25 Beautiful Baby Names From Brazil That Will Steal Your Heart

Brazil is a sexy and exotic country that is bound to have baby names that we need to steal! Brazil is the only country in the Americas that speaks Portuguese, giving them a good amount of influence on their names. Brazilian names are not only influenced by Portuguese, they are majorly influenced by German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.

All of these influences give Brazilian baby names an edge and make them super exotic. It also gives them a very distinct flavor and even their own twist on pronunciation. In Brazil kids get two family names, one from their mother and one from their father.

The most popular names in Brazil are common names like Maria and Ana, and Antonio and Jose, but they definitely have some hidden gems that parents will want to steal! Their names are not only colorful and alluring, but they have deep meanings too, which is just as important to most parents.

We've put together a list of 25 Brazilian baby names that parents are bound to fall in love with! Many of these names are popular, not just in Brazil, but in other Portuguese speaking countries as well. So grab a pen and jot down these adorable and exotic baby names!

25 Valentina

Valentina might be my favorite baby girl name on this list. It is the Latin variation of the name Valentine, which is just as cute. Valentine is French and is pronounced valenteen, though some may pronounce it like the holiday.

Valentina, surprisingly means "strength, health". For such a pretty name, I definitely expected a much prettier meaning, but its meaning does add a little more fierceness to it.

Valentina wasn't even seen on baby name lists in the U.S. until 1994. Since then it has made it all the way to number 106. Selma Hayak and her husband chose it for their daughter and name bearer, Valentina Tereshkova, was the first woman in space.

Valentina is a feminine and dainty name choice that is loved in Brazil and is being more and more appreciated around the world.

24 Alexio

Alexio, pronounced (ah-LESH-ee-o), is the Portuguese variation of the name Alexander. Alexander is obviously a very popular name in English speaking countries, perhaps too popular since it's been in the top 100 baby names since 1977 and has only dipped down as far as number 233 before that.

Alexio has some serious potential as it means "defender". Alexander has a deep history of strong masculine men who's fame took the name and its variations to another level. Alexio is the cutest alternative, plus you can still use the nicknames that Alexander comes with like Alex.

Alexio is among the more exotic variations like Alessandro, Alejandro, and Alasdair, but unlike those, we don't hear it as often. This unique baby name has some undeniable Brazilian flair that parents are sure to love!

23 Catarina

For those parents who have a Portuguese ancestry or none at all, Caterina is a way more charming alternative to the classic and a bit overused name Katherine. Overall, Caterina is a lovely and dainty choice for a Brazilian baby name.

Caterina, likes its variant Katherine, means "pure". Katherine is a timeless name that has been used countless times throughout history for royalty, literary figures, saints, television stars, and public figures. You name it and there most likely there has been a famous Katherine doing it.

Unlike all the Katherines in the world, there are way fewer Caterinas. This moniker has the same, if not more, charm, but it also is a truly rare gem. You also have a slue of nicknames to choose from like Cate, Cat, Cattie, and Caty.

22 Christiano

Christiano has some serious namebearers and might give your little guy some pretty big shoes to fill! Christiano Ronaldo is probably the most famous bearer of the name. Even though he's from Portugal, the name is very popular in Brazil.

Christiano is the Greek variation of the name Christian. It is used often in Portuguese speaking countries. Christian is often used as a baby girl name, Christiano typically isn't, but why not? It could be such a cute and rare name for a baby girl.

Christiano means "follower of Christ". It is, obviously, a Bible name, but it can be placed in several other categories as well. Christiano is Greek and Portuguese. It's an exotic choice for parents looking for something masculine and romantic. Who knows, maybe your little Christiano will turn out to be an all-star athlete too!

21 Sancia

Sancia, pronounced sahn-chee-ah, doesn't get a whole lot of love in Brazil, but is definitely worth stealing and bringing to the states! Its' a name that we think is with importing!

Sancia is a Latin name meaning "sacred" that was brought across the seas to Brazil and is often heard in Italy. This exotic moniker would rarely be heard in English speaking countries, making it the ultimate baby girl name to steal in the U.S.!

Sancia is baby name that will peak the interest of other parents, but not sound too absurd either. For parents looking for a Brazilian baby girl name that flows off the tongue, Sancia is perfect!

Sancia also has a slight Game of Thrones feel, similar to Sansa Stark, giving it an appeal to the shows expecting parent fans. Needless to say, this moniker has quite a bit going for it!

