25 Beautiful Girl Names Full Of Strength

With so many beautiful girl’s names available to choose from, it can get overwhelming to work out which is best for a newborn baby. Choosing a name is a very hard decision, as it is a name that will stay with a newborn for the duration of their life.

With thousands and thousands of names on offer, where does a parent start when searching for that perfect name? Things to consider when choosing a name include the meaning behind it, its origin and whether or not it is appealing when said out loud. Choosing a name is definitely an individual choice and what one parent likes, another may not even consider.

Besides this, many parents look for a name that is full of beauty. However, having a name that is also full of strength will make the name even more special. Below are 25 girls names that stand out not only for their beauty but also for the strength they possess. With many of these names well known and charting high on the baby naming charts, there are some that are not as popular but are just as deserving. Who knows, parents may find a beautiful feminine name full of strength perfect for their newborn baby below, whether or not they rank high on the baby naming charts.

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25 Donatella

Oozing Italian opulence, this feminine beauty has so much strength that cannot be underestimated. Not commonly used within the 21st century, this is a name that will definitely turn heads instantly.

With many parents opting for its shorter version Donna, Donatella is infused with so much strength thanks to its origins and strong pronunciation from beginning to end. This four syllable name is not only dramatic but also has a great association with fashion thanks to designer Donatella Versace. This famous name bearer has also given this name the strength it deserves thanks to her presence in the industry surviving years of up and coming designers.

24 Bridget

This sweet name definitely has a great deal of strength thanks to more reasons than one. Beginning strong and ending with the same strength, this feminine beauty also has the meaning ‘strength’. Deriving from Irish origin, it has had an extremely large presence within the country and has since crossed the waters to many English speaking countries thanks to its beauty and strength.

This powerful name finds itself within the top 1000 girls names and there is no evidence of it slowing down any time soon. One of our favourite heroines of the modern era sporting this name is a fictional character, Bridget Jones, from the novel turned movie Bridget Jones’ Diary. Known for individuality and feminine strength, you cannot help fall in love with this name thanks to this famous name bearer.

23 Vada

This unique name is a beautiful choice perfect for the modern era. Making its debut on the baby naming charts in 2016, it surprisingly hasn’t had the popularity it deserves. Pronounced VAY-da or va-da, this beautiful name gives parents the chance to be creative with its pronunciation.

A more individual name choice beginning with the letter ‘v’, it gives this stunning name strength, power, and beauty, which many feminine names lack. Vada will be a name that may continue to go under the radar, but it is definitely a strong name that many parents would have wished they had thought of when naming their baby girl.

22 Alexandra

There is no underestimating the strength this feminine beauty has. Deriving from the Greek masculine name Alexander meaning ‘defender of men’, you cannot deny the strength this beautiful name has.

Finding further strength within the English monarch, this was the name of the Danish princess who marries King Edward VII of England. Finding its place within English speaking countries in the 1800’s thanks to this Danish princess, it has continued to ride the waves of history and still find currency within the 21st century.

Alexandra is a beautiful name choice that definitely won’t go out of fashion anytime soon thanks to its elegance and strength.

21 Valerie

Known as the French variation of the name Valeria, it has seen a rise in popularity within recent years. Meaning ‘strength,’ this is a beautiful name choice that oozes class and sophistication, yet a strong name choice thanks to its meaning.

With its longstanding associations with history, Valerie has seen popularity since the late 1800s and continues to be a top choice name in the modern era. Thanks to its boldness and elegance from its origin, Valerie is a beautiful name choice that will continue to find popularity with parents looking for a name for their newborn.

Strong, yet pretty and sophisticated, these tones are a true representation of this feminine beauty.

20 Nina

Originally Nina was known as a nickname for longer feminine beauties ending in ‘nina’ including Antonina and Gianina. Since this sweet name has found acceptance as a stand-alone given name. Seen as a multiethnic name, it has been used around the world including Russia and Spain.

Although its pretty and sweet, its strength comes from its mythological associations, known as the name of the Babylonian goddess of the oceans and the Incan goddess of fire. With a great deal of depth and power, there is so much strength behind this name that we cannot ignore. Its association with powerful goddesses makes it a strong and beautiful name for parents to consider for their baby girl.

19 Brianna

Filled with so much strength, this beautiful name meaning ‘strong, virtuous and honourable’ is a deserving name on this list. Such a sweet name with a powerful meaning, it is definitely a name to be considered by parents.

Dating back to the 16th century in Edmund Spenser’s poem ‘The Faerie Queene,’ you would not think this feminine name has vintage associations. Fitting perfectly in the 21st century, it definitely sounds modern. The strength it possesses makes it a perfect name choice for our era full of girl power and feminism. With not many girl’s names beginning with the letter ‘b’, this is definitely a stand out to consider.

