25 Beautiful No-Frills Baby Girl Names That Are Perfect As They Are

Sometimes, enough is enough. The internet is currently filled with the most extra, extravagant baby name lists around. It's enough to make any pregnant woman lose hope– "Seriously? These are the choices?"

In 2018, Cardi B named her daughter Kulture. "Anything else would've been basic," she told SNL. The #HollywoodName has kind of taken over the celeb world. Angelina Jolie named her girl Shiloh-Nouvel. Even the Teen Mom cast isn't off the hook. Catelynn Lowell's choice of Novalee might be the cutest choice ever, but it's hardly no-frills. Also, seriously, could that little blonde girl get any cuter?

Baby girl names can be no-frills and perfect. It's a matter of doing it right. When it comes to super-low-frills, there are some standard ones. Joan, Anne, Pam, and June are all there. Then again, it's 2019. Moms are on the hunt for something that feels "now." There's nothing wrong with a name that sounds like something out of Mad Men, but the vast majority of pregnant women right now are looking for something that feels fresh. Then again, many are also trying to match that with something simple.

A baby girl comes as a blank slate. She's born with no name (and she absolutely needs one). While Trixabelle and Persephone are available, they might be a touch too frilly for anyone reading this list. It's time to look at the breathtakingly beautiful baby girls' names that are simple, stunning, and fuss-free. After rounding up the best and the most beautiful, here are 25 of them.

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The term "fresh as a daisy" didn't come out of nowhere. This sunny and simple flower basically flies the flag for all things no-frills. At the same time, it evokes a sense of sunshine, happiness, and everything that's right with the world. Daisy is the adorable baby girl's name that keeps things no-frills. It has that upbeat sound, that floral touch, and it manages to steer clear of being overly fussy. The name is actually a diminutive of Margaret, although nobody would ever guess.

24 AVA

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There's a reason Ava is currently listed as the third most-chosen baby name of 2017. Mommies are gushing over this name's wide, open vowels, signature "v," and the fact that it's super-short. In fact, it seems to be that short names are ruling the roost right now. "Life" is the beyond-beautiful meaning of this girl's name. Reese Witherspoon chose it for her girl over a decade ago, but Ava isn't going out of style. We saw it and absolutely had to include it.


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Gwendolyn? Maybe a bit much for a mommy-to-be looking to go no-frills. Then again, with the shortened Gwen, it looks like there's a solution. Gwen is one of those names that just works. It's unusual (how many names can you think of with those opening letters), but nobody's going to be pulling "weird" faces when it comes to pronouncing it. Gwen Stefani has more than pulled this name off, and she's turning 50! "White circle" is the meaning of Gwen. Unique and beautiful in every way.


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This one is for any momma who has her eye on simplicity and something unusual– nailing both can be pretty tricky. If you watched Homeland, you'll remember Dana as the smart and naturally beautiful teen character. Clearly, the producers chose well when it came to names. Dana takes a name that ends in "ana" and really gives it that feminine, delicate finish. Amazingly, while Dana is mostly chosen for girls, it's actually gender-neutral. "From Denmark" is the meaning, but that's something you can take or leave. We're just in love with the sound.


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Holly is a name that's technically no-frills, but boy does it have the potential to be classy. Anyone remembering Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany will know that Holly Golightly came in custom-made Givenchy dresses. She's the symbol of classic elegance. Holly is the upbeat girl's name that has a slight Christmas feel, but you don't need to be expecting around the holidays to pick this one. It's cute, girly, unique, and nobody's going to turn around and call Holly "overly fancy."


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In a way, there's a certain irony to calling Kylie a "no-frills" name. The world's youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner is now all we can talk about. Her Forbes-listed billionaire status might add a #Extra to this name, but let's remember the name for what it is. "A boomerang" is actually the meaning of Kylie. The origins are Aboriginal and from Australia. With an upbeat ring, a cute, girly sound, and the edgy "y" letter that everyone loves, Kylie is fantastic. It worked for Kylie Minogue (and it's more than working for Kylie Jenner).


