25 Best Popsicle Recipes For Pregnant Women This Summer

Summer is tough for anyone, but pregnancy can make it that much more uncomfortable. Mama-to-be's system is changing. Hormones are fluctuating, parts are expanding, morning sickness can hit without skipping a beat, and sometimes, cravings can bring moms to the verge of tears. Dealing with all of these wonders of pregnancy while trying to escape the pounding heat of summer can sometimes be too much! Especially with each year's tendency to get a little bit hotter than the year before -- 2017 was the third hottest year on record!

Popsicles are a summer staple for kids and adults alike. They help cool anyone off in sweltering heat and can be the sweet cherry on top of a fun summer day.

One of the great things about them is that they are really easy to make! Moms can make their favorite flavors or experiment with new ones. And because moms cn choose the ingredients, they can make healthier guilt-free versions of classic flavors, which is perfect for a pregnant mama who might be craving some sweets, but trying to keep it healthy.

Here are 25 simple and easy popsicle recipes to help pregnant moms beat the heat this summer!

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25 Peach Ginger

Via HomeAndPlate.com

Peach season is at its peak between July and August, which is right in the middle of summer. Fresh, sweet, and juicy ripe peaches will make for a delicious treat for anyone, pregnant or not. The added layer of ginger in this recipe is perfect for a pregnant mama experiencing morning sickness. Ginger is known to soothe upset stomachs, so adding it to a cold treat in the summer heat can help ease mom’s symptoms and cool her down at the same time.

What you’ll need:

6-7 ripe peaches pitted and skinned

½ Tbsp fresh grated ginger

1 Cup of hot water

¼ Cup of sugar

What to do:

Dissolve sugar in hot water, then blend all ingredients together. Pour in your popsicle molds and freeze ‘til solid.

24 Cucumber Lime Mint

Via SenseAndEdibility.com

There’s something about summer that pairs well with sour flavors such as lemon and lime. Cucumber also has a natural cooling affect, and is refreshing on its own. Any time I have been nauseated in my life, my mom has always told me to eat something sour, because apparently sourness help with an upset tummy, and I never questioned it because...mom knows best! Mint is also a known remedy for upset stomachs. This popsicle will help cool down a pregnant mama and soothe any morning sickness she might be experiencing, thanks to the lime and the mint.

What you’ll need:

1 medium cucumber, peeled & chopped

2 limes, freshly squeezed

10 mint leaves

1 Cup hot water

½ Cup sugar

What to do:

Dissolve sugar in hot water, then blend all ingredients together. Pour in your popsicle molds and freeze ‘til solid.

23 Cucumber Melon

Via Happyandharried.com

Summer is a prime time for fresh fruit salad, and when I think about fruit salad, there is always melon balls! Melon is super hydrating, making it a perfect snack in the summer. And adding it to an ice cold sweet treat on a hot day makes it all the better.

What you’ll need:

1 melon (softball sized; honeydew or cantaloupe)

5 inches cucumber (peeled)

¼ Cup sugar

¼ Cup hot water

What to do:

Dissolve sugar in hot water, then blend all ingredients together. Pour in your popsicle molds and freeze ‘til solid.

22 Watermelon

Via Beachbodyondemand.com

Watermelon is synonymous with summertime picnics. I like to make pitchers of watermelon juice to keep in the fridge for a hot day. If you pick a good one, it will be naturally sweet, and there will be no need to add any sugar to it! The trick to picking the perfect watermelon, as told to me by a lovely lady I met in the produce aisle, is to look for the ones with a lot of scratches on the sides. Apparently this is a sign of a sweet and juicy watermelon, as bugs have scratched it up while trying to get the sweet nectar inside.

What you’ll need:

A good watermelon

What to do:

Blend up the watermelon flesh, pour the juice into your popsicle molds, and freeze until solid.

Alternatively, you can also slice your watermelon up into triangles, and stick a popsicle stick in the bottom, through the rind. Freeze and enjoy!

21 Green Smoothie Popsicle

Via kitchenconfidante.com

Spinach is a great source of nutrients for pregnant mamas! Most importantly, it’s a great source of folic acid, which is an essential nutrient for a developing baby. And kiwi has an amazing amount of vitamin C to boost mom’s immune system. A pregnant mom can get some extra good stuff in this summer and beat the heat with this popsicle recipe!

