25 Beautiful Slavic Names For Baby Girls

Babies come to the world carrying their own personality and beauty. To celebrate this cuddling uniqueness, parents choose different names for their mini versions. Some names are trendy, some names have kept their ancient roots, and some names honor family members. Names have numerological meaning and shape people’s paths as well.

Everyone has a name that represents their inner world in the big world outside. Last but not least, let’s not forget that names facilitate communication. If you have more than one child, it will be difficult to use only “You” or “Number 1” and “Number 2”, right?

The lovely aspect of our multicultural society marked by globalization is that there’s a colorful variety of names parents can choose from. Anglo-Saxon, Native American, Latin, Arabic and the list goes on and on. So why not a Slavic name? Actually, the Slavonic languages in Eastern Europe form the largest Indo-European linguistic group in Europe.

Slavic names sound exotic, sometimes hard to pronounce, and are full of historical significance. Especially the baby girl ones.

The best part is that each Slavic name has its name day, which is celebrated as a second birthday. Name days are popular mainly within the Eastern Orthodox traditions, with some resonance in the Catholic world and commemorate different saints of the Christian church.

Don’t hesitate and give your little one another reason to have a party at home – choose a beautiful Slavic name… and his or her name day is a bonus.

When it comes to baby girl names, parents are like ancient philosophers, trying to think hard about the name they want. Simply because parents want a special name that fits perfectly to feminine beauty and wild independence. From sweet and floral to royal and unusual, women’s names inspire poetry, love and music.

So let’s see 25 of the most amazing Slavic baby girl names.

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25 Elitsa

Let’s start with my name. I’ll try not to show off too much, I promise.

Elitsa (or Elitza) is one of the prettiest Slavic names that bring memories of ancient times and wild nature. It means “little fir tree” and parents give this name wishing their little woman to grow beautiful, tall and strong. Just like a fir tree that is reaching for the skies while holding strong the Mother Earth below.

It’s used mainly in Bulgaria (Елица in Cyrillic) and there are many melodic variations that can be given for short names: Ellie, Elinka, Elichka, Elka or simply El.

Girls called Elitsa celebrate their name day on the Sunday before Easter. While this is known as Palm Sunday in the majority of the Christian world, in Bulgaria, which is mainly an Orthodox country, this is the so called Flower Day. All flowers (Lillie, Rose, Daisy, etc.) have their name day then - to mark the importance of their vivid beauty and soft fragrance.

24 Teodora

Teodora (shortly Tedi or Tedinka) carries strong personality and ancient spirit. Its beauty has conquered not only the Slavic world, but Scandinavia and some Mediterranean countries. Actually, the name Teodora comes from the Greek name Theodoros, which means ‘gift of God’. And all the ladies that have this name are really a blessing. The numerological meaning of the letters in the name says that all Teodoras are emotional, creative, thoughtful and intuitive.

The names Teodora and Theodore (for men) have a strong vibe and not surprisingly, there are many famous people in history. For example, there are different saints and Russian rulers that had the name Theodore. And of course, let’s not forget Theodore Roosevelt.

In the Slavic culture, there’s a special day when all ‘gifts from God’ celebrate: the first Saturday of the Great Lent before Easter, which is also known as the Horse Day.

23 Ivelina

Ivelina or Evelina is another name that tickles gently people’s ears. It’s a common Slavic name, mainly in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

It’s believed that the name Ivelina has its origins in the old Jewish name Ivan, which means ‘God forgive all’. That’s why all women called Ivelina are talkative, forgiving and loving, cute characteristics for a little baby girl and important traits for an adult.

If you are into spiritual beliefs, it will be interesting for you to know that there is a famous fortune teller in Bulgaria called Ivelina. She helps people with advice and it’s believed she can heal people with her energy.

Of course, there’s a name day to it as well. In the beginning of each calendar year (January, 7th), Ivelina, Iva, Ivanina, Ivana and Ivka have their name day, celebrating and shining with their warm personality in the cold winter weather, which despite the global warming can be still experienced in Eastern Europe.

22 Olga

Olga is not only beautiful but royal. It carries the perfume of Russian queens and their love with prominent poets.

