25 Baby Names That Guarantee She Will Be Daddy's Little Princess

Maybe one of the most exciting things about pregnancy is finding out that the baby is a little girl! Most expecting parents spend the first few months of pregnancy trying to guess what the baby will be, and wondering which parent the newborn baby will look like. What little girl doesn’t love a good princess’s name? Every little girl will watch princess movies or are read princess books that transport her imagination to a far, magical place where her prince saves the day.

Guess what dad, the princess will be daddy's little princess, and he will be her prince that saves the day! The little girl will fall in love with the prince and will look to that beloved father and find inspiration for many things in her life. Think about it, regardless of how old she may be that will be a positive memory in her life. And when that little girl grows up, she may just tell her daughter about all the great memories she had in her life being daddy’s little princess.

So, daddy, there is certainly no shortage of some really cool little princess names to choose from for daddy’s little princess. There are great names that are on the hottest Daddy’s Little Princess Names list; some have been around for many years. So, if mom and dad are about to add a new little baby girl to the family, there are some wonderful names to choose from. Here is a list of names that will guarantee she will be Daddy’s Little Princess forever!

25 Arabella

Arabella is an adorable princess name because her name means adorable. The origin is Latin; this is well used in Britain as a lovely and elegant name. It is a very popular baby name now, and perfect for daddy’s little princess Arabella. A great couple of nickname for her can be Bel, Ara, and even Bella.

Daddy can act out scenes from Beauty and the Beast with daddy’s sweet little girl Arabella. Both of them will be dancing around with the tea cups and tea pots, and maybe some of the furniture, laughing and smiling because daddy will be her protector. She will always remember those days of daddy being the hero. And Princess Arabella will look at him with stars in her eyes, which are filled with love.

24 Sabrina

Sabrina is a great name for daddy little princess; its meaning is from the River Severn, it’s Latin. Sabrina, the bewitchingly radiant name of a legendary Celtic goddess, is best known as the heroine of the eponymous film, originally played by Audrey Hepburn, and later as a teenage TV witch. A nickname for this name is Brina; it’s really the only one.

Daddy and his little princess Sabrina will be a great pair, two peas in a pod. They will play dress up, and color in the coloring books, maybe once on the wall. They will go on trips to many places to see the world. Daddy’s princess will ask him many questions, and he will do his best to answer them all.

23 Isabel

Isabel is a princess name in itself; the meaning is a promise of God. This name origin is from the Spanish variation of Elizabeth. The charming Isabel is fashionable again a century after its first wave of success. It is easy to see why, it’s ladylike and melodic, traditional yet slightly offbeat. Isabel sounds smart as well as pretty. So, daddy looks out for the little princess. Some really cute nicknames are Izzy, Ibby, and Isa.

Daddy can take his little princess Isabel to theme parks, and let her play dress up in the princess customs and riding on the teacups, and watching the fireworks at sunset. Then with not much of a fight reading his little princess her favorite bedtime story as she drifts off to sleep, loving the day spent with daddy.

22 Mia

Daddy’s little princess Mia is an easy to pronounce the name, with the meaning mine, or bitter. The origin of this name is Italian and is a Scandinavian short form of Maria. Mia is an appealingly, unfussy, multi cultural name that is among the top ten most popular girls name. Mia is also an Italian word meaning, mine. Although this name is very short, there are some spelling variations of this name such as Meya and Meea.

Princess Mia and her daddy love to take trips to the beach and build sandcastles. They also take trips on the boat out in the ocean and fish off the back. Daddy even builds his little one a castle in the backyard, and they laugh and play there some days. Mia loves it a night when daddy reads her a book before bedtime as she goes to sleep.

21 Bianca

Bianca is a great name with the meaning of white, and its origin from Italian. Some spelling variations daddy could use for his little princess is Beyonca or Beanka. Daddy will be busy with little Princess Bianca in building her a princess play house in the backyard. They both will help paint it her favorite color and put a flag on the very top of the roof of the castle. It will also have swings and a slide, and maybe a cool dog dragon to guard the beautiful princess against all the bad knights that will come to take her heart.

But no matter who will come for princess Bianca’s heart, it will always belong to her loving prince Daddy because Princess Bianca will always and forever be daddy’s little princess, no matter how old she gets.

