25 Baby Names That Will Make Teachers Freeze During Attendance

Everyone has experienced what it is like to listen as someone stumbles through saying a name for the first time (or even the hundredth time, depending on the name). That moment of painful awkwardness has become a part of everyday life as names are being created, spellings are being changed and names from different languages are being crossed into different cultures.

As beautiful new and old names are introduced to the classrooms it creates an even more difficult first day of school for teachers to navigate as they attempt roll call for the first time. These names are perfect examples of beautiful names from all over both old and new which at first glance are confusing to try to say. If, however, parents can overcome the fear of mispronunciation and accept that it will take time for people to learn how to say them, then these names may make a fantastic choice for the baby. After all, every parent wants their little one to stand out from the crowd instead of fading into the background. Being singled out by the teacher as having the most unique name in the whole class can be considered the mark of quality to some parents.

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25 Kapueo

Kapueo is a name that comes from Hawaiian origins. This name has a spelling that at first glance could make anyone a tad nervous. Kapueo definitely has a sound that is exotic and rare in today’s populations. The name while beautiful and bold has not gained significant popularity and remains currently still relatively unknown.

Kapueo is a name that could be used for either boys or girls. This name means, “owl.” The name Kapueo is pronounced KA-poo-EH-oh which may seem intuitive however if you are entirely new to names of Hawaiian origin it may be a difficult sound to wrap your head around at first attempt.

24 Eira

Eira is a bold yet short name that while beautiful has the potential to trip people up. Eira is a name with a Welsh origin and it means, “snow.” This beautiful short name would be perfect for winter-loving parents looking to honor the season without an obvious name. The name has not gained a significant amount of popularity which may be why it is not often known.

Eira is pronounced as either i-ra or ay-ra. The i-ra pronunciation is the same as the cousin name Ira which simply drops the E. However Eira can also be pronounced ay-ra which is confusing as the ei combo is making an ay sound. This name will definitely trip up a few teachers on the first go around.

23 Llewellyn

The name Llewellyn is one of the smoothest most lyrical sounding names on this list. The many Ls that contribute to this smooth sound however also give it a look that is hard to wrap your mind around. Llewellyn is a boy’s name which is Welsh in origin and means, “leader’s image.” Llewellyn is pronounced LOO-WEH-ihn.

While the double LL is common to the Welsh language however to most English speakers the use of the double ll is unusual unless it is in the middle of a name. The name Llewellyn has belonged to two princes in Welsh so it has won a place in history however it is rare enough that it is likely to cause some confusion as to how to pronounce it.

22 Eryx

A bold and strong name that has its roots in Greek mythology name which looks deceptively like the more common name Eric. The name Eryx is Greek and is said to be the son of Poseidon, God of the sea, and Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. The name Eryx is bold and masculine which is no surprise given its Godly roots, however for such a short name it is easy to get tongue twisted on.

Eryx is pronounced eh-r-oo-k-s. Very similar to its cousin name Eric that big difference is the s sound that comes at the end of the name caused by the x which the c in Eric does not cause.

21 Eirianwen

Looking like it belongs in a fairytale the name Eirianwen is beautiful and melodious. Eirianwen comes from a Welsh origin and it means, “bright and blessed.” This name is beautiful and bold, there is a magical and rare quality to it. Eirianwen however beautiful can be intimidating when it comes to attempts at pronunciation.

Eirianwen is a name that combines many smaller sounds to create a lovely name but figuring out those sounds can be a bit complex. The name Eirianwen is pronounced eyr-ee-AN-wen. This is a beautiful name with meaning and history that is perfect for your baby girl who has brought light and blessing to your life.

20 Ailsa

With names like Alice or Alicia being so common that switch of the I and L in this name is sure to trip up most unsuspecting people. The name Ailsa is a Scottish name that comes from a Norse root. This sweet and lyrical little name has a fairy tale meaning of, “elf victory.”

While the letter switch is easily overlooked it does have an effect on the pronunciation. The pronunciation of the name Ailsa is AYL-suh. Ailsa is a great name choice for a girl, especially for those parents who love fairytale or fantasy genres, however, it is sure to cause some mispronunciations and slip-ups so be prepared to correct people.

19 Aeneas

Aeneas is a name that comes with an extensive backstory. Aeneas is a Greek name that is traditionally used for boys. According to Nameberry, this name has a history entwined with the history of Greece. Aeneas was the son of Venus. He was a hero of Troy and Rome. He is also known to have broken the heart of Queen Dido of Carthage.

This name is one that may have a strong historic tie but it has become so unknown that it is upon first glance a pronunciation nightmare. The name is pronounced eh-n-EE-aa-s, which is pretty much just sounding out each letter individually except the first Ae which are pronounced Eh.

18 Quirinus

Straight out of Roman mythology the name Quirinus is a mouthful. This strong and powerful name is bound to catch an unsuspecting teacher off guard during roll call unless she knows her Roman Gods very well. Quirinus is the God of thunder and lightning. In some cases, he is also thought to be the Sabine god of war.