The name Olga (Ole or Ollia) is common in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. Its variation Helga is very popular in Germany. Actually, the Varangians (in other words the Vikings) brought it from Scandinavia to Russia.

All Olgas have their name day on the 11th of July, when the Slavic church commemorates the day of Saint Olga, a powerful ruler of Kiev in the 10th century.

Not only saints and queens were called Olga. The majestic sounds of the letters influenced literature as well. There’s a very popular fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, called Ole Lukoie, which is a mystical creature, some kind of a Danish variation of the Sandman.

21 Elisaveta

Elisaveta is another beautiful name that is perfect for little ladies that will grow strong and wodnerful. It comes from the Greek Elisabet and the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means ‘my God is abundance’ and ‘God is an oath’.

Girls that have the name Elisaveta (or Vetka) are gentle, helping, feminine and strong individuals at the same time.

In the Christian world Elizabeth, which is a variation of the name Elisaveta, is believed to be the mother of John the Baptist, and that’s why this name is used quite often. People with this name celebrate their name day on the 5th of September according to some Slavic traditions.

Since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, the name has become popular in the Western world. Nowadays there are many famous people who bear this name: the British queen and the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor are only some of them.

20 Tsvetelina

Tsvetelina, Tsveta or Tsvetana: the list of floral baby girl names is long. The word ‘tsvete’ in most of the Slavic languages means ‘flower’ and that brings some playfulness and fragility to the name itself. The associations with the name also can be related to energy and freshness and girls with this name spread their gentle petals of happiness.

The numerological significant of the name can be presented by the number three, which according to some spiritual readings means that people with this name bring emotions to a relationship and give love. Just like a flower.

All these flowers have a name day on the Flower Day in spring, just like all Elitsas.

There is a popular singer called Tsvetelina Grahich. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she becomes famous in Bulgaria where her family immigrates due to the political situation in Bosnia. Her talent and motivation she takes from her mother, also a singer.

19 Yana

Yana is an old Slavic word that means ‘river’. That’s why these girls are changing, powerful and pretty. The name is given as a wish for a long life because an old saying goes: “May her life be as long as a river”.

Also the name Yana has its origins in ancient religions and is a variation of Ianus. Ianus is one of the most important Roman gods that gives name to the first month of the year: January. He is also a god of the light and the sun. He has two heads and just like him in the beginning of each year we have two heads: with one of them we reflect on the previous year and with the other one we plan for the future.

Some variations of this beautiful name are: Jana, Giovanna (in Italy) or Juana (in Spanish). The oldest form of the name is Yanka or Enka and that’s why Yanas celebrate on Enovden (24.06.), which is an important pagan day of magic and herbs.

18 Margarita

Margarita is another flower in our garden of names. It translates as daisy. Daisies are beautiful and cute; they can be good friends and give you important advice. Everyone has played “Loves me? Loves me not?”, right?!

Margarita also comes from the Latin name for ‘pearl’, and not surprisingly, girls with this name are very precious and astonishing.

A variation of this Slavic name is Margaret. In the Christian world Margaret is a saint and a patron of expectant mothers, and that’s why it’s loved by many. Related names are Maggie, Marjory, Mae, Peggy and Rita.

Margaret Thatcher is one of the famous people who carry this name. The “Iron Lady”, as called by a Soviet journalist, is one of the controversial Prime ministers of the UK. She was the longest-serving Prime minister of the 20th century (from 1975 to 1990).

Don’t forget to water your daisy with a lot of love.

17 Ioana

Ioana or Yoana - it’s another wonderful name. It’s the female version of the name Ioan, which means ‘gracious’. Actually, Ioan is known in the Western world as John.

Girls named Ioana are kind, respect values and sometimes can be stubborn. But they create only good for the people around them. So expect that your little Ioana will keep surprising you with little gifts and happy events.

If you decide to call your girl Io, remember that Io was a Greek princess and one of Zeus’s lovers who was transformed into a cow in order to escape from Hera and her punishment. Io was an important figure and gave names to many geographical places, such as the Ionian Sea (south of the Adriatic Sea).

