25 Beautiful Girl Names Everyone Forgot About

For moms who are searching for the perfect name for their baby girl look towards a name that it seems we have all forgotten even existed! There are so many beautiful baby girl names out there, and some were once popular but have been pushed to the side in recent years, or even decades.

Many baby girl names have been around for centuries. They gain popularity for a short while, and in a wink they seemingly disappear. The funny thing about these names is that they are all ones we recognize and can easily pronounce. They are in no way unusual, so to speak. They have simply been forgotten.

When the time comes for parents to decide on a name for their baby girl, most parents have an idea of at least what category they would like the name to be in. Parents may want a name that is currently popular, even if they meet dozens of other baby girls with the same name as theirs. Or perhaps they would like a name that everyone knows, but no one has.

If this sounds familiar, this list is just what was needed! It's full of absolutely adorable names that are perfect for any little girl who is pretty, funny, smart, and more. The best part is that these names are not common. These beautiful baby girl names have been forgotten over the years and parents have the power to bring them back.

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25 Louisa

How adorable would it be to give your baby girl a nickname of LuLu? Well, if the name Louisa or Louise, she can rightfully earn that cute nickname. Let's face it, Louisa used to be associated with old ladies, but you can be the one to make it spin and have it associated with cherub faced, cutie pie little girls!

The name Louisa is Latin and means warrior. You know your little girl will be warrior, someone who sticks up for herself and goes after what she wants. This name has been forgotten for over a century! It was most popular in the 1910's. Bring back this forgotten name and give your little, sweet LuLu a classic name with a fun twist of a nickname.

24 Georgia

The little girl name of Georgia is one that has been forgotten but is actually slowly making a comeback. It is a classic name that has a little bit of a fun side. Your little Georgia can go by Gigi or Georgie for a cute nickname! You do not even have to be from the state of Georgia, or even from the United States to enjoy this adorable name.

Georgia means farmer, but we think it has a more classier feel than that! We can picture your little Georgia dressed to the nines but also having a great time rolling around in the grass outside. A picture perfect little girl! The name was most popular in the 1940s, but is slowly coming back, so scoop this name up before it gets too popular and will never be forgotten about again!

23 Leona

This beautiful baby girl's name has all but been forgotten. It's popularity began back in the late 1800's, but we do not see this as a typical old ladies kind of name, do you? Leona gives off a sense of radiance and self confidence which are qualities we hope for in our little girls. This name is vintage, even Victorian. It is classy and traditional, all while being unique. In other words, this name has a little bit of every world.

Leona means lioness. How fitting is that when we hope our girls grow up to be strong women?! Its origin is French, as it is the female version of Leon. We find this to be a great name for your little lioness. But, be careful, it is bound to become popular once again!

22 Pamela

The name Pamela has been forgotten for about as long as it was popular. It became quite the name everyone wanted to give their baby girl for about fifty years during the mid 1990's. For those few decades there were lots of little Pamelas, and then, suddenly, the name just vanished. A novel titled Pamela by Samuel Richardson is thought to be the reason for the large influx of baby Pamelas, as it was hugely popular and well read during those years.

Pamela is often shortened to Pam or Pammy, though the original name seems much more lovely. Pamela means honey which is exactly how you could describe your little girl! We see this forgotten name eventually making a comeback, so get it now before it becomes too popular!

21 Anita

If you want your little girl to be a leader, than the name Anita is the right choice. A highly recognizable name, yet it seems to be one that we have all forgotten about. Anita gives off a vibe of seriousness with style. Your little girl will be smart with a flair.

The name Anita was most popular in the 1950s. It slowly lost popularity and now we rarely see it used as a little girl's name anymore. Anita means leader and full of grace. Isn't that exactly how you want your baby girl to grow up to be? Anita can also be a derivative of Anne, Anna, or Hannah in both Hebrew and Spanish origins. It is certainly a cute name, and you know no other girl will have it!

20 Joyce

In the 1940s, the name Joyce was quite popular. However, it slowly faded from popularity and now is rarely seen as a name for a baby girl. This forgotten name actually started off as a male name, until about the late 40's when it took off as a baby girl name, and was hugely popular for a few years.

The name Joyce means joyful and merry. Does not that describe every little girl? Your little bundle of joy will be the cutest little girl in town with a name as happy as she is. Joyce is a great choice if you are looking for a forgotten name that is just dying to make a comeback. A baby girl can go by Joycie when she is little, and easily grow into her name of Joyce as she enters into teenage and adulthood.

19 Hattie

If you are looking for a different type of baby girl name, perhaps one that has been forgotten since about the turn of the century- that is the 1900's- then you may want to strongly consider the adorable name of Hattie. This cute name is easily pronounceable, yet totally different from many of the other little girl names out there. It is unique, but recognizable, yet you may have ever met someone with the name of Hattie.

Hattie is definitely a forgotten name. It barely breaks into the baby name lists, and really has barely been around since about 1910. Hattie is a derivative of Harriet, which comes from Harry, and means ruler and power. Your little Hattie will have lots of power with her forgotten name!

