25 Baby Names US Teachers Have Only Heard Once

When it comes time for a mom to choose a name for her baby girl or boy, it can become extremely challenging at times since there are thousands upon thousands of names to pick from. There are some names that are very common like Samantha, Nicole, or even Michael. Then there are mildly underused names such as Nevaeh, Silas, or Wade. But then, there are very uncommon names such as Caylen, Erix, and Hannalea that even US teachers have only heard of once before.

Some moms prefer to give their child a one of a kind name that will make their little guy or girl stand out from the crowd. Whether a mom is choosing a traditional, uncommon, or unique name, the name picked will be something that their child will have all their life. It can be considered the first gift–besides the gift of life–that a mom will give to her child. It will also set them apart from other common names, putting them on a road to greatness. Not that all kids aren’t great, but uncommon names tend to be remembered for their uniqueness.

Moms who are searching endlessly for the perfectly rare and unique name for their little one have come to the right place. It doesn’t even matter if a mom is looking for something for a baby girl or boy because there are names for both genders on this list to choose from.

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25 Abriella

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Abriella is a rare name that means, “One who is derived from God” and “Pillar of strength.” Traits for this name tend to be intellectuals who require multiple outlets for their active imagination. They do nothing on a whim and tend to be planners, often wanting others to stick to the laid-out plans made and not stray away from ideas that they had in mind. One with this name is often bold, independent, and is are not afraid to take risks or go on adventures. They will have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy doing research about things they care about as well.

24 Aiyanna

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Aiyanna is such a sweet name for a baby girl. It happens to be the name a friend of mine chose for her precious daughter. It means “eternal blossom.” People with the first name Aiyanna tend to be intellectually gifted and they may require multiple outlets for their active imagination. They are planners, and inquisitive, and love to learn. They crave financial and emotional security. Aiyanna’s tend to be peacemakers who seek harmony and a sense of balance. Their life they may feel incomplete without someone to share their love and ideals with. Aiyannas often work well with others but not as a leader. They may also be very sensitive and could appear a bit shy.

23 Caylen

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Caylen is a lovely name that you could choose for your daughter. It holds the meaning of, “One who is a pure woman.” Traits for someone with this name include being very cheerful and friendly. However, they may be very emotional or sensitive and easily hurt with words or actions. They like to be busy and creative; having many projects going on at once. People with this name are talkers; you know the type that the teacher will need to keep focused in class. They are not shy and are able to get up in front of a crowed promoting her or other’s ideas with great charisma.

22 Ena

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Ena is short and sweet. It means, “Someone who is passionate and graceful.” People with this lovely name crave harmony but has a wandering soul. They often find it challenging to handle their impulsive nature, need for freedom, and love of traveling the world. This can make it difficult for them to settle down. Being overly adaptable can sometimes create many obstacles such as the fact that some may see them as someone who cannot settle down or be taken seriously. Enas will be very cable of taking care of themselves.

21 Erlinda

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Erlinda is something that most teachers in the US have only heard of once. It means, “princess” or “spirited.” If you were to choose this lovely name for your daughter, she can often be a bit impulsive since people with this name are free spirited people. Erlindas don’t need materialistic things in life since they have little meaning. They will usually love to travel and find it difficult to settle down in one place. They can also be very courageous and bold; someone defiantly willing to take action and is strong-willed.

20 Fireese

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Fireese is a very unique name that happens to be a combination of the word’s “fire” and “ice.” Girls with this name tend to be very kind, compassionate, and friendly. They seem to feel comfortable taking responsibility and are well organized. If they are able to, they feel comfortable working from home or being a stay-at-home mother who enjoying building a neutering safe environment. Fireeses seem to be very intuitive, capable, selfless, and very devoted to the ones they love. The best types of careers for someone with this name would be as a teacher or nurse. They are also usually very intrigued in the arts, drama, or sciences.

19 Hannalea

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Hannalea is a gorgeous name for a little girl. This name means “A graceful bringer of good news.” For many moms, finding out that they are pregnant is definitely considered to be good news. So, why not choose a name for your daughter that holds such a wonderful meaning? People with this name are often very successful in any job they set her mind to and they also usually excel in business with a very self-sufficient attitude and has a passion for success. They tend to have a head for finances along with a bold emotionally secure sense of one's self. They will usually know what they want and have the smarts and drive to go out and get it.