A legendary person according the different chronicles with the name Ioana is Ioanna Papessa, or Pope Joan, the unique woman who reigned as pope during the Middle Ages.

16 Rumiana

Rumiana is a lovely name because ‘rumen’ in some Slavic languages means ‘happy’ and ‘rosy’. A sweet nickname is Rumi. Little Rumis are full of bright thoughts and laughter.

A famous person with the name Rumiana is the Bulgarian sportswoman Rumyana Neykova, a Olympian rower. An interesting fact is that in 2002 she won a gold medal, which happened only few months after she had given birth to her first son Emil. In 2006 her second son, Mario, was born, which wasn’t an obstacle for her because a year later she won another medal.

Romina is another beautiful variation of the name, used in many Romance languages, which comes from the Latin word for a ‘Roman’. That gives all girls with this name some heroic personality and beauty.

Rumen is the male version of the name and there are many influential politicians in Eastern Europe with this name.

15 Leda

There’s something magical about the name Leda. It’s perfect for a woman because it represents her beauty and charm. Leda was an ancient goddess of beauty and also the word ‘leda’ in Greek means ‘woman’. It’s believed that Leda and Zeus were in love and Zeus used to take the form of a swan to be with her; the beautiful Helen of Troy was their daughter.

Another variation is Lada, which is another goddess, not a Greek one, but Slavic, who was also a goddess of beauty and love. The name itself translates as kindness and women with it are energetic, open and goal-oriented and often make their own dreams come true.

Funny enough there’s a brand of cars manufactured in Russia, which are called Lada. They are emblematic for the former communist countries of Eastern Europe and even though not so beautiful as the name, they are strong and loved by many.

14 Kristina

Kristiana, Christina or Hristina: feminine, gentle and powerful. The name and its variations are linked to Christianity. The name means ‘a Christian’ and that’s why it is popular all over the world. Actually it’s in many Top 10’s not only in countries in Easter Europe, but in the UK and the USA.

Other way to say this name is Kirsten. The actress Kirsten Dunst is a famous American who holds this name.

Girls with this name are very energetic. There’ll be often a smile on their pretty face. They can be spontaneous and thoughtful at the same time.

Their name day is celebrated in some of the Slavic countries on Christmas as this is the day when Jesus was born, according to Christianity. Maybe you’re little one will be too excited about Santa, but trust me, an extra gift for her name day will make her smile even wider.

13 Borislava

Borislava is another amazing baby girl name. It’s very popular in Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia. Its shorter form Bobbie is sweet, but the name has its own power. The first part ‘bori’ translates as ‘battle’ and ‘slava’ as ‘glory’. Therefore, it’s believed that people with this name combine strong personality and are very successful in life. The numerological meaning of the name also says that women with this name are helpful, artistic, creative and powerful. Borislavas tend to be the big sister type. They are great organizers at heart as well and can become powerful leaders.

In Bulgaria, in particular, this name has inspired a lot of literature master pieces and there’s a special day when bearers of this name celebrate.

The 2nd of May is when the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Saint King Boris (Boris being the male form of the name Borislava) who is the one who converted the country to Christianity.

12 Simona

Simona is another name that has its roots in history and religion. It comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Shimon, which means ‘He has heard’. It also implies that people who have it are as strong as a rock.

According to numerological readings, women with this name are interesting people who can lead deep conversations about the world. They have great memory and love details.

A popular short form of the name is Moni, but Simonka sounds cute as well.

All Simonas celebrate on the 1st of September, which is a great way to start their new school year. So hide some chocolate between her school books!

11 Nadia

Nadia or Nadya is a wonderful Slavic name. It’s a short form from Nadejda or Nadezhda, which in most of the Slavic languages means ‘hope’.

Girls are hopeful and responsible. They seek spiritual and physical development all the time. They work hard and love challenges. So if you hope for a beautiful name, this is the one.

A curios fact is that one of the characters in the TV series “Lost” was named Nadia (or Noor) and that’s how this Slavic name became even more popular.

There’s a name day, of course. On September 17 people with the name Sophia, Liobov (Love/Charity), Viara (Faith) or Nadejda (Hope) celebrate. The legend goes that Sophia, which means ‘wisdom’, had three daughters: Love, Faith and Hope – the virtues mentioned in the Bible. They were tortured to death in order Sophia to renounce her faith in Christ. After their death, Sophia and her daughters were canonized for saints.

