25 Beautiful Baby Names From Italy That Will Melt Your Heart

In the market for an adorable Italian baby name? Italy is not only known to be a country of great romance, it is a country rich in history. Just about every baby name category can be found in Italy's vast array of names.

Italy is known for its beautiful landscapes, architectural phenomenons, amazing food and wine, and beautiful language. How could we not steal some of their adorable baby names?! From names of ancient Rome, beautiful models, and fashion forward cities, Italy is full of traditional and unique names to choose from.

This list contains names of striking beauty as well as some that are insanely masculine and charming that parents are sure to fall in love with! Names that roll off the tongue and are as free flowing as they come are sure to catch the eye of parents looking in this genre and parents who aren't.

Drawing from nature, history, and tradition, Italy's baby names are the sweetest! Not only are they perfect for a new little bundle of joy, they grow with your child and become even more lovable.

Mamma mia! For parents interested in Italian baby names, this list full of exotic monikers can be of some assistance. Grab a pen and paper and let's bring some of these names stateside!

25 Giovanni

Oh Giovanni! One of those names that we automatically associate with pasta, wine, Rome, and romance. Giovanni is one of the more popular Italian baby names that we hear.

Giovanni means, "God is gracious." It's currently ranked #220 on baby name charts. Its highest ranking ever! There are several famous bearers of the name including artists, actors, and designers, mostly known in Italy.

Giovanni could not be more adorable for a baby boy. This name is cute as a button! It's also masculine and strong, which makes it a win-win for parents seeking the perfect Italian baby name.

This moniker is an exotic and classic Italian name said to be making its way into the top 100. It also has some pretty cool nicknames like Gianni and Gio.

24 Abriana

Abriana is a distinctive Italian baby name that could be an alternative to the more popular, Sabrina and Adriana. This four syllable name is as lovely as it is unique.

The beautifully and charming Abriana is the feminine form of the name Abraham. It has the same meaning as Abraham, "father of the multitudes." The meaning of the name may not be that exciting for a baby girl, but don't let that deter you. The meaning doesn't make the name any less gorgeous. An alternative spelling is Abrienne, but the Italian Abriana looks a little prettier on paper.

Parents, jot this one down! This dazzlingly feminine name would be perfect for parents with an Italian heritage, or parents just looking for a rare gem for their baby girl.

23 Matteo

The Italian form of Matthew, Matteo could not be any cuter! Taking a traditional and sometimes overused English name like Matthew and using the Italian form Matteo is a great way to give your kid an original and unique name.

Matteo means, "gift from God." Though I had not heard the name too often, it is currently seen climbing up the charts in the U.S. Matteo is sitting at #168 on baby name charts and the Spanish spelling Mateo is at #59. It's not surprising that Matteo is ranked #5 in Italy.

As celebrities like Collin Firth and Ricky Martin have chosen Matteo for their little boys, we can expect it to become even more popular in mainstream America and around the world. Consider the cuteness of the nickname Teo as a possibility too! This energetic name is ideal for today's baby boy!

22 Camellia

Flower names are huge right now! Unfortunately, we hear the same ones over and over again. Finally, we have a flower name that isn't overdone!

A camellia is a rare and exotic flower. The state flower of Alabama, the camellia is a flowering tree named by Linnaeus for a Morovian botanist. The name Camellia, however, had only begun to be used as a first name in the 1930s.

Before the flower was named, Camellia was used as an old Roman surname meaning, "helper to the priest." We prefer the more attractive flower meaning for your little one! The flowering beauty is known to denote perfection and admiration, as every flower should.

Variants of Camellia include Camella, Camelia, and Cammelia, but the traditional Italian spelling is perfect for parents seeking a flower name or a name with Italian history.

21 Luca

Luca has had some serious recent success in the baby name game. Probably the top trending name on this list, Luca is actually of Italian origin.

This moniker is the Italian variation of the name Luke and Lucas, meaning, "man from Lucania, bringer of light." Though the name was once thought to be a bit feminine, it has made drastic leaps up the charts to #151. The name is popular throughout Europe for both sexes as well.

Celebs like Colin Firth and Hillary Duff brought Luca into the spotlight when they chose it for their sons. This four letter moniker doesn't need a nickname and gives a new fresh option to the classic Bible name, Luke.

Luca is a perfect fit for parents looking for a classic, Italian, Bible name for their baby boy or even baby girl if they're feeling brave!

