25 Basic Baby Boy Names For Future Bros

According to Urban Dictionary, the term bro can be used in a few different ways. Guys can say hi to each other by saying, "Hey, bro," and a bro is also described as "an alpha male." It also seems like many people would say that bros are pretty basic. They like the same kind of music, they love to hang out in big groups, and they dress the same way (usually fairly preppy, with lots of polo shirts and flip-flops and baseball caps). Everyone knows these types of guys, whether they went to high school or college with them and are still social media friends, or maybe they encounter them at social gatherings from time to time.

When coming up with baby names for a boy, it's safe to say that many parents want to steer clear of names that seem like something that a bro would be called. Whenever there is a character on a TV show or in a movie who is definitely a bro, they tend to have the same handful of names. These names are also fairly classic, so many parents can't help but choose them for their child, and it may only be later that they realize, "Oh yeah, that name does have a bro vibe to it..."

Here are 25 basic baby boy names for future bros.

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25 Matt


Matt is short for Matthew, and this is definitely one of the most popular baby boy names. We all know a few Matts, don't we?

According to Nameberry, "Matthew was the third most popular boys' name in America throughout the 1980s and '90s, and is still one of the top boy names starting with M. The New Testament Matthew is the epitome of the fashionable classic -- safe and sturdy, yet with a more engaging personality than John or James."

The website continues that some parents are calling their sons Mateo and Matthias because "Matthew is so common by now." Matt is not only a popular name but also a basic bro name for sure.

24 Jack


Jack is another baby boy name that is not only basic, it sounds like the name of a future bro.

Thought Catalog calls this name a "frat boy" name and jokes that Jack is someone who "Knows all the words to ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid."

According to Nameberry, Jack is an incredibly popular name: "Jack was, until 2011 when he was unseated by Oliver, for years the Number 1 boy name in England and is widely used in America as well, having returned to the Top 100 in 1996 and ranking as one of the most popular boy names starting with J." The website describes it as "a durable, cheery everyman form of John."

23 Mike

Red Tricycle

It's tough to go wrong with a name like Mike. You can name your baby boy Michael and call him Mike for short, or just call him Mike.

Even though many parents might defend their choice by saying Mike is a name that has been used for decades and it's classic and strong, the truth is that this does seem like a name of a future bro. When we think about it, we realize that many bros tend to have four-letter names.

22 Thad


Thad is definitely a basic bro name, and also sounds like the kind of guy who would be in his college fraternity, right?

It's easy to see that if parents named their baby boy Thad, they could get some questions from friends and family members. This is a name that is basic but it's also not as popular and used as often as Jack or Matt. It also kind of sounds like a superhero or the character in an action movie.

21 Mason


Mason sounds like a bit of a hipster name since it does bring to mind mason jars. It's also a basic name for future bros.

According to Babble, it has an interesting history: "In its old-school incarnations, Mason was a straight-forward occupational name meaning “stoneworker.” Today, it’s a hit among celebs and non-celebs alike; clocking in at number two on 2011’s most popular boys’ names list, Mason is a choice contemporary pick for baby boys and girls, and is appearing in an endless array of spellings (Masyn, Macin, Maysen…)."

20 Hunter


Hunter is a strong name since it sounds like someone who can go into the forest and gather food for their family. As Nameberry says, the meaning is literally "one who hunts" so that does make sense. The website says, "Hunter has been dropping a bit for the past few years but is still one of the leaders of a distinctive band of boys' names that combines macho imagery (Hunter, Austin, Harley) with a softened masculinity."

Hunter is also a baby boy name for a future bro because it's very basic. Babble notes that Hunter is also a girl's name, and we do love that.

19 Chip


Those of us who watched Fixer Upper quite a lot can't help but associate the name Chip with Chip Gaines. But no matter how much we love Chip and his wife, Joanna (and we love them a lot), we have to admit that Chip is a basic name. Not only that, but it sounds like the name of a future bro.