10 Vera

Vera, Viara or Veronika. A beautiful choice for a baby girl name! It translates as ‘faith’.

Girls with this name are practical and artistic at the same time. They love art and music, which make them romantic and mystical. They always listen to people and give them faith.

As mentioned above, Viara is a saint and a sister of Nadejda.

So if you are expecting triplets, maybe Viara, Nadejda and Liubov are cool Slavic names you can consider. These were the names of three girls, triplets, who became famous in Bulgaria after their scandalous participation in the reality show Big Brother Bulgaria.

Actually, a famous American actress called Vera is Vera Miles, know for her role the classic 1960 film “Psycho” that was directed by the wonderful Hitchcock. Also, literature loves Veras. Vera is the name of a character in the beautiful novel “War and Peace”, written by the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

9 Miroslava

Miroslava is a powerful Slavic name. It comes from the Slavic word ‘mir’ that translates as ‘peace’ and ‘slava’ – ‘glory’, as mentioned above.

A cute nickname is Mira or Mimi. There is an interesting Bulgarian journalist called Mira Dobreva. Mira can be short of Miryam as well. Miryam or Miriam is an ancient Hebrew name. It might mean ‘sea of sorrow’ or ‘wished-for child’. The sister of Moses and Aaron was called Miriam according to the Bible, who after the Exodus became a prophetess to the people. There are a lot of famous actresses called Miriam: Miriam McDonald, Miriam Shor, Miriam Flynn, etc.

Miroslavas are full of energy, optimism and confidence. Extreme sports and environmental problems are some of the topics they feel passionate about. They’ll be always worried about the world and will keep fighting for peace. Go camping with your little one and save turtles or dogs.

8 Diana

Diana is a beautiful name that is popular all around the world. It means ‘divine’.

Actually Diana is really divine because that was the Roman goddess of hunting and childbirth, which is similar to the Greek goddess Artemis. Diana is associated with the moon. It’s believed that she was a maiden goddess who swore never to get married. Since the Renaissance, Diana has been often represented in paintings, sculptures, films and novels.

The meaning of the letters of the name shows that women with this name are sensitive and caring and they also love animals. Maybe a puppy or a kitten will be a perfect present for your little lady.

Diana is popular not only in most of the Slavic countries but in the English-speaking world as well. It became common after the novel “Rob Roy”, written by Sir Walter Scott in 1817 in which Diana Vernon was a notable character.

7 Daria

Daria (or Dari for shorter) is an exotic Slavic name. There is a saint called Daria who was martyred with her husband under the Roman emperor Numerian.

Even though Daria has never been too popular in England, its variation Dara is an Irish masculine name. It comes from the Irish Mac Dara that translates as ‘oak tree’.

Dara is also a feminine name in Southeast Asia and means ‘star’ in Khmer. So Darias will be always there shining in your life.

The common Russian nickname for Daria is Dasha and the name can be seen as a Slavic form of Dorothy. We all know Dorothy Gale from Kansas, the main character in the Oz novels. Also, there are many famous people and civil rights activists called Dorothy: Dorothy Day, Dorothy Height, and Dorothy Gish are some of them. Let’s not forget about Dorothy Wordsworth, the great English author, the sister of the Romantic writer William Wordsworth.

6 Iva

Iva is a popular Slavic name. It’s gentle and sweet. It translates to ‘willow’. It’s given to girls as a wish for them to be beautiful, peaceful and clever as a willow.

As it’s a tree, Ivas can celebrate on the Day of the Flowers with all Elitsas, Margaritas, and Tsvetelinas. But as at the same time it’s derived from Ivana, they can celebrate on January 7th with Ivelinas. Why don’t you organize two name days?

The masculine version Ivan is very popular in Russia and Bulgaria and there are many Russian rulers, including Ivan IV the Terrible, the first tsar (king) of Russia, and many emperors of Bulgaria who were called Ivan. Also the famous author of ‘Fathers and Sons’ was called the same, Ivan Turgenev. Let’s not forget the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his dogs that influenced our knowledge on conditioning and learning.