20 Nahla

Nahla is another one of those easy to pronounce; its name meaning is a drink of water. This name is an origin of Arabic. Also, Halle Berry gave this name to her daughter. This name is so short and sweet that it doesn't have a nickname. Daddy can’t wait to hold his sweet little princess Nahla in his arms and give her little butterfly kisses on her cheek. She will never have to worry about anything because daddy will be right there and make everything bad go away, he will be her knight in shining armor.

Daddy’s little princess Nahla will help in making their favorite cookies. Sing her sweet little songs to make her laugh. He will even play princess dress up with her. Daddy will read her the best bedtime stories, to fall asleep to every night.

19 Amelia

This is one of those cute names to say, Amelia, sounds great for a princess name, also. Easy to pronounce and the meaning of this name is hard working, and its origin is German. This is a lovely Victorian name, with a heroic connection to aviatrix Amelia Earhart. Amelia became a British royal name via the daughters of Kings George II and III. A good short nickname for her is Ami.

Daddy and his little princess can talk about the first women of flight from which her name is part of and make take in a couple of air shows. Daddy and Amelia can also take some plane flights, and take nice vacations to visit other parts of the world. And of course, daddy will still play dress up princess with his daughter.

18 Noelle

Noelle is a very pretty name, and it is easy to pronounce. Its meaning is Christmas, and its originated from the French, which means Noel, it is derived from the Latin. The name is commonly bestowed upon a baby born during the Christmas season. This sweet name really doesn’t need a nickname; it is short, sweet, and to the point. This is a great name to give a little princess if is born around Christmas.

Daddy and little Noelle can bake Christmas cookie together, and stick some extra ones for them. They can play out in the snow and make a snowman and have a snowball fight. They can even do some ice skating on the frozen pond. When they come back in, they can have some hot cocoa, by the fireplace.

17 Haley

This name, Haley is very easy to pronounce, it is also a cute name that doesn’t need any kind of nickname because it is short and sweet. Haley’s meaning is Hay's meadow, and its origin of this is English and Scottish clan name. Daddy can see his sweet little princess running around after her cute little puppy. The puppy is giving her his wet kisses, while she goes to dad to wipe them off.

Princess Haley and her daddy live in the country with a beautiful house with a barn for all of Haley’s animals. She has a pony for her to ride, and cute little baby ducks to play with. She even as her castle in the backyard to play in with daddy. They also take walks down to the creek to go fishing.

16 Anastasia

Anastasia is a princess’s name to have, it is no longer a forbidding regal Russian name, because of the lost daughter of the last czar of Russia. It is now a popular American option, of elegant beauty. The meaning of this name is a resurrection, and the origin of this name is Greek. An old Greek name and also that of an ancient saint. The name was well used in ancient Britain and Ireland as well as Russia.

Daddy little princess Anastasia name was in a couple of the Disney movies. Some good nicknames to call her are Ana, Asia, and Staci. Daddy and Anastasia will watch those Disney movies with her name in it, and play on rides together at princess themed parks. They will also have fun making cookies together.

15 Jasmine

Jasmine is the perfect princess name due to the Disney’s princess films. The meaning of Jasmine is a flower, and the origin is from Persian flower name. There are many actors that have named their daughter Jasmine. The princess name came from the Disney movie Aladdin. On the plus side, this name is very easy to pronounce, a good nickname can be Jazz or Jazzy.

Of course, daddy is going to take his princess Jasmine to Disney to see the princesses, and have play time with them. They are also going to watch the movies, and color in the coloring books. She could even have a princess bedroom theme in her room. Daddy will even read her the princess books before bedtime. Daddy will have a special bond with his sweet little girl, with all the fun and great things they will be doing to spend quality time together.

14 Maya

The name Maya is very easy to pronounce, its name meaning is water. The origin is from the Greek mythology name, and a Central American Indian empire name Latinate and is a variation of May. It is also a Spanish diminutive of Amalia and Hebrew. Maya was the legendary Greek mother of Hermes by Zeus. To the Romans, Maya was the incarnation of the earth mother and goddess of spring. There really isn’t a nickname for Maya, because of it so short and easy to say.

Wow, dad, the name Maya was used all over the world and means good things any way he wants to look at it. Princess Maya will be the apple of her daddy’s eye. They will play a game of mini golf together when the weather is beautiful. They will, of course, play dress up princess, and color in the coloring books, they will even love to go swimming together in the pool.

