25 Baby Products Only The Richest Parents Can Afford To Buy

Pregnancy isn't a walk in the park! But there are things that can help to make up for that (besides the beautiful bundle of joy at the end, of course)? Presents! Mamas-to-be deserve to be absolutely spoiled with goodies after all of the hard work they do. And of course, they want those same luxe goodies for their little ones. When you're not busy trying to relieve pain or freaking out about childcare, you might be scrolling through your the internet and putting together your dream baby item wish list.

Pregnancy can be a rough time for mama. Things are swelling, growing, and moving. There are aches, pains, and also weird cravings. Shoes don't fit anymore, backaches are an everyday affliction and sitting comfortably is virtually impossible. Even if comfort is finally achieved, the need to visit the ladies' room then strikes at the most inopportune time. Amidst all this, shopping usually becomes the pregnant mom-to-be's favorite pastime and it can be hard not to daydream about some of the more expensive baby products available out there.

We have the perfect options for you. Of course, these items belong on a dream wish list. If you actually asked your friends and family to buy these gifts for your baby, they might laugh in your face. But we can dream! It never hurts to window shop and think about what you'd buy if you won the lotto.

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25 A Coach Fit For Your Little Princess

Really want to spoil your little one? Then you'll have to register for this ultra extravagant fantasy coach from Posh Tots that starts at an alarming $47,500. This wood and fiberglass coach is handcrafted in the United States. The diameter of the coach is six feet but can be made to your specifications. You can also add linen and interiors for an extra cost. But even if you could get together almost $50,000 (plus delivery), where are you going to put this monster? Seriously, this thing is going to take up an entire room.

24 The Smartest Bassinet On The Planet

So not only is this bassinet stylish, it's really really smart. It's almost like it has a mind of its own! The SNOO Smart Sleeper is able to detect when a baby is crying and then create soothing sounds and motions that replicate the womb until baby is lulled back to sleep. It's basically a built-in nanny. Instead of arguing with your partner about whose turn it is to go pick up your crying baby, you can just let this bassinet do it! Surprisingly, it can actually be found at Walmart.

23 A Hand Crafted Highchair For Your Little Captain

Take your love for all things nautical to the next level by registering for this nautical high chair fit for a little sea captain! Of course, preparing your little captain for sea comes at a price. And that price is $918 at Posh Tots! That's how much it costs to get something hand painted with gold gilding. Worth it? Probably not. But if you're really into the nautical theme or need something super expensive to sit in your beach house, this could be a great choice.

22 The Fashionista’s Dream Diaper Bag

Is there even a point in carrying a diaper bag if it isn't Gucci? Seriously, why even bother? It's Gucci or it's nothing. Why wouldn't you want to take a designer bag and stuff it full of diapers, diaper cream, wipes and baby clothes? Plus, if you're really lucky, you might even have to put a dirty diaper in there or some clothes with a little throw up on them. It doesn't get more luxury than that. So quick - add this $1690 Gucci diaper bag to your registry!

21 Ultimate Baby Carrier For The Parents Who Love To Hike

Via: The Freelance Adventurer

A baby carrier is an item that would show up on many new parents' baby shower registries. It's important to have a carrier that is supportive, safe and comfortable. But is important to have one that costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars? For some parents, that's probably the case. If you're planning to take your little one on lots of long hikes through nature, you need something like this BABYBJORN Baby Carrier, which can be found at Walmart. It's water-repellent, moisture wicking, ergonomic and optimized for comfort.

20 Only The Best To Extract Your Liquid Gold

If you've decided to bottle feed your baby some of that liquid gold you're making, you're going to want to find the perfect pump. There are lots of options when it comes to pumps. It's important that mama finds one that is comfortable and works for her. If you want to go high tech, there's the Medela Sonata double-electric breast bump. The pump connects to an app that provides updated lactation information, tracks baby's growth, and records your pumping sessions. The pump also adjusts to your body, is quiet and extracts milk faster. And all that will cost you just $595!

19 For When Your Baby Needs Stimulation But You’re Just Too Tired

Via: Little People's Cove

Okay, I know this looks like a cardboard box that someone cut holes into. Or maybe like a playhouse that is unfinished and needs a coat of paint. But it's actually a fully finished Strictly for Kids Mainstream Infant Stimucenter. The top tier allows space for safe crawling and mirrors for visual stimulation. The bottom tier lets more advanced crawlers navigate the maze of openings. Could you make this yourself with some plywood from Home Depot? Most likely. Or you could buy this one for almost $1500!

