25 Baby Names That Will Make You Want To Have A Kid

Having a kid is one of the scariest things ever! Thinking about having one, especially when it might not be the right time. Even though it's a scary thought, hearing a certain baby name sometimes puts in the back of your mind. I mean, let's be real, there are some seriously adorable baby names out there these days!

Trendy baby names have been around since the beginning of America, and as long as the Social Security Administration has been keeping track of them, which was 1880. Before that we have no idea what the most popular names were, but it wouldn't be too difficult to guess.

We hear so many of the same ones that have been in the top 100 for far too long! We're moving past the popular and traditional baby names and bringing some new and different cool names to the table, names that will might even make you consider having a little bundle of joy!

Picking a baby name is a difficult task, jot some of these down for future use, or maybe these will make having a baby seem like not such a bad idea! These names are worth taking a look at either way.


25 Dorian

This ancient Greek name is not only full of history, but it's also full of charm and charisma. Dorian has remained in the top 1000 baby names because of all that it has going for it. Despite its history on the top of the charts, it isn't overused at all!

Dorian is jam packed with interesting historical references. The Dorians were one of the three pre-Spartan ancient Greek tribes. In 1890, Oscar Wilde introduced Dorian in his novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. In the novel, Dorian was a narcissistic character who somehow keeps a youthful and handsome look while a portrait of him ages in the attic.

Dorian is also a musical references and well known in Hollywood. You can't go wrong with this distinct choice for your baby boy!

24 Pip


This popular Dickensian name is cheerful and charming, but somehow also masculine and strong. Pip was originally a nickname for Phillip, but can definitely stand on its own as a first name, especially with the nickname trend that seems to be taking off.

Pip was originally used in Charles Dicken's novel, Great Expectations. Pip's real name in the novel was Phillip Pirrip. He was given an anonymous inheritance that would make change his status forever, giving him a fighting chance to win his beautiful Estella's heart. Pip's character in the novel alone is enough to convince us that this name is an awesome choice!

A rare baby boy name used to be difficult to find, but more and more are coming around and being accepted as legitimate names. Pip is no different!

23 Rue

Despite one of its meanings, this baby name is not one that you are likely to regret! Rue has a few different meanings in a few different languages, making it an adorable baby name internationally! This short and sweet name isn't as simple as you'd think!

Rue is English from Greek for "regret." It is also a botanical name and the name of a famous French street. The plant Rue was discovered by the Romans and is most known for its use for medicinal purposes. Blanche from the Golden Girls middle name was Rue, as is the actress Sara Rue and her daughter Talulah Rue. Rue is also another botanical named used for one of the characters in The Hunger Games

Don't underestimate the power of this three letter name! Rue is one that is distinct and different and one that you won't "rue."

22 Ivory


This moniker was popular a century ago, still remains in the top 1000, but hasn't seen the glory of its former years in quite some time. Ivory is one of the more rare color names that we are loving!

Ivory is a word name that means "pale, white" and is also the white material from the teeth and tusks of animals, which is not quite as pretty as pale white. Ivory is currently ranked #640 on baby name charts, its highest ranking ever, after over 100 years in the bottom of the 1000s.

Ivory is definitely a brave choice, mostly because of some people might associate it with the poaching of animals, but for parents looking for something in the color category, like Scarlett, Ivory is a more rare and unique choice!

21 Eliza

Eliza is traditional, spunky and modern all at the same time. This moniker is definitely familiar, but has had its ups and downs up the ladder from 1880 until 1956, when it plateaued for about 13 years. After that it began another roller coaster ride until last year when it hit #174.

Eliza is a diminutive of Elizabeth meaning "pledged to God." It's been loved in literature and Hollywood. Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice was nicknamed Eliza, Eliza Doolittle was played by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and in Uncle Tom's Cabin Eliza is the slave protagonist.

Eliza has so much going for it, it's almost too much to list. Its new contemporary appeal combined with its 18th century history gives this name a definite fighting chance at the top 100.

20 Estella


This is one of my absolute favorite literary names. Estella is gradually making an appearance in the top 1000 baby names. This moniker hasn't received the appreciation it deserves, or even the appreciation its sister, Stella, has seen.