13 Reanna

Reanna will be a great name for daddy little princess; the meaning is a great queen or goddess. This name origin is from the English. This is a name that is very easy to pronounce and has become a popular name due to the fact that it is close to a famous singer’s name. Simple but yet different. A nickname that dad could give his little Reanna could be Anna.

Daddy will have a great queen on his hands, with his little princess Reanna, she is going to want a lot of time with her daddy. The two of them will play in her castle, and dress up with all of her princess gowns; she is also going to need a tiara or maybe even a crown. Don’t forget she is a great queen.

12 Alyssa

Alyssa will be a beautiful princess name for daddy’s little girl. The meaning of this name is noble, graceful, the origin is English, and it's a variation of Alicia. It is related to the flower, alyssum. Not to mention, there is also an actor with this first name of Alyssa Milano. A cool nickname can be Lissa or Elissa.

So, daddy can see his little princess Alyssa dancing around on the top of his feet, being graceful and laughing as he spins his little girl around the playroom floor. Maybe both of them are acting out a scene in her favorite princess movie where Prince daddy comes and saves the day for his little princess, who’s got his heart forever and ever.

11 Nastasya

Nastasya is a beautiful name for any little girl, its meaning is the birthday of the Lord, and its origin is Russian; a diminutive of Natalya. Can daddy see naming his little princess this name? Nastasya, an appealing name entered the American mainstream post, Cold War, but seems to have peaked in the eighties. It is also very easy to say and can have some cool nicknames like Tasha, Tata, and Nassie.

Daddy and princess Nastasya like to watch princess movies and color in the princess coloring books, when it is raining outside or just one of those laid-back days. Daddy never misses any of her dance shows or her sporting events. Daddy and his princess also enjoy going out to eat, and going out to see the newest movies in the theater, and getting the popcorn. You cannot forget the popcorn for princess Nastasya!

10 Genevieve

This name Genevieve is a great name that means leader of the tribe; its origin is English from the French. Daddy’s little princess Genevieve will be the leader of his heart. She will have some great nicknames for her to be called, like Gen, Gennie and may be Ginetta. This name is both dainty and substantial and is easy to pronounce. It is showing signs for a real revival since the late 1930’s and is growing very popular.

But daddy will have his hands full with his little princess being a leader in everything that she does. Dad will be chasing all the boys away, and being her prince charming for chasing away all the want to be princes in her life. She will always remember those nights of daddy reading one more book, and always being at every event she played in or danced in. Princess Genevieve will always hold that special place in her daddy’s heart.

9 Ariel

This name goes right along with the Disney’s princess named Ariel. This is from the popular Little Mermaid, and this name has achieved popularity in its own right. Ariel meaning of this name is God’s Lion or lion of God, and its origin is from the French. This name is short and very easy to pronounce, and if daddy wanted to give Ariel a nickname, he could call her Ari.

Daddy’s little princess Ariel wants to go to Disney and see the princess she was named after, and also wants some playtime with the princess. She would also like going to see all the fish and things that are under the sea, at an Aquarium. And daddy she most likely will want a pool to swim in and dive into to find her pool toys.

8 Kayla

Kayla is a beautiful name, and the meaning is pure, Laurel, and crown; its origin from Arabic and Hebrew. This name is very easy to pronounce, and it is so short it really doesn't need a nickname, but one can use Kay. Can daddy see him and his little princess Kayla, playing in the back yard, with the pool and the swings? Then going inside on the rainy days and watching princess movies and some sports too. And let's not forget nap time on the hammock, and of course the sofa on those rainy days.

But Daddy and little princess Kayla also love traveling and seeing all the great places around the world and also seeing daddy’s sports team playing in the different states as well. As princess Kayla goes off to college, she will always be daddy’s little princess in his eyes.

7 Priscilla

This is a name that is not overused; it’s that one of a kind name for a sweet little girl, who is a one of a kind princess, this is the name that daddy should pick. The meaning of the name is old-time, ancient and it originates from Latin. Maybe some of us can remember the women who married Elvis Presley; Priscilla Presley made this name famous. Also, J.R.R. Tolkien named his only daughter this name too. Some nicknames can be Cilla or Pris.