20 Rodrigo

Rodrigo, pronounced as it's spelled, is the Portuguese and Spanish variation of the name Roderick, only way cooler. While Roderick may have been a great name for your Grandpa, Rodrigo is a much better choice for your son.

Rodrigo means "famous ruler" and is a top seed for a baby boy name in both Brazil and Portugal, however in the U.S. it only sits at #503. The name is a more successful spin off of the German original, Roderick, although it has pretty much always remained in the top 1000.

Both versions have lots of literary history, but Rodrigo has much more moxie and an alluring sound to it. There is also the Irish Rory to consider, which doesn't acquire the same masculinity and gumption as Rodrigo. Let's just say that we prefer Rodrigo for now!

19 Feliciana

Feliciana is the Latin variation of the baby girl name Felicia. There is also the masculine version, Feliciano, which is the Latin variation of the name cute baby boy name, Felix.

Both names are an adorable option for a Brazilian baby name! Felicia has historically been a big hit in the Hispanic community, though it's sensation has died down quite a bit lately. It's variation, Feliciana, is not nearly as widely used, making it a great alternative to this sweet name.

Both Feliciana and Feliciano mean "lucky", a quaint and simple meaning for a big name. Felicia and Ana can be used as nicknames for Feliciana if you're a parent who loves a strong second option to call your baby. Feliciana is a swanky and high fashion name choice for your baby girl!

18 Caio

Caio is a gleeful sounding baby name that certainly doesn't lack in any spunk or charisma! Caio is undeniably adorable for a baby boy, but can't you picture it sounding really cool for a grown man too?

A baby boy with the name Caio is bound to do something great! Caio is a variation of the Latin name Caius. It has been the name of Saints, Shakespearean characters, and authors. Caio, pronounced kyo, is Latin for "rejoice".

Caius is currently at #164 on baby name charts, while Caio is only at #1501, making it even more alluring for parents seeking something more rare. Caio also has a the sweet nickname option Cai, which is also unquestionably cute.

Caio might just be my favorite baby boy name on this list. I love its joyful and easy sound. It's a true original that we don't hear often enough!

17 Avelina

Avelina is the Portuguese variation of the German name Avila. Both names may be directly related to the French, Aveline. Avelina can and should take the place of the over popularized, Ava and Evelyn!

Avelina means "hazelnut tree", but it also has bird related roots just like Ava. This Brazilian name is not only in that catergory, but it is also in the nature name category. It is easily a way more charming option than others in that category like Chrysanthemum and Persephone.

Avelina obviously doesn't lack in beauty and glamour. If your a parent that loves nicknames that Ave or Lina are just two that can sway you to love this name! This moniker is sure to turn heads and inspire intrigue when people hear it! Avelina just might be the new trend in the Ava names!

16 Edmundo

Edmondo is the Latin variation of Edmund meaning "fortunate protector". Edmund is a name we have seen over and over throughout history, but throw an "o" on the end and you have a rare gem!

Edmund is the English version of the French Edmond,and the Irish have their own version, Eamen. All of these names are regal and sophisticated, and perhaps a better alternative to Twilight's Edward. However, Edmondo has a gumption that both of these name lack.

Edmondo is more unfamiliar and slightly peculiar, but is makes up for it with its romantic and macho nature. Edmondo is a name that your baby boy will grown into nicely. It's truly a name that will grow as your baby does, and won't come with many growing pains for him.

15 Isadora


Isadora is a Greek name that doesn't lack in any luster! It's a name that is not only filled with adorable nicknames like Dora and Izzy, but it has an obvious charm and mystery.

Isadora is a name that you won't often hear in the U.S., but you hear in Portuguese speaking countries often. For parents with a Brazilian ancestry, or just a love for the culture, Isadora is a perfect option!

While Isabella and Isabel have remained, and probably will always be, ridiculously popular worldwide, Isadora sits in its shadow. This moniker needs to be brought out into a light of its own!

Though at first, Isadora may remind you of your granny, take into consideration the new trend of retro and vintage baby names. It's held a place in the top 200 baby names for a reason!

14 Matheus

Matheus is one of the cutest Latin-American names that we need to steal! This Brazilian baby boy name can easily take the place of the redundant, yet classic, Matthew. It's a name that can revamp the traditional Bible name, without taking away from its character.

Matheus is the Portuguese variation of the name Matthew, which means "gift of God." While Matthew will always remain in popularity, currently at #15, Matheus will most likely never be super popular in the U.S.