20 Milan

Italy is full of Italian place names that are perfect for babies! Milan is one of the best of them. Milan is Italy's second largest city famous for fashion.

Everywhere else in the world Milan is usually a boy's name, but in the U.S. we see it more often used for girls. Its a great unisex choice for an Italian baby name. Though attributed to Italy, Milan is actually a Slavic word meaning, "gracious, dear." It is a more common Slavic male name than Italian.

Milan is a chic and modern name that has a definite trendy and upscale appeal. For parents who are looking for a name that is outside of the box, but has obvious Italian roots, Milan is just that. Though we use it more for a girl here, the masculine Slavic use of it is perfect for a baby boy too.

19 Vittorio

I just love Vittorio for a baby boy! It is the Italian variation of Victor, which means, "conqueror." Vittorio is a free flowing name that just sounds beautiful and suave. This masculine name is victorious!

Though Victor is more popular in the English speaking world, ranking #167, Vittorio is a bit more rare, coming in at #2060. Victor was actually born from Vittorio, which was one of the earliest Christian names, and was translated into the English speaking world during the reign of Queen Victoria.

There have been several famous actors in Italian cinema named Vittorio. There have also been several saints and popes named Vittorio throughout history.

Vittorio is an edgy and cool alternative to the more traditional English Victor. For parents looking for a deep rooted name seen throughout Italian history, Vittorio is just that!

18 Gia

There have been several names on this list that are simple, four letter, two syllable names. Gia, however, is a simple name that deserves so much credit! This three letter name encompasses beauty, femininity, and strength.

Gia is of Hebrew origin and means, "God is gracious." It is currently ranked #372 on baby name charts. Gia is actually a nickname for Gianna, which is the feminine form of Giovanni.

The famed model Gia Carangi can be credited with giving her name some popularity and moving it from the 1000s and bringing it to #299 by 2011. Other celebrities like Matt Damon and Mario Lopez also showed the name some love by giving it to their daughters.

For parents seeking a familiar Italian baby name that isn't too edgy or crazy, Gia is ideal. Most know the name is of Italian origin, and all can appreciate its charm.

17 Deangelo

Deangelo is a tried and true Italian name. Shorter than the popular Michaelangelo, Deangelo is an equally cute and attractive option. Its classic Italian roots and strong masculine demeanor ensures its spot on this list!

This moniker may sound more like a family name and it has a definite appeal. Meaning, "from the angel," it denotes Son of Angelo. Deangelo is said to have been left pure and innocent for the world by angels.

This old-school Italian name is full of energy and spirit. It's a name that is rich in Italian heritage, but can be used for a baby with little to no Italian blood. Deangelo is an adorable addition to your baby name possibilities!

16 Capri

I first heard the name Capri in a song by Colbie Callait. The song was about a woman who was pregnant with a baby girl she was going to name Capri. The song was just as catchy as the name. After I heard it, I wrote down Capri as one of my baby girl name options.

Capri is an Italian Isola. This moniker is not only in the exotic Italian name category, but the place name category. Capri is a more modern Italian name gaining some popularity not only for its beauty, but also for its edginess.

Though English speaking countries may associate Capri with the ankle short pants, when people hear it as a baby girl name, they will definitely reconsider! Capri is perfect for parents seeking an Italian baby name with some cool and contemporary vibes.

15 Romeo

"Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?" Obviously, this name is an absolute classic that just about everyone is familiar with, but not because it's overused. This name is as rare as they come for today's baby boy.

Shakespeare's dapper and suave Romeo is the most popular bearer of the name of all time. Romeo is so deep rooted in the tragic tale Romeo and Juliet that people don't even think of it for the modern baby. Romeo means, "a pilgrim to Rome." Not a hugely romantic meaning, but still appropriate.

When David and Victoria Beckham chose Romeo for their son in 2002, people began to consider Romeo outside of the play. Romeo for a little boy couldn't be cuter, and Romeo for a man is strong and attractive.

14 Vanna

Yes, you're probably thinking of Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White, but try to have an open mind! You don't want to miss the original and rare Italian beauty of this name!

Vanna is a diminutive of Vanessa and Ivanna. Vanna means, "she who sifts." Vanna is not only the name of Wheel of Fortune personality, Vanna White, it also belongs to literary characters, saints, and royalty. The name was first found in the year 1294 in Tuscany in a book of verse written by Dante Alighieri.

