26 Baby Names That Are Inspired By The Mystical And The Supernatural

Naming a child can be a difficult task; the name one gives their child will follow them for the rest of their lives. That is a big responsibility and a lot of pressure for an adult. That's why many parents like to choose names that have a special meaning; some like to choose names that are from relatives they are close to while others just like to choose names that are unique or relate to something they fan over.

Now for the parents that love anything that has to do with magic, supernatural creatures, things that go bump in the night and everything else in the world that cannot be explained, what better way to show one’s true devotion than to name one’s child after something related to the world of the mystical and supernatural. Be it Ghostbusters, or the magical world of Harry Potter, or maybe the hit CW show Supernatural, where there are so many different scary things that it is hard to keep track of them all, it does not matter. There is a name for every type of fan favorite out there.

Keep scrolling to find out 13 amazing names for a boy and 13 amazing names for a girl that would satisfy any parents love of the mystical and supernatural.

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26 Ailith

The name Ailith is not a popular name in the United States, but just because it is not a popular name, does not make it a bad name. It makes it unique and rare, which are great qualities when trying to decide a name for one’s child. Especially, nowadays when parents want names that are not heard of often.

According to thenamemeaning.com, Ailith is of English origin and means “Seasoned Warrior or Noble Battle.” Mainly the name is found in English speaking countries, but it has been known to be used in other countries and languages around the world.

For those parents looking for a name with a powerful meaning, this would be a perfect name for a little girl who will someday need to fight the evil Boogeyman or closet monster.

25 Alida

Alida is a great name for parents who either love the supernatural or even maybe who love bugs due to its meaning, “Small or Winged.”

According to thenamemeaning.com, Alida is an old Latin name that is used mainly for little girls. Though the name isn’t popular in the United States, it is used in other parts of the world, especially Dutch and Hungarian speaking countries.

The name is unique and has an adorable meaning behind it- perfect for a little angel about to make her way into the world.

24 Althea

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Not much is known about the name Althea, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a perfect, unique, and rare name for a little girl.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Althea is of Greek origin and means “The Healer or Wholesome.” This is perfect for maybe parents who are obsessed with mystical healers, or maybe even just parents who are Doctors and would like their children to grow up in the same field as them.

Though the name does not have much popularity now, it was quite popular back in the day. To be more precise, it was at its highest on the popularity chart back in 1956 when around 387 girls were known to have the name.

23 Ariel

When one thinks of the name Ariel, they think of the name as just being one for a little girl. This is untrue, though. In fact, the name Ariel actually originates from Ancient Hebrew times and was mainly used as a masculine name, where the meaning of the name is “Lion of God.”

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name didn’t start being used as a feminine name up until the 1800s in English speaking countries where the meaning then changed to “Lioness of God.”

In some cultures, the name means “Water Spirit,” which makes it a beautiful name for those '90s kids who grew up watching The Little Mermaid and would maybe love to name their daughter after theirfavouritee Disney mermaid.

22 Odile

When looking for either a mystical or supernatural name for that perfect little angel that is about to make their way into the world, parents should consider the name Odile for a little girl.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Odile is used is most countries as a name for a little girl. It is of Germanic origin and can be mostly found in French speaking countries, but there are a few other countries and languages who also use it, just not as much.

There are a few different meanings to the name, two of them being “Wealth or Elfin Spear.”

21 Diana

The name Diana is a common name, especially in the United States. What most people might not know, though, is it actually as a supernatural and mystical meaning to it.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Diana comes from many different origins such as: American, French, Greek, and Latin. This also means that it has more than one root and is used in more than one country.

The name has a few different meanings, depending on where the name is. For example, in American the name means, “Divine,” but in Greek, it means “The Goddess of Hunting and the Moon or Woodland Goddess.”

20 Serafina

The name Serafina is a very unique and beautiful name for a little girl that has some strong meaning behind it- it translates to mean “Heavenly or Winged Angel.”

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Serafina originates from Italy but is used in many different English-speaking countries, and even over in some Polish ones.

If the name Serafina sounds familiar to some it is because it originally came from the Bible from the Hebrew seraphim, meaning “burning names,” and was used to describe the six-winged angels that surrounded and praised the throne of God. These angels are known to be the highest level of celestial beings or angels in the Christian hierarchy.

19 Enid

The name Enid might sound like an old country time name or a vintage name from back in the day, but that doesn’t mean a parent cannot use it for their special bundle of joy. The name has a rare and unique sound to it that is one of a kind.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Enid means “The Spirit or Soul,” is of Welsh origin, and is mainly only used for girls in Welsh-speaking countries, although there have been some reports of the name in a few other countries.

Though there isn’t much use of the name now, it did rise in charts back in the 1920s when it hit a record of 261 females with the name.

18 Tanya


So, Tanya is not a very rare or unique name. It is beautiful, but there are quite a few females in the word now with it. Like the name Diana though, the name Tanya has a mystical and supernatural meaning behind it that gives any fan a great option when it comes to naming a baby girl.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Tanya is of Slavic origin and is mainly used in English speaking countries nowadays. The name first started as a nickname for the name Tatiana and grew into a name all on its own.