What you’ll need:

1 Cup milk, or dairy-free alternative

1 Cup fresh spinach

1 banana

1 kiwi

2 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger

What to do:

Blend your milk (or milk substitute) with spinach. Add in remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. You may choose to add more honey if you’d like it just a little sweeter. Pour mixture into your popsicle molds and freeze.

20 Chocolate Coconut Milk

Via wearychef.com

There will be a time (at least once) when a preggo mama is craving something sweet and decadent. If you find yourself battling the urge for chocolate because you’re trying to be healthy, this is the perfect option! A paleo take on a summer classic: the fudgesicle! You can make this as chocolatey as you like, and the coconut milk really gives it that nostalgic creamy texture.

What you’ll need:

13 Oz. can of full-fat coconut milk

⅓ Cup raw cacao powder

2-3 Tbsp raw honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

What to do:

Simply add all the ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth. Pour into molds and freeze.

19 Strawberry Yogurt

Via showmetheyummy.com

Strawberry yogurt is a popular smoothie recipe. Why not take it a step further this summer and freeze that smoothie favorite, for a more cooling treat? You can up the health benefits for a mama-to-be by using probiotic yogurt. Probiotics can help ease any digestive discomfort or irregularities that can sometimes be caused by elevated hormones in the body.

What you’ll need:

12 Oz. fresh ripe strawberries

2 Cups yogurt

¼ cup honey

What to do:

Blend strawberries until puree like consistency. Add yogurt and honey, and continue to blend until incorporated. Pour mixture into molds and freeze.

18 Coconut Lime Kiwi

Via thedomesticlifestylist.com

Coconut water is super hydrating, and during the summer, an ice cold glass of it can be one of the most refreshing treats. Pairing it with summer citrus flavors can enhance the refreshment. This recipe is delicious, cooling, and easy to throw together.

What you’ll need:

1 Cup coconut water

2 Tbsp sugar, maple syrup or agave

4 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice

1 green kiwi, sliced

What to do:

Mix coconut water and sweetener until dissolved, then add lime juice. Pour liquid into molds, and place kiwi slices inside. Freeze until solid.

17 Raspberry Lemonade

Via thechunkychef.com

Is there anything more “summer” than lemonade?! Well, maybe iced tea, but pregnant mamas should be watching their caffeine intake. This is a classic summer flavor, and it’s sure to ease some of the discomfort that the heat can bring.

What you’ll need:

1 Can of frozen lemonade concentrate thawed

48 Oz lemon-lime soda I used Sprite

Fresh raspberries

What to do:

Pour thawed lemonade concentrate into a large pitcher, add lemon-lime soda, and stir to combine. Sprinkle some raspberries into each popsicle mold, and pour in the lemonade mixture. Freeze and enjoy!

16 Mango Chile

Via Pinterest

If you haven’t tried adding salt and chile to your fruits, you haven’t lived! This is a refreshing and invigorating treat in the scorching summer months. The combination of sweet mango and spicy chile is surprisingly delicious and addictive. This recipe is an easy take on the traditional Mexican treat, the mangonada.

What you’ll need:

1 Cup mango juice or nectar

¼ Cup sugar

½ Cup water

2 tsp fresh lemon juice

1 tsp ancho chile powder

1 large mango, peeled, seeded, and cut into small cubes

What to do:

Combine mango juice, water, lemon juice, and sugar in saucepan over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Let cool. Coat mango chunks with chile powder and place into popsicle molds. Pour liquid mixture into molds and freeze until solid.

15 Avocado Fudge Pop

Via abraskitchen.com

I know what you’re thinking, avocado and chocolate? Kind of weird, but the avocado really adds a creamy texture, giving this take on the classic fudgesicle a rich yet healthy edge.

What you’ll need:

2 avocados, pitted and removed from peel

¼ - ½ Cup maple syrup (depending on desired sweetness)

¼ Cup cocoa powder

¾ Cup milk (can use dairy or non-dairy)

1 tsp vanilla extract

What to do:

Blend avocado, maple syrup, cacao powder, milk, and vanilla until smooth and creamy. Pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

14 Kiwi Strawberry

Via belleofthekitchen.com

Another classic flavor combination, this is a super easy popsicle recipe to throw together. Not only are citrus fruits refreshing in the summer, kiwis are loaded with vitamin C, making it a good choice for pregnant mamas looking to boost their immune systems.

