25 Baby Names These Moms Wish They Changed

Whenever a couple is expecting, one of the many preparations they have to do by the time the baby arrives is to figure out a name to use for their new bundle. And, many parents have already chosen the names they want to use even before the pregnancy.

However, many couples do not even know what they want to name their babies even during pregnancy. Therefore, that is why there are so many baby name websites around to help them narrow down to the name or names they want to use. So many factors come into play when people are naming their babies.

Some parents choose to name their kids the most popular names, and some prefer to be more unique. Many parents also choose to name their babies after loved ones, whether they are alive or deceased. And, other parents just like a certain name, and want to use it without making any kind of other considerations.

However, what would happen if parents were set on using a name that was no longer in style, or had a negative association? That could potentially be a bad idea for their kid's sake. Now let's go over 25 names that moms have used, but wished they had used something else.

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25 Bertha

Via: fr.dhgate.com

Whenever a couple wants to name a baby, most of the time they want to use a name that has a positive meaning. For instance, bright and cheerful names are usually appealing. However, that also depends on how the name sounds. That said, the name Bertha is German for bright and glorious.

However, according to Nameberry, their experts have said because of the fact that the German giant cannon that was used during WWI was called Big Bertha- that name has not been used at all often since then. That is because it is hard to imagine a sweet baby girl is named after a giant cannon essentially.

24 Harvey


Names that have a meaning of strength are quite appealing as parents want their kids to be strong since life is full of battles that no one can predict. Therefore, they want to make sure that their kids are resilient as a result. Because of that, a name like Harvey has been used in the past because it is French for battle worthy.

However, according to Nameberry, their experts have stated that the name Harvey has dropped quite a bit in popularity especially over the past year due to Harvey Weinstein. And, that is quite understandable given Weinstein's reputation, which would discourage any parent from wanting to name their son Harvey.

23 Gertrude

Via: Magicmaman.com

Speaking of strength, parents really want to see their daughters be strong since they will inevitably encounter life's difficult punches that have been thrown at them. And, the name Gertrude is German for the strength of a spear.

However, according to Nameberry, their experts have stated that Gertrude is not an ideal choice for parents to use for their daughters. Gertrude was incredibly popular in the year 1900, but the popularity died down since and has not been used since 1966.

Some older names are coming back into fashion, but Gertrude is obviously not one of them. As a result, many parents are not using this name for their daughters.

22 Gunther

Another name that is associated with strength is in this list, which is Gunther. Gunther is of German origin and means battle warrior. It is a name that is used for boys. According to Nameberry, their experts have stated because Gunther sounds hard and not overly easy to pronounce, its variation, Gunnar has taken its place.

According to the same source, Gunnar is a Scandinavian version of Gunther and currently ranks at #502 on the list of popular names that are used for boys. That is likely because Gunnar sounds a lot softer than Gunther, and is much easier to pronounce. That will make life a lot easier for the little boy.

21 Helga

When parents are choosing a name for their babies, they also like the idea of naming their children names that are associated with prosperity and success. And, a name that means just that is Helga. It is of Scandinavian origin. Helga is also a name of a character in Harry Potter.

However, according to Namberry, their experts, Helga is a very old name that was very popular among the German community in the late 1870's to the early 1900's. This name is extremely old-fashioned, and it is one of the older names that is not coming back in style. Again, this is why many parents are hesitant to use Helga for their daughters.

20 Risa

Via: oshiprint.in

I personally added the name Risa to this list, and it had nothing to do with any experts have said about it. Risa was the middle name that was given to me at birth, and I never liked it growing up. As a result, I legally changed it in 2012 to Rachel. And, I am happy to have made that decision.

Risa is Latin for laughing, and according to BabyCenter, the popularity of the name Risa has gone down quite a bit over the last few decades- as it has always been rare as it is. And, I have personally come across others who shared their opinion of the name with me as well over the years. Some of them absolutely love the name Risa, and others absolutely dislike it. There seems to be no in between. The latter is obviously applicable to me.

19 Howard

Via: Healthforthewholeself.com

Another name that is associated with bravery is Howard, and it is of English origin. According to Nameberry, the popularity of Howard was incredibly high. Howard made it into the top 50 popular names used for boys from the 1870s to early 1950s. However, ever since then, the name has not been used very often.

I personally don't think the name Howard is a bad name, but it is a very old name that was highly popular roughly a century ago, plus or minus a few decades here and there. And, it is one of those old names that are not anywhere near coming back into style.

18 Myrtle

A name that is linked to fertility, youth, peace, and love would normally be appealing to a lot of parents. However, other factors come into play which also influences on how popular a name which is linked to all of those would become. And, Myrtle happens to be a name that represents all of that.

Myrtle is a botanical name as well, and according to Nameberry, because it was quite popular in the 1940's, and the popularity of the name has gone down since. Many parents are hesitant to use Myrtle for their daughters since there is no indication of that name coming back into style.