Now, what makes it so special for a little girl? Well, to be honest, it is unsure where it got this meaning, but supposedly some say that in Russian it means “Fairy Queen.” Then there is the Shakespearean influence. Some say the name Tatiana first got its meaning when Shakespeare’s Midsummers Night Dream was released. In the play, there is a Fairy Queen named Tatiana.

Either way though, the name is a beautiful name for a little girl.

17 Eryn

The name Eryn is another name that is commonly heard. The difference with this version, though, is that it is unique due to its spelling.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Eryn is mainly used in the world as a female name. Though some say the meaning of the name is “From Ireland,” there are some sources that say it means “A Fury.” The name is of Celtic-Gaelic and English origin, which means it has more than one root.

Though the name is basically only used as a female name in most countries, there have been some males with the name. In 2007, there were a total of 11 males in the world with the name and that’s the most there have ever been.

16 Kali

When it comes to the name Kali, there are two different type of parents that would love the name. Parents who love the dark and evil side of the supernatural world, and then parents who love the good and light part of the supernatural world.

According to Britannica.com, the name has a few different meanings depending on what culture one is looking up. In Hindu, the name Kali comes from the Hindu Mother Goddess Kali, destroyer of evil, but in Sanskrit, Kali was an evil demon who went by many things such as She Who Is Black or Black Goddess.

Either way, it is an adorable name for anyone who just wants a name for their little girl.

15 Mana

Mana. The life blood of magical species in videos games. Without mana, mages, locks and healers are basically useless and cannot cast spells or heal.

To all those parents who are fans of games and love to play characters who require mana, this name is perfect for a beautiful bundle of joy about to make her way into the world.

According to ourbabynamer.com, the name Mana is of Japanese origin and has a few meanings depending on the country. In Japanes,e the name means “Truth,” in Persian it means, “Alike or Similar,” but in game world, it means, “Supernatural Power.”

14 Maya

The name Maya is one name that has originated from so many different parts of the world- so much so that it is not certain where it even first came from. According to thenamemeaning.com, the name is mainly used in English-speaking countries, but there are some other countries who have been known to use it, too.

The name Maya has many different variations and is said to have come from the mythological name Maia. Maya has many different meanings to it. It all depends on what type of meaning the parent chooses it to mean. Some meanings include: in Greek and Latin, 'Mother or Great One", in Sanskrit and Indian, "Illusion", in American and Spanish, "Industrious", in Hindu, "Divine Creative Force In All Things", In Japanese, "Truth or Everlasting", and in Ethiopian, "Eye".

13 Amar

The name Amar is a cute name meant specifically for a little boy.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name has more than one root to it and is of Arabic, Indian and Sanskrit origin and is used all around the world in all different types of languages and countries, though mainly in Arabic and English-speaking countries.

Its origin is not the only thing that is of interest, as the name Amar also has a few different meanings to it. In Arabic it means, “Making a Home,” and in Sanskrit and Indian it means, “Immortal.”

12 Anubis

For all those parents who are fans of Egyptian Gods and Deities, there is no need to explain who why the name Anubis is such a powerful name. For those who do not know though, the name comes from one of the most iconic Gods of Ancient Egypt, Anubis.

According to ancietngyptonline.com, though Anubis was known as an Egyptian God, the name Anubis is actually the Greek version of the name. Egyptians knew him as Anpu or Inpu.

Anubis is an extremely ancient deity who goes back generations as the guardian and protector of those who've passed. But he originally started off as the God of the Underworld. After some time, though, his role changed throughout the years and took on different meanings.

11 Baldur

Here is another name for all those parents who are looking for a name for their little boy that is after a mythological God.

For those who do not know, Baldur, also Baldr or Balder, is a Norse mythology God and son of the God Odin and Goddess Frigg. He is also the brother of the Thunder God himself, Thor.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Baldur has more than one different meaning. In Norwegian, the name means, “He Who Spreads the Light,” and in Germanic, the name means, “Brave.” Along with meanings, it also has more than one root and comes from Germanic and Norwegian origination.

10 Loki

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When one hears the name Loki, they probably think of Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki in the Marvel Universe series Thor.

Born to the frost giants and raised by Thor’s father Odin and his mother Frigga after Odin found him abandoned in a temple, Loki turns on his family when he learns that he is not next in line for the throne like he thought. He also finds out he never had any claim to the throne as he was not actually related to his Odin or his brother Thor since he was adopted.

What a lot of people do not know is that Loki's story is actually a lot different depending on the source. He is still a trickster no matter what source one reads, but there is no mention of him being raised by Odin. In fact, it is Loki who takes Odin’s one son Baldr, which is what causes him to fall into bad terms with the other Gods, according to Wikipedia.org.

Either way, though, the name is cute for a little boy and how cool would it be to grow up with a name that is after a cool Marvel character?

9 Bran

This name is perfect for those parents who are fans of the hit HBO show, Game of Thrones. According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Bran is a Celtic-Gaelic and Welsh name that is used around the world in different countries, especially English and Welsh speaking countries, as a name for boys.

