25 Baby Names That Say "Stud"

What is in a name? When one really considers the idea that a baby's name is literally what they are called for their entire life, it can start to sound like serious business! Some interpretations of names are quite literal and very simple. There are also names that are deeply meaningful. Parents go to great lengths to search out the perfect name for their little ones. Some parents are certain about their choice! Still others go to the hospital with endless ideas about what to call their precious baby. There are biblical names, cultural names, vintage names, and the growing popularity of the offbeat names that Hollywood stars bestow upon their children! If mom scours the internet she will find that there are more and more articles on cool and unique names for kids, as well as a growing competitiveness amongst friends and families to give their child the best name ever! So who is getting named in this article? Oh, the wonderful little boys! Little boys whose names say little hotshot and big boy stud! Though there aren't many names like “Axl” or “Puma” here, there are a few more obscure names recovered for their stud potential! Here are 25 of the top boy names in the stud category!

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25 Ace

The English name meaning Unity fittingly leads the pack on the list of stud names! Used as a surname, Ace also means noble and is sometimes used as a colloquialism to imply a person best at something. When the deck is stacked against you who better to bring to you glory than “Ace!” The name itself just exudes excellence, a scholar and a gentleman! Growing in popularity over the last few years, Ace reemerged as a top baby names 2006. In the year 2006, American idol had a new contestant, "Ace Young," which probably influenced its major comeback on the charts! It is a favorite amongst Americans and Australians as a baby name. So if you are looking to make your baby the flying ace, the ace in the hole or just the go to guy, then Ace is the name for you!

24 Quest

Quest is very likely one of the coolest names on this baby stud’s list. Not a grossly popular first name, it would also be a very unique and standout name choice. Quest is an English name, meaning voyage or search. Most of life is one big search for our true selves so Quest is an appropriate description of ourselves. Do you remember the classic cartoon Johnny Quest? Seems pretty appropriate that he was always looking for something! In popular culture The Roots Band drummer is none other than Questlove. That’s a pretty cool name, and not sure if it is purposely done but his name translates as “search for love!” So maybe your baby has a cool middle name that gives further meaning to his first name as well. Whatever you decide, one has to admit that Quest may be just the name you have been searching for!

23 Baker

Hey good looking, what you got cooking! The Boernician and Anglo-Celtic name in origin is fresh out of the oven! It may also bring your local sweet shop to mind, but this newly trending boys name is headed for the top of the stud list! Originally a name simply used to describe an occupation, modern times have qualified the name for the cool kids. Baker may not have been on your radar as a top baby name but it is a unique trade from the commonly accepted surname. Baker, often thought of only as a surname, has reinvented itself forevermore. Parents choosing Baker can be reassured it’s not over used, at least not yet. It’s pretty awesome too that with the current Heisman trophy winner, Baker Mayfield donning the name, they will certainly be in good company!

22 Chance

Chance is an English name meaning good luck, good fortune, and chancellor! Taste the rainbow kid, cause you’ve got all the lucky charms! With a name like Chance this little stud is bound to be adventurous and have plenty of good favor in his life! It also means “A remarkable piece of luck!” If you follow popular culture you are sure to know that one of the biggest rappers in music currently is named Chance! An artist, activist, humanitarian, and businessman, one can only hope their own baby Chance will be this much of a go-getter! If you are into single syllable names, Chance is a serious contender. So why not take a chance on Chance? This stud is not only super cool, he’s bound to be well rounded as well!

21 Duke

Duke is of English origin and a name that was given to the highest ranking noblemen. Duke also began as a given or a nickname for royalty. The actual meaning of Duke is derived from the Latin “dux” meaning to lead! A stud and a leader, that’s definitely a winning situation! The name Duke has a regal air about it and a certain amount of reverence. Dukes date back to the Middle Ages in Europe and sometimes held more financial wealth and political power than the actual monarch. In more modern times, the band leader, composer and jazz phenomenon, Duke Ellington is probably one of the most famous Dukes in the last 100 years. His contribution to American music and specifically to jazz is profound. Just imagine all the great ways your baby Duke could lead society!

