25 Baby Names That Sound Ridiculous Today

Baby names tend to go one of two ways: Parents stick with the classics... or they go for a name that their friends and family have never, ever heard before. It's great when future parents are on the same page about this kind of thing and they both want a traditional name or they both want a unique name. Otherwise, the discussion of what to name their baby can get pretty awkward and upsetting. It's a crucial decision, so it makes sense that parents are so invested in what to name their baby.

These days, parents have endless amounts of baby names to choose from. It would be so much easier if a couple picked a name as soon as they started planning their family and then didn't budge on that decision... but that's often easier said than done. There are so many baby names now that it's a tough choice. There are several baby names that we honestly wouldn't even think sound like names... but as it turns out, parents really do name their babies some of these.

Anyone wondering what strange baby names are out there? Here are 25 strange baby names that we have to hear to believe.

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25 Juniper


According to Cafe Mom, there are many baby names that are actually names for veggies and fruit. Juniper is one of them.

We might not be jumping to name our next baby Juniper because it seems pretty strange. But even if we would never choose it, we can't help but admit that it does have a beautiful ring to it... even if it's one of the strangest names that we've ever heard. We've heard of the juniper bush, sure... but we didn't know that this was actually a baby name.

24 Kale


Cafe Mom also counts Kale among many baby names that are copied from veggies and fruit.

Honestly, this makes us pause for a moment. We can't really imagine naming a baby boy (or girl) Kale. We're convinced that they would raise some eyebrows once they started attending preschool (and teachers would probably wonder what had gotten into the parents). Who knew that just because kale has become such a trendy green vegetable, it's now a trendy baby name, too? If future parents want to keep kale in the kitchen and off their baby name list, that makes sense.

23 Fern

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Of the baby names that were trending in 2018, Baby Center included Fern on the list.

This is definitely another strange baby name that we have to hear to believe. If we met a mom with a baby named Fern, we would probably do a double take and we would want to ask if that was a real name... but in the interest of not being mean, we would just smile. It just doesn't seem like something that needs to be a name. A fern is a plant, not a moniker for a cute baby.

22 Plum


Cafe Mom also mentions Plum as a baby name based on fruit. We're probably used to the name Apple by this point since Gwyneth Paltrow chose that baby name for her daughter. And Apple is a really cute baby name that we're totally cool with.

But Plum? We're not so sure about this one. Even if a mom was big on this name for her future daughter, it seems like she might have some trouble convincing her partner to go along with this baby name.

21 Beatrix

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According to Today.com, Beatrix is one of the baby names that will be super big in 2019. The publication says, "To find out, we measured the names that are attracting the most attention on Nameberry right now versus at this time a year ago. The results give us 100 baby names, both familiar and unique, that we predict we'll be hearing a lot more of in 2019."

Beatrix is a strange baby name and we can all agree that it also seems so old-fashioned.

20 Ocean

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Babycenter included the name Ocean in a list of trendy baby names for 2018. This is another strange baby name that we have to hear to believe.

Seriously, if we met a mom with a baby named Ocean, we would be so confused. We would want to know more about the baby naming process and how she came to that baby name decision. Everyone adores the ocean, of course, but as a baby name? Not so much. We can just picture a kid telling people that their name was Ocean and getting weird looks.

19 Thora

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Today.com also says that Thora will be a big baby name in 2019. When we hear this name, we might think of the actress Thora Birch who starred in movies like Ghost World and Anywhere but Here in the '90s and early '2000s.

No offense to Thora because she's an awesome actress. This just isn't your typical baby name and it's not a super common one that new parents are putting at the top of their list. But maybe we'll be seeing it a lot more this year.

18 Story

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Yes, Story is actually a baby name. Talk about a name that we have to hear in order to believe. Did we have any clue that this was a name that parents were using? No way.

It's tough to imagine parents hearing the name Story and thinking, "That's the perfect name for our little girl or boy." But according to Red Tricycle, it's a baby name that will do really well in 2019. While we all love stories and we want our kids to read them, we can't imagine that this is a great baby name pick.

17 Cressida

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Cressida is another baby name included on Today.com's list of 2019 baby names. And it's definitely another strange baby name that people have to hear in order to believe.

First of all, this is a baby name that is difficult to pronounce, not to mention spell. We can just see it now: parents would name their baby girl Cressida and then for years, when she was in school, she would see people spelling it with only one "s." When parents are thinking about baby names, they want to take spelling into consideration for sure.

16 Zen

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Red Tricycle also says that Zen is a baby name that will do well in 2019, and we're also not sure how Zen can be a name.

Sure, we all want to feel zen. This can feel impossible as moms because, hey, there's always something going on (and going wrong) and it can be tough to feel like we're organized. Moms are always striving for days with a bit of calm, even if it seems like that is a tall order. But would we name a baby boy Zen? We don't think so.

15 Lynx

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Red Tricycle also counts Lynx as a name that will be big in 2019.

Yes, Lynx. This isn't the most pleasant baby name, is it? We kind of get a strange vibe from it. There's definitely something to be said for picking out baby names that not every parent in your community is going to be picking too... but Lynx might be going a bit too far into strange territory. We're going to shake our heads and say no to Lynx for a baby boy name.

14 Journey

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Journey is another name that Red Tricycle put on its list of 2019 baby names. It's similar to Story and we're going to say no to both of these names which bring to mind fictional tales, not baby names.

