25 Beach Bum Baby Names For Moms Who Love Summer

Sun, surf, and sand, who doesn’t love the summer? With so much natural beauty all around and so many great memories made there, it is no wonder it holds such a special place in so many people’s hearts. There is no other time of the year that gives people the freedom and happiness that summer inspires. A time of growth and exploration, summer is one of the most beloved seasons throughout the world. The happiness and love people feel for the beach and sunshine make it perfect to name the baby for that warm and bright time of the year. If mom is looking for a name for a summer baby that is reminiscent of the beach and summer without using something blatant like "Ocean" or "Sunshine", check out these 25 names. These names have relaxed melodious sounds that are smooth and roll off the tongue like a wave. From formal to relaxed, from traditional to modern, there are names on this list perfect for anyone. We have names with meanings like sea, sun, wave, moon, and shell, we have got the summer vibes covered. From summers spent on the river or at the lake, to summer nights in the moonlight on the beach listening to the roar of the waves crashing we have got a meaning for every memory moms have or want to make. These names have origins from Hawaiian to Sanskrit, Scottish, Persian and even Australian Aboriginal they are sure to be perfect for mom and her new little beach buddy.

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25 Niley

Niley is a name that comes from an Aboriginal origin. The name means “a shell,” which makes it perfect for summer loving moms.

Niley offers the opportunity to bestow a name with the meaning of “a shell” while avoiding names like Shelly or Shelby which are too obvious and in your face.

The name Niley is also similar in sound to names like Riley and Kylie which have been extremely popular in recent years. Which Niley you could keep the sound but not have to copy the name that is bound to belong to many other kids in your daughter’s class. The name Niley is a fantastic choice for any summer baby with its simple, smooth sound it is reminiscent of that perfect shiny seashell found on the shore.

Unlike its cousin names, the name Niley has not gained popularity in the United States. It has not made the top 1000 list as of yet and is one that has yet to make a debut in Hollywood. This rarity and invisibility from the spotlight helps the name retain its simple and unique qualities.

If you love to collect seashells along the seashore and see yourself making those memories with your little one, consider this name.

24 Stellaluna

This name will strike a chord with many 90s babies from its use in Janell Cannon’s 1993 book Stellaluna about a fruit bat with the name. This name is unique as it is two names squished together to create a longer beautiful name.

Both the source names, Stella and Luna are Latin in origin.

Stella means star and Luna means "moon". When the names are combined the name Stellaluna means simply, “star and moon.”

The meaning and beauty of this name make it perfect for all those moms who love summer night star and moon gazing.

After the book in the early 90s, the name did manage to stay mostly out of the spotlight. However, it did appear again in the form of a celebrity baby name. Ellen Pompeo an American actress known for her role as Dr. Meredith Grey on the popular show Grey’s Anatomy named her daughter Stella Luna.

Beautiful and original this combination of two of the best parts of summer is the perfect name for any mom who loves the night and feels alive looking at the moon and stars. What better name for the baby girl you would give the moon and stars to than one that literally means star and moon?

23 Havilah

The image this name conjures is as beautiful as the sound of the name itself.

Havilah is a name that originates in the bible and it means, “stretch of sand.” The stretch of sand from the bible may not have been quite so picturesque however the stretch of beach that usually comes to mind is one of the most beautiful things a person can imagine.

This name is special to our list as it is the only one that references sand. So for moms who love either walking along the beach or even if it is somewhere else, like the desert, where you like your sand, this name may be perfect for you. Havilah has not gained much popularity in the U.S. despite biblical origins and a beautiful appearance and sound. This may be because of concerns over the name being religious or complex. I wouldn’t let those turn you off from this beautiful name if it is one that you like, many modern names have religious origins but are no longer considered strictly religious and the name is less complex than it first appears.

Gorgeous in spelling and sound Havilah is perfect for your little sand baby whether it is building sand castles at the beach or adventures in the dessert you have planned this name is sure to fit her perfectly.

22 Deveraux

The name Deveraux is French in origin and like some of the other names on this list has a meaning of, “riverbank.”

The meaning may be why this name relates to the list but it is how the name is different that is why it was chosen.