20 Elliott

Elliott has its origins in the Greek language and literally is the Greek form of the Hebrew, Elijah. When one thinks of the Greeks we definitely think of their mythology. They probably have some of the most famous gods of any culture. We probably even have a certain image that comes to mind when we think of Greek gods. Nearly every Hollywood film that includes them depicts them as handsome and strong. The mighty mighty Zeus, King of the gods, was literally played by Liam Neeson and we all know he is a hunk for sure. What better name to say hunk or stud than Elliot! So it is true, Elliott directly translates as “Jehovah is God.” Elliott isn’t actually “the” god but a reference to god. Seriously though how much closer can you get than that!

19 Fransisco

Fransisco is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of Francis. The name Fransisco, meaning Frenchman or free one, is one of the more popular Iberian names in America. Stereotypically the name is associated with very charming, artistic, and intelligent men. In addition people named Fransisco are thought to be lovers of nature and the outdoors. This actually falls directly in line with the true origin of the name. St. Francis of Assisi is the actual founding father of the name and his followers were deemed Franciscans. They were dedicated to humility, poverty, and the love for all living creatures. St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. What a wonderful history for a name! So if you are looking for a stud name with some Spanish flair and flavor, but love and light too, then Fransisco may be the one for you!

18 Gunner

Gunner is the Scandinavian version of Gunther and means bold warrior! The Swedish form of the name actually means battle strong. In 2016 Gunner placed at number 250 on the popularity charts. While not a grossly popular name in the United States, it definitely is more common in European countries. There are certain names that just sound like a strong, competitive stud! This is one of them! Parents that feel as though the name appears a bit militant should consider there is also the alternate spelling, Gunnar, with an A. This spelling makes it appear a little less intimidating, and a whole lot more fun! Appealing to the more daring parent, Gunner is definitely in the unique and less common categories but the name packs a serious punch in the race for cool.

17 Herschel

The name Herschel is of Jewish origin. It first appeared on the charts in 1910. At that time its ranking was 401 in popularity. It is number 3,487 on 2018’s popular baby names list but that only ensures that your little stud will be one of a kind! Herschel is Yiddish literally meaning deer or stag. Though the name is found to mean “a deer”, this kid is not likely caught in the headlights! Credited with discovering the planet Uranus, astronomer William Herschel may be amongst the most famous of Herschel’s, even if it is his last name. His family of musicians turned astronomers first made the name famous in the 1700’s. Since then an asteroid, a science center and a really famous football star named Herschel Walker have all donned the name!

16 Idris

Idris is Arabic and it means righteous! Righteous is absolutely the adjective any parent wants to describe their child. Good, upstanding, virtuous, and decent, are all magnificent ways to hope your baby turns out! Idris also is a Welsh name that means “ardent lord” or “running lord” and has gained popularity in the last several years. Idris is also an Islamic prophet in the Holy Quran and has definitive religious affiliation as well. If you're into Hollywood movie start you probably know the actor Idris Elba! Should you happen to look up stud in the dictionary, there very well may be a picture of Idris Elba next to it! This Hollywood heartthrob personifies all the makings of a stud as well as the wonderful characteristics that this name suggests!

15 Jace

Number 84 on 2018’s popularity list, Jace is definitely becoming a pop culture favorite! Jace is a derivative of the Hebrew Jason and some may even consider it a nickname. Jace, meaning “The Lord is salvation,” began to make its independence from its roots as Jason in the late seventies. Jace can also be translated in Greek meaning “a healing.” Though the name clearly has biblical reference, the actual sound of the name has a rugged and woodsy appeal. The latter makes for more popularity with the name in states like North Dakota and South Dakota. Boys with the name are thought to have strong leadership skills, be risk takers, and be very determined. The one syllable name Jace also just sounds like a handsome guy! So whichever interpretation suits you best, Jace is a guaranteed to be one hip kid.

14 Knight

Knight is simply the hippest of the hip where names are considered. This English moniker meaning noble, soldier, or warrior was at one time only used to describe a mounted soldier. These days it is also the name of hip hop rapper Nas and singer Kelis’s son. They must have known just how awesome the name is as well as some history. Where is our little Knight in shining armor? Nothing screams little hunk more than a soldier right? Did you know that chivalry is credited as originated by knights? They were bound to uphold strict codes of honor. Who doesn’t love a boy that fights for purpose and is a gentleman? In the early stages your baby will only likely be fighting his sleep, and maybe that poopy diaper change but you get the idea.