18 Roseanne

The name Roseanne is so forgotten it barely makes the baby name lists! This highly recognizable name became hugely popular in the late 1990's, and seemed to disappear almost as quickly as it arrived. The name is quite cute, as a little girl can go by the nickname of Rosie while still maintaining a classic full first name.

Roseanne means forever or gracious rose, depending on origin. It is combination of the names Rose and Anne, which we think go together perfectly. This forgotten name can be spun to be Roseanna or made to spell however you wish. Give this name the return it is looking for by naming your little girl Roseanne, and she will be the little rose of your life forever and always!

17 Janet

Janet was the name to give your little girl back in the 1930's. Its popularity soar during this decade, and now, well, it has all but been forgotten. Janet is a recognizable name, but again, one we rarely see belonging to a girl of any age, much less a baby girl. What was once a common name is now quite the rarity!

The name Janet means God's gracious gift, which is of course, your baby girl. It actually started as a nickname for Jane! Janet is not a name many give to their little girls, and who knows if it will ever become popular again. We know some famous Janets, such as Janet Jackson, so it is possible this name will return to the charts one day. We know though, that it is a cute name, albeit forgotten, for your little girl.

16 Bonnie

Bonnie is a beautiful baby girl name that has basically been forgotten. This name began as a nickname for any girl who someone was fond of. It is pretty, fun, and cute, all bunched into one. Try to think of a Bonnie you know, and likely you will not be able to come up with anyone, yet you know the name well!

Bonnie is both Scottish and French, meaning fine and good, respectively. It is an adorable name for a baby girl who is full of energy and one you cannot believe is as beautiful as she is. While this name had a short lived popularity, it has been forgotten for awhile. It could come back though, as we know it is super cute for any baby girl.

15 Dorothy

The name Dorothy used to be hugely popular. Perhaps because of the Wizard of Oz? Whatever the reason was, this name stayed at the top of the charts for awhile in the early to mid 1900's, and then essentially left without a trace. You may think Dorothy as being a name for only an old lady, but that old lady was once a vibrant little girl!

Dorothy is a forgotten name and one that will eventually come back just based on its top of the charts ranking it once had. The name means gift of God. Choose this fun, yet classic name for your little girl, because once they do a remake of the Wizard of Oz it is certainly to make a big comeback!

14 Eleanora

The name Eleanora dates back centuries. It is a beautiful name for a little girl that is rarely seen now a days. This classy name has a playful side as well. Your Eleanora can go by Ellie or Nora for a cute nickname. We think that is the most fun thing about the name Eleanora, that it is a beautiful and classy name that can have a nickname if your little girl does not want to always go by her full name.

Your little girl will be the light of your life. The name Eleanora means light, so it is perfect for your rainbow of sunshine. Of Greek origin, this forgotten baby name is cute for any baby girl, while providing her with a classic name that she will certainly grow into.

13 Betty

We all are familiar with and adore the famous Betty White. If you think about it, she may be the only Betty you know of, well, outside of the cartoon character Betty Boop that is! Betty is a forgotten baby girl name that is way down on the charts, and has been for almost a century. It is a cute name for any baby girl, that most likely no other little girl will have.

Betty means pledged to God. This name often is just a nickname for names such as Elizabeth or Margaret. However, Betty can be used as a stand alone name, which we just find totally cute and classy. Betty has a fun side with a serious twist. A different kind of name for your baby girl!

12 Etta

Lots of “e” names are making a comeback, such as Ella and Emma, so we think it will not be too long before the beautiful name of Etta joins the list. Etta can be short for Henrietta if you are looking for a longer full first name, or it can be just Etta, which we find appealing! This forgotten name has not been used much at all since the early 1900's.

Etta is Latin for ruler. You know your little girl is going to rule your life- probably every single second, too! She will definitely live up to her name. Etta has a classy feel to it with plenty of room for joyousness as well. Hope on the name Etta before it reaches number one on the baby name charts!

11 Odessa

If you are looking for a unique name that was once very popular, Odessa is a beautiful choice. This forgotten name has a feeling of royalty and beauty. It was used quite often during the 1800's and even into the first half of the 1900's, yet we almost never seen it now a days. Can you think of a girl named Odessa? We can't!

The name Odessa comes from the book of poem's titled Homer's Odyssey, and therefore gives off a cool cultural feel to those who know where the name originated from. The meaning of the name is unknown, only that it was the name of a city. We find it pretty and adorable, and ultra unique for anyone looking for a different, yet stylish name for their little girl.

10 Daisy

When you think of the word Daisy, you probably think of the pretty little flower by the same name. Well, Daisy was once a very popular name for little girls, but it quickly became forgotten. We all know the name, but do not tend to meet girls by that name very often. It is pretty and different, yet easily pronounceable, the type of name many people are looking for to give their baby girls.

Daisy is very cute. It means day's eye, which also describes the flower by the name daisy. We know your little girl will be a budding, beautiful flower and one you will cherish always. Give your baby girl a name that is as sweet as she is with the name Daisy.