18 Victoria

There is no denying the popularity this vintage name has. Charting within the top 20 girls names on the Nameberry charts, this stunning name continues to receive great attention. Deriving from Latin origin meaning ‘victory’, this name is full of strength and power.

Not only does its meaning encompass strength, but this has also been given to incredibly strong women, including the long-reigning British Queen. It is also the name of the Roman goddess of victory. Despite its historical associations, Victoria Beckham brought girl power to the 21st century with her band Spice Girls. This name has definitely found its way through the ages and still sounds current and beautiful for our modern era.

17 Freya

Deriving from Norse origin, pronounced FRAY-ah, this is a beautiful name choice for any little girl. Meaning ‘a noble woman’, Freya is known as the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. With its associations with mythology, this name has a great deal of strength in Norse history.

According to nameberry.com, "Freya has been one of the fastest-rising names of the past few years and is even more popular in England and Wales". Hence, do not underestimate this beautiful and strong name as it will continue to rise in popularity in many other English speaking countries in years to come.

16 Diana

Oozing tones of sophistication and class, Diana is a beautiful name choice beginning with ‘D’. With not many feminine names beginning with this letter, this one definitely stands out from the crowd having many famous name bearers.

Known as the name of the Roman goddess associated with the moon who was also known as a protector, we cannot deny the strength that this name is given thanks to this association.

A famous name bearer of this beautiful name is the well-known heroine Wonder Woman. Known as Diana Prince, she is the epitome of strength and feminism, and thanks to this amazing character we cannot help fall in love with this name even more.

15 Matilda

Popularized by the famous children’s author Roald Dahl, it may not have as much popularity compared to the other names on this list, but it is still a beautiful name choice that is filled with strength.

Deriving from German origin meaning ‘battle-mighty’, Matilda is definitely a strong name choice deserving to be on this list. Dating back to the eleventh century, this vintage name has found a resurgence in the modern era thanks to celebrities, including chef Gordan Ramsay and actress Michelle Williams who chose this name for their daughters.

Although it may sound a little old fashioned for some, it has some beautiful alternative nicknames including Tillie, Mattie, and Tilda.

14 Alexa

Derived from the masculine version Alexander, this is a cool and modern alternative to the beautiful feminine name Alexandra. With its gorgeous and modern tones, its meaning ‘defending men’ is full of strength that you cannot underestimate.

Finding its place within the top 100 girl’s names, it is definitely making its way up the charts gaining popularity with many parents searching for the perfect name for their bundle of joy. Although it is a simple name, the strength of this feminine beauty makes it a robust choice. Alexa is a name that is here to stay and will definitely make its way higher on the charts in the years to come.

13 Cleopatra

Pronounced klee-o-PAT-ra, you cannot deny the strength this name has when said out loud. Although it is not a popular name choice in the 21st century, it definitely stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Meaning ‘glory of the father’, many would know this name as the namesake of the queens of Egypt. The most famous of the queens was known as Cleopatra VII, who was not only known as the lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony but was also the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She was later depicted in Shakespeare’s tragedy "Antony and Cleopatra," cementing her name in history.

12 Selene

This soft and sophisticated name starting with ’S’ is a beautiful feminine name that is perfect for the modern era. Deriving from Greek origin, Selene is known as the Greek Moon Goddess. Thanks to its association with Greek mythology and strength as a name of an important goddess, Selene has gained popularity ranking within the top 1000 girl’s names.

Its Latin counterpart Selena has also found popularity within the baby naming charts and whether you like the Greek version or the Latin version, both are filled with just as much strength as each other thanks to its Goddess associations. Every little girl should grow up feeling like a goddess and this name will definitely accomplish this.

11 Eve

What can be more powerful than giving your daughter one of the oldest names?

According to the Bible, Eve was known as the first woman created, and although this beautiful name may be old, it continues to fit perfectly in our modern era. Filled with simplicity and purity, there is a great deal of strength in this one syllable name.

Deriving from Hebrew origin meaning ‘life,’ it has a beautiful meaning fitting for any newborn. Riding the waves of history, it definitely has not been overused nor does it sound tired. It definitely has a great deal of strength to stand the test of time.

10 Billie

Deriving from English origin, many people may consider this as a masculine name choice. However, there is more to this name than just its masculine associations.

Diminutive of Wilhelmina and Wilma, Billie has been accepted as a stand-alone feminine name. Meaning ‘resolute protection,’ this a beautiful name choice that not only has sweet tones but also has a strong meaning behind it.

Although it may be seen as a retro name choice thanks to Michael Jackson’s hit song ‘Billie Jean’, it fits perfectly as a modern name choice for girls. Now seen as a unisex name, this is definitely a name choice that is strong and perfect to use for both genders.

9 Thora

Thora is a beautiful unique name choice deriving from Norse origin. It may not have a huge presence in English speaking countries. However, it has the strength to find a place as a feminine name in English speaking countries in years to come thanks to its beauty and strength.

