25 Baby Names That Prove Mom Is A Trendsetter

Baby crib, check; rompers, check; pump, check; hospital bag, packed. Baby name? Loading. Giving a baby a name is a challenging task and most mothers change the baby’s name at least once (or ten times) before the baby comes. The best name has to be that name that has deep meaning to the mother and that will serve the baby perfectly as he grows.

In yesteryears, the name was a declaration of mom's affection for Aunt Agnes or deep memories she holds from that trip to Paris. Moms these days do not have such loyalties. Their challenge is what name they can give the baby that is one of a kind. The kind of name almost everyone will ask “what was that?” each time an introduction is made. They want the kind of name even Kim Kardashian will wish she had heard before she named her kids, and that every mom will be clamouring to snatch up. They want to be trendsetters.

With such a tall order to meet and with the list of creative names getting shorter, it is no wonder that most parents take so long to find the right name. The good news for moms-to-be is that we are here to do the hard work of finding that perfect name that will leave everyone from the doctors to the neighbours green with envy.

25 Rowen (Unisex)

Redheads are quite rare, but if mom finds herself with this baby in her arms, the best name is Rowen. People who have this name yearn for inner peace and quiet and are quite analytical of the world. Rowen is said to be quite spiritual and has a great desire to unravel deeper truths.

People who boast of this name tend to be quite successful in commercial affairs and business and have no problem achieving their goals with ease. The only problem is that Rowen has a problem getting her work-life balance and may wind up neglecting her relationships and private life.

24 Zaire (Male)

According to Baby Name Wizard, this name is, "Derived from Portuguese Zaire, itself an adaptation of the Kongo word nzere or nzadi, meaning "the river that swallows all rivers." Pronounced: zah-EER.”

People who bear this name are said to be free spirited and love adventure. These people are quite adaptable and easy going with a high intellectual capacity. They love to be around people and they stir quite a lot of movement with their sense of adventure. The only problem with people with this name is that their rebellious nature sometimes works against them.

23 Zayley (Female)

The name Zayley sounds exotic and is perfect for a little girl. This name is of American origin means dry.

According to Tip Hero, “If you love the name Hayley, this is a fresh alternative to that popular name. According to the numerology of Zayley, it’s said that bearers of the name are peaceful, trustworthy and compassionate. They are extremely intelligent beings, and because of their exceptional leadership abilities, they tend to resent authority or anyone who tries to overpower their personality.”

22 Roderick (Male)

Roderick means “ Famous Power" and is of Welsh origin. This name that is usually used as a surname is now gaining popularity as a first name. People who bear this name are visionary and are great at inspiring others. Anyone named Roderick is idealistic and imaginative with a deep spiritual curiosity.

According to Behind the Name, “the name means ‘famous power’ from the Germanic elements ‘hrod’ meaning ‘fame’ and ‘ric’ meaning ‘power.’ This name was in use among the Visigoths. It was borne by their last king (also known as Rodrigo), who died fighting the Muslim invaders of Spain in the 8th century.”

21 Sena (Female)

“It’s a girl!” This is a great declaration for any mom to make and it comes with great dreams for the girl’s future, not to mention the things mom dreams of doing with her mini-me. The name means “blessed” and is of Latin origin.

According to Tip Hero, “This name is great for a child with a fighting spirit, someone who will not be cowed to others. It’s said that people who hold this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family. They tend to be creative and their expressive nature allows them to excel in the artistic limelight.

20 Adley (Unisex)

The name Adley is unisex that makes it a great bet for those who want to get surprised when the baby comes. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “judicious.”

This name will suit a baby who is compassionate, especially towards the family. Adley is quite sympathetic towards others and can be quite patient and shy. Unfortunately, Adley will be too trusting with a deep aversion to stress. He or she is quite detail oriented and loves order preferring to live in a loving community.

19 Arlo (Male)

If mom is expecting a boy, then Arlo is quite unheard of. The name, which is of Latin and Old English origin means fortified hill. The people who carry this name yearn for peace and tranquility. They are curious people who like to explore the world around them.

Arlos will make a fantastic and very successful leader, mainly because he is a very focused individual who keeps his eye on the main goals. On the flip side, people find Arlos quite intimidating because of his courageous attitude.

