25 Beautiful And Wintry Christmas-Inspired Baby Names

The holidays are here, and with it brings some newborn babies that are destined to have adorably joyful Christmas-inspired names! Little ones born on the big day- December 25th, or right around that time of year, really do deserve a name that represents their special and spectacular jingle bell birthday.

There are so many Christmas inspired names for diehard Santa lovers to those who just enjoy a wintery day. They are all equally cute and perfect for a snow bound baby boy or baby girl. Giving a Christmas inspired name to your little one while ensure they have the spirit in them year ‘round! Plus, all the names are just beautiful and super cute.

Give a ho ho ho to some of these amazing and unique Christmas inspired baby names. Some of these names are a little bit common, while others will definitely make one think outside the box. No matter which name is chosen, the baby will be full of joy and be as jolly as the season itself. Read on for some classical Christmas names, along with ones that are as special as the new little one. There is definitely a jolly Christmas-inspired baby name for everyone on the good list!

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25 Candy

Well we all know that Christmas has lots of delicious and divine candy treats! What better name that goes along with the holidays for your little sweet one than the name of Candy. The name Candy is of Latin origin and means dazzling white. Sounds like the perfect treat to name your sweetie pie this Christmas season. Candy is a different name that we all know, yet it is a name that is cute and unique. And you can wrap up your baby like a candy cane!

24 Frederick

The baby boy name of Frederick is one that is classic and masculine. It is a name that any little boy can grow up with, from being called Freddy as a child to Fred as an adult. It is also quite the festive baby name! Frederick, according to stories, is the older brother of Santa Claus (you know you’ve seen the funny movie Fred Claus!). Frederick means peaceful ruler. We like that! This name is of German origin. It will get anyone in the spirit!

23 Eve

What a beautiful name for a little girl, the joyful and festive name of Eve. We all know how popular Christmas Eve is! What better way to celebrate your baby girl’s arrival than to give her a name that is as fitting as Christmas itself. The name Eve is of both Latin and Hebrew origins, meaning life or animal. We think this pretty name is well deserving of the joyous life you brought into this world- your sweet baby girl!

22 Shepard

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby boy, and you want it to feel like Christmas, how about the handsome name of Shepard? Shepard has a Christmas spirit to it, while being both masculine and cute. It really might be the perfect name for your little wintery soul! The name Shepard is of British and Old English origin, and means exactly what the name is, shepherd. It is a different kind of name that is all about Christmas, and a great choice for any baby boy.

21 Joy

Joy to the world, your baby is here! Give your Christmas season baby a name that is full of spirit. The name Joy is pure fun and all Christmas. Your little girl will certainly be joyful and spirited with the beautiful baby girl name of Joy! Joy is a pretty choice for any sweet little winter girl. The name means hope, faith, patience, and charity. It is of Old French origin. Joy is also a name that has been rising on the charts!

20 Christopher

The baby boy name of Christopher has some religious saint roots in the holiday of Christmas, and it may be the name you have been searching for! Christopher may be a classic name, but it is not given nearly as much as it once was. The name Christopher is of Greek origin and means carrier of Christ. It does not even matter if you are religious or not, if you like Christmas, Christopher may be the perfect name for your little one.

19 Holly

Holly is an evergreen plant with red berries that is associated with the favorite and festive holiday of Christmas. It is only fitting that Holly would be one of the top Christmas baby names given to newborn baby girls! Holly is a sweet name that has a surprising meaning. The name actually means to prick, and is of Old English origin. That name meaning might mean one thing, but the name Holly is a sweet and joyful name choice for any baby girl!

18 Jack

Christmas is often associated with cold and blustery winter weather. Is it even really Christmas if there is no snow?! We don’t think so! And, there is a fun winter and Christmas character that helps us get into the cold and snowy spirit. That is the one and only Jack Frost. If you are looking for a unique yet classic Christmas inspired name for your little boy, Jack is a fantastic choice. The name a variation of the name John, which means God is gracious.

17 Ginger

Come on, what is your favorite Christmas cookie or Christmas flavor? Could be… gingerbread?! Who doesn’t love a yummy gingerbread man or woman?! Ginger is a name for a little girl, and with a Christmas inspired name like that, she is bound to be full of joy and definitely have some sugar and spice in her! The name Ginger is adorable and unique. It means spring like and flourishing, and is usually considered a version of Virginia. Ginger is a joyous baby girl name choice!

16 Tannen

If you are familiar with some classic Christmas tunes, you likely know the song O Tannenbaum quite well. It is a Christmas classic, and can be used as inspiration for a sweet name for your baby boy. Tannenbaum means pine in German with the shortened name of Tannen meaning fir tree. Tannen is absolutely a unique name choice. It is quite rare to find this one, which makes it even more special we think! Scoop up this Christmasy name before it becomes too trendy!

15 Belle

The gorgeous baby girl name of Belle is pretty in its own right. It is a sweet name for any little sweetie pie! Belle is truly a perfect Christmas name, especially if you are looking for a Christmas inspired name that is not too Christmasy. Belle maybe just the name you have been searching for! The name Belle is of French origin and means lovely one and fair. We all know our favorite character named Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

14 Joseph

Joseph is a classic and strong name for any little boy, and one that he can certainly grow up with, from nicknames such as Joey to being called just plain ‘ol Joe. The name Joseph has religious connections to Christmas, making it even more special. Joseph means May Jehovah add/give increase, and it is of Hebrew origin. We are particularly fond of this name! It is a name that everyone knows, yet, it is not nearly as popular as it once was, making it even more special.