Estella was Charles Dickens leading lady in his novel Great Expectations. She was wealthy, beautiful and, of course, a total heartbreaker, as her adopted mother, Miss Havisham, trained her to be. The variation Estela or even Estrella are cute options as well.

Estella is Latin for "star." It was in the top 1000 in the late 1880s, but began a slow decent to #910, where it remains today. Estella is a perfect alternative to the popular Stella. Just adding a simple "e" makes this name equally beautiful, but also more rare.

19 Nico

This cool kid name has been seen climbing up the charts recently. Surprisingly, Nico has been in the top 1000 on the American lists since it came to the States in 1988. This moniker has been in the top 500 for four years and will most likely continue to travel to the top 100.

Nico is a Greek diminutive of Nicholas, which means "people of victory." Nico is popular in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and France as a short form of Niccolo, but is just recently being heard more in the U.S., where it is standing alone as a first name.

Nico is sometimes used for girls, like as in Nico Reiley in Lipstick Jungle, but is definitely most commonly heard as a boy's name. This moniker is one that we will probably see closer to the top 100 by next year so grab it while you can!


18 Cosette


This beautiful baby girl also has literary roots that only make it even prettier. This French literary name has everything going for it and definitely makes me consider having another baby, if only I was sure it would be a girl!

Cosette is French for "little thing." This name is most known for and originated from Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables. Cosette was the nickname of the heroine in the book who's real name was Euphrasie. It is said that Victor created Cosette as an alternative to Colette, which seems to be more popular than Cosette.

Cosette hasn't been used for many girls, despite the movies success. Colette, however, is ranked #468. This only makes Cosette even more perfect for parents looking for something of a rare gem for their baby girl.

17 Caspian

This place name has been getting more hits than ever on and is headed toward taking the #94 spot by the end of 2017. Caspian is definitely a new and upcoming name that parents are loving!

Caspian is both a geographical and literary name that's made its way into the top 100. The Caspian Sea is the large sea between Asia and Europe. It is the largest enclosed body of water on earth. C.S. Lewis used Prince Caspian for a character in his series, The Chronicles of Narnia. 

Somehow this name went from being completely not ranked on American lists to the top 100! This is a cool, unique name that sets off romantic and adventurous vibes. This is definitely a name that makes me want to have another baby boy!

16 Zuzu


This cheery and spunky moniker is adorable for today's baby girl. Zuzu is the perfect new fit for the nickname first name trend. It has so much character that parents are definitely going to consider stealing it.

Zuzu is the Czech diminutive of Susan, which means "lily." If you're a fan of Christmas movies than you've definitely heard of Zuzu before. Zuzu was the daughter of Jimmy Stewart's character, George Bailey, on the old Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life.

Famous Top Chef, Tania Peterson, named her baby girl Zuzu Audrey, but it still hasn't made its way onto baby name charts just yet, at least in the U.S. We have a feeling this popular check name might start making more of an appearance in the States soon though!

15 Stellan

Stellan is a super masculine and attractive and has everything going for it. This moniker isn't ranked just yet, but we think it's headed to the top 500 soon! Actor Stellan Skarsgard  might get some credit for the recent love of this one. Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany named their son Stellan after Skarsgard.

Stellan is Swedish, but its meaning is unknown. Some say it means "calm." This Scandinavian name is also said to perhaps be the masculine variation of the name Stella, which in Latin is translated as "star."

Stellan might start taking the place of the popular Kellan, which recently broke into the top 500 at #498. We think this up and comer might definitely want to make you have kids!

14 Otto


This moniker spent several years in the top 100 in the 1880s through the 1898, then began its decent into the high 900s. It never completely left the top 1000 baby names, but it wasn't until after 2011 that it started to make its way back up, landing at #527, where it is today.

Otto is German for "wealthy." It has had several famous royal name bearers, especially ones predating the world wars. Otto the Great was credited for being the founder of the Holy Roman Empire and Otto Von Bismark was also another famous ruler.

Because of World War I and II, German names didn't get much love from the parents of Allie countries, hence the decline in the polls for Oscar, but as of 2015, it has changed its course.