17 Percival

The name Percival that is used for boys is French for piercing the valley. And, according to BabyCenter, Percival was one of those names that were highly popular in the late part of the 1800's, and the popularity of it started dying down roughly a century ago. Because Percival is one of those older names that have no indication of coming back in style, many parents are hesitant to use that name for their sons.

According to the same source, Percival currently ranks at #17,043 on the popular boy name list. And, the popularity of the name has even dropped further over the past year by 5,141 points. That is evidence right there that many parents are not keen on naming their sons an old name that is not coming back.

16 Sausage

Via: Firstcry.com

Food names have been trendy for quite a while now. It is not uncommon to hear food names that have been used for babies like Saffron, Kale, Peach, Honey, Brie, Ginger, and thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow- Apple has been used.

However, one name that has also been noted to be used for girls is Sausage. And, even though sausages are delicious (I think so anyway even though they are not healthy), the fact that the name ranks at #16,208 on the list of the most popular names used for girls tells you something. That is according to BabyCenter, and that ranking number was from 2015, as there are no updates on that.

15 Sally

Cheerful names are incredibly appealing. That is a known fact, and that has already been covered. However, again, other factors come into play which determines how appealing the name would be like how it sounds- or if it is an old name that is not coming back.

Sally happens to be one of those names. Sally is a variation of Sarah which means princess. However, according to Nameberry, Sally was highly popular in the 1920's up until the 1960's, and it dwindled down after. There is no evidence of it coming back into style in English speaking countries anyway. According to the same source, Sally has gained popular in Sweden again as it is a top 100 name there.

14 Ethel

Ethel, which is English for the noble maiden, and is a name that is used for girls- obviously. However, according to Nameberry, the popularity of the name Ethel started to spike in the early 1900's. That was due to the popularity of the Broadway star Ethel Barrymore. In fact, back then the name made it to the top 10 and stayed in the top 100 until 1939, according to the same source.

There has not been any evidence of the name coming back in style, as it is very old. I also cannot help but wonder if that song by Alice Cooper, Cold Ethyl hurt the chances of the name gaining popularity again. Even though the spelling is different, it is the same name.

13 Airwrecka

Airwrecka is actually Erica or Erika with a different spelling. That name is the feminine version of Eric, and it is of Norse origin for the sole ruler or the autocrat. And, according to Nameberry, Erika or Erica is still in the top 1000 popularity list of names that are used for girls. That said, there is really nothing unusual or non-appealing about that name.

However, according to Parents Magazine, a poll was created on Reddit for the most non-appealing unusual baby names. And, Airwrecka made that list. Not because of the name itself. It's because of how the name is spelled, which will definitely create more work for the child who has that name by having to spell it to others all of the time.

12 Abcde

There is a good chance that you have already heard of the name Abcde, which was not even a name until the last decade or two. According to Bustle, Abcde has been used for 328 babies since then, and the same source states that the earliest record of the name is in 1990.

The name Abcde is pronounced as AB-si-dee. And, there is a very good chance that the oldest individual with that name may have legally changed it by now. That is considering since the oldest child that had this name was born in 1990, that makes this person a 28-year-old adult - or close to it depending the time of year that baby was born.

11 Chardonnay

You may have already heard of babies that were named after drinks like Brandy, Bellini, Cassis, and Chianti. You may have also heard that Chardonnay falls into that list, and it is a name that has been used for girls. 

According to Nameberry, their experts were extremely critical of the name Chardonnay and said it is best to name your poodle Chardonnay instead of your child. The name currently ranks at #12,105 on the list for the most popular names for girls, according to BabyCenter.

Even though that ranking is a sign that the name is one of those that is truly way out there- surprisingly the popularity of it keeps climbing. That said, Chardonnay is catching on, and many parents do like it and have used it.

10 Gus

Via: Edmontongazette.com

Everyone wants their kids to be great and magnificent. And, in that case, it is a great motivator for parents to name their kids a name that is associated with greatness. However, other factors come into play on whether the name is a good fit based on how old it is, and how it is pronounced.

That said, the name Gus is Latin for being great and magnificent. According to Nameberry, Gus is said to be a name that is more fitting for an older gentleman. And, it was on the top 1000 list for the most popular names used for boys from 1978 to just a few years ago. And, it is used as a nickname more than anything for names like Augustus, Gustave, and Angus- and rarely used as an independent name.

9 Ralph

Via: Cafemom.com

The name Ralph is a very old name, and it is used for boys. It is of German origin and means wolf-counsel. And, according to Nameberry, Ralph was in the top 30 from the 1870's to the 1920's, and it has hardly been used since. Respectable entrepreneurs like the fashion designer and philanthropist Ralph Lauren has that name, and the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson had that name.