The name Deveraux has a style and sound that is completely at odds with the classic nature-loving hippie name like River or Ocean. The name Deveraux has a masculine and almost heroic sound. Nameberry compares it to the swashbuckling hero in a romance novel. While I agree with the swashbuckling hero part the romance novel not so much.

The name Deveraux is strong and elegant but it hints at nature with its meaning of, “riverbank.” The sweet cool breeze coming off a river perfectly echoes the sound of the name. The memories of a slow float down a river is not lost in the formality of this name but heard in the lyrical qualities of the name itself.

Having not gained popularity in the United States yet this name is the perfect way to give your baby boy a beautiful heroic name that still has ties to nature, summer, and memories of a cool riverbank.

21 Neoma

Another summer favorite has always been those long hot summer nights. A nice bonfire, the stars above you and a beautiful moon is the inspiration behind this name choice.

Neoma is a name that comes from Greek origin and means “new moon.” The moon has long been not only connected to summer nights and bonfires but also to the ocean and tides which is just as important in relation to summer and our love for it.

The name Neoma has actually been on the top 1000 chart however not since the early 1900s and even then it did not break the top 500. The name is sometimes considered a variation of Naomi, which is far more common and popular, according to Nameberry. I prefer the name on its own, its melodious beauty is far more than enough to hold its own.

Neoma does also offer variation potential. Variations on the name include Neomea, Neomia, Neomenia or Neomah. The name has also appeared in a novel by Barbara Cartland. Nameberry points out that in Greek there is a verb, Neomai that means to, “return home,” as well.

All of these unique traits only add to this name which is beautiful in sound, spelling, and meaning. Versatility, elegance and a meaning as strongly connected to summer and the beach as the moon itself, this is name is perfect for your little princess who you love bigger than the moon.

20 Wyre

Keeping with the theme of nature, water and summer the name Wyre is another one with a meaning related to rivers.

The name Wyre is a traditionally male name that has a Welsh origin. The name means, “winding river.”

Similar to other names on the list this image of a beautiful crystal clear river winding through the green trees on a hot summer day is the reason this name makes us think about summer. A perfect choice for parents looking for a nature meaning with a modern sound.

The name Wyre is also a location name with a Celtic origin. The name is borne by two rivers in the UK, the Afon Wyre in Wales and Wyre in Lancashire. There is also a BBC journalist with the name, Wyre Davies.

Whether it is because of the meaning in relation to the simple natural image of a peaceful river winding in the summer sun or its connection to the UK that makes you choose this name, Wyre is perfect for your little one. Short and intriguing the name is traditionally male but based on recent trends is likely one that will be used as both a male and female name in the United States.

19 Wade

Sounding like a beautiful line in a song the name Wade means, “at the river crossing.” Wade has an English origin and is likely one of the most well-known names on this list. At number 362 in Nameberry’s 2017 popularity ranking as a boy’s name, Wade is a fairly popular name in the United States.

According to Nameberry the name Wade has never been outside the top 1000 names for boys and they attribute that to its “clean spelling and fresh sound.”

This name is often associated with water because of the well-known concept of “wading” into the water.

Wade is seen in Hollywood frequently and has been the name of countless famous people. The most common Hollywood mentions go to Wade Kinsella played by Wilson Bethel in Hart of Dixie, Wade “Cry-baby” Walker played by Johnny Depp in Cry Baby and last but certainly not least Wade Wilson better known as Deadpool most recently played by Ryan Reynolds.

In the real world, this fresh and crisp river name has belonged to athletes, an anthropologist, and a District Attorney.

Commonly considered a boy’s name the name Wade has also been used for girls and with currents trends in the U.S. is likely to be on the rise for its simple sweet sound, natural meaning and pop culture popularity.

18 Lutana

This name is listed as Australian Aboriginal but it has a more specific origin that just that. Lutana comes specifically from Paredareme or Oster Bay Tasmanian, which is why the name is typically seen in Tasmania, an island just south of Australia, as a girl’s name. Lutana means “moon.” An island name that means moon, what could be more perfect for moms who love summer nights?

Lutana is perfect for those who like the Luna and Ana names and can’t choose just one or want something that isn’t quite as common.