18 A Stroller For The Poshest Little Baby

Via: South China Morning Post

You might think your kid will get their first set of wheels at 16 or maybe even 18 or 20. You probably assume they'll inherit grandpa's old car, borrow the family van or buy some used jalopy off Craigslist. But baby's first set of wheels comes much sooner - their stroller! And you don't want your kid to be riding around in something old and boring, do you? Of course not! You want something top of the line and stylish. You want the Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition. And it'll only set you back about $5000.

17 Need A Tub? Why Not Cover It In Crystals?

Via: Pinterest

What would make bathtime more fun? A rubber ducky? Nah, that's much too plain for your posh tot. Maybe some fancy soaps? No, that won't cut it. Obviously, you need a bathtub covered in Swarovski crystals. You need a tub that sparkles! Each Swarovski crystal is applied by hand and each tub is custom made. Feeling left out? Don't worry - they make this tub in adult size too! And they even encourage you to buy a few baby tubs so your pet can have one and so you can use one as a cooler for drinks. They'll only set you back $5200 per tub.

16 Literally, An Invisible Crib

Found at Nursery Works, the Vetro Crib is invisible! Ok, not entirely but it is see-through; how chic is that? You no longer have to buy a crib that perfectly matches your decor. You can just move in an invisible one that matches everything! And you don't have to creep up to your baby's crib in the middle of the night to peer over and see if they're sleeping. You can just check from the doorway since the crib is see through.

As a bonus, this crib is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Plus, it kinda looks like your baby is levitating, which is awesome. And it can be all yours for the super reasonable price of $4500.

15 Because Your Baby Can’t Handle Room Temperature

Via: Amazon

Most parents use baby wipes to clean up any messes that happen in the diaper. And they usually use them straight from the box. But some parents think those wipes from the box are just a little too chilly for baby. After all, they might be room temperature or even slightly colder than that. A baby can't be expected to handle that, can they? So these parents buy the Bela Beno baby wipe warmers and bottle warmer. That way, baby's wipes are at the perfect warm temperature. Clearly, nothing feels better than cleaning a dirty diaper with something warm in your hand. Find it on Amazon if you want one for yourself.

14 The Perfect Baby Monitor For Helicopter Parents In Training

Via: Gumtree

Back in the day, our parents would just have to listen really carefully if they wanted to know whether or not we had woken up in the night. Or they would wait till we were wailing loudly enough for them to hear. And then they invented baby monitors where parents could hear if their baby made a noise. And then they came up with video baby monitors so parents could not only hear what was going on but also see. With the high tech Chicco top digital video baby monitor, you can also zoom in on the image, play recorded lullabies and talk to your baby with two-way audio. Luckily, it can be found on Amazon.

13 Sheets Fit For A Baby Queen Or King

Via: Bella Notte Linens

What's the point of having a fancy crib if you're just going to put old tired sheets on it? You would never, right? It's gotta be the nicest, softest and most luxurious sheets for your little guy or gal. For a cool you $158 (mattress not included!), you can get the Madera crib sheets. As per Posh Tots, these sheets are "made with Madera, a fabric that is smooth to the touch with a subtle luster and easy drape and made with 100% Tencel-- an environmentally sustainable, low-impact fabric." They are made in the USA using non-toxic dyes.

12 What’s A Crib Without A Crib Skirt, Really?

Via: Pinterest

So you've got the fancy crib and the fancy crib sheets. What else do you need to finish the look of your crib? Why, a crib skirt, of course! Most adults don't even bother putting bed skirts on their own beds, let alone finding one for their baby's cribs. But this 100% linen voile Belle crib skirt gives your baby all of the elegance and sweetness he or she needs. It just takes the crib up a notch and it will only set you back $242 at Posh Tots! But who could put a price on ruffles?

11 Every Child Needs An Heirloom Rocking Horse

It's time for a true classic! Every child needs their own rocking horse, right? It's a great old school toy that would make any nursery complete. Of course, this isn't just any old rocking horse. This is an heirloom horse. It takes a single artist months and months to finish this masterpiece. They handcraft the horse out of Linden wood, sand and paint it to perfection. Next, they add glass eyes, a genuine leather saddle and bridle for riding, and real horse hair for the mane and tail. The Dapple Heirloom rocking horse from Posh Tots can be all yours for the price of $2400!

10 The Pint Sized Rocking Chair For Your Little Prince

If the rocking horse wasn't your style, maybe you'd prefer a rocking chair? Can't you just picture your little angel climbing up into this chair and reading a book before bed? So sweet! Of course, you wouldn't want your little prince sitting in anything other than the best. This Prince Child's heirloom rocking chair is handcrafted and handpainted. Also found at Posh Tots, it features gold finishes and a crown that you can get monogrammed. It's only $645 but don't worry, you can still save a bundle - shipping is free!