13 Winslet

This English name is making some waves internationally as it enters baby name lists with so much to offer. Winslet is charming, classy and sophisticated, making it the perfect choice for a baby in this decade. Winslet

Winslet is an English surname which maybe came about from beautiful actress, Kate Winslet. If not for her, than it may just be because parents are loving English baby names right now. Winslet means "Wynn's channel or stream." It is traditionally a surname, but like the English name trend, the surname trend is huge right now too.

Winslet's femininity is undeniable and for parents who love a good nickname a simple Wynn of Winnie would be perfect. People might assume that you're huge fans of Kate if you choose this name, but it might just be completely worth the risk.

12 Bronwyn


This Welsh moniker, now a character in one of my favorite books, Mrs. Perregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, has been widely popular in Wales for years. It's not ranked in the U.S. just yet, but it's a pick for #341 in 2017.

Bronwyn is Welsh for "white breast." Okay, the meaning of the name might not be that great, but that is definitely made up for in charisma and charm. Brownwyn can also be spelled Bronwen, which is the more popular Welsh spelling. However, losing the "y" makes it a little too masculine.

Bronwyn is definitely a unique choice, but it's not as risky as others as it is definitely well known around the world. It's attractive and captivating and is perfect for parents looking for something with a little cultural appeal.

11 Ophelia

This top 20 baby name literally went directly up the ladder from #975 in 2015. Should we thank The Lumineers for that? Whoever gets the credit doesn't change the fact that this baby name has surprised everyone with its crazy recent success.

Ophelia is Greek for "help." Created for originating this name is given to Shakespeare who used it for his tragic heroine in Hamlet. It was also used for a character in Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

At only #580 last year, this name jumped the most spots to get to the top 20 as any baby name has. Since 1880 it hasn't gotten above a 232 ranking. It maintained a spot in the top 500 until 1936 when it started plummeting. This is one of the fastest rising girl names of all time, you better grab it while you can!

10 Gatsby


This moniker is another one that is surprisingly up and coming, but we don't hate it! Gatsby is definitely a name for a cool kid chosen by cool parents. It's familiar yet different and unique.

Gatsby is a German surname. It came into popularity through F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Supposedly, this is considered a unisex name, but it seems much more suitable for a boy. Gatsby in the book was really Jay Gatz, but he decided to make his name a little more fancy to suit his cover as a man of great wealth a little better.

This moniker, just like Jay Gatsby, is full of charm and pedigree. You could even change the spelling to Gadsby to change it up a little more, but it is definitely unique enough with the original spelling.

9 Juliette

This French variation of Juliet is even more beautiful than the English form. Juliette has been up and down the low 500s to high 900s from 1880 through 2009, when it suddenly broke into the top 500. It surpassed Juliet last year when it hit #199.

This romantic Shakespearean name is most known for her part in the play Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare didn't realize his spelling would be surpassed by the prettier spelling Juliette by 2017. Juliette is the French form of Julia which means youthful, and was ranked #88 itself just last year.

Juliette is undoubtedly beautiful and has finally outgrown her attachment to Romeo and parents are finally beginning to appreciate it for all that it is. After all, it was Juliet that said, "what's in a name?" wasn't it?

8 Saylor


Saylor or Sailor, no matter how you choose to spell it, is by far one of the coolest upcoming names of the decade. This moniker made its way into the top 1000 baby names in 2015. The Saylor spelling, however, made it into the top 500 last year, hitting #440.

Saylor is a spelling variation of the occupational name Sailor, which is also a surname. It has a pretty cool history that makes the use of it as a first name even more special. Saylor was once used in Germany in medieval times as related to the word seil, which means rope maker. It was used as a surname for those who had the occupation of making ropes, as sailors do.

Saylor is definitely a name that we will be keeping our eye on as it continues to climb the charts!

7 Thurstan

This Scandinavian name is getting some attention from parents internationally. Thurstan and spelling variation Thurston are both loosing their Gilligan's Island feel and becoming appreciated for the strong names that they really are.