5 Nora

Nora is a wonderful name. It comes to the Slavic culture from Scandinavia and Germany. According to mythology, the Scandinavian Norns are females that draw god’s and people’s destiny.

The name is also a short form of Honora and Eleanor. It comes from the word ‘honor’. Henrik Ibsen named a character in his play “A Doll’s House” Nora. Nora is also a name used by Dashiell Hammet in his novel “The Thin Man”; the duo that Nick and Nora Charles form is loved by many.

Talking about its variation Eleanor, Eleanor of Aquitaine is a powerful queen, one of the most influential women in 12-th century Europe. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the famous people we know; she was an American diplomat and activist and the longest-serving First Lady of the United States.

Noras can be proud and sensible and they usually become independent women who can love and be loved by many.

4 Rada

Rada is a sunny Slavic name that means ‘happy’ and ‘willing’. It’s also a short form of the name Radost or Radostina, which means happiness. Actually, Radostina Koleva is a famous Bulgarian who proudly carries her name: she is a pop singer and a journalist loved by the public.

The numerological meanings behind the letter say that Radas are talented and good leaders. They are active and sensible.

Rada is an old but loved name, mainly in Bulgaria. It is the name given to the main female character in the emblematic for the Bulgarian historical novel “Under the Yoke”, written by the iconic author Ivan Vazov in 1888. The novel describes the terror that the Balkans experienced during the Ottoman rule in the Middle Ages.

In the book, Rada is a teacher who is independent and ready to die for her love and her country. So Radas are heroic women.

3 Liliana

Liliana, or its aromatic nickname Lily, is perfect for a baby girl. Simply because it resembles the flower lily, which symbolizes purity.

Astrology and numerology claim that the number behind the name is nine. That means that Lilianas are passionate and loyal at the same time and their ruling planet is Mars.

In the Slavic countries, Lilianas celebrate their name day on Flower Day, or in other words - on Palm Sunday. They dance their floral and aromatic dance with all Elitsas, Margaritas, Tsvetelinas and many more.

And there are many famous Lilies. Lily Allen is a popular English singer and songwriter, famous for “Smile”, “Alfie” and “LDN’. Other famous people are: Lily Collins (an English-American actress and model), Lily Afshar (an Iranian American guitarist), Lily Winn (an actress), Lily Braun (a German feminist writer), Lily Broberg (a Danish actress), Lily Elsie (an English actress during the Edwardian era), and Lilian Mueller (a Norwegian model).

2 Nina

Nina is another amazing name. It holds its origin in an old word that means ‘now’. It was imported to Western Europe from Russia and Italy and became popular in the 19th century. It’s also short for Antonina or Nikolina.

Funny enough, the Spanish word for a little girl is niña, which makes it perfect for a baby girl.

Actually there are some links to the ruler Nin, who was one of the founders of the Assyrian kingdom in Mesopotamia.

One of the famous females who carry this name with love is Nina Simone, the great American singer, pianist and civil rights activist. Her songs “Sinnerman”, “Ain’t Got No – I Got Life”, “Feeling Good”, etc., are loved by many people. Nina Dobrev (an actress), Nina Nelson (YouTube star), Nina Foch (an actress), Nina Kraljic (a singer) and Nina Nesbbit (a singer) are also popular figures who have the name Nina.

1 Valeria

I’ll end the list with a name I’m considering for my little one: Valeria, Valerie or just Val.

Even though Valeria is a Latin name, which means ‘healthy’ and ‘strong’, the name is very popular in many Slavic countries, especially Russia.

In the Catholic world the name became popular in the Middle Ages with the importance of Saint Valerie of Limoges and her influence over the Way of St James (Camino de Santiago), which is one of the most iconic pilgrim routes in the world.

Valerias are believed to be impulsive, energetic and talkative.

So Valeria or Mia: still a few months to decide.

Choosing a name for your new person can be difficult. A Slavic name can be great for a baby girl as they sound exotic around the world. Each name contains some ancient meaning, religious connotation and numerological significance.

However, your love can determine your baby’s personality most of all.

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