Lutana is perfect and it leaves open the option to use Lulu as a nickname and Ana as another option. Lutana has not made it onto the charts in the U.S. yet but with its beautiful sound, it may not be long before it does.

This name is one of the most mystical and lyrical sounding on the list. Despite its simple pronunciation and spelling, it rolls off your tongue in a way that sounds sweet and poetic.

Perfect if you love the modern common names but are looking for something different and unique. Lutana is the perfect name for the sweet little angel you will spend your summer nights with staring up at the big bright moon.

17 Sunniva

This name comes with a story. Nameberry says that Sunniva was an Irish saint who ran to Norway and hid in a cave on an Island. Her and her followers were said to have passed away there but miracles began being reported on the island. They excavated the cave and found Sunniva’s body intact and she is a patron saint of Norway.

Scandinavian in origin the name Sunniva means “sun gift,” despite the unfortunate ending of the saint who bore the name.

For those who revel in the summer sun this name may be just what you are looking for. Without having to be quite so obvious as Sunshine you get the Sun in Sunniva and also the nickname Sunny or Sunni. Plus you get the meaning of “sun gift.”This name is loaded with all things related to sunshine, and what better way to celebrate summer?

The name Sunniva is pronounced SOON-ee-va and despite its lovely sound has not made it onto the U.S. top 1000 name charts. The name has also largely escaped the spotlight. It was however used in a novel by Mette Newth, The Dark Light, as a character name.

The perfect name for your ray of sunshine when skies are gray, Sunniva is sweet, bright and beautiful like the perfect summer day.

16 Lua

For those who like to keep it short, sweet and simple we have Lua. Lua has an interesting origin and meaning background.

First, the meaning that landed it on this list, and you can probably guess from the sound, Lua means moon. This time the name comes from Portuguese and is shorter and simpler than even Luna.

This name can be found in Mythology in the form of a Goddess. The Goddess Lua is said to be a Roman Goddess “to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons.” Additionally, Lua is the name of a popular programming language that was designed in the early 1990s.

Lua is perfect if you want to avoid people changing the spelling. It does still offer the nickname Lu or Lulu which is odd for a name that is already so short but this cute little name has got it all.

This sweet little word holds a lot of history and meaning. Despite all of this the name has widely escaped use in the United States and like other names on this list remains a hidden gem in plain sight. Whether you are a history buff who loves mythology, a computer nerd who loves programming or you just love the summer night and the moon, Lua may be the perfect sweet simple name for your little girl who you love to the moon and back.

15 Naim

For much of the U.S. summer is not about the beach but about river, lakes, and ponds. The name Naim has the perfect meaning for river-loving moms everywhere.

Naim is a traditionally male name that means, “river with alder trees,” the name also means, “happy.” With both these meanings, it is impossible to go wrong.

Naim has a Scottish origin and is pronounced nah-eem.

The name Naim is also very rare in the United States and has yet to break into the top 1000. This uniqueness is not necessarily a bad thing. Anyone who goes to a spot on a river or at a lake can tell you the real treasures are hidden. Naim has also been spelled Naime. One of the truly unique aspects of this name is the lack of similar spelling cousin names of popularity in the United States. Right now there really isn’t anything quite like Naim around and with such a great meaning there is no reason there shouldn’t be.

Smooth and mellow Naim rolls off your tongue like a lazy Sunday by the river. If you already have visions of playing in the lake or river all summer long with your sweet little boy this is the perfect name for you.

14 Hancock

For your special little sea shell collecting or even future fishing buddy, Hancock will be the perfect name.

With an English origin and a meaning of “shellfish-gather,” this is perfect for your little sea life lover, whatever form that love takes shells, fish, or even lobsters and crabs.

This name was originally a surname and is well known as a surname for the likes of John Hancock, known for his role in the U.S. and his large and flamboyant signature on the United States Declaration of Independence. While this famous politician does add some historical significance to the name it still has not been widely used as a first name. Hancock has yet to gain any real ground as a name in the United States and has failed to make it onto the top 1000 names list as of yet.

Despite a lack of popularity the name did manage to make it into a superhero film of sorts. Hancock the 2008 film starting Will Smith featured a character named John Hancock who was a rough around the edges hero.

