25 Beautiful Boy Names Everyone Forgot About (Part 2)

When it comes to choosing a name for your soon-to-be bouncing baby boy, the options are truly endless. There are so many gorgeous names for baby boys out there, but we know that you only want the best for your little one. You go over list after list of names for your little cutie pie, just looking for the perfect fit.

Deciding on a name for your baby is no easy task. For a sweet baby boy, you want a name that is super cute, but also masculine. All in all, you want the name to be absolutely beautiful. There are wonderful names for baby boys that are beautiful, and ones that you may have not thought of yet! With so many names out there, many of us overlooked some favorites that have totally slipped our mind.

Some of these adorably beautiful names are ones that we have totally forgotten about. We bring you part two of the list of beautiful baby boy names that everyone forgot about. So many fantastic names for your little one, we had to make a second list! Read on, but be warned, you may have a difficult time deciding which one is your favorite!

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25 Felix

Your little wild one will just be like Felix the cat with this adorable name that most of us have totally forgotten about! Felix seems like an old time name, yet it has a trendy feel to it, don’t you think? We bet it will not be too long before the name Felix really catches on with baby boys.

The name Felix is of Latin origin and means happy and fortunate. That is exactly how you will feel once your baby boy is born, and likely how he will feel with you as his parents. The name is seen here and there, but has not really gotten any buzz. It is certainly a name that we have forgotten about, but one that will be popular before we know it!

24 Silas

Scoop up the name Silas before it gets too popular, because that is just the direction this super cute baby boy name is headed! Silas is an old fashioned name, one that we have all forgotten about. However, certain celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, have named their son Silas. Because of this, the long forgotten name of Silas has been climbing the charts, and in fact, may be at the highest peak it has ever seen.

The name means forest or woods, and once you hear that name meaning, Silas really fits! We imagine a sweet little Silas running around outside and exploring nature. If that sounds exactly like what your little man will be doing, then Silas is the forgotten name you need to remember!

23 Elias

When was the last time you met a little boy named Elias? It is likely not a name you have heard, probably anytime in the last century! The name Elias is a forgotten name, but it is certainly a name with lots of heart and soul, and one that is truly beautiful for any little boy to be blessed with.

The name Elias means god and is the Greek version of Elijah, which is a bit more popular. Elias is a beautiful forgotten name for a baby boy, but it has been climbing up the charts somewhat steadily over the past few years. This indicates that it is starting to not be forgotten anymore! It is an adorable name for a baby boy, that also invokes strength and resilience.

22 Caleb

The forgotten baby boy name of Caleb has been around since basically the existence of time! This oldie but goodie name is not new at all. Caleb is an Old Testament name, which just shows how long this adorable baby boy name has been around! While it is not new, it has slipped past the minds of many parents to be, yet, it is starting to make a comeback.

We are beginning to see more Calebs around that ever before. This forgotten name is definitely being remembered by lots of new parents who choose this name for their little boy. We bet it will not be long before this name tops the charts! Of Hebrew origin, Caleb means devotion to God. Caleb was one of two ancient Israelites who set out to the promised land.

21 Hudson

The cute name of Hudson for a baby boy used to be at the bottom of the baby name charts. It was long forgotten for years, even decades! What was once a somewhat popular name way back when, soon was brushed away. However, that tide is beginning to turn, and the baby boy name of Hudson is back up on the charts.

This forgotten name is gaining popularity, as certain celebrities have chosen the name Hudson for their son. The name is of English origin, and actually means Hugh’s son. It is a classic baby boy name with a trendy feel, and will definitely be uber trendy as the years go on, we bet on that! Now, Hudson is also considered a girl’s name, as some parents to be have decided it makes a cute name for a girl, as well.

20 Laurent

The name Laurent hits all of our senses and thoughts, as it has a classy feel, with a hint of danger, and being ultra adorable as well! Who knew a name could invoke all those things, right?! Yet, the forgotten name of Laurent does just that.