13 Liam

Oh the fighting Irish! Liam is the abbreviated form of William. As of late, this Irish name has been making a serious revival in its popularity! It has been in the top 10 baby names for the past three years and is number two in Canada! So what’s all the fuss about? Liam means “resolute protection.” Come on now, who wouldn’t want their child to be named resolute protection! That’s definitely some reassurance every parent could use! Even though there may be several Liam’s in the classroom, individuality is a heavily stereotyped trait of this namesake. One can just picture a little hot shot stud in the making with this name. Some famous Liams include Liam Gallagher from the Britiah band “Oasis” and of course the Irish actor Liam Neeson!

12 Mason

Are you thinking of naming your little stud “the stoneworker?” What about “the builder?” Well that is exactly what you will be doing by choosing this stud certified name! Here are some fun facts. Mason sounds like a less than glamorous title but stone worker is one of the oldest trades in human history and the occupation is responsible for engineering and constructing some of the greatest architectural designs in the world. In 2018 the name Mason files in as number five in popularity and continues to lead the pack in trendy baby names. The perfect name for a stud-to-be! In 2009 Mason was the name chosen for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s cute little first born boy. The name Kardashian actually means Mason in Armenian so that is pretty cool as well!

11 Nolan

This chic and stylish baby name is amongst the top 100 baby names and with very good reason. This Irish name is derived from the Gaelic meaning “Champion,” and who wouldn’t want to be named Champion! Nolan is also loosely translated as noble and famous. Nolan is most popular in the United States, Canada, France, and Belgium. The famous baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan made the name insanely popular in the U.S. between 1966 and 1993 and is a favorite choice of baseball fans. Should you choose Nolan, this little stud will no doubt pack a power punch where attributes are concerned!

10 Ollie

Ollie is one of those unique names graced by that one of a kind kid in school that everybody knows! Ollie is a derivative of Oliver and its most basic meaning is “olive tree.” The olive tree is a symbol of peace. Have you extended an olive branch lately? However Ollie has another meaning from its Germanic roots meaning “elf army.” This may seem a bit strange initially but mythical elves were thought to have magic powers! Boys with the name Ollie are said to have good fortune in business achievement. In other Ollie fun facts, one of the foundations for skateboarding tricks is known as “The Ollie!” Named after its famous inventor, Alan “Ollie” Gelfland, it is considered a standard when learning the art of skateboarding. No matter if your boy is a peacemaker, magician, skater, or a Corporate CEO, this little stud is sure to lead the pack!

9 Phoenix

Phoenix is a name and mythical creature revered in a multitude of cultures and languages. It is accepted all over the world as a unisex name but historically has been used more for boys than girls. The literal meaning is crimson or deep red, probably alluding to the mythical bird’s wing colors, but the metaphoric symbolism of the word is extremely profound. The Phoenix bird is a symbol of power, transformation, strength, and renewal. The mythical Phoenix builds its nest, produces its own heat to set itself on fire and then is able to rebirth itself from its own ashes! Literally recycling and transforming its own life over and over! There is a lot of power in that name! It’s probably to be expected that any boy with this name will not only be a guaranteed stud but most likely self aware and self-sustaining!

8 Reese

Reese is a name of Welsh origin. Traditionally it is a male name, however it has experienced a unique crossover trend in recent years. This change would mean more common acceptance of Reese as a unisex name. Across the UK Reese is categorically male but Americans prefer to choose which gender suits them best. The name Reese actually comes from an old Celtic word meaning passion! With the surge of Reese Witherspoon’s career, Reese became even more popular for little girls but in no way makes it exclusive to the gender. It’s another on the list of lesser common names but is at the top of the stylish category! After all nothing says stud more than a guy that can rock a name that some only see fit for girls!

