25 Baby Names That Moms Are Likely To Choose During The Holidays

There are a lot of exciting things everyone looks forward to each year. Sometimes these things involve travelling to new places, or trying something new that one hasn't participated in before. However, some of the most exciting things that come around consistently every year are holidays. No matter which holiday it is, there are usually quite a few reasons many men, women, and children look forward to it.

During the times of the year when a holiday is coming up, there never seems to be a shortage on the cool things one can do to celebrate it. Furthermore, these events are a great time to get together with the loved ones, especially when it comes to those who live far away, as people normally do not get to see them as much. Many holidays are, in general, some of the best times of every year. So, that means that many people may want to keep the spirit of each holiday alive and well throughout the rest of the year also.

Additionally, because holidays are so popular, there are some baby names that are inspired by them. Here are some names moms may consider throughout the holiday season.

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25 Holly


Not only is this an absolutely gorgeous name for little girls, but it is also a very popular Christmas decoration. The name Holly has a very interesting history.

Many years ago, some individuals hung holly in their homes during the winter time so that they were reminded of warmer days. Furthermore, others believed holly was magical.

Holly got its’ start as a first name in England. Now, it is also popular in America, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

24 May


This is a perfect name for a beautiful new addition to the family. What makes the name May such a great one for a new baby is the fact that many people consider the month of May to be one that brings beautiful weather, so naturally it is associated with beauty, as well as a fresh start to a new season in the year, as a baby is the start of a new chapter of his or her parents’ lives.

May is a name that has a Greek origin. The meaning that is associated with it is “pearl.”

23 Chrissy


There are some names that are cool because of their uniqueness. There are also names that are awesome because of the many different ways there are to spell and pronounce them, and sometimes these names have proven to be so popular that others are inspired to create new names based off of them.

This is where the name Chrissy comes in. It is short and sweet, and there are a lot of variations of it.

Chrissy comes from a Latin origin. The meaning that is connected to it is “follow of Christ.”

22 January


Some parents choose the names of their children based off of famous people from history. Others may pick names that are inspired by places, or even objects. However, there are also some men and women who like names based off of the months of the year.

January is a month that is often thought to be one that brings positive changes, as it is the start of a new year. Since there are positive things associated with January, it makes a great name for new babies.

21 December


There are a lot of first names that are inspired by months and seasons of the year. Along with January and May, December is one of the names that fits in here.

December is a first name that can be traced back to an English origin. The meaning of it is “born in December.”

This name has been very popular in the United States of America for a long time. So far, the year when this name was used the most in America was 1979, when it ranked in at the 2,724th spot on the list of popular baby names.

20 Natalie


When expecting parents are trying to think of a beautiful name that has a lot of variations, Natalie is a cool one to choose. Furthermore, this name is connected to one of the most popular holidays, Christmas, and it has a religious background to it as well.

Natalie is a name of Latin origin, and the meaning of it is “birthday.” Natalie is a reference to Christmas, and therefore a reference to the birth of Christ also. A few of the variants are Nat, Nastassja, and Natala.

19 Noel


This is a name that is heard quite often, but especially when the holidays are on their way. This is because the word noel is mentioned a lot in Christmas themed music, and it is also seen on many holiday decorations. So, Noel is a great name for those who are looking to give their baby a name that is inspired by Christmas.

Noel is a first name that can be used by both girls and boys, but it is primarily given to boys. It has a French origin, and the meaning of it is “Christmas.”

18 Mary


This is a name that has been used by many people in different areas around the world for a very long time. Not only is it just a beautiful name in general, but it also has connections to holidays.

The name Mary can be traced back to a Hebrew origin. The meaning of this name is “bitter.”

Mary is a name that is used a lot in numerous places. The United States of America, England, Ireland, and Germany are all places where Mary is a very popular first name.

17 Joy


This is another name that is often associated with some of the most popular holidays. This is not only because joy is something we feel when we are spending time with our loved ones, but it is also due to the fact that there is a very popular song it is associated with.

“Joy to the World” was written by Isaac Watts. It is played a lot around Christmas time, but a fun fact about this song is that it was never about Christmas at all, but rather the second coming of Christ.

16 Carol


There are some names that have remained popular for many years because they have such a beautiful sound to them. This is where the name Carol comes in.

One of the cool things about this name is that it is connected to a different, yet still quite popular, first name. Carol is the English feminine version of Charles.

“Free man” is the meaning of Carol. Some names that are similar to it are Diane, Phyllis, Carolyn, Courtney, Gail, and Lisa.

15 Olive


There are a lot of different people and things that have been known to inspire names chosen for newborn babies. Furthermore, sometimes plants can inspire new names as well.

Olive is a name that has a connection to plant life. The origin of this name is Latin, and the meaning of it is “olive tree.”

However, this name is also associated with Christmas. Olive is the name of the main character in the animated film Olive, the Other Reindeer.

14 Angel


Angels are often associated with religious holidays, so one of the names new and expecting parents are likely to choose when the holidays are near is Angel. This name is usually given to male children.

There are two meanings associated with the name Angel, and it has a Greek origin. “Messenger of God” and “messenger” are the meanings connected to it.

Angel has been an extremely popular name in the United States for a very long time, and it shows no signs of becoming less popular any time soon. So far, the peak for this name was in 2016, and that is because Angel held the 70th spot on the list of popular baby names in America.

13 Laila


There are many first names that took a while to get popular, and then became quite common. The name Laila is one of them.