Vanna is another rare Italian name, only coming in at a surprising #3028 on baby name charts. People with the name Vanna love freedom and are intellectuals. Vanna has only been given to 1507 people in the last 100 years! This means that Vanna is a rare Italian gem!

13 Cristiano

Soccer fans know this name well. Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most famous bearer of this name, at least in recent history. Though with a name this old it is bound to be rich in Italian heritage.

Cristiano is the Italian and Portuguese variation of the religious name Christian. The English version has hit its all time highest popularity and is considered the ultimate cool boy name, kuddos to Christian Grey!

For parents who love the name Christian, but don't like how exhausted it's become, Cristiano is an excellent alternative! Its a bit more exotic and rare, but equally as cute, if not cuter. This name not only checks off the box for an Italian baby name, but can also be considered in the Bible and classic baby name categories too.

12 Clarisse

Clarisse is the Italian variation of Clarice and Claire. Clarisse's spelling and pronunciation is a timeless classic with all of the Italian feminine charm you could possibly have in a name!

Clarisse is the medieval form of Clara, meaning, "clear and bright." The most famous Clarisse or Clarice that comes to my mind is Rudolph's adorable little crush, the doe who didn't care if he had a red nose.

Clarisse was one of the top names in the early 1900s and has fallen off charts because parents began to prefer Clarissa instead. Clarisse is a classic and ageless Italian name that eminates beauty and femininity.

Clarisse is a name we rarely hear anymore, yet all are familiar with. For parents looking for a baby name that will resonate with others for its charm, add Clarisse to your list!

11 Donte


I am loving the name Donte for this list! Donte is the Italian variation of Dante meaning, "enduring."

Probably the most infamous Dante is the medieval poet so well known he didn't even need to use his last name, Alghieri. His greatest work was known as Dante's Inferno, which describes the nine circles of hell.

Despite the devilish association with Dante's Inferno, parents have not deterred from using it for their baby boys. Donte is seen quite a bit in the Italian American community.

This exotic name has somewhat of an alluring and romantic appeal, perhaps because it has been seen several times in literature. Donte is a perfect Italian name to bestow upon your little boy. Its rich history doesn't take away from its cool and edgy aura.

10 Suzetta

Who knew the traditional and somewhat exhausted Hebrew name, Susan or Susanna, has a beautiful Italian sister? Suzetta is the Italian variation of Susan. This could be a less exhausted and overused option ideal for parents looking for an adorable Italian baby name.

This feminine beauty is a standout name compared to her sisters Susan and Susanna, which had their reign during the 1930s-60s. Suzetta can still use Susan's nicknames like Susie, Suz, and Sukie too. Susan and Susanna have long resumes, but Suzetta is as unique as they come.

Suzetta is a name that is charming and adorable for a little girl, but is sophisticated and mature for a woman. Its feminine beauty is undeniable and its Italian heritage is perfect for parents looking in that category.

9 Giorgio

Of course we probably all think of Giorgio Armani when we hear the name, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Giorgio Armani is probably the most famous bearer of the name, and definitely the most stylish.

Giorgio is a variant of George, and is also seen spelled Georgio in Italy. It is Italian for "farmer" or "worker of the land." In the US, Giorgio is only ranked #2685. Though it has not been too highly favored over here, it is definitely fashionable in Italy.

Thanks to Armani, Giorgio isn't as unheard of as it could be. It is a brave choice for parents looking for an Italian name that's a little bit on the colorful side. Giorgio is sure to be a hit among today's fashionable and contemporary parents!

8 Marcella

Marcella is a vintage and retro sounding name with some deep Italian roots. Though the name may seem dated and out of touch, it has some serious style points.

Not only is Marcella a fashionable name, it also means, "warlike," which makes it even better. Your little Marcella will be as fierce, independent, and chic as her name.

Marcella was the leading lady in the story Don Quixote and was also given to the famous Saint Marcella, the Roman matron of strength. Marcella is a strong name for a woman. It has had several notable bearers that have all achieved great accomplishments in their lifetime.

For parents seeking a classic Italian name for their baby girl, search no longer! Marcella is a seemingly outdated name that we need to bring back this decade!

7 Aldo

Aldo is a German name that is hugely popular in Italy! In fact, it is used more often in Italy than in Germany. Aldo means, "old and wise." Not a very appropriate meaning for a new baby, but one that your little guy can definitely grow into.