Laurent is of French origin, and is actually the French version of Lawrence (we agree, Laurent is much cooler!). This name is not popular at all, probably because many parents to be have totally overlooked this long forgotten name for their baby boys. It definitely is a name that is powerful while being oh so cute for your sweet bundle of joy baby boy. What do you think? Will the name Laurent no longer be forgotten and turn into a name that just everyone needs to name their baby boys??

19 Wren

We all recognize the name Wren of that belonging to a little bird. Yet, once upon a time, Wren was the name to have for a little boy. This cutesy, yet strong, name for a baby boy is almost never seen. In fact, Nameberry reports that in 2012 the name Wren was only given to 29 boys. That’s it! How can that be, we wonder. Yes, it is a forgotten name, that is obvious. But it seems to go with the trendy names that are popular. So perhaps Wren will begin to climb the charts, you never know.

The name Wren, which is also given to little girls, comes straight from the English bird who shares the same name. We happen to think that is absolutely adorable. If you are looking for a forgotten name that has been sitting at the bottom of the charts for decades, Wren is your choice!

18 Phoenix

The baby boy name of Phoenix seems super cool. It has a feel of power and adorableness all wrapped into one! We all know that Phoenix is the name of the bird, as well as a city in Arizona, but it is also a name that is perfect for a little boy who is one cool dude! Can’t you see you little baby boy just flying around the room like the bird by the same name?!

The name of Phoenix is somewhat forgotten about for a baby boy. While it is seen from time to time, it is quite unpopular, likely only for the reason that everyone has forgotten about it! Phoenix has the vast potential to become a trendy name that everyone desires, that is for sure. Phoenix is of Greek origin and means dark red.

17 Asher

What a beautiful name Asher is for a baby boy. It is soft and sweet, while also being masculine and strong. Asher is perfect in our book, that is for sure. This long forgotten name is slowly returning, as everyone seems to fall in love with the name Asher. It has been gaining popularity, and is likely to hit the top of the charts before long.

Asher is another name for the Old Testament, which seems to be a trend among forgotten names! It is of Hebrew origin and means fortunate and blessed. We think the name meaning fits Asher perfectly. Asher is a beautiful, yet forgotten, choice for your sweet baby boy. It is a name that is cute for a little one, and manly enough for when he gets older.

16 Cooper

Many of us have heard of the name Cooper, often as a last name, but not usually as a first time. That is starting to change, as the long forgotten name of Cooper is hitting the baby name charts once again. It is cool and cute, which is why you better grab this beautiful forgotten name before it becomes too famous!

The name Cooper is actually an English occupational name for a barrel maker. According to Nameberry, it is one of the very first occupational names to catch on as a first name. That certainly does not surprise us, Cooper is adorable and a winning choice for any sweet little boy. Cooper is actually a very popular name currently in Australia, so it will not be long before North America and elsewhere figures out this is the name to have!

15 Terence

Terence is a baby boy name that we have forgotten all about. This old time name that gives off vibes of centuries ago still lives far down on the baby name charts, if it even makes them at all! This beautiful name may just be the perfect one you have been looking for. Terence is a recognizable name, but is rarely seen.

The name Terence is a Latin name whose meaning is actually unknown. Terence dates way back to the Roman Empire. This is a name that has been around for a long time! Yet, it just has not caught on in popularity. But that could change in the blink of an eye, because Terence is a cute name that will fit your baby boy as he grows up to be a man.

14 Anton

Can’t you just see your little man in a suit with the name Anton? Anton is as old fashioned as baby names get. This name has been around for centuries, yet has a bit of a trendy feel. Anton is a classic baby boy name that is rarely seen these days. Once very popular, we bet that Anton will climb the charts once people remember this forgotten name actually exists!