This name is one that is unique for sure having remained out of the spotlight for many years as naming your children after Gods and Goddess has fallen by the wayside. The name has become so rare that it is almost unheard of at this point making it even more likely that a teacher will trip over it the first time they encounter it.

17 Seallie

Seallie is a name that little is known about. This name is not listed as often as others and when it is very little information is given on it. The name Seallie is a name that is given an English origin and a meaning of, “a princess.” Seallie is a girl’s name and is definitely unique. The rarity of this name makes it difficult to figure out how to say upon the first encounter.

Seallie, however, is a simple name and said exactly how it looks, Seal-e. This name would be an interesting alternative to a name like Sally which is common and overused. Seallie is a strong and sweet name that is perfect for your little princess without having a formal or stuffy feeling.

16 Citlali

Citlali is a name that most people probably have not seen before. Despite rarely having been seen it is impossible to deny this names beauty. Citlali is a name that is attributed to Native American or Nahuatl origins and is said to mean, “star.” A beautiful night sky nature name Citlali is a gorgeous choice for any parent however it is a name that is bound to cause any teacher a bit of stress at first glance.

Citlali is not a name that has achieved wide popularity so it is no surprise that it is one most people have never seen or heard. The lack of background means people have very little to go on when trying to figure out where to start with this tricky little name. Easier than it looks this beautiful name is pronounced SEET-laa-lee.

15 Eydis

Eydis is a name that comes from Old Norse origins. This Nordic name is said to have come from the words auja meaning, “good fortune,” and dis meaning, “goddess.” The name is traditionally a girl’s name and it pulls from those two strong meanings and creates a feminine force of strength and beauty.

Eydis is beautiful and strong, however, it is also a bit tricky for those who are not familiar with Norse style names. Eydis is a name that is teeming with good fortune even for those teachers who stumble over it as it is one that is fairly quickly learned. This bold little name is pronounced, AY-Diy-z.

14 Aglaea

Aglaea is a name that stems from Greek mythology. This name has a Greek origin, a melodious sound and is traditionally used for a girl’s name. While the name definitely lives up to its meaning, “ splendor or beautiful,” it is definitely intimidating to try to take on during a roll call. While this name has not gained much popularity it has a role in history.

Aglaea is one of the three charities, she is the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, and adornment. With this history comes a strength and beauty unique to mythology names but also a complexity. The name Aglaea is beautifully pronounced, ah-GLAY-ah.

13 Euphrosyne

This elegant and formal looking name has a bright and cheerful meaning, “mirth or merriment.” The name Euphrosyne is a name that also comes from Greek mythology and this beautiful name is also traditionally a girl’s name. Even more intimidating than most other names on this list Euphrosyne is a sure fire way to make anyone who is not a Greek mythology buff freeze.

Euphrosyne was one of the three charities with Aglaea. She was as her name suggests the Goddess of good cheer, mirth, merriment, and joy. A happy and absolutely beautiful name Euphrosyne is pronounced, ew-fr-OH-zeh-nee. A mouthful indeed but undeniably beautiful if you are willing to look past that.

12 Idunn

Idunn is a name that comes from Norse mythology and it is a name that is deceptively simple looking. The name Idunn comes from two pieces that mean, “again and love.” This lovely little name comes from the Goddess of spring and immorality who is often associated with youth and apples. Sweet and simple this name is still rare in the United States.

Idunn is a soft and sweet sounding name that is surprisingly hard to wrap your head around. The name is pronounced in a way that is very unique to the Norse langue and if you are not familiar with it you are bound to pronounce it incorrectly. The pronunciation for this sweet name is, ee-thoon or ee-doon.

11 Ksenia

Ksenia is a name of Russian origin. The name comes as a variation on the name Xenia which is Greek in origin and means, “hospitable, welcoming.” This name Ksenia is intimidating mostly due to the confusing beginning combo of a K and an S however if you stop over thinking this name is also rather simple.

Ksenia is pronounced KSAYEH-Nayah. The Ks is still a bit difficult for English speaker but in this case, it is similar to K SAYEH-Nayah where the k sound is still said and just added to the rest of the name. Sure to trip up any teacher this beautiful name has made an appearance in Hollywood through actress Ksenia Solo known for her roles in Lost Girl, Black Swan and Orphan Black.

10 Celosia

This edgy looking girl’s name has a Greek origin. Celosia means, “aflame,” and it has a bright and beautiful look and sound that does that meaning justice. Even though this name is gorgeous it has not yet gained much popularity in the United States making it kind of mystical and magical.

The Celosia is one that could easily trip up any poor and unsuspecting person who is tasked with reading roll call. The name is said to be pronounced CH-eh-LOW-Siy-AH, which is far different from how this sweet simple name looks. This name also happens to be perfect for nature lovers as it belongs to a beautiful flowering plant as well.