9 Polly

Polly is a name we all recognize, but it is quite rare to find someone who actually has the name! It tends to be used in movies (such as the movie Along Came Polly), yet it never has quite taken off in recent years. It was once used quite often, and it was common to meet a Polly here and there. This forgotten name could be the cute one you are looking for for your baby girl.

Polly is a variation of Molly. It is a cutesy kind of name that can also be varied as Pollyanna. If you are looking for something fun and a bit unique, Polly is a great choice for any pretty and spunky little girl. We happen to like it a lot!

8 Delphine

The name Delphine is so forgotten that there were only about five baby girls given the name in 2013 alone (according to census statistics)! Delphine is an old fashioned kind of name, but one that we see fitting for modern use. In fact, we think once people are aware of this name that it will top the charts once again. This beautiful, yet forgotten, baby girl name is sophisticated and fun, perfect for your little girl.

Delphine is of French origin, and means dolphin. Your little girl will swim like a dolphin both in the ocean and in your heart with a name like Delphine! This adorable name is so rare, yet easily pronounceable. Pounce on it quickly for your sweet girl before it gains world wide fame.

7 Tabitha

Your baby girl will be full of beauty without a doubt, which is why there is no more fitting of a name than pretty Tabitha. Tabitha is a long forgotten name. You may occasionally run into a Tabitha, but it is still rarely seen these days. The name was once popular, and we think it will slowly make its way back up the charts, because it is quite cute!

Tabitha is an adorable name for any baby girl. It is of Hebrew origin and means grace and beauty. Just what every little girl is made up of! Your beautiful baby girl deserves a name that is special and lovely, and Tabitha may just be it. And for short she can go by Tabby, how cute is that?!

6 Gloria

The name Gloria was once ultra popular, and you could run into a bunch of Glorias in any given day. Now, though, Gloria is not common for little girls. That may soon change though, and we might see this forgotten name hitting the charts once again. You probably know a song here or there that might mention a Gloria... well, make your little songstress a star by giving her the forgotten name of Gloria!

Gloria means glory, something your baby girl will be full of (as well as you!). It works as a pretty name for a baby girl that she can grow into, as it is a nice, strong name for any grown woman. This forgotten name of Latin origin may be the one you have been searching for to give your baby girl.

5 Shirley

Ah, Shirley Temple... how adorably cute was that little girl?! You may be able to picture your baby girl with a pretty grin and a head full of lush hair, making the name Shirley definitely fitting for any cutie pie. Shirley used to be very, very popular, beginning in the early 1900's and on. However, it fell off the charts and has since been forgotten. In fact, many of us associate the name with old ladies, but we think that is going to soon change.

The name Shirley is of English origin and means bright meadow. We see you drawing up the image in your mind. There's your sweet as pie Shirley running through a wide open, bright meadow full of blooming flowers. What a perfect name!

4 Kitty

How cute is Kitty?! If you are a fan of adorable kittens or feel like your baby girl is your own precious meow, Kitty may be the forgotten baby girl name you have been looking for. The name Kitty used to be very popular, especially as a pet name for Katherine, but also is used by itself as a stand alone name.

Kitty means pure, just like a baby kitten, don't you think?! Your little girl is born pure and beautiful. With a name like Kitty she will be spontaneous and joyful, traits that will continue with her into adulthood. We think the name Kitty is certainly the cat's meow! This forgotten name will likely gain more popularity as time goes on, since it is quite adorable.

3 Hazel

Two things may come to mind when you think of Hazel- the nut or an old lady! Well, the name Hazel does come from the hazel nut, and yes, it used to be a name that many former babies once had (who are now old ladies!) However, this forgotten name is slowly making a rise on the baby name charts. It is very unique. It has a bit of a modern edge as well, for those looking for name with “z” in it for their little one.

We find Hazel to be a cool, yet classic, name for any little girl. It brings out a sense of beauty with a side of spunk. It is fitting for royalty and rebels. This name will not be forgotten much longer, that we can bet on.

2 Constance

The name Constance seems like a prize winning name. It is full of class while offering the chance at amusement. The name Constance used to be widely popular, but now is all but forgotten. This nice name can also have the nickname of Connie. That is our favorite part about this name. With the full first name of Constance you get seriousness with a lovely feel- a name a little girl can grow into adulthood with ease. Then you have Connie, the fun nickname.

Constance means firm of purpose. Give your little girl a purposeful name but providing her with a solid first name that has a cute nickname. It is quite different, and one that can enlist seriousness or spontaneity. The name Constance has it all!

1 Opal

Your baby girl is a true gem. Give her a name that is very fitting with the beautiful baby girl name of Opal. This pretty name is one that has been forgotten since about 1915 when it was very popular and topped the charts. Opal is a classy and beautiful name that no other girls will likely have. Your love for your little girl will be as vivid and amazing as a jewel, making the name Opal perfect!

The name Opal means jewel. Your baby girl is the best jewel there is, one that is lovely and beautiful. We think Opal will be making a comeback soon, as many other gem and jewel names are becoming more and more popular. Opal is very pretty and classy.

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