18 Horizon

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Horizon is a wonderful name for any little girl to own. It means, “Apparent edge of the land.” If you were to choose this name for your daughter, she would be set to be one smart, successful businesswoman who is sure to make out in great wealth if she sets her sights on it. Horizons usually possess strong organizational abilities, have a determined completive nature, and are goal orientated. They are suited for an executive role in any company and she is willing to work her way up. Yet she will still provide for her family and build a safe, financially and emotionally secure home for those that she loves.

17 Jalissa


Jalissa is a fantastic name for a little girl and it can also be spelled as Julissa. This name means “Gods promise.” Daughters who are lucky enough to possess this gorgeous name can be full of a multitude of ideas; inventing many things with such creativity and ease. They can be very honest, courageous, and determined to learn. Sometimes starting things and not finishing them is a trait that can often be found in people with this name, especially if they get bored and feel like moving on to something new. They also tend to have charisma and are capable of doing well in any social situation while still being completely independent.

16 Kapri

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Kapri is a beautiful name that you could choose for your little girl. It means “Caprice” and “Whim.” People who are lucky enough to own this lovely name seem to be very versatile, idealistic, and intuitive. They may be very successful or take their failures to heart and feel very strongly about them. They can be either extreme. Just like with most people, they may need a bit of encouragement when they are down and out but they will usually find their motivation when working on a project in order to meet their goals. They may also love taking care of others and are often a good team player other than being just the leader.

15 Naira

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Naria is a superb name for a baby girl. It means “the one having the bigger eyes.” Narias have excellent imaginations and can be seen as very inspirational to others. They are not the type to make the same mistakes twice; they learn and then move on. They tend to often be outgoing social butterflies who make friends with ease. Nairas are usually very independent individuals, so you won't need to worry about them needing a partner in crime. They are also highly intuitive and usually trust their gut instinct – which is generally right on point anyway.

14 Raelyn

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The name Raelyn is so adorable. It is a modern invented name with no real meaning. If your little girl were to own this name, she will be a warm-hearted humanitarian who gives compassion freely to others. She may also love volunteering her time to a worthy cause that she believes in. She may be a bold creative individual who is willing to take the time to dive into research; always wanting to know more about the things she feels strongly about. She could be a charismatic leader who feels comfortable talking in front of a large group of people. She will usually be okay being a very independent person on her own, but she will also be able to comment to a loving relationship when she finds the right person.

13 Shaylee

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Shaylee sounds so sweet and innocent which makes this name perfect for any baby girl. It means “from the fairy place; a fairy princess.” What a beautiful meaning! Baby girls with this name can win your heart over with their charm or sting you like a bee if you were to ever get on their bad side. They are very spiritual minded when and when they believe in some there is no budging their beliefs. They are often intuitive, creative, and very focused. They will get so involved in a project and keep going until they achieve success – both emotionally and financially. On the rare occasion that they do lose interest in something, they will just leave it unfinished. They just seem to know when to walk away and go on to something new.

12 Aace

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Aace is a unique spelling compared to the traditional Ace. It means “unity, luck, and excellence.” It is no wonder people with this name are meant to be leaders and not followers. They are intellectually gifted people who usually know exactly what they want, why they want it, and how to get it. They are often very independent individuals who love to ask questions and find the answers on their own. They like to be able to go off and do their own thing without following others. Aaces tend to be the masterminds behind projects without having to get their hands too messy.

11 Bailei

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Bailei is a very uncommon name for a baby boy. It means “a warrant officer of a judge.” Baby boys with this name tend to grow up to be very passionate young men. They can be very sentimental and emotional at times. Baileis can be passionate people who may be a little moody every now and again. They can go to great heights to make sure the ones they love are taken care of both emotionally and financially. When they set a goal, they usually stick to it. They try to learn all they can to achieve success in life, and they usually always know what they want and go out and get it. They may be a little on the shy side, but they able to move into the leadership role when needed. They also have the tendency to play the role of the peacemaker as well.