9 Locryn

Locryn is a traditional boy’s name that has a Cornish origin but its roots reach back to Welsh languages. The name means, “England.” This name is one of the easier ones on the list however it is still one that is definitely likely to cause a trip up or two. The name has not had much recent popularity and that may be cause for even more trip-ups.

Despite having a prominent role in history, having belonged to a King, this name is not nearly as well-known as it once was. The unique and sharp spelling of this name makes it difficult for anyone trying to figure out how to pronounce it. The name is pronounced LOK-rin and it is certainly fit for a King.

8 Liora

This spelling variation on Leora is one that will likely trip up a few teachers at the beginning of the year. The names Liora and Leora are nicknames for the name Eleanor which is either Greek or Hebrew in origin and means, “light.” While the name Eleanor has had its fair share of popularity the shorter versions have not.

Liora is definitely a name that is simple at its heart. Once you stop overthinking it and accept its simplistic beauty the name Liora is sure to become a favorite name choice. This sweet name meaning, “light” is perfect for the light of your life.

7 Endellion

Endellion is a name that belongs to both a place and a saint. The name Endellion is Cornish in origin and is used as either a boys or girl’s name. This name is one that is not common in modern day although it was used by British Prime Minister David Cameron for his daughter Florence Rose Endellion Cameron.

The name was Endellion belonged to a saint who was the daughter of a King. The daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of King Arthur Endellion was honored by the naming of a Cornish village after her. If this name is not complex enough for you and you want something even more difficult to say the Latinized variation of the name is Endelienta.

6 Noelani

A beautiful meaning for a beautiful name Noelani means, “heavenly mist.” This name is a Hawaiian girl’s name and while it is beautiful it is also a name that takes hearing at least once to get a good sense of how it is preferred to be said. Despite the beauty of this name, it has not yet gained much popularity in the United States as a whole even being native to one of the states.

The pronunciation given for this name is noweh-LAA-Niy. There may be a strong temptation to see the name Noel and Ani in this name and try to use those sounds, that is bound to trip you up. Once you learn the flow of this beautiful name it is sure to be one that captures your heart just like your little one.

5 Aytigin

Aytigin is a name that very little is known about and very few people have ever heard of. Aytigin is a unique and exotic name which means, “moon,” according to some sources. Sources indicate that it is a boy’s name but others do not specify a gender. The name is also sometimes attributed to an Indian or Sanskrit origin.

This name is the epitome of mystery and it is certainly a beautiful mystery, so much so that the sources do not have listed a breakdown of how to say this name specifically. The name Aytigin, however, it a mystery that is bound to stump some poor unsuspecting teachers.

4 Ximena

This name is the female variation on a male name, Ximeno. Both names are Spanish in origin however their meanings are uncertain. Despite this uncertain meaning, this complex looking name has made it to number 121 on the Nameberry name charts.

While this name is no doubt beautiful it is one that will definitely get a second look from any teacher before they even attempt to pronounce it. According to Oh baby! Names, the name Ximena is pronounced he-MEH-nah or shee-MEH-nah. Either pronunciation is bound to take some getting used to for someone who has never seen the name but it doesn’t change the fact that this is an absolutely gorgeous name with a stunning sound.

3 Gael

Gael is a name that can be used for either boys or girls, however, there are different origins depending on which you choose. The one thing that doesn’t change however is that looking at this name raises the question, how in the world am I supposed to say that. For such a short name this one is definitely a bit intimidating when it comes to pronunciation by looks alone. Gael is pronounced how it looks ga-El however it is a strange sounding name compared to many in the United States today which can often trip people up when they try to figure out how it should sound.

When used as a boy’s name the name Gael is Gaelic in origin possibly and means just that, “Gaelic.” This name has some popularity ranking at number 178 on the Nameberry name charts. The girl’s name has not enjoyed the same popularity, however. Gael as a girl’s name is Welsh and means, “wild.” Short and strong this name is definitely a fierce choice whether you have a boy or girl.

2 Xali

Xali is a name that is attributed to an Aztec origin giving it very old origins. This name is one that is traditionally a girl’s name and it is given a meaning of, “sand.” Being such an old name it has in recent years lost some of its popularity however it has an edge to it that may well gain it some new popularity with recent naming trends.

Xali is bold and unique, there are very few names that start with X in use today and many of them are considered difficult to pronounce. Xali is sweet and simple, however, there is not much information on the original way the name was intended to be pronounced which leaves it up to you as to how you would like it said, but also means the teacher may need some time to get used to it.

1 Xerxes

This striking name comes from a Persian origin. Xerxes is a boy’s name which means, “hero among heroes.” While this name may look intimidating to say with the use of Xes it is actually much simpler than it looks. Xerxes is pronounced Zerks-eeze. Simple enough to anyone who knows but to someone seeing the name for the first time it may be a tough one to wrap your mind around.

While the name has not gained much popularity in recent years it has a history. The name belonged to two early kings of Persia, a King of Armenia and a Sasanian Prince. This name is definitely one which has won its place in history. With its bold and regal sound, it is no wonder it has been the choice of Kings and it is perfect for your little prince.

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