What dad would not want his princess to be named Priscilla? Can daddy see his little girl in the kitchen helping him make the cookie they both love? Both of them will love watching movies, coloring, playing some fun games, and laughing and smiling at the jokes they are telling. I can even see daddy playing princess dress up with his best little girl.

6 Larissa

The name of Larissa is a great name to give to daddy’s little princess, the meaning of the name is Citadel or stronghold. This name origin of the variation of Larisa, which is Greek and Russian. Larissa is a dainty, pretty, and a fresh alternative to Melissa. In Greek mythology, Larissa was a nymph who was a daughter of Pegasus and loved by Mercury. In 1991, her name was given to a moon of Neptune, in honor of the nymph. That is pretty cool. Some nicknames dad can call her are, Lissa, Risa or Lara.

Daddy and his little princess Larissa can have lots of fun together, watching the stars and the moon at night. The two of them will also enjoy some fun times at the park, and play in the yard. At night dad will read to her before bedtime about books full of princesses, and the moon and the stars, and she will fall fast asleep listening to him.

5 Vanessa

Vanessa is a name that is easy to pronounce, and it was invented by Jonathan Swift for a lover name Esther Vanhomrigh he combined the first syllable of her last name with the initial syllable of her first name and used it to write a poem called Cadenus and Vanessa in 1713. This is how this name came to be, now that is cool! The origin comes from a literary invention, also a species of butterfly. Some nicknames that can be used are Vanny, Nessy, Nessa, or Van.

With how this name came about Daddy best be putting some butterflies in his princess' room. They are going to like to chase butterflies in the yard and play on the swing and the slide. Maybe even ride a bike in the park. Both daddy and princess Vanessa will be reading little poems and watching some movies.

4 Leilani

Leilani is a very beautiful name to give daddy’s little princess. The meaning of this name is a heavenly flower or heavenly child, and its origin is from Hawaii. Doesn’t this name have a lovely meaning? It is very easy to pronounce, and it kind of rolls off the tongue. This little sweetie will have daddy wrapped around her finger from the first time he lays eyes on her. I can see Princess Leilani getting every little thing that she asks daddy for.

Both of them will be playing and dancing around the house with her on his feet, and both of them laughing and singing along to the songs they will share together. They could even camp out in the back yard, or maybe a princess cruise ship with all the best Disney princesses on board to play dress up.

3 Savannah

Savannah is one of those girl’s names that reminds people of the south, with all those laid back, sweet people. This is an excellent name for a little princess, the meaning of this name is flat tropical grassland or grassland without trees. This name origin is from the Spanish. Savannah has actually been on the popularity list since records started being kept in the 1880’s. That is a long time, but it's a great name. Some nickname can be Sevan or Vanna. Queen Elizabeth’s first great-grandchild was named this.

Daddy and his sweet princess Savannah will have such great times while she is growing up. They will take trips to Disney World, and go on the rides, and meet the princesses. They will also make some pies, and sit on the porch and watch the rain come down. Daddy will read sweet little girl bedtime stories at night.

2 Tiana

A great little princess name is Tiana, for daddy’s little princess. The meaning of this name is fairy queen and its origin from Slavic. This name gained a lot of popularity after Disney bestowed this pretty name upon its first African-American princess. Some really great nicknames are Tia or Ana.

Daddy and his little princess Tiana will have a lot of fun at Disney World, playing with the princess that she shares a name with. They will also watch a lot of movies, and coloring in the coloring books. She is also going to have a princess castle, and daddy will be playing out there with her. Then when it is bedtime daddy will be reading her books to fall asleep, but she will ask for one more book, while she says how much she loves her daddy before she goes to sleep.

1 Laura

Laura is one of those names that are pretty to say, and it also is not one of those overused names. The name Laura means bay laurel, and its origin comes from the Latin. The name is always trendy, never dated, but yet feminine without being fussy. All this makes this name a more solid choice than any of its more decorative names. Some well-known names include First Lady Laura Bush, Laura Ingalls Wilder, a writer. A good nickname can be Lore.

Princess Laura and her Daddy will be great friends. She will dance on her daddy’s feet around the house, and sing along to the music that they are listening to and dancing to the beat together. They will play dress up princesses and watch the movie with some popcorn. Daddy and his little princess Laura will also do some baking, so they have some sweet treats to eat.

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