Chip is a very solid-sounding name. It really does sound like someone who is good at building things from scratch, so it's no wonder that Chip Gaines is in the home renovation and construction business.

18 Logan


Logan sounds like a name for a future bro and it also sounds like the name that a very preppy person has. A Logan would wear long shorts (probably in a plaid design) with a polo shirt and they always wear sunglasses, even when it's not that sunny outside.

Nameberry says that it means "small hollow" which probably wouldn't help moms who are stuck on what to name their baby boy. Is Logan a super popular name? In 2017, it was number five, so that's definitely fairly popular. It was a last name in Scotland before people started using it as a first name.

17 Ethan


Nameberry says that Ethan means "strong, firm" and was the trendiest in 2012, but it's still doing pretty well. They note that the character Ethan in Mission Impossible has a lot to do with that.

They say, "Ethan is a name that succeeds in being at once classic and fashionable, serious and cheery, strong and sensitive. There are several Ethans in the Old Testament, the most prominent of whom is praised for his wisdom."

Even if we love the name Ethan, we have to admit that it sounds pretty basic.

16 Tanner


Can Tanner be anything other than a basic bro name? Definitely not.

It really has that vibe. We really don't hear this name very often, so if moms want a baby boy name that is offbeat, then it's not the least favorable pick. It might raise eyebrows since it's a different name... and some people might comment that it sounds like the name that a bro would have. It's hard not to think that way. If we're thinking about the Tanner family from Full House when we hear this name, we're not alone there.

15 Noah


Another name with only four letters, Noah also fits into the basic category and the bro category as well.

It seems like of the 25 baby boy names on this list, Noah is the one that is the most old-school (probably because it makes everyone think of Noah's Ark). Moms might not hear so many negative comments if they name their kid Noah (vs. something like Tanner, as mentioned above.) It's a popular name, and sometimes popular names can't help but seem very basic, and that happens with Noah.

14 Luke


Do we like Luke better than its formal version, Lucas? We probably do, and this isn't the least awesome choice for a baby boy name.

A baby boy named Luke sounds really cute. It's got a good, sunny vibe and it's only four letters, which is nice and short. The only thing is that, like the other names on this list, it sounds like a basic baby boy name for a future bro. But, again, it's pretty adorable, so parents might love it so much that they really don't mind that it's so basic.

13 Cody


Cody is another basic-sounding name, and it's interesting that so many basic bro names have only four letters. It's like that was a rule that someone came up with or something, right?

It's also interesting that a lot of basic bro names work for both girls and boys. When a girl is named Cody, for example, it seems awesome and creative. You can't help but smile because it's a fun name. When a boy is named Cody, it sounds like a bro name. You can't help but think that, either.

12 Blake


Blake sounds like a name of a character in an 80s film (and there's a character named Blane in the John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink so that's super close).

Can someone be named Blake and not grow up to be a basic bro? Probably not. Okay, just kidding. It's, of course, possible for him not to be a bro, but it does seem pretty likely. Blake is one of those classic preppy names that you hear every so often.

11 Toby


Toby is often spelled with an "e" (like the actor Tobey Maguire) and it's also a four-letter name that seems fit for a future bro.

Toby is a nice name. It sounds good, it's not too long, and there's nothing wrong with it. Parents who choose this name for their baby bro won't run into pals or relatives saying that it's a bad name or anything like that. But it's true that when you hear Toby, you think it's a basic name. It's hard not to.

10 George


George is perhaps the most traditional baby boy name on this list. It's not really the most interesting name out there, probably because so many people have this name and you've heard it about a million times.

If you name your baby boy George and someone says it's a basic name and that you need something more creative, you can just shrug and say that you like the classics. After all, George Clooney is the best, right? You can just reference the actor if anyone says anything.

9 James


James is a name that you hear every so often, and once you do, you probably think two things: it's a nice name... and it's also kind of dull.

That might be how you feel if one of your mom friends calls her son James. You'll smile and say that it's an awesome name while thinking to yourself that it's pretty basic.