13 Starr

Your little Christmas star deserves a name that is a bright and sparkly as she is! What better Christmas inspired baby name to give your sweet little girl than the name of Starr. Starr is a beautiful name that is seldom used, making it extraordinary special, as well. The name Starr means exactly what we think it means, it means star, like the stars in the sky that twinkle and capture our eye. What a fitting name for your gorgeous baby girl.

12 Snowden

If you are a huge fan of Christmas and all things winter themed, you might be looking to give your baby boy a name that is inspired by the season. How about the lovely and handsome name of Snowden? Snowden is a perfect choice for any wintery little man! The name means, fittingly, snowy peak. It is of Old English origin. Snowden is an amazing baby name choice for your little snowman! Get ready to throw some snowballs and have fun with this cute name.

11 Carol

You have heard of Christmas carols. In fact, you are likely a huge fan! If you love yourself some holiday tunes, also known as carols, that may be a beautiful choice to name your baby girl. Get in the Christmas spirit by giving your baby a name that fits the holiday season. Carol is pretty and although common, it is pretty unique. Carol is of Latin origin and means joyous song. You’ll have a song in your heart every time you look at your little Carol!

10 Nicholas

Santa fans, we know you want to give your baby boy a name that fits your favorite Christmas character! Sant is also known as St. Nicholas, or old Saint Nick. The name Nicholas is sharp and cool, and definitely Christmas inspired. Nicholas means victory of the people. Pretty cool! The name is of Latin and Greek origins. It is a name with cute nicknames for little boys, such as Nicky and Nick. It is a classic name. Having a girl? Name her Nichole!

9 Angelina

Angels tend to be a part of the Christmas season. We all love angels, they provide us with a sense of spirit and a sense of calm. Angel is a good name choice, but maybe you do not want to name your baby angel. If you are having a little girl, choose a variation of Angel, with the pretty name of Angelina. Angelina means angel or messenger and is of Italian origin. You can even call your little Angelina your angel. How sweet.

8 Timothy

Timothy has a few Christmas ties, from religion to the famed play A Christmas Carol (we all know Tiny Tim!). Timothy is a Christmas inspired name that is one that is not over the top. You can be honoring Christmas without yelling at the world that you are doing so. The name Timothy is quite handsome, with cute nicknames such as Tim and Timmy. Timothy means honor and respect, and is of Greek origin. It may be the perfect choice for your baby boy!

7 Beth

Beth is a cute name that can come from various names, such as Elizabeth or Bethany (the author may be partial to that one!). Beth has religious ties to Christmas. After all, baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. That is where we get the name Beth. Beth can even be a name on its own. The name Beth has been growing as an independently given name. We happen to think it is a gorgeously fine choice for any baby girl!

6 Gabriel

Gabriel is a cute name for a baby boy. It is a name we do not tend to see too often, yet, the name has been raising on the baby boy name charts, so it is definitely starting to gain some popularity! Gabriel has religious ties to Christmas, as Gabriel was an archangel. Gabriel is an absolute handsome name. It means devoted to God or God is my strength. It is of Hebrew origin. Grab the name Gabriel before it gets too popular!

5 Noelle

After reading the name Noelle, do you have the well known Christmas song The First Noel stuck in your head now?! Well, we can bet you do now! Noelle is a very pretty name, that can also be spelled Noel. It can even be used as a name for a baby boy. Noel or Noelle actually is French for Christmas. You will be singing away to your sweet Noelle with a name as lovely and amazing beautiful as she is.

4 Rudolph

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose… we know that song is playing in your head now! Everyone, and we mean everyone, is a fan of Rudolph. If you are having a baby boy, what better name to give your baby boy than the name of Rudolph. It is well known, yet rarely used these days. It is a unique and amazingly sophisticated and handsome name. Rudolph means famous wolf and is of Old High German origin.

3 Mary

A truly classic name and a truly classic Christmas name, at that! Mary is an all time favorite when it comes to Christmas inspired names. After all, she is the most famous mother! Mary is another one of those names that is common, we all know it, yet, it is rarely given. That may change soon! The name Mary means rebellion (didn’t see that one coming, did you?!). It is of Latin origin. What a perfect name choice for your baby girl!

2 Yule

Yule is a name that is all about Christmas. We all know the yule log. Yes, Yule is an actual name! You may be thinking that it is not, but, indeed, it is. And it is quite a handsome choice for any baby boy. It may be the unique Christmas inspired name that you have been searching for! Fittingly, the name Yule means born during the Christmas season. How perfect is that?! Yule is destined to be the next big Christmas inspired baby boy name, we just know it.

1 Christmas

If you love Christmas, what better name to give your little one than the name of Christmas! If you are scratching your head at this one, just give it a chance. Christmas can work wonders as a name. You might want a name that really stands out. A name that is totally different. And, you happen to be totally obsessed with Christmas! Consider this cute name idea. Christmas can be for a girl or a boy. With nicknames such as Chris or Chrissy. Merry Christmas!

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