Shellfish Senators or Superhero’s Hancock is one amazing name and it has a meaning that holds summer and the water close to its core.

13 Altalune

Melodious and exotic Altalune is a reminder about the sweetest parts of summer. Bright full moons on the beach feeling the vastness of the universe. Altalune is Latin and means “over the moon.”

Soft and sweet like the edges of a full moon Altalune is as rare as it is precious. The name has only recently come into use but with such beauty, it is sure to catch on quick. Uma Thurman an American actress known for her role in Kill Bill used Altalune as her daughter’s middle name. Despite this, the name has yet to reach the charts in the U.S. still remaining hidden from popular view.

Similar to Stellaluna this is another case of taking two separate names and combining them together to create a single longer name. If you prefer either of the shorter pieces, Alta means “elevated,” and has a Latin origin. While, Lune is the French version of Luna and means, “moon.” If you wanted to keep the entire name Latin you could go with Altaluna, I like Altalune because Luna is a little overused lately but it is still a beautiful name.

For those sweet summer nights, you have fond memories of and the little one you love over the moon and back there is no better name than the poetic Altalune.

12 Qamar

This name sparked interested because of the contrast. Most things about the moon, especially in the summer are smooth, round and have a soft glow.

While this name means, “moon,” it has a sharper sound that most of the names on this list don’t. That special quality made it a must-have.

Qamar has an Arabic origin and is pronounced kah-MAR. While Nameberry says the name is up in popularity this week on their site, it has not yet been ranked in the top 1000 names for the U.S. and still remains one of the relatively unknown. Nameberry speculates that its appeal is based on its similarity to the more popular name Omar. The name does not offer versatility in spelling changing it may confuse people or change the sound. It offers the nickname Mar.

Qamar is one of the few Q names making it particularly appealing to anyone with an affinity to the letter. Additionally, its sharp sound is clear and decisive contrasting is soft and sweet meaning. If you are looking for a boy’s name that will command attention when said but still has a meaning and connection to the moon and those summer nights close to your heart then consider Qamar, it may be perfect for you.

11 Gal

Most people have heard of the more popular use of the word Guy as a name. Gal can also be used as a name and is actually a unisex name used for both girls and boys.

The name is Hebrew in origin. The beautifully simple name comes to our list as it means, “wave.”

What is a more perfect image of summer that beautiful ocean waves, whether the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean or any other Ocean you get to enjoy the waves flowing across the water is one of the most soothing and memorable parts? From the sound, which people artificially bring into the homes, to the beautiful colors and images waves soothe and relax.

The name Gal was largely out of the spotlight for a long time and like many names on this list has not made it into the top 1000 names in the U.S. as of yet. This, however, may soon change as the name has been thrust into the spotlight by a recent superhero. Gal Gadot known for playing Wonder Woman in the newest release of the film brought the name back into the light. The actress may get the name enough attention to at least get it on the girl's list.

The sweet simple Gal is a refreshing wave with its soothing sound and familiar meaning.

10 Malik

Malik is one of the most popular and more commonly known names on this list so if you are looking for a more accepted name this may be it. Currently, the name ranks in the mid to low 300s on the top 1000 names for boys in the United States.

The name Malik is usually said to be Arabic with a meaning of, “king.”

However Nameberry also shows the name as being Greenlandic and having a meaning of, “wave,” and that is why it made this list.

The name Malik has gained much of its popularity from basketball player Malik Rose who was a player with the San Antonio Spurs. However, there have been a variety of athletes with the name and even an actor and a former Prime Minister of Pakistan. The name does offer the alternate spelling option of Maliq.

Similar to Gal, Malik means wave which means it brings to mind that same soothing sounds and stunning images as Gal. Beautiful waves crashing on the beach and the soothing sound in the background is one of the best parts of the summer and one of the reasons that the name is perfect for the little wave of joy that just came into your life.

9 Nori

This name is the only one on the list with this meaning and its one that most people have an interesting relationship with.

Nori has a Japanese origin and it means, “seaweed.” The name is associated with the dried seaweed that is used to wrap seaweed but it could also be associated with the ocean and summer.