9 The Chair Mama Is Never Going To Want To Get Out Of

So we got a rocking chair for your little one, but what about for you? Doesn't mama deserve a rocking chair too? In fact, if you'll be doing all of the feeding, burping, cradling and soothing, you'll definitely need a chair of your own. Putting a great rocker in the nursery is a no-brainer. And you'll get it all with the Manhattan Glider Blanche Pink is both fashionable and comfortable. Doesn't it look like something you could just sink into? But comfort comes at a cost - $5370 to be exact at Posh Tots!

8 A Mattress With An Organic Coconut Core Because, Why Not?

Via: Nook Sleep Systems

How could we forget about the mattress? It's all good to have a beautiful crib with super soft sheets and ruffled bed skirt. But what's the point if your mattress is awful? Obviously, you also need a luxury mattress. That's the only way your little one is going to get a good night's sleep. As per Posh Tots, the Pebble Pure crib mattress is: "Breathable, Non-toxic, Water/stain resistant, Hypoallergenic, Comfortable, Microbe-resistant, Anti-mite, and Anti-fungal." It's all about infant health and cleanliness. You get all of that for just $395!

7 Luxury White Gold And Diamond Pacifier

Via: CNN Money

Now, this is what we call luxury. As soon as diamonds are involved, you know it's going to be top of the line. Most parents buy pacifiers by the pack as their kiddos are always throwing them, losing them or getting them dirty. The pacifiers are usually plastic and pretty cheap. But not this one. This diamond pacifier, which can be found on Babywit, is made out of 18K white gold with diamond studs. And it's only $16,599. No big deal, right? Who doesn't want to spend tens of thousands on a pacifier?

6 A Perfectly Posh Dresser & Change Table

Via: Rosenberry Rooms

Let's do some more interior decorating. Because we only want the best for your baby! And what could be better than some luxurious furniture in his or her nursery? Every nursery needs a dresser and a change table, after all. The Beverly seven drawer dresser is all about old-school Hollywood glamor. Found on Post Tots, it's stylish and can still be used in your child's room as they grow up. Plus, you can customize the base color, the molding, the accents and the hardware. You can bring it home now for just $2195!

5 Baby’s First Sterling Silver Sippy Cup

Many little ones have their favorite sippy cup. It's the cup they want to drink all of their beverages out of at every meal and snack time. They carry it around in their mouths just for fun and you have to sneak it away to give it a wash. It comforts them and makes them feel like a big kid. A cup is a right of passage. Make your kid's sippy cup experience even more special with the Tiffany Love Baby silver cup option. Of course, it doesn't have a lid or a spout, so you better hope your kid doesn't spill. And you better have about $600 for the cup.

4 The Ultimate Piggy Bank

Via: AncientPoint.com

After all this shopping, you might be going broke. So you'll want to start your kid off with a piggy bank so they can start making coin from day one. A piggy bank is an icon of childhood when kids would have paper routes or do chores around the house to earn some money. Of course, the piggy bank isn't supposed to be worth more than the money inside of it. But that likely won't be the case with the sterling silver Tiffany Piggy Bank, which you can get for $2,700.

3 Every Baby Needs A Leopard Print Highchair, Right?

If you weren't a fan of the nautical high chair we showed you earlier, or if you just want to see more choices, maybe this animal print one will be more your style. This is for the little diva who needs her mashed peas and carrots cooked to an exact temperature. The Oval highchair in black and ivory leopard from Posh Tots is a regal chair fit for a princess. On top of being stylish, this chair is also very practical. The seat can be removed for easy cleaning, there's a safety belt and the fabric is waterproof, stain resistant and mildew resistant. You get it all for $1560!

2 A Cradle Fit For Royalty

A cradle, or a bassinet, is like a smaller crib that parents use for the little one. Often, the main crib will be in the nursery and a smaller crib or bassinet will be in the parents' room or in the living room. So why not have some fun with your cradle and go for something really luxurious? The Dolce Notte cradle is imported from Italy and takes six months to handcraft. There are hand carvings and the finest Italian leather is used. Enjoy it for $6500 at Posh Tots!

1 The Ultimate Teddy Bear

Every baby needs a teddy bear, right? We all have fond memories of our favorite stuffed animal. We carried it around everywhere with us, brought it to daycare and couldn't get to sleep without it. Don't you want that for your little one? And you'll get it with this perfect teddy from Tiffany & Co. It's a mohair bear with Tiffany signature blue paw pads and a sterling silver heart charm. The craftmanship on this bear is second to none. And that's why it costs almos $500!

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