7 Sage

Sage is defined as a person with profound wisdom! The word initially was a description for “The Seven Sages of Greece!” These men were ancient greek philosophers whose wisdom is still imparted on us today. Sage is also a great herb to cook with, a prophet, and an awesome baby name! Sage has to be on the new trendy list for kids. It may not have been a name on your possibility list but its one you should definitely consider. There are some much deeper meanings for Sage as well. The actual herb Sage is highly used in spiritual and cleansing practices. In some cultures Sage is considered healing and energy cleansing in preparation for prayer. The use of sage for spiritual practices is of Native American origin and has crossed over into popular culture. It’s possible the world needs a few more studs that are also very wise guys!

6 Torian

Torian is an Irish-Gaelic name in origin and translates as “The Chief!” Boys with the name Torian are thought to be very diplomatic. It is also thought that people of this namesake are natural peacemakers in their social and family circles. Considering that a chief is a leader or a ruler of a village or a clan, these stereotyped personality traits seem to be spot on! So how could this translate in your little ones life? These guys are often at the head of their class and or academic, athletic or artistic endeavors. Seems that if the traits for Torian ring true then this little stud is set to excel with grace and diplomacy. There is a good chance he will be bringing people at odds together and levelling the playing field as well! So what better name to have than Torian? All hail the chief!

5 Victor

Victor is one of the oldest and most enduring names and has remained in the top 100 baby names for decades. It has been used since ancient roman times and was very popular among early Christians. It is one of the few non-biblical names that was heavily used by early Christians. Victor is a name of Latin origin and it translates as Conqueror! Naming your baby Victor is probably ensuring his victory in life! He will be great company as there are a few Victor’s in history that have made quite a name for themselves. There is Victor Cruz of the New York Giants, Victor Valdes of Manchester United, and Victor Hugo, the great French poet and dramatist! Victor sounds very sophisticated and masculine but equally sounds rugged and cool.

4 Wesley

Wesley is the famous surname of the founder of the Methodist church. It literally means meadow or a wood clearing. For a long time the name was only associated with members of the Methodist church but has long since expanded its use as a very stately first name. Wesley made its highest peak of popularity during the 1970’s and 80’s but has literally been a contender for strong masculine names for at least a century. Wesley was a very popular name in the southern states for quite some time. Though Wesley definitely has a “prep school” vibe, the name still manages to ring out in a cool unpretentious manner. Remember, private school has its studs too! So if you intend to go that route why not give your son the perfect name for a stud in prep!

3 Xavier

Xavier is derived from the Basque place name, Exteberria. What in the world is that, you ask? Exteberria meaning, “the new house” is just where you will be bringing your loved one after the hospital! It is of Spanish, Arabic, and Basque origin. The name Xavier was heavily popularized by the famous Jesuit priest, Saint Francis Xavier. The name has remained in the top 100 baby names since 2001 and continues to perform well It is a handsome choice. The eccentric and imaginative boys that bear this name are usually always stud approved! If you are into comic books and marvel movies then you know that there is a hugely famous Xavier amongst the ranks. Professor Charles Xavier is the founder and leader of the X-Men! The historical value of the name is great but who wouldn’t want to be like Professor X!

2 Yves

Yves is a French baby name meaning archer! An archer is a person that shoots a bow and arrow specifically at a target. This takes great precision and aim so could this mean that your baby will aim for the stars? The most famous Yves is probably the great fashion icon Yves Saint-Laurent! In 1985, Yves Saint Laurent was called "the most influential designer of the last 25 years." Yves is such a unique male name and one that you won’t soon forget! Should you make a rare acquaintance with an Yves he would like be deeply engaging and steadfast. There is not very much documentation on the name Yves, as it is a pretty rare choice but your baby is a pretty rare stud! The origins of the names popularity is said to have come from two French priests named Ivo, and the spelling has since then evolved!

1 Zane

Zane has more than one meaning but has its origins in several semitic languages. Zane is the Hebrew form of “Gift from God,” and the calculation “seventh.” Zane is thought to be a variant of the biblical name John. In some translations of the Arabic form of the name it means grace and beauty. Only mildly selected as a first name, The American author, Zane Grey, first popularized the name in the early nineteen hundreds. The name was more heavily en vogue around 2003 and still remains to keep a steady pace in the name game! Hip-hop culture introduced rapper ‘Lil Zane” in the year 2000 and that most likely had some influence on the popularity peak of 2003. So instead of writing dear John letters maybe we should think of writing this super stud, Dear Zane!


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