25 Baby Names That Will Make People Say "Wow"

Choosing a baby name is no easy feat, especially if parents are seeking an original name that will have a major wow-factor. Never before have parents been more bombarded with so many unique and beautiful baby names, so it's normal to have a hard time selecting the right name! No one is alone in the search. Most parents who seek out original baby names want to make sure that their child is really one-of-a-kind. With more and more parents opting for unusual first names for their children, many of the classic unique choices are becoming saturated. Instead of having the desired originality, some of these once-unheard-of names are actually becoming the popular choices!

Not to worry, we have moms covered. Whether parents are searching for a name for a boy or a girl, our collection is bound to bring some brand new inspiration. These names are genuinely beautiful, and far from common. With origins that range from antiquity to modernity, most moms will find something that they've never heard before here. So get out a pen and notepad, and get ready to be seriously inspired by some of these great options. Here are 25 Baby Names That Will Make People Say "Wow".

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25 Boy: Amias

Amias is a beautiful baby boy name with Latin roots. The name means "loved", which your new baby definitely will be! The name stems from the historical Amadeus, which is a saint's name, and the middle name of famed composer Wolfgang Mozart. You won't need to worry about competition for this name, either. At its peak popularity in the United States, in 2016, the name reached  a rank of # 1469. A wonderful choice for a baby name that comes with cultural significance.

24 Girl: Tulip

It seems as if there is not many flowers that haven't been used as first names for girls, these days! A more modern alternative to Rose or Viola is Tulip. Definitely less used, and very pretty for a springtime or Easter baby. Though it's been rising in popularity in recent years, Tulip is still virtually unused as a first name. If you want to ensure that your baby will be one of a kind, this is a great option. In 2017, Tulip came in at #3,263 in popularity. Not very common at all!

23 Boy or Girl: Bay

Bay might be a cutesy way to call your lover, for millennials, but it's also a unique baby name that can be used for a boy or a girl. The English name literally means sea inlet, but it can also reference the bay leaf. For those who are really in tune with nature, this is a wonderful choice for your new baby. Though its gained some popularity in recent years, this one syllable name is still a very unique choice! Baby bay!

22 Girl: Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a beautiful and original baby girl's name with Greek origins. The name means "immortal" or "food for the Gods"and has a floral and feminine ring! Although there were some peak periods in the 80's and early 2000's, this name remains quite seldom used for girls in the United States and Canada. There is an Ambrosia in Greek mythology, which adds something unique to this name. A great pick for parents who want a beautiful and unique name that will be a sure crowd pleaser!

21 Boy: Decimus

Decimus is a perfect name for a bay boy born on the 10th of any given month. The Latin deci  means ten. Historically, large Victorian families used Roman numerals to keep track of their children. Decimus would have been the name of the tenth child. Certainly, large families like this are less common nowadays, but the name is a great, original choice! Ancient Roman names have been on the rise in recent years, thanks to the popularity of The Hunger Games. 

20 Girl: Corin

Corin is a less used alternative to Corinne or Coryn. Pronounced cor-EEN, the Latin name is often used for girls, but can also be a boys name. The name means "spear" and derives from the French form of Quirinus. Corin was also a Roman God, and the name has been used by several Gaelic saints. The name is still used quite generously in Ireland. In Canada and the United States, Corin is considered a very unique name that is seldom used. It's top position was in 1990, when it made the Top 2000 name list, at position #1976.

19 Boy: Jotham

Jotham is a Hebrew boy's name which means "God is perfect". The Biblical name appears in the Old Testament, with Jotham being the only survivor of Gideon, after a massacre of his brothers. This name denotes survival and perseverance, and remains a very uncommon name for boys. In fact, it is so unpopular that it doesn't even appear on the Top 2000 list of baby names in the United States. A great, original and unusual choice for a new baby boy!

18 Girl: Dariela

Dariela is a feminine form of Darrell, which comes from the French word for "dear one" or "beloved one". For those who appreciate feminine names, Dariela is a fun alterative to Gabriella or Isabella, and is far more original. It's so unique, in fact, that in 2012, only 15 baby girls across the entire United States were given this as a first name. You will very likely not run into another Dariela at your child's school, so don't worry about a population problem!

17 Boy: Casimir

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If you're looking for a highly unique name, Casimir is definitely worth consideration! Casimir is the English translation of the Polish name Kazimierz, which essentially means "to destroy the world". Sounds dark, but the name actually has Royal relevance. Four Polish kings and several princes have borne this name (and several of them did great things for their countries, too!). The name has become quite popular in Lithuania and Germany, but still highly original in the United States and Canada.

16 Girl: Birdie

Birdie is another unconventional and nature-inspired girls name, which means, you guessed it, "bird". The name has English origins, but is used predominantly in Scandinavian countries, particularly in Sweden. This vintage name was majorly popular at the turn of the 20th Century. It made the Top 200 list of girls names in the 1880's, and has only recently resurfaced as a fun, original option. Nature and animal lovers; this is a great name choice for a fun-loving and energetic little girl!

15 Boy: Finbar

Finbar is a boys name of Irish and Gaelic origins, which denotes "white, fair head". The original spelling was Fionnbharr, but has modernized in recent years. In Irish mythology, Finbar is the name of a fairy king, and Saint Finbar is the patron saint of the city of Cork. With a ton of historical and mythological relevance, this name is perfect for a little blonde-haired babe! Finn and Finnian are more popular alternatives to Finbar, if you are looking for something slightly less unique!