The name Anton is of German origin and is a derivative of Anthony. Anton has a sophisticated feel while being uber cute for your adorable bouncing baby boy. This very rare name may be just the one you have been searching for. If you want your baby boy to have a traditional feeling name that not many others have, Anton may be just for you.

13 Milo

Have you heard of the name Miles? Well, Miles came from the name Milo. Milo arrived in the world of names first, which is exactly why this beautifully forgotten name has an old world, classic feel to it. Milo has been around for centuries, maybe even hundreds of centuries!

The name Milo is of Latin origin and means solider. This very old name fits any sweet baby boy, as it is so adorable for a little man, but also strong and powerful for when your little boy grows up. It is a classic, traditional kind of name, and one that many of us have totally forgotten about. You occasionally will meet a Milo, and likely, those Milo boys you meet will get stuck in your head with their amazing names.

12 Gray

Gray may not be forgotten as a name for a crayon in the Crayola box, but it has been well forgotten as a name for a baby boy. Gray cannot seem to catch on as a baby boy’s name. Despite being around for literally centuries and centuries, this name cannot seem to break into the top 1,000 baby names.

The name Gray is a color name, and has no real origin or name meaning. Perhaps that turns some people off, since it is really the name of a color. However, the name Gray as a level of power and sophistication that is unlike any other name for a boy. And not to mention, it is quite cute for a little man! The name Gray may be just the choice for your little boy.

11 Bernard

Bernard is a strong, classic, and cute name for any baby boy. It is also a name that has been forgotten. Bernard encompasses so many feelings and emotions, it is really quite beautiful for your growing baby boy. It is a name that fits every age. It can be adorably cutesy for a little baby boy, and intellectually power and ultra strong for a growing young man.

The name Bernard means brave as a bear or strong, and is of German origin. Now you probably understand how the St. Bernard dogs get their name! Bernard was quite popular back in the early 1900’s, but since then, it has taken a nosedive in popularity, and since has all been forgotten. This beautiful name for a baby boy deserves to make a come back.

10 Valentino

If you are searching for a beautiful name for your sweet baby boy, Valentino may be the name you have been searching for. The name Valentino is a classic name, but it is also one that is well forgotten. There are not many Valentinos out there walking the streets, but that could change in a heartbeat! It won’t be long before this forgotten name gets remembered, and turns out to be a name that everyone must have.

The name Valentino means strength, and is of Latin origin. It is so far down on the baby name charts, it barely even exists! We see Valentino gaining some popularity, but right now, this forgotten name is perfect for those cutie pie baby boys. Your baby boy will certainly be a heartbreaker with a name like Valentino!

9 Jasper

The forgotten name of Jasper is very well rounded. Jasper is the kind of name for a cute baby boy who also happens to be cultured, literary, hip, and much more. Jasper has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years, being considered a trendy name that is much needed among some new parents. Despite this, Jasper is still down in the charts, but is climbing.

The name Jasper is of Persian origin and means bringer of treasures. This is a beautiful and hip name for your little sweetheart baby boy. Jasper gained some popularity with the Twilight books and movies, but we guarantee your adorably baby boy will not be a vampire! Grab this forgotten name before it gets too popular, you likely do not have very long until that happens!

8 Caspian

When you think of the name Caspian, what comes to mind? Do you see it as a name for your beautiful baby boy? Perhaps you envision a sweet baby boy who is surrounded by love. Or an adorable baby boy all dressed up and sophisticated, yet also quite playful. This long forgotten name of Caspian brings many of this thoughts and feelings to the surface. And there are not many Caspians out there, that is for sure.

The name Caspian actually comes from the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea is the largest inland sea, and is located between Europe and Asia. The name Caspian comes from the name of this particular sea. Both are stunning beautiful, and also forgotten. Caspian is starting to gain fame as a name for baby boys, but it is still beautifully unique and rare.

7 Damon

Damon is a beautiful name that many of us totally forgot about. We already know some Damons, such as Damon Wayans, the funny guy comedian and actor, and of course, Matt Damon. Damon as a first name is not too common, but that is changing. The name Damon is very low on the charts, but is slowly rising.