18 Armelle (Female)

This name just rolls around the tongue giving the impression of pure French wine or something divine. The name which is of French origin, even has a divine meaning “princess” or “bear prince.”

According to Tip Hero, “It has been noted that people with the name Armelle are playful, outgoing and optimistic. Bearers of this name are also known to inspire and motivate others around them. They do not have a one-track mind, as their brains tend to wander with creativity.”

17 Augustine (Male)

Babies come and take over the household so if you are expecting a male child, what better name defines this little ruler than Augustine? The Roman variation of this sweet name is Augustus and Augustinus.

According to Wikipedia, “Augustine is a masculine given name derived from the Latin word augere, meaning "to increase." The Latin form Augustinus is developed from Augustus, which means "venerable" and was a title given to Roman emperors. Augustine is a born leader who is determined, creative and goal oriented.

16 Bexley (Unisex)

Bexley pronounced as ‘Becks – Lee’ is an Old English name, which according to Mom 365, means “box trees” or “woodland clearings.” It is quite rare with less than 500 people in the U.S. bearing the name.

This is a perfect name for the mom who likes to lead while others follow. Bexley is original, loves adventure and is quite determined. This baby will be his own person quite early in life so mom had better cram in all the cuddles before baby says no. This child will be leading the playground before he is out of diapers.

15 Britta (Female)

Britta has an inborn desire to be a leader. She has a strong sense of personal independence and prefers to spend her days focusing on bigger and more important things in life. Britta knows the magic of delegation, analytical thinking and will make a perfect manager.

According to Wikipedia, “Britta (also spelled Brita) is a female given name that is a variant of the Swedish name Birgitta, which is a form of the Irish Gaelic name Brighid (Bridget in English). The name Britta became popular in Scandinavia and Germany because of St. Bridget of Sweden.”

14 Bodhi (Male)

For those who are truly spiritual, this is a great name to give your son. People who go by the name Bodhi have an adventurous spirit and love to travel and meet new people

According to Baby Name Wizard, “Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning ’awakened’ or ‘enlightenment.’ The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. Bodhi is also the name of the sacred ficus tree (ficus religiosa) under which Lord Buddha sat and obtained his enlightenment.”

13 Calla (Female)

The name Calla sounds like an endearment and even though it is of Greek origin, the name sounds French. A girl named Calla has a great inner desire for companionship and stability in love. People who boast of this name are highly imaginative, idealistic and spiritual. Calla will be the home arbitrator and peacemaker.

According to She Knows, The name Calla is a Greek baby name. In Greek, the meaning of the name Calla is, ‘the most beautiful’.” This name will suit a pretty little girl with curly blonde hair.

12 Crew (Male)

An ambitious child is a parent’s pride and what better foundation for this streak than to give your child a name that points to this? People named Crew are ambitious, goal oriented and determined. Crew is highly independent but can sometimes come off as a bit materialistic.

According to Oh Baby Names, “Crew is a Welsh surname derived from a place name, so-called Crewe near the Welsh-English borders. The town’s name was taken from the Welsh word ‘cryw’ which means ‘weir’ or ‘ford’ in reference to a dam-like structure built across the local river used to catch fish.”

11 Delaney (Female)

Delaney is considered an inspiration to others and is said to hold some spirituality in her. Delaney is quite artistic and will be the center of attention wherever she may go. Delaney is a little flimsy and is a bit careless with her energy as well as money.

According to Baby Name Wizard, “The Gaelic meaning for this name is ‘child of dark defiance’ - so beware! In English, it means ‘from the alder grove’. Delaney is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Ó Dubhsláine, dubh meaning black and slaine for the River Slaine (Slaney).”

10 Embry (Unisex)

Some mothers go for the gender scan and it says girl. After buying pink rompers, the next scan says boy. This confusion can be traumatic but there is a solution when it comes to the name. Choose Embry for either boy or girl.

According to Baby Names, “The meaning of the name Embry is ’work rule.’ The origin of the name Embry is English. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.”

9 Elian (Male)

This name was quite popular in the early 2000’s. This name is perfect for a Christian family with deep spiritual roots and will suit a boy who is deep and analytical.