Nameberry says that James is a really big name: "James is one of the classic Anglo-Saxon names, a stalwart through the ages that is more popular -- and yes, stylish -- than ever today. It recently came out Number 1 in a poll of America's favorite boys' baby names. James is also among the most classic authentically English names for boys."

8 Brad


Brad is a name given to many unpopular characters on TV shows and in movies, right? He's often a coworker that people think is kind of mean or he tells super long stories.

The Odyssey Online says Brad is one of "the 23 frattiest guy names" and says of someone named Brad, "He's the chapter treasurer because it will look good on applications and his parents made him fill out." If moms love this name, they can always point to Brad Pitt as being a great guy named Brad.

7 Alex


What's a more basic baby boy name, Alex or its more formal version, Alexander? It's hard to say.

Many of us would agree that the name Alex is nice enough but it's not that exciting. It just doesn't really have that much creativity to it.

Parents who prefer old-fashioned names and are very drawn to the name Alex for their baby boy can totally go down that road. They just might have to get used to people wondering if it's too basic (or bland) of a name which might be how some people feel.

6 Cam


Some parents name their baby boy Cameron and call him Cam for short.

Cam is a fairly popular boy name, which puts it in the basic category. Nameberry says that it could be a girl or a boy name, which is interesting. It's funny because that really changes how we feel about the name, doesn't it? A girl named Cameron (or Cam for short) is really cool. She seems like someone who can take care of herself and do anything. A boy named Cameron or Cam is, well, basic. Nameberry says that Cameron means "crooked nose" which is a fun fact.

5 Rob


Robert is a very formal name that doesn't suit everyone, but parents can call their baby boy Rob and it's much more casual (and many of us like that better). It's a very cute, short name.

As Thought Catalog says about the name Rob, he's the kind of guy who "Only owns ‘Sperrys’ and plaid shorts."

That's so funny.. and so true. Someone named Rob definitely sounds like a basic bro and when it comes to how he dresses, he's very preppy.

4 Bryce


If we've ever encountered a Bryce, it just seems like he was preppy, right? It's hard to picture someone having this name and not having a preppy sense of style.

Nameberry says that Bryce is based on Brice which is a last name that has been popular in Scotland. Bryce means "speckled, freckled" which is interesting. The website notes that John Cusack's character in Sixteen Candles is named Bryce. That's a good thing for parents to tell people if they choose this baby name and people say that it's a strange (and basic) pick.

3 Ian


Ian may be a name that is short and sweet, and sometimes, that's what parents are going for when picking out a baby name. But, honestly, Ian is kind of a dull name... and it has a basic ring to it.

According to She Knows, this is a name that has been popular in Scotland and the U.S. Nameberry says that it has quite the history and was a big name in Britain in 1975 (it was number seven in terms of popular names). The name began big in the U.S. when Ian Fleming came up with James Bond. As the website says, "So though it may not be the newest name on the block, it's still a recommended choice."

2 Spencer


Spencer is a name that says basic bro for sure.

Babble says that this name is from the UK and means "Keeper of provisions." This is another name that Nameberry says is a boy and girl name, and again, we can most likely agree that we love it as a girl name a bit more. It doesn't sound quite so basic when it's a girl name. It's creative and really piques your interest.

Nameberry says, "Spencer is a name that has everything: it's both distinguished sounding and accessible, dignified but Spencer Tracy-like friendly. Picked by several celebrities (a couple of times even for a girl), adding up to an enthusiastically recommended choice."

1 Chad


Is Chad the most basic bro name of all? Many people would say yes, so we would have to agree.

Chad does sound like someone who wears board shorts and flip-flops (maybe even into the fall season when it's a bit too cold for that kind of summery clothing). He would definitely belong to a frat or at least be friends with people in a frat.

If parents don't want a basic bro name for their soon-to-be born baby boy, they might want to go another way. There are so many baby boy names, they can absolutely find something that sounds perfect.

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