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Some mothers will always want something classic. Grace is the baby girl's name that means "virtue name." It's a touch old-fashioned, but it was popular enough to be the 21st most-chosen name of 2017. In many ways, this name doesn't need explaining. If you feel that your baby girl represents purity, grace, and beauty, then the name just fits. Grace has featured in Will & Grace, The Nanny, and The Mentalist. It's a delicate name that only a real lady can pull off, but even as a newborn, you'll spot it in her.


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Calling all Breaking Bad fans. Walter White's wife, Skyler might not have been the show's main character, but she definitely shone from her name. Skyler is actually a name that many moms in the UK wish were more on-the-radar. From someone who lives in London, you have it good authority– it's "America" as they come. This gender-neutral name has a wide, open feeling from the "sky," plus Sky itself works amazingly as a nickname. It's fresh, no-frills, outdoorsy, and just perfect.


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Not all no-frills names have to be common. Cora is the beautiful baby girl's name that has a soft sound, a cute feel, and it's simple as they come. "Maiden" is the meaning of this name and the origins are in Greece. If anything says "maiden," it's a tiny baby girl. Whether she's blue-eyed and blonde-haired or channeling any other hair or eye color, Cora can work. Boys might rock Corey, but they've got nothing on this girl's name. We saw it and absolutely had to include it.


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This one's a real stunner. Conjuring up images of soft browns, fall leaves, and roasting outdoor vibes, Hazel is the baby girl's name that's set to shoot up charts. To be fair, it never left them. With a meaning of "the hazelnut tree," Hazel also ticks boxes for nature-centric names. Mommies in 2019 are all about channeling nature through a name. If Willow or River sounds a bit too "out there," you can still harness nature through Hazel. Also, an absolute must to consider if she has hazel eyes.


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Who knew a name this simple could be this beautiful? With just four letters, Ella is the baby girl's name that ranked 16th as the most-chosen baby girl's name of 2017. Obviously, it's for a girl. With that feminine ending, those soft letters, and a sound that just rolls off your tongue, figuring out why so many new mommies have picked Ella isn't rocket science. "All, completely; fairy maiden" is the meaning of Ella. The "fairy" bit just made us melt. Simple and perfect.


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Pippa is one of those names, right? You hear it and a part of you wishes you'd had it chosen for you. Pippa might have three "p" letters, but they're perfectly placed. The name is the diminutive of Philippa – precisely why it works as a no-frills name. A baby girl named Pippa isn't one you'd expect to be pretentious, overly fancy, or in any other way "extra." In fact, she might just be as sweet and innocent at the age of ten as she is at ten weeks old.


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"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City?" Famous songs stay famous for a reason. The Big Apple mention from the Plain White T's' song might stand out, but that's nothing compared to the name. Delilah is the quintessential girly-girl name. At the same time, it has an unfussy, simple vibe that totally works as a no-frills name. "Delight" is one of the meanings of this name, where origins are Hebrew or Arabic. It could even be nicknamed to Lilah.


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Sometimes, simple is best. Kate is the ever-popular, simple girl's name that will always stay loved because of its beauty. Any mommy looking to avoid the longer Katherine (but still eyeing up the tradition) should probably take notes. Kate is super-short, super-snappy, and something about this name suggests that this girl will hold her own. In the celeb world, we've got Kate Beckinsale and Kate Winslet. Cate Blanchett even has a version of this name, although the spelling is slightly different. Either way, it's up to you.


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It just doesn't get softer and more feminine than Claire. This classic baby girl's name has the swag from France, but the "bright and clear" meaning means it shines all the more. With a luminosity and brightness that turns heads, this name might be fairly common, but it'll never be ordinary. Claire has featured as endless fictional characters. We've seen Claire in Modern Family, The Breakfast Club, House of Cards, and Heroes. It's no-frills, absolutely gorgeous, and totally worth considering.


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There's a very famous Shay out there. Shay Mitchell made a name for herself on Pretty Little Liars, but her name is way less complex than her character. The gender-neutral name of Shay is actually the phonetic spelling of Shea or Shai. The name feels trendy (because it is), it sounds cool (because it is), and it's nowhere near fancy territory. It also wins major points for being a one-syllable name. Shay isn't the most common name around, but that's half the point. It's just breath-taking.