When we think of the name Journey, are we picturing the band? You know, the ones behind the hit song "Don't Stop Believing" (which the TV show Glee made even more popular)? That honestly makes it tough to believe that Journey is really a baby name.

13 Falcon

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Falcon is Babycenter's list of "unusual and surprising baby names. We definitely have to agree that this is a name that is pretty out there.

Could any parent really name their child Falcon? This seems like more of a boy than a girl name but honestly, it's the name of a bird that is a bit worrisome. Falcons aren't known for being the nicest birds out there. The dictionary definition for falcons is "a bird of prey with long pointed wings and a notched beak, typically catching prey by diving on it from above." Yeah... not the best baby name, is it?!

12 Grover

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Babycenter also put the name Grover on their list, another name that we're not so convinced needs to be a baby name at all.

If we didn't hear about it, we would never assume that this was even a name that parents would choose for their little ones. Let's just get this out of the way: Grover is a character on Sesame Street. And he's great. He's cute and funny. Imagine naming your child Grover and then showing them Sesame Street. It would be weird, wouldn't it?

11 Lion

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Lion is another name on Babycenter's list, and it's another name that makes us stop and go, "What? Isn't that too strange to be a baby name?"

Even if Lion is a baby name that some parents are going for, it seems like a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you imagine your child starting school and being around other kids, doesn't it seem like they would think that it was strange that someone had the name Lion? It seems best to go with another name.

10 Pennylane

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According to a story on Parents.com about "weird, wacky, and unusual baby names," Pennylane is actually a baby name. The publication says, "Several parents seemed to want to ensure that their kids got a royal title in their name—so they smushed together a title and a name. That's how we got Sirjames, Siranthony, and Kingjosiah. But there were a few other odd combos—like Jesusangel and the Beatles homage Pennylane."

We get being big fans of The Beatles since everyone loves them. But naming your child Pennylane? Would you really do that? Why not just name your daughter Penny? That's an adorable name.

9 Rooney

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Rooney is also a name mentioned by Babycenter, and this is another baby name that seems too strange to believe.

Like Journey, Rooney is the name of a band, which automatically seems to mean that it can't possibly be a baby name. It just seems weird to name babies the same thing as a band. Okay, so there's an actress named Rooney Mara and she's cool, but her name works since she has a great last name. We're not so sure about Rooney as a baby girl name in general.

8 Maybelline

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The Huffington Post says that Maybelline was one of the most "outrageous" baby names that parents used in 2017. There were many others on the list that were also based on the names of brands.

Since Maybelline is, of course, a makeup brand, it would never even occur to us that it could be a baby name. We're guessing it would be for a baby girl... but even then, this is too strange. It just doesn't seem possible that this is a baby's name.

7 Laken

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Laken is a name for baby girls mentioned in a list by Popsugar. It sounds too much like the word "Lake" for our taste... and even "Lake" is too strange of a name.

Can we picture naming a baby girl Laken? Probably not, and we might not be able to think of anyone who would go for this baby name, either. While it's definitely a name that is highly original, we're going to say that it's too strange and that it shouldn't be a baby name.

6 Halo

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The Huffington Post put Halo on their list of "outrageous" baby names from 2017, and we can't believe that this is a baby name. It's another name that is too strange to really believe.

First of all, "Halo" is a song by Beyonce. It's a beautiful tune and we love it (and she can do no wrong, of course). So we wouldn't think of it as a baby name. Second of all, it seems safe to say that this name is too out there for the majority of parents.

5 Denim


According to The Huffington Post, Denim was a popular baby name in 2017. It was even chosen for boy and girl names.

Yes, really. This is actually true, even though we might seem like no one would even think that Denim could be a baby name. We're going to say that denim is the fabric that jeans are made of and that we would never even think of naming a baby boy or girl this. We're sure that many parents would agree with this and consider Denim too strange of a name.

4 Trixie


Babycenter calls Trixie an "unusual name" and we would definitely have to say the same thing. We might be thinking of Trix the cereal... which is probably not the right vibe for a baby name.

This is the opposite of a baby name that is traditional and used all the time. While we respect any parents' decision to go for baby names that are different from the norm, we can't get on board with Trixie. It's too weird, and it seems like many parents would think the same thing.

3 Farren

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Popsugar included Farren on a list of baby girl names that are different. Have we ever heard this one before? Chances are, the answer is no and we're not sure that we like it as a baby girl name.

While it's definitely different and would help parents who are brainstorming baby names and want something other than "Sarah" and other typical girl names, it doesn't seem like the greatest choice. If we didn't know that Farren even was a baby girl name, we might say that it couldn't really be a name.

2 Paislee

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Of their list of names for baby girls, Popsugar says, "We looked at the United States Social Security Administration's list of popular names and rounded up an A-to-Z list of one-of-a-kind names."

Paislee is another name from their list... and it gives us pause. There is a clothing pattern called paisley, which might be what came to mind when we first learned that this was a baby name. That doesn't seem like the best idea for a baby girl name.

1 Hartley

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Hartley is another baby girl name on Popsugar's list, and it's another baby name that we have to hear in order to believe.

When we hear Hartley, we probably think of Harley-Davidson which is a motorcycle brand. We also might be thinking of Justin Hartley, the amazing actor who plays Kevin on This Is Us. Hartley is honestly a great last name and it sounds awesome... but as a baby girl name? We would say no.

If parents want baby names that are something different, we understand. They just might want to think differently than these 25 strange baby names.

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