25 Baby Names That Moms Are Likely To Choose Before The End Of The Year

When it comes to the first, middle, and last names of people one meets, it is hard to deny that some names really leave an impression. This is part of what makes names so important, as expecting parents usually do not want to choose a name that gives others a less-than-great idea about who their child is, or who they will be in the future.

One of the mysteries of names is how some of them seem destined to become popular, and others are less successful. However, it has been proven that when most people hear a certain name that belongs to another person, they automatically have an image in their head of what that man or woman must be like, what they may look like, etc.

So, in other words, picking the right name for a child is a very big deal. Not only do parents have to consider the child's initials, but they also might want to consider what kind of an image others will have of their boy or girl that is simply based off of his or her first name.

Every year, the list of the most popular baby names changes. Here are some of the best names of 2018 that moms might choose before the year is over.

25 Mason

This name has proved to be one of the most popular ones this year. Furthermore, Mason has been used a lot of the last few years in the United States of America. Currently, this name is ranking in at the 7th spot on the list of popular baby names in America.

Mason originally came from a French background. Additionally, there are a couple of different meanings that are connected with it. They are “brick layer” and “stone worker.” It started out as a surname. However, the version of Mason that is a last name began in England.

24 James

There are a lot of names that have been around for a very long time. James is one of these names, as it has been around for many years, and some proof of that is the fact that it has a Biblical background.

James itself is originally an English name. However, it was a form of the name Lacomus, which has a Latin background.

There are a few variations on James, and some of them are feminine. Jacklyn, Jaye, and Jaqueline are a few of the versions of James that are meant for female babies.

23 Charlotte

This name automatically has a beautiful vibe to it, so moms will almost certainly be snatching this name up before this year is over. Charlotte is a name that is usually chosen for baby girls.

There are two origins for the name Charlotte, and they are French and English. Charlotte means “free,” and Charles is the masculine version of it.

In United States births, Charlotte has been a very popular name since the 1800’s, if not longer. The name saw a slight dip in popularity between 1945 and 1998, but it has since gone back to being one of the most loved names in the country.

22 Carter

Some of the best loved first and middle names actually started out as last names. Also, sometimes they started out as an occupation, and this is the case for the name Carter.

These days, Carter is still used as a surname, but it is a first name as well. This name is usually given to little boys.

Carter came from an English background. There are a couple of variations of it. “Cart driver” and “cart maker” are both meanings that are connected to Carter.

21 William

Originally, the name William came from a Germanic background. But it has since travelled to many places, which perhaps proves how much of a great name William is, as it is used all around the world.

William was derived from the name Willahelm. Since it was invented, William has been used in America, England, Wales, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, and Scotland.

There are also some feminine versions of this name that parents are sure to love. They are Willa and Wilhelmina.

20 Emma

This name comes from a German history. However, Emma is a name that seems to be liked in many areas of the world. In fact, the meaning of this beautiful name for girls is “universal.”

When it comes to first names for female children, Emma has been in the number one spot not only once, but multiple times in America. Scotland, England, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, and Italy are some of the other places where Emma is a popular first name.

It is not hard to see why this is such a popular name. Emma has a very elegant sound to it, so perhaps that is why parents are choosing this name for their daughters.

19 Ava

This name has been known to be given to both male and female children. However, it has mostly been used for naming baby girls.

Based on the popularity of Ava in the last few years, it seems that parents are loving this name. In the United States, Ava has been used since the 1800’s. However, it reached its’ peak so far in 2016 when it sat at the third spot on the list of popular baby names.

Ava is possibly a name that comes from Germany. However, it may also have a Hebrew background.

18 Logan

There are a lot of names that have been very popular for male children over the last few years. Logan is one of these, as it has been used a lot by parents in America for a while. Additionally, Logan is also used as a last name, too.

“Hollow” is the meaning that is connected with this name. Logan began with a Gaelic background.

There are some other versions of this name that parents will love as well, as they are very creative and unique. Logen, Lolyn, and Logani are some of them.

17 Mia

There are a lot of names out there that sound very beautiful and distinct. Mia is one of these names.

While many first names can be traced back to just one place of origin, others have many. Mia fits in here because it has three backgrounds. They are Israeli, Scandinavian, and Latin. The Israeli version of Mia has a masculine form, which is Michal.

Mia is a popular name is America, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and Australia. Other versions of it are Miah, Mea, and Meya.

16 Liam

Those who are looking to choose a name for their little boy will no doubt love Liam. This is a perfect name for someone who is strong and is a natural leader.

Liam can be traced back to an Irish origin. This name has an awesome meaning, which is “strong-willed warrior.” Additionally, it is a shorter version of the classic baby boy name William.

This name is popular around the world. However, it is especially popular in America. Perhaps some parents may like this name because it is shared by the popular actors Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth.

15 Harper

There are many names that started out as the title of a job someone had. Then there are names that began as a surname. Harper is a mixture of both of these categories.

This is a name that can be traced back to English roots. The meaning of it is “Harp player,” which comes from the days when it was mostly used as a last name. Harper was a term used to describe someone who played the Harp to earn a living.

14 Anthony

Our children are worth more to us than anything in the world. Therefore, some parents choose to name their children something that shows them just how much they are loved. This is where the name Anthony comes in.

Anthony is a first name that is primarily chosen for little boys. It comes from a Latin origin, and the meaning of it is “priceless one.”

There are names that are similar to Anthony. Some of them are Victor, Richard, Robert, Mark, Francis, and Zachary.

13 Emily

This name has been given to both boys and girls. Though, it is usually a name that is chosen for a baby girl.