What you’ll need:

1 lb fresh strawberries, washed and trimmed

1 lb fresh kiwi, skin removed

2-4 Tbsp simple syrup, optional

What to do:

To make simple syrup, add equal parts water and sugar to a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved, then allow to cool. Blend strawberries in a food processor or blender until pureed. In a clean blender, puree kiwi fruits. Add simple syrup to each mixture to desired sweetness. Layer mixtures in popsicle molds and freeze until solid. Enjoy!

13 Fruit Medley

Via Wellme.com

This is an easy way to get in an extra serving of fruit and cool down on a hot day. Probably the easiest popsicle recipe, EVER. The combinations are endless, and you can customize the flavors specifically to your liking (or cravings!).

What you’ll need:

2 Cups of liquid (lemonade, coconut water, Sprite, etc.)

1-2 Cups of chopped fresh fruit (can be ANYTHING! Berries, grapes, kiwi, oranges, etc.)

What to do:

Place chopped up fruit into popsicle molds and pour liquid over. Freeze and enjoy!

12 Banana Peanut Butter Yogurt

Via Pinterest

Did you know that banana is known to help settle upset tummies? It’s a good tip to have for any mamas experiencing morning sickness. Bananas also add a natural creaminess to blended mixtures, making this a healthily decadent treat. And the yogurt will provide some extra calcium to mama’s diet. The peanut butter...well, that’s just for taste because who doesn’t like peanut butter?!

What you’ll need:

3 bananas

½ Cup creamy peanut butter

1 Cup plain yogurt

2 Tbsp honey (optional)

What to do:

Blend all ingredients until smooth, and pour into popsicle molds. Freeze until solid.

11 Mint Chocolate

Via balancedlife-leslie.com

Another good one for mama-to-be’s morning sickness! Mint will help ease her stomach woes, and the creamy chocolate will satisfy any sweet cravings. And it’s healthy, so there’s no sugar guilt! Another plus? It’s only 5 ingredients, making this a simple recipe to throw together for an after dinner treat.

What you’ll need:

10 mint leaves

6 Natural Delight Medjool Dates (for sweetness)

2 Cans full fat coconut milk

1 Cup cacao powder

What to do:

Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and let freeze for at least 4 hours.

10 Orange Creamsicle

Via Pinterest

Mixing some refreshing citrus flavors with indulgent creamy texture is a recipe for pure happiness. This is a simple recipe that’s sure to satisfy mama’s sweet tooth, and the fresh orange and orange juice will add a little extra vitamin C to her diet -- that’s basically a vitamin supplement, right?

What you’ll need:

½ Cup orange juice

2 mandarin oranges, peeled

3 Tbsp white sugar

1 Cup heavy whipping cream

1 tsp vanilla

What to do:

Add oranges, orange juice, and sugar to blender and blend for 20 seconds. Add in the vanilla extract and heavy whipping cream and blend until mixture is thick and fluffy. Pour or spoon mixture into molds and freeze until solid.

9 Strawberry Cheesecake

Via kirbiecravings.com

Cheesecake is an amazing way to end any meal. It’s creamy and sweet, and best of all, can be made in a healthy and less sinful way, making this a guilt free treat for pregnant mamas on a hot summer day.

What you’ll need:

1 Cup strawberries

½ Cup vanilla Greek yogurt

2 Oz cream cheese

½ Cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)

1 Tbsp honey (optional, depending on desired sweetness)

What to do:

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until firm.

**You can add some crushed graham crackers into the molds before or after pouring mixture to get a true cheesecake experience!

8 Banana Pops

Via onelovelylife.com

Bananas are full of potassium, which is an essential electrolyte that helps a perspiring mom avoid dehydration and the muscle cramps that may come with it. This is another super easy one, and requires minimal clean up!

What you’ll need:

3 medium ripe bananas

8 Oz semi-sweet chocolate

1 tsp coconut oil

Sprinkles or chopped nuts (optional)

What to do:

Peel bananas and cut in half. Insert popsicle sticks and place in freezer until frozen.