The only downside is that there are a fair number of people who don’t like seaweed. Don’t let that turn you off from this adorable name. Nori is sassy and fun. The name has not reached the charts yet but with its simple sass, it is sure to take off in this modern environment. There is one example of this names use in Hollywood. Nameberry reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West use Nori as a nickname for their daughter North. With the Kardashians using the name it is bound to get some attention and with its sweet sass, it is only a matter of time before it picks up.

This sweet seaweed meaning name is also a boy’s name but it is more often seen as a girl’s name.

If you are looking for a sweet sassy name with a meaning connected to the ocean and summer Nori has all of the sweet and sass with just that meaning and is perfect for your little mermaid or merman.

8 Maristela

Another one for that list that combines two words to make a longer beautiful word.

Mari and Stela come together in this case to form the beautiful Maristela. Maristela is Latin in origin and means, “star of the sea.” Mar means “sea” in Latin, which is where the Mari comes from. Stella means, “star” in Latin.

The name Maristela as a combination is newer so it hasn’t had the time to reach much popularity on the charts. Mari or even Mary its first component has been popular for many years and remains popular today. It also happens to be the Basque goddess of. Fertility and weather and a popular song in Norway according to Nameberry.

Because this name is made up of two smaller names it does offer nicknames. Either Mari or Stella. You could also go with Mar or Ella as well to shorten it even further.

This meaning is one of my favorite on the list. “Star of the sea,” this could be taken a couple ways. Literally the star of the sea, the best one in the ocean, the star. Or a starfish, the shape of a star, in the sea. Either way they both bring to mind beautiful summer thought and starfish is one of the most loved sea creatures.

7 Maris

The shorter version of Maristela, Maris simply means, “of the sea.” Maris is of Latin origin. This name is perfect for any mermaid or siren.

Maris is short and feisty compared to its longer cousin name.

The name Maris has never made it on the top 1000 name list. The name has not reach popularity in the U.S., Nameberry contributes that to being overshadowed by Marisa or Marissa. The name did become familiar as the last name of the NY Yankee Roger Maris. The name has not been seen in the U.S. as a first name in Hollywood or literature but only as a last name in sports which may account for its lack of popularity.

The name itself does not offer too much versatility. Marys is an option but that is about as versatile as it gets. There is the option for the nickname Mar as well if you are looking for an even shorter name. The name can be made longer as well if you like the sound of Maris but are looking for something that sounds more formal.

Maris has a sound that is reminiscent of things relating to nautical and marine style and life. Perfect for your little summer baby Maris and full of fiest and sass.

6 Kiran

People look forward to the summer all year long because of the sun and its bright warm rays under them everything just seems happier and more hopeful. Here is a name that perfectly captures this meaning. Kiran is a name that is used for either males or females.

The name is Sanskrit and means, “ray of light.”

Nameberry points out that even though this name has a modern sound to it, it is actually a traditional Hindu name. This name has been in the spotlight a few times. Actress Kelli Williams, known for The Practice (1997-2004), Lie to Me (2009-2011), The Fosters (2016-2018) and Army Wives (2012-2013), named her son Kiran. There is also a female author who bears the name, Kiran Desai. There is also a long list of athletes and actors outside the U.S. who bear the name.

The name Kiran is similar to Kieran and Karen if you are looking for alternatives from different cultures. There are not very many spelling variations or nicknames available for the name Kiran other than the alternate name choices that sound similar.

The beautiful name and meaning are perfect for your little ray of light who brings warmth and summer sunshine to you all year long.

5 Iluka

Is there a more wonderful place to be than by the deep blue beautiful sea. The lovely looking name Iluka is pronounced ih-LOU-kah.

With that lyrical sound, this Australian Aboriginal name has a sweet simple meaning of, “by the sea.”

The perfect name for any beach loving family Iluka has a magical quality that is reminiscent of mermaids and seashells. This name is rare in the U.S. making it the perfect choice for your special little one.

The downside to this name is that it does not have a common look or sound meaning it will likely get spelled or said wrong many times despite being fairly simple and straightforward. The name also does not offer a lot of versatility as changing different letters runs the risk of making it more confusing and even changing the sound. If you are creative you could likely come up with a nickname for Iluka but there is not a common or immediately obvious one.