Emily comes from an English background. However, there are a few different meanings associated with it. “To strive or rival,” “industrious,” and “flatterer” are the three meanings connected to this name.

There are a few other versions of Emily. Emil is a male variation, and Amelia and Emmeline are other feminine variations of this name. In America, Emily peaked as a name for little girls in 1999.

12 Grayson

There are numerous names that once were simply known as surnames. Grayson is one of these, as it did not become a popular first name until approximately the 20th century.

This name comes from an English background. The meaning of Grayson is “son of the grey-haired one.”

There are a lot of other ways to spell the name Grayson. A couple of them are Gracen, and Greyson.

This name has been used in the United States since the early 1900’s, at least. It has been very popular for many years, but its highest peak so far was in 2016.

11 Madison

There are a lot of names that have been used for both little boys and little girls. Madison is one of these. While it is primarily used for naming female babies these days, the meaning of it may tell a different story about how it started.

Madison started out many years ago, and it came from an English background. While Madison is mostly a name for girls today, the meaning of it is “son of the mighty warrior.”

Parents who like this name but want something slightly different may choose one of the numerous variations of it. Madisson, Maddison, Madisen, Madyson, and Madisyn are some of the other ways to spell this name.

10 Victoria

This is a great name for parents looking to give their new little girl a first name that will represent how strong and awesome she is. Furthermore, something else that makes Victoria such a popular name is that there are so many cool, spunky nicknames that come from Victoria. Vicky, Vicki, Vickie, and Vikki are some of them, as well as Tori and Tory.

Victoria has been an extremely popular name in the United States of America for a very long time. It is also a well known name in many other countries. Some of them are Australia, Germany, and Ireland.

9 Scarlett

Perhaps some of the most beautiful and feminine names in existence are the ones that make us think about colors when we hear them. This is where the name Scarlett comes in.

Scarlett is usually a name that is chosen for little girls. This name has been heard most often in France, America, and the United Kingdom.

Scarlett comes from an anglo-saxon background. There are two meanings associated with it. They are “red” and “scarlet.”

There are an estimated 125,000 people in the world that are named Scarlett. The popularity of it in the United States did not seem to grow much until after the year 2000.

8 Ryan

This is primarily a name picked for little boys. Ryan comes from two backgrounds, which are Irish and English.

There are some other variations on this name, some of which are intended for female children. Rian is another masculine version. However, Ryanne, Ryana, and Ryann are all feminine forms of the name Ryan.

Parents seem very likely to snatch this name up fast when they are deciding on a name for their new little boy. Ryan is popular in America, Scotland, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada, and Belgium.

7 Jaxon

This name is a relatively recent one. It brings a new and exciting twist to an older, classic name, which is Jackson.

Jaxon is usually given to male children. It has an English origin, and the meaning connected to it is “son of Jack.”

As unique as this name is, there are a few other ways in can be spelled. Jaxson and Jax are two of the various ways to spell Jaxon. Furthermore, there are some names that are similar to Jaxon. Some of these are Ryder, Zander, Bryson, Ryland, and Nikolai.

6 Chloe

There are a lot of cute and spunky girl names out there. Being as short and sweet as this name is, Chloe is sure to make that list.

Mothers will likely choose this name for their new little ones before the end of the year for a couple of reasons. It stands out from other names, and it is very easy to spell.

This name is derived from another name, which is Khloe. It has a Greek origin, and the meaning of it is “green shoot.”

5 Mila

While on the topic of short and sweet names meant for little girls, it is hard not to think about certain names. Mila is one of these because it has a spunky vibe to it.

The roots of this name have Spanish origins. Mila was derived from the name Milagros, which is also from a Spanish background. Additionally, Mila is a form of the Czechoslovakian name Milena.

There are a couple of meanings tied to Mila. One of them is “favored,” and the other is “miracles.”

4 Luna

There are many unique names that are used by many celebrity parents these days. Luna is one of them, and it is not hard to see why Hollywood is loving this edgy name for little girls.

Firstly, this name may sound familiar to fans of both books and films. This is because of the character Luna Lovegood from the popular Harry Potter books and movies. Secondly, the meaning of the Latin name is “moon,” which adds to the coolness of it.

Luna may sound like a name that was just recently invented, However, it is not. This name was pretty popular in America in the 1880’s.

3 Ellie

There are numerous names for both little boys and little girls that just automatically give off a fun, friendly, and welcoming vibe. Ellie is certainly one of these names, and perhaps that is part of what makes it such an attractive name to parents-to-be trying to choose one for their unborn baby girl.

Ellie comes from two other popular names. They are Ellen and Eleanor. Also, it is an English name. The meaning of Ellie is “bright shining one.”

2 Jack

The name Jack has been around for many years. Additionally, it has both an English and a Hebrew origin.

There are a couple of meanings to this name. Jack means “he who supplants,” as well as “God is gracious.”

There is also a form of Jack that is a cool fit for little girls. Jackie has a much more feminine vibe to it.

Jack has been extremely popular for a very long time. Some proof of that is the number of famous people who have had the name Jack. Actors Jack Black and Jack Nicholson are two of them.

1 Jayden

Usually, names are either intended for a little boy or a little girl. However, there are some names that are a good fit for both genders. Jayden is one of these names.

There are a couple of variations on this name. A couple of them are Jadon and Jaden.

This is originally a Hebrew name. “Thankful” is the meaning of Jayden.

There are some names that are similar to the nature of Jayden. Kaiden, Kayden, Julissa, Jayce, Brycen, and Braedon are some of them.

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