For parents who love the classic Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John style names but also want something not so overused, Matheus is perfect. It's as masculine as it is rare and you can still use the nickname Matt if desired. Matheus and also be spelled with the double "t", but I think the single makes it more interesting.

13 Beatriz

Beatriz, pronounced Beh-ah-treez, is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of Beatrice. It's widely popular in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. It's currently ranked #4 in Portugal, though it's not quite that loved in Brazil.

Beatriz means "one who brings happiness". It's variation Beatrice is only ranked #559 in the U.S., while Beatriz is not even in the top 2000. One famous name bearer is Beatriz Potter, a watercolorist and children's author.

Beatriz also comes with some pretty cool nicknames like Trixie and Bea and an alternative spelling, Beatrix. All of the variations seem to be making quite a comeback for parents seeking a vintage classic with a modern twist.

Beatrice has been seen in countless literary works and also quite often in royal families. With a name that means happiness, what could go wrong?

12 Miguel

Miguel is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of the name Michael. It's hugely popular in Brazil and it is currently ranked #162 on baby name charts in the U.S., though we don't seem run into too many Miguels. Not just Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries are falling in love with this one.

Miguel means "who is like God?". Unlike Michael, which has had 14,000 babies with the name in the last year, Miguel has not seen quite as much widespread popularity. It is however, just as likeable and strong.

Dads with the name Michael can consider naming their sons Miguel after themselves, like Mike Tyson did with his son. This is a great option if a dad doesn't want an exact junior, but does want his son's name to be similar to his.

11 Luiza

Luiza is the Spanish and Russian variation of the name Louisa, meaning "renowned warrior". This charmer is as beautiful as it is fierce, especially with the substitution of the letter "z".

Louisa was once a widely used old fashioned name, but it has seen better days. It has been resurrected slightly as a vintage name, but has yet to seen the days of its full glory again. For parents that like the old time feel of the English name, but want a more exotic one with a little more bounce, Luiza is the better choice.

Luiza also has a slue of adorable nicknames like Lou, Lulu, Iza, and Uiza. It also has other international variations like the Italian Ludovica and the Swedish Luvisa. Out of all of the spinoffs of the popular 18th century name Louisa, I love Luiza the best.

10 Tiago

Tiago is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of the Latin place name Santiago. Santiago was the patron saint of Spain, which is where it gets its meaning "Saint James." While Santiago is ranked #106, up 100 spots from last year, Tiago is only ranked #2211 in the U.S.

While Santiago has been featured in many works of literature and has been seen throughout history, remove the "San" and you have a new and unique alternative with just as much, if not more charm.

This two syllable moniker doesn't need a nickname and isn't short of gumption. It's a name that doesn't lack in cuteness for a baby boy, but also allows enough sophistication and masculinity for a man.

Tiago is a classic Brazilian baby name that we may not hear in our neck of the Americas, but is beloved by many Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.

9 Margarida

Margarida, pronounced mah-gah-REE-dah, is the Portuguese version of the names Margaret, Marguirite, and Margherita all meaning "daisy." Though it may too closely resemble the alcoholic beverage in the U.S., it is loved by Brazilians.

The Portuguese Margarida is a completely different version than the Italian, French and English versions. The others you may hear often, or did hear in the 1950s or so. The name is in the top 200 in most Portuguese speaking countries, but its not even in the top 10,000 in the U.S.!

Margarida has an undeniable Brazilian flair and an alluring seductive appeal. It is adorable for a baby girl, but is super fun and sexy for a grown woman. It reminds me of a pinup girl from the mid-1900s. Nicknames like Marg and Rida make these name an even better option.

8 Rafael

Rafael meaning "God has healed", is the Spanish variation of Raphael, which is the original Hebrew spelling. Rafael is the ultimate Brazilian baby boy name, not quite loved enough in the States just yet. This inviting name is one we need to hear more!

Rafael has an appeal to both the Latino and Jewish communities, making this moniker extremely diverse. The nickname, Rafi, is equally loved by both communities and also by fans of the alternative spelling, Raphael.

Famous Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal is a young name bearer that has given some extra popularity to the name. Rafael currently sits at #291 for baby boy names in the U.S., making it rare enough to hold to its exotic appeal. It most likely won't be a name we'll hear every day in years to come.

7 Elena

Elena, pronounced ee-LAY-na, is the Spanish variation and way prettier version of the name Helen, although it sounds more like Alaina. Elena has made a recent climb up the baby name charts in the U.S. all the way to #94. It has never been in the top 100 in the past.