According to Baby Namespedia, “Both the origin and meaning of Elian is inherited by all variant forms. Elian is used predominantly in the English language and it is derived from Welsh origins. The meaning here is fawn, hind. Saint Elian ap Erbin was a Celtic saint, possibly legendary in the 5th or 6th century.”

8 Harlyn (Female)

The male variation of this name is Harlan and would suit parents expecting twins and who want matching names for them. People named Harlyn attract money and success. They are highly organized and have unmatched business acumen. Harlyn will have an interesting life riding at the top of the success tree.

According to Baby Namespedia,The baby girl name Harlyn is also used as a boy name. It is pronounced as HHAARLAYN. The name is of English origin and is so uncommon that it is not in the top 1000 names.”

7 Keon (Male)

For those who are expecting a baby boy, the name Keon will be quite refreshing in a playgroup filled with Jayden and Joes. Babies who are named Keon have a deep desire to be an inspiration to others and are quite spiritual. These people are intuitive, romantic and quite passionate.

This name, according to Oh Baby Name, “Keon is an Irish surname turned first name, primarily discovered by and adopted within the African-American community in the United States. Keon is basically an Anglicization of the Gaelic surname MacEoin meaning ’descended from Eoin’ with Eoin being another Gaelic form of John.”

6 Kaia (Female)

This little girl will be your helper around the house as she is strong-willed and thrives on order and service. This girl will value justice and values truth as well as discipline. Kaia has a strong business acumen and will be quite successful.

According to Baby Name Wizard, “Kaia is also a derivation of Gaia (Greek for earth). Kaia is not the feminine form of the Hawaiian word for ‘sea’ (kai). Depending on diacritical marks it can mean ’fast asleep’ or ‘swing’ or ‘to cluster together.’ Kaya in Tagalog (Filipino) means ‘ability, strength, power, influence’."

5 Knox (Male)

This name is quite unique with only about 258 people choosing the name for their child in the year 2015. People say that babies who bear this name are very good planners who are born leaders. Because of this, these people tend to be quite successful at getting events rolling. These children are goal oriented and can implement ideas with great determination and efficiency.

According to Baby Name Wizard, the name means “the hills” and is a name given to Knox Leon Jolie Pitt and the son of Joe Kelly, the Red Sox player.

4 Lace (Female)

Lace sounds like a delicate little girl but that is a misconception. Those who boast of this name excel in areas where they are working with others, more so in the art department. Lace knows how to get the best out of life and will dip her hands in a lot activities that can sometimes overwhelm her.

According to She Knows, “The name Lace is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Lace is derived from Lacey, which is a French Nobleman's surname brought to the British Isles after Norman conquest.”

3 Lathan (Male)

This name, which is of English origin according to Name Berry “is a surname recorded as relating to the towns of Layton or Latham and meaning, depending on its derivation, ‘barn’ or ‘leek farm’ or ‘farm by the water’. As a first name, it's reminiscent of the popular Nathan.”

It is believed that people who carry this name crave to be loved and for companionship. These people crave teamwork in order to get their own satisfaction and are quiet, sympathetic and cooperative. Even though they are adaptable and balanced, the only drawback is that Lathan can be easily intimidated by others. When it comes to relationships, Lathan makes a great partner but with some insecurities if he does not get his soulmate.

2 Mireya (Female)

Did all the doctors say that to get a child would be a tall order? Are you in various “trying to conceive groups (TTC)?” If you suddenly wake up one morning feeling sick and on taking that pregnancy test, those two glorious lines appear, the best name for this blessing that seemed out of reach is "Mireya.”

According to She Knows, the name Mireya is an American baby name. In American, the meaning of the name Mireya is miracle. The name is also a Latin name and here, it means "admired." Whichever meaning one chooses to adopt, this girl is going places.

1 Maxton (Male)

Max was a popular name and it was made even more beautiful with the derivation Maxton. The people who are named Maxton turn out to be compassionate about others and are quite a community minded. They have an insatiable desire to be in a loving and stable family.

Maxton has a loving and sensitive nature and it is quite easy to take advantage of him. This name is an alternative to the very popular Max, which is seen as one of the most adorable new age short forms of Maximus and Maxwell. According to Baby Name Science, Maxton, meaning ”greatest,” appeared on the charts for the first time in 1999 on position 3108.

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