Beautiful in sound, spelling, and meaning Iluka perfectly represents everything we love about the names on this list. The names that remind us of summer days in the beautiful sunshine by the sea the smell of salt water and sound of waves crashing and the perfect memories that any parent would be excited to make with their new little one.

4 Remington

Slightly more formal sounding than some of the other names on the list, Remington made the list as it offers something unique for summer loving moms everywhere.

Remington has a formal feel about it that most names associated with nature do not. The name has an English origin and means “place on a riverbank.”

The image conjured up by the meaning of a place on a riverbank is similar to that of other names on the list. Perfect for those who love the smooth soft current of the river, especially watching from the perfect special spot on the bank.

The formal sound of the name makes it distinct from other names. Another distinction is that the name Remington is shared with the Remington Fire Arms Company. They were founded in New York in 1816 and are an American manufacturer of firearms.

The formality and length of this name also makes it possible to create nicknames. Rem and Remy are the two most popular that have come from the name. The name was originally a boy’s name but has been gaining popularity as a girl’s name especially as the shortened Remy. The name Remington ranks 247th in popularity on Nameberry as a boy’s name.

3 Mehri

This sweet lovely little name looks a lot more complicated than it is. Mehri is said like its more commonly found cousins Mary or Merry. This makes it a fabulous choice for a few reasons. The name is easy to say and has that sweet, simple, classic sound that makes everyone love the classic Mary.

Mehri is the Persian version of the name Mary. Mehri made our list for its meaning, “kind, lovable, sunny.”

The sunny nature that the meaning of the name brings to mind is perfect for your little ball of sunshine and giggles. The name Mehri has not made any of the popularity charts as of yet. This may be because of the misleading spelling and people believing it is more difficult to say than it actually is.

Overall the name Mehri offers so much more than the more common, classic and widely accepted Mary. The name gives the perfect ray of sunshine for any summer-loving mom with its meaning of “sunny.” The name has a unique and beautiful spelling that is different from other more common cousin names. You get a beautiful sound, a lovely spelling and a fantastic meaning all in a small sweet summery package.

2 Cyra

One of the best parts of the summer is the what seems like endless sunshine. If the sunshine is your favorite part of the summer but you are not a fan of using a name quite as literal as sunshine consider the name Cyra.

Pronounced either SEER-a or CY-ra this name comes from a Persian origin and means one of three things, “sun,” “throne,” or “lord.”

The name can be seen as a feminine version of the male name Cyrus but in its Persian origin form, it is a stand-alone name. The name Cyra offers the perfect alternative to using the actual word sun or sunshine while keeping the upbeat disposition of the word without the hippie vibe that seems to follow the name. Plus Cyra is a name that your baby can grow up with, it is a bit harder to sound adult with a name like sunshine.

While this name has not made it into the top 1000 names list in the U.S. nor has it ranked in popularity on Nameberry it has still been seen in literature. Cyra McFadden is an American writer known for her 1977 novel “The Serial.”

The perfect compromise between meaning, sound, and formality the name Cyra is perfect for your little ray of sunshine and will be perfect for her at 3 years old or 33 years old.

1 Kai

Kai is the most versatile name on the list and that is why I saved it for number one.

The name Kai can be found in five different origin languages each having a different meaning. For this list, the focus was on the Hawaiian origin and the meaning of “sea,” which fits perfectly with the theme of all things summer and beach.

The other meanings are not far off from the natural vibe, however. In Japanese Kai means “forgiveness.” In Navajo, it means, “willow tree” for another nature-related meaning. The name in the Maori language means, “food.” Lastly, the Scandinavian meaning of the name is “earth,” which sums up the entirety of nature and brings together nicely just how universal this name really it.

The name Kai is simple and fierce. It has a freshness and strength that makes it the perfect symbol of nature and the sea. The name not only reaches across five languages it is also seen in use as both a male and female name.

Kai has seen immense popularity as a boy’s name and it is ranked on Nameberry in the 127th spot for popularity. However, for a girl’s name the name, Kai has only hit the 804th spot for popularity on Nameberry. Kai has some catching up to do as a girl’s name but it has the fierceness to catch up quick.

References: thewhitegoddess.co.uk, nameberry.com

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