14 Girl: Gray

Unconventional names are gaining major popularity these days. Not only are parents naming their children after trees, animals and fruits, they are also looking to colours for inspiration! Gray is no longer just the colour of the sky when it's rainy, but an original baby girl's first name (which can also be used for boys!). This is a really nice option for people with longer surnames. A one-syllable, simple and short name that is original and memorable. Alternate the spelling to Grey if you are a Grey's Anatomy fan!

13 Boy: Inigo

Inigo is a beautiful, highly original baby boy name of Spanish origin. A variant of the more popular Ignatius, Inigo is a fun and playful name choice. Virtually unheard of in the United States, this unique name means "fiery". Famed Welsh architect and stage direction Inigo Jones carried this name; he was alive in an era where Spanish names were quite popular in Britain. This name is sure to be a unique pick for parents who want something a little different!

12 Girl: Lux

Lux might sound like a name that means "fancy" but it actually has Biblical roots. Derived from the Spanish Luz, the name means "light" and references the Virgin Mary, who was historically referenced as Our Lady Of Light. Lux was one of the daughters in the popular film where the character played by Kirstin Dunst, and is also a character on the television show Life Unexpected. This name can also be used for a boy, and is sure to be an original choice!

11 Boy: Knute

Knute is a very original baby boy name of Scandinavian origin. Pronounced k'NOOT, the meaning of the name is "knot". The patron saint of Denmark is Knut, and Jessica Simpson's son Ave has Knute as a middle name, paying hommage to his great-grandfather. If you're looking for a name that comes with a need to explain pronunciation, this is a sure pick! Original, strong and cool, Knute is a sure pleaser! You will definitely have a one of a kind name for you child with this pick!

10 Girl: Sidra

Sidra is an Islamic name from the Quran which refers to a tree in heaven. Alternately, the Latin origin of Sidra is "like a star". Finally, Sidra is the name of a gulf off the coast of Libya! So this name can represent a tree, a star or a gulf! If you're a nature lover and have a penchant for religious representation in names, this is a beautiful choice for a baby girl. It's quite uncommon as a first name in the United States and Canada, so you likely won't find duplicates in the classroom.

9 Boy: Leonides

Leonides is an ancient Germanic name that denotes strength and bravery. In essence, the name means "lions strength". A variant of Leonard, Leonides is a more uncommon name for boys, and rarely made the Top 2000 baby name list in the past 5 decades! For a strong boy who is fearless and playful, this is a great pick! There will likely not be too many kids sporting this name at school, so it's a great option if you want a one-of-a-kind name.

8 Girl: Snow

In the nature themed sphere of baby names comes another unique option: Snow. For a winter baby, this can be a great pick that is likely to not have too much competition! The name is usually chosen in English speaking countries, and can be a great pick for a fair-skinned child. The name was virtually unused as a first name in America until 2010, when it suddenly rose up to almost 100 babies being named Snow. Definitely an original and pretty name!

7 Boy: Pike

Pike is a great original baby boy's name for parents who love to fish! The English name gets its meaning from the pike fish, and is a unique choice for nature lovers! Nature themed names have certainly gained popularity in recent years, with children being named after flowers, trees and animals. Fish are less common on the list of inspiration, so this is a great pick for those who want their baby to stand out a bit! People are sure to say wow to this one!

6 Girl: Vita

Vita is a beautiful and original Latin derived baby girl name that is the feminine form of Vito. Vita means "life" and is a great pick for a brand new baby! Vita is widely used in Latin speaking countries, as well as in India and Pakistan. It is becoming more common as a first name for baby girl's in Canada and the United States. For a lovely, feminine name, this is a great choice! Originality and wow factor are ensured!

5 Boy: Zebulon

Zebulon might sound like the name of a distant planet, but it's actually a Biblical name of Hebrew origin. Zebulon means "exaltation, or little dwelling" and was the son of Leah and Jacob in the Old Testament. There is also a song by Rufus Wainwright by the same name, which gives a fun cultural add-on! This name is definitely going to get people talking, and you can call your little one Zeb or Zebby for short! A definite wow-inducing name!

4 Girl: Taja

Taja is another Arabic baby girl name that means "to name" or "to mention". Pronouced TAHZH-ah, it is fairly uncommon, and has not made the Top 1000 baby girl name list, to date! The Sanskrit and Persian meaning of the name Taja is "crown", and in some cultures, the name is pronounced Tah-Ha. In English speaking countries, it's far less common than in Arabic speaking countries. The sultry and romantic sound of this name is sure to get a few "wows" from the crowd.

3 Boy: Stellan

Stellan is a very uncommon first name for baby boys in the United States, but more popular in its native Sweden. This beautiful Scandinavian name means "star" and is a great choice for parents seeking out something original and unusual! Actress Jennifer Connolly has a baby boy named Stellan, and there is an actor named Stellan Skarsgard. These pop culture links have made the name more popular in recent years. An overall great choice for a boy who's a star!

2 Girl: Gracia

Gracia is a beautiful girl's name of Spanish origin, which is a variant of the name Grace. While Grace is quite common, ranking in at spot #21 in 2017, Gracia is far less common, coming in at #967. This name can also be pronounced in two way, GRAY-see-ah, or Gray-SHA. The latter is even less common, but will definitely require some commitment to correcting people who innocently mispronounce the name. Either way, if you want a name with a beautiful, romantic ring, this is a contender!

1 Girl: Toril

We've all heard of the baby girl's name Tori, but Toril is far less common! The Scandinavian/Norse name means "thunder" and can make for a very strong first name for a baby girl born during a thunderstorm. The name is the feminine version of Thor, the god of thunder in mythology. Predominantly used in Norway, this is a great and original option for a baby girl. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about the origins of this name, since it is so uncommon!

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