Place chocolate and coconut oil in microwave safe container, and heat at 30 second intervals, mixing until smooth. Dip frozen bananas into chocolate and garnish with sprinkles or chopped nuts. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze until solid.

7 Chile Watermelon

Via hispanickitchen.com

Watermelon is another great fruit for summer. It’s naturally sweet and hydrating, making it the perfect healthy choice to cool down on a hot day. The addition of chile and salt really bring out and compliment watermelon’s subtle sweetness. If you like a little bit of spice, this one might be the one for you!

What you’ll need:

5 Cups diced watermelon, seeds removed

Juice of two limes

2 Tbsp agave syrup

½ tsp chipotle chili powder

½ tsp sea salt

What to do:

Combine the watermelon cubes with the lime juice, agave syrup, chili and sea salt in a blender until pureed. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

6 Chocolate Almond Butter

Via bestfriendsforfrosting.com

Peanut (or nut) butter cups are an amazingly delectable treat any time of the year, but a frozen dessert is ultra satisfying during a hot summer night. Of course, you can use any nut butter you prefer, but I like almond butter. It’s a good source of healthy fats, which is good for baby’s brain development.

What you’ll need:

4 ripe bananas

2 Cup almond milk

½ Cup almond butter

2 Tbsp cacao powder

What to do:

Combine all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth. Pour or spoon the mixture into your popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

5 Coke/Root Beer Float

Via Erincooks.com

Coke and root beer floats used to be a big thing growing up, but you don’t see them around too often. This is the perfect cold treat for a nostalgic mom-to-be, looking back on her own childhood and fantasizing about her life with her growing baby.

What you’ll need:

3 Cups Coke or root beer

2 Cups vanilla ice cream

What to do:

Fill popsicle molds ⅓ of the way with Coke or root beer. Add vanilla ice cream to each mold and top off with remaining soda. Freeze until solid.

4 Dole Whip

Via thesweetteaspoon.com

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a Disney park, you’ll know that there is an amazing choice of exciting foods and desserts. One of the most beloved theme park concessions includes the classic Dole Whip -- pineapple soft serve that’s worth the hype. Summer is tough on pregnancy, and a tasty treat from the happiest place on Earth might be enough to help ease the pain.

What you’ll need:

20 Oz can crushed pineapple

8 Oz tub Cool Whip, thawed

juice from 1 lime

2 Tbsp sugar

What to do:

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Pour mixture into popsicle molds, freeze, and enjoy.

3 Coconut Lime

Via thecharmingdetroiter.com

Coconut is a natural and healthy way to achieve the creaminess we associate with ice cream. It’s also a good whole food source of healthy fats and electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. Using coconut milk will give you the illusion of a sinful treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about during pregnancy.

What you’ll need:

13 Oz full-fat coconut milk

zest and juice of 1 lime

3-4 Tbsp honey or agave

What to do:

Combine all ingredients in blender until well incorporated. (Tip: the longer you blend, the finer the lime zest will get. This helps prevent the zest from falling to the bottom of the mold.) Pour blended mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

2 Peaches And Cream

Via craftybaking.com

This flavor combo reminds me of my grandma, because she always had those peach ring candies around the house. A ripe and juicy peach makes for the perfect dessert and they’re loaded with a ton of nutrients that will benefit mama and baby, like folate and electrolytes.

What you’ll need:

1 ½ cups sliced peaches

4 Tbsp vanilla Greek yogurt

3 Tbsp milk

1-2 Tbsp Honey

What to do:

Add peaches to blender and puree, then add remaining ingredients and blend until well incorporated. Pour mixture into molds, freeze, and enjoy!

1 Coconut Pineapple

Via thekitchenprepblog.com

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your weekend Pina Coladas! Okay, so there won’t be any rum involved, but you’ll still get to enjoy the flavor while winding down on a hot night.

What you’ll need:

4 Cups frozen pineapple

1 Cup coconut milk

2 tsp vanilla extract

Additional honey or maple syrup to taste (optional)

What to do:

Place all ingredients into blender, and blend until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

Resources: Pinterest.com, climatecentral.org

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