10 Dandre

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Dandre is an adorable name that you could choose for your son. It holds the wonderful meaning of “a strong man.” Dandre’s often makes for savvy businessmen when they grow up. They are usually not known for being extremely spiritual since they are more interested in the bottom line and materialistic gain. Dandre’s are determined and love to take charge of their life. They often play the role of the boss and everyone who knows them knows this to be true. They like to work and being in a position of authority. They can also be serious-minded yet down-to-earth. They may also be very independent and can be okay with being a workaholic bachelor until they meet the right one.

9 Erix

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Erix is a wonderful name for a little boy. It means “island ruler” or “eternal ruler.” Erix is a spin on the more common and traditional name Eric. People with this name love when everything is harmonious but can adapt to changes when something in their life isn’t how they think it should be. Erixs need to feel free in order to feel alive. They can achieve great things if they set their minds to it; they are fully capable of achieving high honors when they apply themselves. They are the type of people who may not be able to feel complete unless they find someone to share their lives with.

8 Garson

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Garson is a rare name for a boy that means “Son of gar.” Baby boys with this name usually grow into brilliant young men who are very opinionated, deep thinkers. Garson’s are often wide and exude mystery. They want to be in stable and loving homes and environments. They are very intuitive individuals, but intuition is something that does not come naturally for them. They have lived and learned to develop their abilities. They also sometimes prefer solitude to large crowds.

7 Jamari

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Jamari is a lovely name that holds the meaning of “A good-looking man.” People with this first name are often very brave individuals. They grow up to be honest, determined, and hard-working young men. They tend to be very creative and are usually gifted artistically. Although, they do not always finish every project that they start. Sometimes they will give others the details and have them take over where they left off. Jamaris like to investigate the unknown and if it were up to them, they would search endlessly for the meaning of life.

6 Jaxton

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Jaxton sounds like the perfect name for any little athletic boy. There is no known meaning and it is a US created name. Jaxton’s are by no means shy and their easygoing attitude makes it possible for them to entertain or even speak in front of an audience. They are often very courageous individuals. They will take the lead in the things that they believe in or when fighting for an important cause. They know their likes and dislikes very well and are not scared to go for what they want out of this life. Jaxton’s are also honest and trustworthy individuals.

5 Kayson

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Kayson sounds so sweet and innocent. Your little boy would grow up to love this gorgeous name. It means “healer.” Perhaps boys named Kayson would grow up to make excellent doctors one day. They find enjoyment and resolve in helping others. They often find that their luck, finances, and health and all in great conditions. They tend to use their leadership roles to lend a hand to mankind and do not do it for recognition. They are trustworthy and want to make their home and work environments as safe as can be. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

4 Kevani

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Kevani is a unique boys name that means “a gentle child.” They are always looking for ways to better themselves. Kevanis are very bright and grasp just about anything that you explain to them. They are easily adaptable to new situations and change as long as their values are not compromised. They also tend to very intuitive and when they get a gut feeling, it is usually best for them to roll with it. However, Kevanis can sometimes be pulled in two directions: one of great happiness and one of unhappiness. When they follow what they believe in, it usually leads them down the path of happiness.

3 Omarion

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Omarion is a name that most teachers in the US have only heard of once for a little boy. It is a combination of Omar and ion. They are perhaps one of the more patient individuals that you will ever meet. They often excel in school and absorb everything they look like a sponge; making school maybe not as challenging as it could be. However, they sometimes have the bad habit of holding in their feelings instead of releasing them. Omarion’s tend to believe that everything has its rightful place, but they need to remember to express the emotions they're struggling with keeping in.

2 Porter

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Porter is a lovely, uncommon name for a baby boy. It means “One who guards the gate.” Porter’s have this excellent gift at being able to either verbally express themselves or get it out in writing. They would often make for very good authors, writers, or motivational speakers. They strive for balance and harmony in their life. Porters can sometimes come off as being a tad bit shy, at least until you get to know them. They want to be able to share the things they love with the people that they love and care about the most.

1 Terryll

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Terryll is a unique name that is a modern invention. Unfortunately, that also means that there is no known meaning for this fabulous name. People with this name can sometimes appear to be a bit controlling, but they find great comfort in order and having things done a certain way. Terrylls are very affectionate and caring individuals. They are able to learn new things with ease. They are also the type of person that you can trust with every fiber of your being. If you have a secret that you need to get out but don’t want others to know, Terrylls are definitely the way to go! They are also very patient and nurturing individuals.

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