Though the meaning behind the name is “Raven,” the name itself comes from the Celtic Deity Bran, who in Welsh tales was known as “Crowned King Over This Island.” The myth goes that one day he was wounded and, as a last request, he asked his companions to take his things after he passed on their wanderings.

By doing this, his companions were gifted with great entertainment and companionship, and were able to avoid any type of corruption, as long as they did not open a certain forbidden door. If they did what he asked and went to the top of White Mount in London, they would never know sorrow. They accomplished this and in return lived 80 joyous and delightful years.

8 Castiel

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For all those fans of the hit CW show Supernatural, this name is an obviously perfect choice for a little boy. Not only is it adorable, but it is after an awesome demon-hunting Angel who is best buds with Sam and Dean.

According to names.org, the name Castiel is of Latin and Hebrew origin and means, “Angel of Thursday or My Cover is God.”

Since the character Castiel entered the show Supernatural in season 4, the name has vaulted into the top 1000 names for baby boys and now is ranked #795 on the popularity charts.

7 Charon

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The name Charon is boys name that is of Greek origin and can be spelt either Charon or Kharon. For those parents who love the world of the supernatural and everything that is dark and mysterious about it, then this name is perfect due to who it represents.

According to Wikipedia.org, Charon is actually the ferryman in Greek mythology of Hades who ferries the souls across the rivers Styx and Acheron. To receive passage, the souls must pay Charon with a coin, usually an obolus or danake, which are typically placed on the person's eyes or in their mouth, so that they may pay Charon when their soul travels to the underworld.

There are tales that those who are unable to pay and were forced to wander the shores of the rivers for hundreds of years.

6 Fenrir

Via: Edmontongazette.com

Fenrir is a handsome Old Norse boys name that means “Fen-Dweller.”

According to Wikipedia.org, the name Fenrir comes from an old Greek tale about a giant wolf named Fenrir, or Fenrisulfr, who during Ragnarok, devoured Odin, Thor’s father. He did not get away with this crime, though, and Odin’s son Vioarr got revenge for his father.

For parents who are fans of the world of mythology, this name is a suitable name for a little boy. Though the wolf Fenrir did not do very good deeds, he was still strong and powerful, which are two great qualities.

5 Gabriel

The name Gabriel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that means “God is My Strength.” Though the name is mainly used for boys, it has sometimes been used for little girls too, although it is rare.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Gabriel is from the Angel Gabriel, who was one of the seven Archangels of Heaven and also one of the Angels who informs Mary that she will give birth to Jesus.

Though the name has existed for thousands of years, it never had much popularity until the late 20th century where it jumped all the way to the 24th most popular boy's name in 2014.

4 Oberon

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The name Oberon is a German name meant for a little boy that means “Bear Heart or Fairy King.” It is mainly found to be most popular in English speaking countries, but there are a few other countries who have been recorded using it.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name first began after William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream was released with a character named Oberon, who was the King of fairies.

In the play, Oberon is feuding with his wife Titania, the fairy queen, over custody of a child who Oberon wants to raise to be his henchman.

3 Heimdall


Heimdall is a name that may not sound appealing at first but has a strong meaning behind it that may change parents' minds who are interested in Norse mythology and the supernatural.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Heimdall is mainly used around the world in other countries as a name for boys. The name is of Norse origin and is mainly used in Norwegian speaking countries, but there are some other countries who have been recorded to have the name.

The name means “The White God,” and although it is not a popular name, it is a unique name that is perfect for parents who want to give their child a name that will help them stand apart from all the other people they will associate with in their lives.

2 Horus

The name Horus is a unique name for a boy that is great for parents are fans of Egyptian and Greek mythology.

According to thenamemeaning.com, the name is of Ancient Egyptian and Greek origin, meaning that it has more than one root. The name is mainly used in English speaking countries, but there are records that it has been used in other countries and languages around the world in the past.

There are two meanings to the name Horus in both Ancient Egypt and Greece: “Far Away and the Distant One.” For those fans of mythology, Horus was one of the Gods who was known as the Protector of Monarchy. He is represented by having a Falcon's head and is known to have the Eye of Horus, which allows him to see the future, among other things.

1 Kirin

Via: Pinterest

The last name is a great name for all those parents who have a thing for mythical creatures. According to thenamemeaning.com, the name Kirin is of Indian and Sanskrit origin and is mostly found in Hindi speaking countries. The name means “Praiser and Poet,” in both Sanskrit and Indian.

So, why is the name such a good name for fans of mythical creatures? Well, because over in Easter Asia there is a story of an ancient creature who went by the name of Quilin, or Kirin. This creature was beautiful and was known to be a peace-loving good luck charm.

There are many different looks for this creature, some referring it to the modern-day unicorn. But in most versions, they had long thick eyelashes, manes that flowed upwards and long beautiful beards. Their bodies would be partially scaled and often shaped either like an ox, deer or horse and they always had hooves and sometimes even antlers.

Eastern Asian cultures believed that the Kirin were good omens and that they would bring prosperity and serenity to the villages they appeared in. What a beautiful meaning behind a name!

References: thenamemeaning.com, Britannica.com, ourbabynamer.com, ancientgyptonline.com, names.org, Wikipedia.org

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