Thurstan is the Scandinavian variation of the name Thurston, which is "Thors stone." It is also said to be of Old Norse origin which means the Scandinavian thunder God. It's more commonly used as a surname, but is becoming a legitimate first name. From 1884 through 1945 Thurstan was in the top 1000. After that it disappeared off of the charts.

There have been several famous name bearers with as a first and last name, probably most common was Thurston Howell, the millionaire from Gilligan's Island. We've moved past the haughty pedigree Thurston once had and it's a bit more down to earth now.

6 Emerson


This unisex name is becoming the break out name of the year. I already know three baby girls who've been given the name, and it was at the top of my list for a baby boy too! Emerson for both genders reached their highest ranking ever in 2016. Emerson for a boy was ranked #296 last year and #161 for girls.

Emerson is German for "the son of Emery." The meaning makes it sound a little more appropriate for a boy, but nicknames like Emmie and Emmy make it even cuter for a girl. Maybe this moniker will finally start kicking the overused Emilys and Emmas out of the top 100?

It was Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher's daughter Emerson who really brought this name over to the girl's side after it was long used more prominently for boys.

5 Wilder

On my baby boy name list twice in a row, if only I could convince my husband! Wilder is such a cool name combining adventure, literature and everything boy into one name. Wilder is definitely a name to watch as it begins to creep up the charts.

Wilder reached #723 last year after it hit American lists in just 2015. It may have gotten a slight boost of encouragement when Goldie Hawn's son Oliver chose it for his son in 2007. This word name is more popular as a surname, and is well known in Hollywood.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Gene Wilder, and Douglas Wilder are just a few of the more famous Wilders. This name as a first name is right on board with the surname trend that has been up and coming in recent years.

4 Ellington


Another unisex name that will make you think about having babies is the adorable Elligton! Ellington is another break out name that is joining the popular "Ell" trend that just won't seem to end. If you can't beat them, join them, but join them with an even cooler name in the category.

Ellington is an English place name and surname that means "Ellis's town." Ellington's name bearers like Duke, have previously made this name seem more appropriate for boys, but today the name is used more often for girls. This may be because of its possible nicknames like Ellie and Elly.

Though Ellington isn't ranked it just yet, it most likely will join the others of its class soon. Ellington won't stay off the charts for long!

3 Zora

This ancient Croation name is absolutely adorable! I had never heard of it before, but my love for the old Zoro movies made me curious about this one, which is actually getting a decent amount of attention from today's parents.

Zora is Serbo-Croation for "dawn." Leader of the Harlem Renaissance and author, Zora Neale Hurston, was one of the name's most famous bearers. She would also be a pretty cool namesake. Zora held a spot in the top 1000 from 1880 through 1939, when it completely left the charts.

Zora can also be spelled Zorah, which was the place where Samson called home in the Old Testament. This spelling variation also ads a little more softness. Either way you spell it, it's unique, rare and beautiful and definitely a name to keep an eye on!

2 Presley


Presley appeared on baby name charts in 1998 at #989. Since then it has managed a pretty steady climb up to the top 200 last year. Presley reached #187 in 2015 and only dropped slightly to #201 last year. We can't wait to see where Presley will land at the end of 2017!

Presley is English for "priests meadow." When Tanya Tucker named her baby girl Presley it began a spark and parents starting falling in love with this name! Though it hasn't reached the top 100 yet, it just might reach it soon.

Presley hasn't lost its association with Elvis just yet, which is probably why it is more commonly used for boys and for girls. Even so, this moniker is considered unisex, and even for none Elvis lovers, choosing it for a boy would definitely be a unique choice.

1 Tobias

Tobias is a name that sounds Biblical, classical and cool all at the same time. Tobias rose to its highest ranking ever last year coming in at #246. It has, however, been in the top 1000 baby names since it landed on the American list in 1880.

Tobias is Greek from Hebrew for "God is good." It has several famous name bearers like the Scottish novelist, Tobias Smollett. Tobias Wolff is the author of A Boy's Life. Tobias Eaton was the male lead in the Divergent series. Tobias Snape was featured in the Harry Potter series. The name Tobias is used to describe several figures in the Bible.

Tobias is an up and coming name that will probably climb even closer to the top 100 this year! It's one that will make you think seriously about wanting a kid!

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