Meaning ‘thunder goddess,’ Thora is a name fuelled with a strength that we cannot deny. For those that are in love with comic book heroes, and in particular Thor, Thora is a wonderful choice giving parents the opportunity to have this association.

This Scandinavian beauty will definitely turn heads when said out loud and many parents may consider having this name of their shortlist of girls names thanks to its beauty, uniqueness, and strength.

8 Audrey

This stunning feminine name is making a comeback finding its well-deserved place in the 21st century.

Filled with old-world Hollywood glamour, this English beauty has so much class and sophistication, which many parents love in a name. However, it has a wonderful meaning- translating to mean ‘noble strength’-  that makes this a deserving name on this ist.

So beautiful, its underlying strength thanks to its meaning makes it an attractive name choice for any little girl. This name got a lot of its class and sophistication thanks to one of its famous name bearers, actress Audrey Hepburn. Thanks to her charisma, beauty, and elegance, we cannot help fall in love with this name instantly.

7 Indira

Indira is a stunning name choice on our list that many parents in English speaking countries may not have heard of before now. Deriving from Sanskrit, its beauty is not only seen when said out loud, but it also has a meaning perfect for any little girl.

Meaning ‘beauty,’ this name is definitely beautiful inside and out. However, this name has made the list thanks to its strength it has been given thanks to well-known name bearers in society. Known as the namesake of Pepsi’s CEO and many powerful female figures of India, Indira has been given strength and power thanks to these women.

6 Adeline

This gorgeous name finds itself gaining popularity in the modern era. Known as the French diminutive of the name Adele, it oozes class and elegance that many parents look for in a name.

Meaning ‘noble’, Adeline was a popular name choice in the middle ages. However, it lost its popularity for a little while, yet found its way back with a revival that it truly deserved thanks to its charm. With Americans pronouncing this name ad-a-line, it French pronunciation ad-a-leen is extremely appealing allowing you to have the choice to choose either one.

Adeline’s strength and charisma make it a perfect choice in the 21st century that is beautiful, yet strong.

5 Genevieve

Pronounced GEN-uh-veev, you can instantly hear the French tones that instantly make this feminine beauty an attractive name choice. Meaning ‘tribe woman’, this name has a great deal of strength not only thanks to its meaning but its beautiful tones and pronunciation.

Finding a revival in the 21st century, it has received a high ranking within the modern era. Many people are falling in love with this elegant name as it does not sound old nor does it sound tired. Although a vintage name choice, Genevieve still sounds current and appealing to anyone looking for a name for their little girl.

4 Sofia

Sofia is definitely a beautiful name choice filled with a European flair. Used throughout many European countries, it not only has popularity in these countries. However, it has found a great deal of acceptance in English speaking countries including Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

Meaning ‘wisdom’ and ‘wise', it has a strong meaning that is powerful and fitting for a little girl. Its elegance and classy tones make this a beautiful name choice along with its strength in its meaning. You cannot deny all the wonderful attributes of this name and it is definitely a great choice for any parent looking for a name for their little girl.

3 Alessia

Known as the Italian variation of Alexis, Alessia is full of life and full of stunning tones that people love. Meaning ‘defending warrior,’ this sweet name has a very strong meaning giving parents more reason to love and choose this name for their newborn.

There is no denying the Italian tones this name has but is still a beautiful name choice in English speaking countries and places all around the world. In 2016, this feminine beauty was one of the fastest growing girl’s names, making it into the top 1000 girl’s names and staying there ever since.

Alessia is a great alternative filled with a European flare, which allows parents to choose something other than the more popular ‘a’ names such as Alexa and Alexis.

2 Lara

Filled with sweet tones, this is undeniably a beautiful name choice for any little girl. This short, sweet and simple name is not only elegant but filled with strength thanks to its meaning ‘citadel’.

Known as "A strong castle in or near a city, where people can shelter from danger, especially during a war," a citadel is definitely a meaning of strength making Lara a deserving name on this list. Having this meaning makes this a strong name choice even though it sounds beautiful and sweet for any newborn girl.

Many people would also associate this name with fictional character Lara Croft. Known for intelligence and athleticism, she is a woman with strength, providing a great association to this stunning name.

1 Mira

Pronounced MEER-a, this is a beautiful name choice that has a range of origins and meanings, making it a universal name that's known throughout the world.

With its range of origins including Latin, Slavic, Arabic and Sanskrit, comes its multiple meanings, including ‘admirable, peace, world, female rule and ocean’. An extremely unique name, its Arabic meaning ‘female ruler’ gives this feminine beauty strength and power.

Seen as a cross-cultural name choice, parents are loving this name thanks to this. However, it is a name that has not gained the attention it truly deserves. It is undeniably a deserving name choice on our list thanks to its beauty and strength.

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