have patience knows it's not always an easy process. Having patience is an achievement and to pass this name down to your baby girl would be to instill her with hope and faith for a bright future, as well as a reminder that all good things come in time.

8 Talon


In stark contrast to the gentleness that is Patience, the name Talon is derived, most obviously, from the name for a bird's claw. Surprisingly, the name is overwhelmingly popular in the comic book and video game culture and is seen as the name of many a strong and powerful character. Talon is definitely a name suited to fit a superhero which makes it perfect for the comic book fans of the world. It's a fun name that's a conversation starter as well as a great icebreaker!

7 Araceli


Araceli is, simply put, just a beautiful name in general. Its meaning is even more beautiful though, and in Latin is translated to "altar of the sky" due to its compound nature. It's one of those names that roll of the tongue and is easy to pronounce as well stunning to hear. It's also an anagram of the name Arcelia, which would make both of these names absolutely perfect for twin girls or sisters. Nicknames could include both "Ara" or "Celi" and are both so cute and pretty.

6 Jaxson


Jaxson is a playful name that has a fun history with the name it's derivative of, Jack. It means "son of Jack" and was originally an English surname until recently, and is now a modernized name that's a variant of Jack, Jackson, and Jaxon. The nicknames for Jaxson are endless and masculine-sounding in nature, most popular of all being "Jax". This name is sporty and definitely unique as far as spelling goes and is sure to be a hit with your little boy and his friends.

5 Caterina

Caterina is another form of the name Katherine and is just as elegantly beautiful. Katherine means "pure" or "unsullied" and the name Caterina denotes the same meanings, making this name innocent and the girl baring it pure-hearted. It's used in Italian culture but still not quite overwhelmingly popular, which makes it a rare name for a girl but one that's impressive and stunning. There are tons of nicknames for the Caterina's of the world, including cute ones such as "Cat", "Caty", and "Rina".

4 Adriano


If you guessed Italian for this name's origin, then you would undoubtedly be correct! Adriano is the Italian form of Adrian, and also the masculine form of the name Adriana. For twins or opposite-gender siblings, the names Adriano and Adriana would be too perfect. However, on its own, Adriano is a great name for a little boy. In Latin, it bears meaning in two parts; "adrianus" meaning "man from the city of Adria" and "hadrianus" meaning "man from the city of Hadria". What these meanings give to the name, we're unsure of -- But it's a cool name nevertheless.

3 Imani

Imani is one of those names that you just love to say because it's incredibly unique, strong, and elegant all in one. It's traditionally a Swahili name and has a beautiful meaning as well. It's the feminine form of "meaning" or "belief" and stands to be a name that's absolutely perfect but still not yet popular. It's exotic in sound and would be perfect for moms who are looking for that one name that's not been used often, but still sounds lovely and has a genuine meaning.

2 Bodhi


Bodhi is a unisex name and can be either masculine or feminine, regardless of its usage it sounds neither one nor the other. This name is of Sanskrit origins -- Talk about unique! It means "awakened" or "Enlightenment" and is used in the Buddhist culture most often. In fact, in Buddhism, it's actually a concept of spiritual awakening. The name of the tree that Buddha sat under when he gained Enlightenment was also named the Bodhi tree or the "sacred ficus tree". This name speaks for itself and is truly pure and a rarity.

1 Bjorn


This name is pronounced "bee-yorhn" and is heavily Scandinavian. Bjorn is a striking name that is perfectly suited to a boy who will grow up to be fearless and brave. In keeping with this idea, In Scandinavia, the name Bjorn is translated to "bear". It can be pronounced slightly different depending on where, or if you choose to use, accents over the second and third letters. It's a name that's unique and not very often heard, but has such a cool meaning and is definitely attention-grabbing.

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