This name began as a spelling variation of another well known name, Layla. Layla is an Arabic name, originally, therefore its’ variant has an Arabic origin as well.

This is one name that has a couple of meanings. They are “holy” and “night.”

These days, Laila is used in a few places around the world. Germany, America, and England are some of the spots where Laila has been used as a first name.

12 Snow


Some of the most gorgeous names parents have been known to use were inspired by mother nature and the weather. Snow fits in perfectly here, as many men and women tend to associate snow and cold weather in general with holidays.

The name Snow began with an English origin. Furthermore, there are a lot of names that are similar to it. Some of them are Winter, Clover, Gray, Amethyst, Lake, Ash, Fleur, Autumn, Cedar, Spring, Blue, Briar, and River.

11 Samoset


There are numerous names that have been used a lot throughout time due to the fact that someone with that name played an important role in history. Samoset is definitely one of these names, and it is associated with Thanksgiving.

Samoset was the first Native American person to greet the pilgrims when they arrived in America. Furthermore, he was the man who later introduced them to another famous Native American, Squanto. Squanto taught the pilgrims a lot of things.

Samoset is a Native American name. The meaning of it is “he who walks over much.”

10 Oceanus


There are a lot of first names that have remained popular for a long period of time. On the other hand, there are also names that, despite being a part of history, are not chosen by many mothers and fathers. Oceanus is one of those names, as it is not popular, but it was given to a child who was born on the Mayflower.

Despite the fact that there are not many children who have this name, there are some cool variations of Oceanus. They include Ocean, Oceana, and Oceane.

9 Tom


There are a lot of girl names that tend to be short. There are also many names like that for little boys as well. Tom is one of these names.

This name is often used as a nickname for Thomas. The meaning of the name Tom is “twin.”

The popularity of Tom in America has declined since 1959. However, it is still quite popular in places like Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and England.

There are a lot of names that are similar to this one. Dan, Neville, and Joe are a few of them.

8 Christopher


Many names are associated with holidays due to their connection with religion. Christopher is one of those names.

This is a very popular baby name in the United States. Perhaps that is because there have been so many real and fictional famous individuals with the name Christopher. The popularity of Christopher took a slight dip in the 1900’s, but it began to rise again after 1933.

This name came from a Greek origin. The meaning of Christopher is “Christ-bearer.”

7 Nicholas


This name is definitely one of the most famous names that is associated with a holiday. Saint Nicholas was the inspiration behind one character that is always on the minds of children around the world when holidays are near, which is Santa Claus. The origin of the name Nicholas is English.

Nicholas is mostly a name that is given to little boys. Nichola, Nichole, Nikole, Nicola, and Nicole are some of the feminine versions of Nicholas. Other versions of it are Nicky, Nick, and Collin.

6 Joseph


This name came from Loseph, which is a Latin name that was derived from Yosef. Yosef was a Hebrew name, and the meaning of it was “he will add.”

Joseph is usually a name that is chosen for little boys. There are, however, some feminine versions of it. Josepha and Jody are just a couple of them.

This name has been used in a lot of places around the world. America, Australia, Scotland, Canada, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, New Zealand, France, and Ireland are places where Joseph is a popular name.

5 Emmanuel


This name has a Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name Emmanuel is “God is with us.”

Emmanuel has become a fairly common name recently. Therefore, there are a lot of names that are similar to it. Emanuel, Ishmael, Bjorn, Nicolas, Absalom, Jeremiah, Gaetana, Clemente, Jericho, Eugenie, Solomon, Kelly, Bartholomew, Sela, Carsten, Abraham, and Santiago are just a few of them.

These days, Emmanuel is used in the United States and England. This name began to become popular in America around 1948.

4 Gabriel


There are a lot of names that started out with a Hebrew origin. Gabriel is one of them.

Furthermore, there is more than one meaning to the name Gabriel. “My strength is God” and “man of God” are two meanings associated with this name.

Additionally, Gabriel has a Biblical history. The Bible mentions an angel with the name of Gabriel quite often.

Gabriel is a very popular name in the United States of America. However, it is not quite as popular outside of America.

3 Rudolph


Like Nicholas, Rudolph is a name that is associated with Christmas quite often. This is a name that began in Germany, and the meaning of it is “famous wolf.”

This is not a common name within the United States. However, that was not always the case. Rudolph was actually quite a popular first name for little boys in the 1800’s and the 1900’s. The use of Rudolph did not start to decline until sometime around the year 1930.

This is a very distinct name, but there are still some other names that are similar to it. Some of them are Randolph and Thomasina.

2 Yule


This is a very uncommon name, and perhaps that is why some parents may choose it for their child. However, there are two other versions of the name Yule, and they are Ewell and Euell.

This is a name that is usually chosen for male children. It is often associated with Christmas. Yule has an English origin, and the meaning of it is “winter solstice.”

While Yule is not used much these days, that does not mean the other variations of it were not used a long time ago. Ewell was used quite a bit in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s in the United States.

1 Blaze


This is a fairly new first name. Blaze is primarily given to male children, but some parents have chosen this name for their little girls as well.

The meaning of this name is “stutter.” Blaze has a Latin origin. Furthermore, it is also a used as a last name.

The variations of this name include Blaise, Blais, Blayze, Biaggo, Blayse, Blasius, Biagio, Blaize, Blase, and Blasien. A few more versions of this name are Blader, Banze, Braze, and Blahu.

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