Elena has been the name to many television and literary characters, including the protagonist from The Vampire Diaries. It was also the name of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, who was the first woman to ever hold that position.

Elena is a strong and sophisticated Spanish name that doesn't lack in beauty either. It's a different and less overused name in the popular "El" baby name trend. Brazilians love the charm and quaintness of the name and apparently the U.S. is catching on too!

6 Diogo

Diogo is less familiar Portuguese variation of the name Diego. Diego is the Spanish variation of the name James, meaning "supplanter." James is currently ranked #5 on baby name charts, so why not consider the less exhausted Brazilian alternative?

Diego is also trending in the U.S., as it has reached #129. Diego may have lost its luster when the Nickelodeon brother cartoon to Dora, Go Diego Go, was watched over and over again by our littles. This is just another reason to choose Diogo!

Diogo was borne by the 15th-century Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão, making it as adventurous as it is Biblical. This moniker covers several baby name categories, not just checking off the Brazilian baby name box. It's a name that your kid will most likely not hear in his kindergarten class!

5 Pietra

Pietra is the Portuguese and Italian variation of the Greek name Petra and the French name Pierette, all the feminine version of the name Peter meaning "rock; stone". All three variations are charming and different, but not all are created equal.

The Greek form of the name is ranked #2 in Croatia and #20 in Hungary, but it has not reached below the 400s in the U.S. The French version, though prettier, in my opinion, is only ranked in the 5000s in the U.S.

Pietra is the much softer and feminine version of Peter, but somehow this alternative is only ranked in the 6000s in the U.S. This moniker has a definite Brazilian flair, but doesn't scream exotic. It's a name that stands out, but also blends in because of its subtle uniqueness.

4 Tomas

Tomas, pronounced toe-MAHS, is the German and Portuguese variation of the name Thomas. Though the pronunciation differs slightly, the meaning, "twin", remains the same.

Tomas is currently ranked #711, while its Aramaic variation, Thomas, holds a spot at #48. Thomas is a classic baby name that is seen throughout history in both England and the U.S., but Tomas has a slight edge, not just in its spelling, but also in its pronunciation.

Thomas has several other variations other than Tomas, including Italy's Tomasso and the Scottish, Tam, but Tomas is by far my favorite. The nickname Tom can be used for all variations.

Tomas is a more exotic take on the original that we hear so often in the U.S. A kid named Tomas will be sure to be asked about the pronunciation of his name.

3 Raissa


Raissa is the Portuguese variation of the Russian name Raisa, meaning "rose." This flower moniker was brought into light in America through the wife of Soviet head Mikhail Gorbachev.

Both Raissa and Raisa are names that flow off the tongue. They are a new and refreshing alternative to some of the other more redundant names in the popular flower name category that parents are using today. Instead of the traditional name Rose or Rosie, parents can choose Raissa in its place.

Raissa is ranked #2277 on baby name charts in the U.S. It's not a name that your kid will likely hear in her kindergarten class, but it is one that will get some attention because of its beauty and elegance. For parents searching for a gorgeous Brazilian baby name for their little girl, Raissa is definitely a possibility to jot down!

2 Lorenzo

Lorenzo, pronounced lo-REN-tzo, is the Italian variation of the name Laurence, only its way more attractive. Lorenzo means "from Laurentium." Lorenzo definitely sounds like more of an Italian name, but it is extremely popular in Brazil too.

Lorenzo has become increasingly popular in the U.S., maybe because Jersey Shore star, Snooki, chose it for her son recently. This medieval moniker could easily take the place of names like Leonardo and Laurence. It has currently reached #210 for baby boy names in the U.S. and is extremely popular in Brazil and Italy as well.

Lorenzo is a name that gives parents adorable nickname options as well. Just think of a little Lorenzo being called Renzo, Lotto, or Enzo. These are all appealing nicknames that can also be used on their own.

1 Florencia

Florencia is the Spanish variation of the Latin name Florence meaning "flourishing, prosperous." This variation has way more going for it than Florence does right now. Florence is so much more exotic if you add an "ia" at the end!

Florencia and its male version, Florencio, is a name that is loved in Brazil. It is both a place name and has some major floral vibes too. Florence has a diverse and cross cultural appeal and has had several famous name bearers that include Florence Nightingale and Florence and the Machine's, Florence Welch.

Though Florence has been seen on baby name charts throughout history, Florencia has not. Its a name that comes with adorable nicknames like Flo, Flossie, and Florrie. It has so much more pizzazz and luster than its sister Florence.

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