Damon is of English origin, and is a diminutive of Damian, which means to subdue. The name Damon invokes a sense of strength and resilience. It is powerful, but also adorable for a baby boy. It may be the name that makes you think twice. Damon is rare, yet recognizable. Is the beautiful and forgotten name of Damon the one that you have been waiting for? It just may be.

6 Chester

Are you looking for a unique name for your little bundle of joy baby boy? The long forgotten name of Chester may be right up your alley. Chester is a fun name that is a bit different, but is also beautiful for any baby boy. Right now, Chester is barely surviving on the baby name charts, despite being hugely popular back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The name Chester means fortress and is of Latin origin. Chester has an old time feel to it, but also brings a sense of new age and trendiness. Not many names can do both those things! Chester is likely to get more popular as parents to be remember this long forgotten, and beautiful, name for their baby boys. Get it before it is too hot!

5 Ephraim

The name of Ephraim joins the list of biblical names that have been around for longer than time itself, perhaps! Ephraim is a one of a kind name that many of us have completely forgotten even exists. It is beautiful for a baby boy who is as unique as this different kind of name.

Ephraim means fruitful and productive. The name is of Hebrew origin and is a name from the Old Testament. Ephraim is a name that is so unique, that your baby boy will always be remembered. This beautiful and forgotten name for a baby boy is trying to move up the charts, but is still quite low. Despite this, the name is one that is seen from time to time, always attached to a noble (and cute!) character.

4 Orion

We take a name straight from Greek mythology. Orion is a name many of us know, but we bet you forgot about it! Orion is a beautiful choice for your bundle of joy baby boy. The name Orion has been around for a long time, but in the last half century has jumped up and down the charts in popularity.

The name Orion is of Greek origin. Orion is known as the legendary hunter, and one of the brightest constellations we can view in the night sky. Your baby boy is bound to be your brightest star, so a name like Orion is unique because it is forgotten, while having a perfect fit for your beautiful baby boy. If you are looking for a gorgeous name with an impressive background, Orion is a great choice.

3 Graham

The name Graham is a gorgeous choice for a baby boy. This name is one of a kind, mainly because it is largely forgotten. We know the name (well, at least because of the crackers by the same name!), but do not meet many boys out there by the name, making it unique, just like your baby boy is bound to be! Graham can be fun or serious, making it totally perfect for any little boy.

Graham means homestead and is of Scottish origin. Back in the homeland of the name Graham, it is more popular, but here, not so much. However, that is changing. More and more people are remembering this beautifully forgotten name and are beginning to use it for their baby boys. So grab this name before it is too hot!

2 Jude

You have heard the name Jude, but may have forgotten it as a choice for your baby boy. The name Jude is surprisingly not too rare, yet it can be rare to find a boy by the name of Jude! This name has been climbing the charts and gaining popularity, but it is still beautifully forgotten. Jude is definitely a name that is one of a kind.

The name Jude means praised, and is of Latin origin. We all know the name Jude from the song, “Hey, Jude”, but it is unclear if that helped make this name popular, or if it made people forget it as a choice for their little ones. Either way, the name Jude is ultra cute for your adorable bouncing baby boy.

1 Marcello

The beautiful name of Marcello is a baby boy name that has been around for years, decades, even centuries! This one of a kind name has all but been forgotten. The name Marcello is far down on the baby name charts. It is a gorgeous name for any baby boy, that is for sure. It is beautiful for a little man and sophisticated and sweet for a growing boy.

Marcello means young warrior, and is of Italian origin. Any little boy by the name of Marcello is bound to be a cutie pie that everyone will want to smooch. Marcello may be forgotten, but we bet that will change in no time. Once this name is remembered, watch out, there are going to be lots of beautiful little men out there, definitely breaking some hearts!

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