Additionally, Ralph is a Shakespearean name that was in the play, Henry IV. However, because of the fact that Ralph has not made a comeback since the 1920's and other factors have added a negative association with the name- it is unlikely to be popular again. The negative association with Ralph is sickness. And, I don't need to elaborate on that!

8 Nevaeh

Nevaeh is a new name, and according to Nameberry, Nevaeh is the backward spelling of heaven. That said, there have been many parents who have used that name for their daughters over the past decade. In fact, Neveah was in the top 100 list of the most popular names used for girls for a while.

And, other parents who liked the name spelled it as Neveah which lies just under the top 1000 list, according to the same source. However, according to LiveScience, Nevaeh was one of the most despised baby names used in America. That said, even though some parents obviously like it, there are many more who do not at all.

7 Danger

Word names are also becoming popular, and one of the first individuals that started this moment was actress and musician, Shannyn Sossamon by naming her son Audio Science that she had given birth to in 2003. That said, another word name that has been used for boys is Danger.

According to BabyCenter, the name Danger ranks at #10,897 in the list for the most popular names used for boys. And, according to the same source, the popularity dipped down even further from over a year ago by 3,531 points. That means this name was used occasionally but is being used even less nowadays. The experts at Nameberry also state that Danger is a very macho name but definitely too aggressive.

6 Aliviyah

Via: Namberry.com

The name Olivia is Latin for olive tree and is still in the top 10 names that are used for girls. That is how popular Olivia has become noways. And, unless parents do not want their daughters to share their names with five other girls in her class, they would have no reason to regret naming their daughters Olivia.

However, Aliviyah is another story. According to Parents Magazine, a section on Reddit had a bad baby names discussion, and Aliviyah was part of it. The fact of the matter is if you do name your daughter Aliviyah instead of the name in its original form- that will only create more work for her when it comes to having to spell her name. Let's not forget that she will have to tell others how to spell her name as well, which will become tiresome.

5 Jayden

The name Jayden is a variation of Jadon, which is a Biblical name. Jadon means he will judge or that God is heard. In some sources, it may mean thankful. And according to Nameberry, Jayden is a gender-neutral name. However, it is a lot more popular for boys than it is for girls. Jayden is in the top 30 names used for boys, and for girls, it just squeaks within the top 1000 names that are used for girls.

However, despite that information- especially when it comes to the use of the name for boys, there has been criticism about the name. According to LiveScience, after people were interviewed about what they thought about certain baby names. The results for Jayden was a thumbs down because they stated that the name barely existed as a name until the 1990s.

However, the reality is that can be said about many of the other names that are used today. It is apparent that these individuals simply did not like Jayden.

4 Jarica

Via: Parents.com

When you think of Jarica, you would think of Jericka or Jerrica from the 1980's animated TV series, Jem. However, Jarica is actually not related to Jericka. In fact, based on a report that was done on people's opinions about certain baby names by Parents Magazine, many people were very critical of the name Jarica.

The reason for that is because the name is a creation of Jessica and Erica, which wasn't necessary to do. According to BabyCenter, Jarica ranked at #10,705 on the list for the most popular names that are used for girls, and it keeps tanking. That said, very few people are using this name.

3 Mhavryck

The name Maverick literally means being a nonconformist, and according to Nameberry, Maverick ranks at #85 for the most popular names that are used for boys. Therefore, there is definitely nothing wrong with Maverick.

However, Mhavryck, which is Maverick spelled in a unique way, is another story. According to Parents Magazine, based on research that was done by collecting people's opinions of baby names- Mhavryck was harshly criticized because of the fact that it was a different spelling of Maverick. Therefore, that would also create a lot more work and confusion for the boy who has that name.

They said if parents want to name their sons Maverick, then just spell it the way it was intended.

2 Bernice


Names that are related to being victorious are appealing, and that also depends on whether or not the name is stylish. Bernice is that name, and the origin is Greek. According to Nameberry, Bernice was highly popular from 1900 to 1936. In fact, it was in the top 100 list for the most popular names used for girls during that time period.

In fact, Bernice peaked at #39 in 1921. However, after the 1940s, it was incredibly rare to hear Bernice as it ran its course before then. I believe it because that was my grandmother's middle name. And, there is no sign of the name becoming popular again any time soon.

1 Bernard

Another name that has to do with bravery is Bernard. And, even though parents want to name their kids names that are associated with strength, Bernard would likely not be one of those names. That is because, according to Nameberry, Bernard is another name that was highly popular almost a century ago, and is not likely to be in style again any time soon.

According to the same source, Bernard was at #45 in the list of the most popular names that are used for boys in 1921. However, after that point, it was used by parents far less often- and that hasn't changed either. 

Sources: Namberry.com, BabyCenter.com, Parents.com, Bustle.com, LiveScience.com

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