Aldo's popularity in Italy may be because of the late Italian Prime Minister, Aldo Moro.

Famous name bearers include actor Aldo Ray and writer Aldo Leopold. Aldo is an adorable short first name with some great Italian flare. The name doesn't scream Italian or German for that matter, but it does have its own unique quality. It would be perfect paired up even with an Anglo surname.

For parents looking for an Italian name, or even just something a little different, Aldo may be just right.

6 Zeta

Does Catherine-Zeta Jones come to mind? It should, because she is one of the most famous, maybe the only famous, bearer of the name, and a gorgeous one too! Zeta is an underestimated Italian name that we should hear used more!

Zeta is actually of Teutonic origin and means, "armored maiden." The meaning of Zeta is extremely strong for a woman. It's feminist and beautiful. Girl power! The name Zeta will surely set up your little girl to be a strong independent woman.

Though Zeta is of Italian origin, it's more commonly used in English speaking countries. It is only ranked #1597 on baby name charts, however. Zeta works well for a middle name, but if you're looking for a short and sweet Italian first name, Zeta is perfect!

5 Saverio

Saverio, a variation of Severo, is an old Roman family name. Though it does have a surname feel, it is undoubtedly an adorable Italian baby name to consider.

Saverio and Severo are both variations of Severus, meaning stern in Italian and Spanish. Severus has been seen in books such as Mansfield Park and Harry Potter, both of which were stern characters as the name suggests. Perhaps Saverio and Severo are better options for this harsh name? Saverio offers a softer, yet still masculine choice out of the three options.

Saverio is fearless and unique. For brave parents looking for something a bit on the edgier side, Saverio is just that! Your son will most likely be the only one in his class with this name, making him standout - in a good way, of course!

4 Cosima

If you're an Orphan Black fan, this name might ring a bell! Cosima stars as one of the main clones on the show, known for her brains and hippie type of beauty. Though I thought Cosima was a British name, it actual has an Italian origin and has a male form, Cosimo.

Cosima has been chosen for the daughters of several celebrities recently. It is also a name that is widely chosen for the daughters of the upper class British society, making it very likely that the name will soon be seen all over the place in America!

Cosima is an elegant and distinctive name that means, "order and beauty," which may be why the British elite chose it so often. This moniker has several variations like Kassima, Casima, and Cossima and nicknames like Casey and Cossie.

3 Nico

Nico is as Italian as they come! It also couldn't be more adorable. Nico is known in Italy as the short form of Niccolo, but in English speaking countries is the variation of Nicholas and Nick.

This short little moniker is full of charm and charisma. It is as masculine as it is sexy, yet is totally appropriate and adorable for a little boy. Nico means, "people of victory" and is not only popular in Italy, but also in several Spanish speaking countries as well as France, Belgium, Germany, and Holland.

Though 90% of American babies with the name Nico are boys, it is often considered a unisex name. Nico for a girl has its own charm. Nico has recently entered the top 500 for baby boys, and could possible keep climbing, so grab this one while it's still fresh!

2 Edita

Edita, the Italian variation of the traditional English name Edith, is a less outdated option. Edith was one of the most popular names in the U.S. about a hundred years ago and has lost its appeal since.

Edith has served as a great name for many great women, including two first ladies. The Italian form has been seen to have the same feminine strength. Edita means, "prosperous in war." That's a pretty tough meaning for such a darling name! Women with the name Edita are said to be creative and and light-hearted, but also strong leaders and visionaries.

Edita is a unique and charming option for an Italian baby name. It fits in many categories. For those with a love for old-fashion names, but want something a little bit fresher, Edita is perfect!

1 Tito

This short two-syllable baby boy name is absolutely adorable! Italian baby name seekers need look no further than this delightful four letter name. Tito is everything!

Tito is the Spanish and Italian variation of Titus meaning, "title of honor." Not only was Michael Jackson's youngest brother named Tito, but he was also part of Fagin's Gang in the Disney animated movie Oliver and Company.

Both Tito and Titus have ancient Roman roots. Tito was in the top 1000 baby names in 1974, but has dropped way off the charts since. Hitting #2274 today, Tito is as rare as it is suave.

If you're looking for a cool Italian baby name that isn't dull and boring, Tito is just that! We love Tito for today's Italian baby name searching parents!

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