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Literally, #MicDrop. Pick Cleo, and she'll thank you forever. This super-snappy, short name has been dolling up little girls since times in ancient Greece. It isn't fancy, but something about it is just so classy. "Glory" is the meaning of Cleo. With that "cl" opening and the super-cool ending, why this name is so loved is a no-brainer. Cleopatra might sound a bit long, but go for Cleo, and you've got your super-short name that is 100% no-frills. Anything but basic, though.


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Three-letter names don't always work. Noa definitely does. Despite mostly being chosen for girls over in the U.S., Noa is actually gender-neutral. "Movement" or "motion" is the meaning of Noa. To be fair, that's something you'll be feeling before she's even born. The minute she starts kicking, you'll know if she's a "movement" kind of girl. Sound-wise, Noa really shines as a no-frills name. There are no complicated letters, no repeated sounds, and you can guarantee she'll stand out with Noa as her name.


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Maci has basically proven itself as the awesome, low-frills girl's name from Teen Mom OG's Maci Bookout. This girl couldn't be less pretentious if she tried. Teen Mom OG fans will know Maci as the super laid-back Tennessee mom who comes with an edge. While nobody's expecting a newborn to have arm tattoos and oversized piercings, the name is what we're eyeing up. Given that everyone is digging "i" endings right now, Maci just keeps on winning. You might not be a reality star, but you can name your kid after one!


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It's our job to find super-cool, unique names. Aster is the baby girl's name that comes with as much simplicity as it does class. "Star" is the meaning of this name. While it is unusual and definitely not one the teacher will have seen before, Aster isn't one of those names that'll cause any eye-rolling. It isn't complicated and it doesn't need much in the way of pronunciation guidance. Most importantly, Aster is beautiful. Dexter and Peter Pan both had an Aster (even if Dexter spelled it Astor).


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First thing to get over? That absolute squish of a baby. Next up? The name Matilda. The movie, Matilda showed the world a smart kid who was way more intelligent than everyone around her. Matilda came in simple dresses with a backpack. She spent her days reading books (not shopping at baby Versace). In many ways, this character represents no-frills. Matilda is the baby girl's name that manages to be unfussy, but it isn't short on beauty. It also shortens perfectly to Tilly.


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Nobody's ever going to turn around to a mommy who picked Jamie and say: "Seriously, could you have picked something more complicated?" Definitely outdoorsy, Jamie is the baby name that's the shortened version of James. While James is traditionally a boy's name, Jamie makes it gender-neutral. (Fun trivia: Blake Lively chose James for a girl). Jamie has the upbeat, beachy, cheerful sound that every mom is after. It just happens to be one of those no-frills names that so many moms don't even consider.


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Laney is perfect in so many ways. As a diminutive of Elaine, it takes a somewhat fuddy-duddy name and gives it loads of bounce. "Bright shining one" is the meaning of Laney. If something about that baby girl arriving takes your life and adds all the brightness and light in the world, you might just want to have your little girl be the symbol of it. Name her Laney, and she'll carry around all the greatness of this name's meaning (but nothing about her will sound overly fancy).


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Okay, so basically Reese Witherspoon. The Legally Blonde actress might play the world's most dolled-up character, but the real-life girl is anything but. Reese is the super-chilled, super-awesome mom who manages to pull off being a glitzy A-Lister without having a Kardashian vibe. Her name reflects it. Reese means "ardor." This beautiful baby name originates from Wales. It's simple, it sounds sleek, and not one letter in there is throwing out fussy vibes. It works for girls and boys (but we know this list is for girls).


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Apparently, three little letters are all it takes. Mia was in the top ten most chosen baby girl's names for 2017. That might have something to do with the letters forming the name Mia. This classic name doesn't scrimp on beauty. "Mine" is the meaning, and the name is actually a shortened version of Maria. Simple as they come, beyond gorgeous, and with a ring that totally works for a baby born in 2019 (or 2020), Mia had to go on our list.

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