25 Best Scottish Names for Your New Baby

When you're picking out a name for your new baby, there are plenty of things to consider, like the kinds of nicknames their peers will end up creating out of whatever name you've chosen for your child or the shortened versions that will come from it. But if you or your partner are of Scottish descent, you're no doubt on the lookout for the best Scottish names for your baby which is to be expected.

Teasing and nicknames aside, choosing the right name for your new baby is sometimes heavily based on what you can find that also plays on whatever heritage is strongest for you or your partner.

Scottish names for babies can be simple, and relatively common, like Jack or Leah, but can also stem from much more complicated origins. These names may not be found on key chains but they are distinctive. Whether finding a unique name is the game plan when picking out a name for your new baby, and regardless of whether or not you're of Scottish descent, these Scottish baby names are some of the best ones to consider.

You certainly don't have to be Scottish to have an Oliver for a son or a Sophia for a daughter. Sometimes, choosing a baby name is something very deep and well-researched, and other times, it's about finding a beautiful name for your baby that just speaks to you. Either way, these are some of the best Scottish names to consider for your new baby. So, have at it.

25 Alexander

Alexander is commonly a last name when looked at from its Scottish roots. But should you choose this name for your new baby's first name, take into consideration the different historical people your baby will be taking after via the name, like Alexander the Great, a king of Ancient Greece.

The name Alexander also offers a couple of different nicknames for your new baby, like Alex or Xander since four syllable names aren't always the best for calling your kid to dinner multiple times in a row.

24 Charlie

What's so great about the Scottish baby name Charlie is that it's so universal, one that you can use if you have either a boy or a girl. While it's a Scottish name, the origins of Charlie are said to derive from either the Germanic name Karl meaning "man" or Hari, which means "army, warrior" which are both strong meanings to put behind a name that already stands on its own as a unique name.

23 Jack

The meaning of the name Jack is something along the lines of "God is gracious" which is kind of perfect if you're looking for the perfect Scottish baby name and also some ties to religion. It's also interesting to note that the name Jack is featured in several children's nursery rhymes and stories like Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Jack Horner.

22 Oliver

The Scottish origin of the name Oliver is actually a last name but as anyone will attest, the name Oliver is a totally normal first name and one that is still unique without being so "out there." You can also adopt some insanely adorable nicknames like Ollie or Olive. So basically, the name Oliver gets some bonus points.

21 Cameron

The Scottish meaning behind the name Cameron is "crooked nose" which admittedly isn't the most fun or adorable meaning to be behind your new baby's name. But it still works as a unique Scottish name for your new baby, regardless of the kind of weird meaning behind it. And it's still a top 50 baby name in Scotland, regardless of the meaning behind the typical boy baby name.

20 Connor

While it's plenty true the name Connor, meaning "wise" or "strong-willed," has an Irish background it also has a Scottish one, it's still one of the best Scottish baby names. It's also believed that the name itself derives from an ancient Irish king, Conchobar mac Nessa, which again, goes back to those Irish roots but doesn't name it any less of a Scottish name. There is more than enough Connor to go around.

19 Archibald

The name Archibald is clearly kind of regal as far as baby names go but there is no baby naming rule that says you have to steer clear of a name choice just because it's very different. The Scottish meaning behind the name is "bold and genuine"--an admirable name for your new baby. Archibald is a typically male name, with a popular shortened version of Archie being too adorable to pass up.

18 Brice

One letter away from being Bruce, your son may be facing a lifetime of typos but it also means "speckled," which is nothing short of perfect if you expect your baby to be born with freckles. Or, you know, if you just love the idea of naming your son something that alludes to the fact that as you bouncing baby boy, he's going to absolutely shine.

17 Ian

The name Ian is, surprisingly enough, the Scottish version of the more English name of John, which just means that in the Scottish world of baby names, Ian is that much more popular than you'd think at first glance. Unfortunately, you can't really shorten it since Ian is as easy as you can get, but your son will never have a hard time remembering how to spell his name.

16 Gavin

The boy's name Gavin has the Scottish meaning of "white hawk" which serves as both a natural-themed baby name and one that resonates with a certain strength all parents look for in a prospective baby name. Some notable celebrities who share the name are Gavin DeGraw and Gavin Rossdale who are both musicians.

15 Clyde

While this name typically refers to the River Clyde in Scotland itself, it also serves as a unique Scottish baby name to consider for your baby boy. It certainly doesn't hurt that it's a one-syllable, easy to spell and pronounce sort of name that won't have his future teachers struggling during roll call. But it's also a very Scottish name, in that it is directly taken from a place in Scotland.

14 Tyrone

The Scottish origin of the name Tyrone has the meaning of "island dweller" which doesn't exactly seal your son's fate as someone who will own an island someday but it couldn't hurt, right? You could also adopt the nickname of something like Ty which is basically adorable for any little kid, let alone a new tiny baby.

13 Bonnie

While the name Bonnie has both English and Scottish backgrounds, its meaning in Scottish is probably the best of all. Bonnie means charming, pretty, and beautiful, which are all words you'll be using to describe your little girl at some point in her life, so you might as well start with her name, right? You can also shorten the already simple name to Bon or make it even more adorable as Bon-Bon.

12 Dallas

Not only is it a unique name that shares the name of a city in Texas, but the feminine Scottish name Dallas comes from a Scottish village of the same name. It also has a meaning of "from the field to the waterfall", making it sound just as beautiful as you would hope.

11 Blair

Blair translates to "field" or "plain" in its Scottish origins. And while the latter translation isn't exactly amazing, the former is another one that can conjure up fields of greens or wildflowers making your baby girl's name that much more beautiful. It's also a fairly unique name, not to be over-used or so common that your daughter is someday forced to be the Blair B. or Blair S. of her class in school.

10 Annabella

If you can't decide between the name Anna or Bella for your new baby girl, think about choosing them both with the Scottish name Annabella which translates to something like "beautiful Anna." It also affords you the ability to someday let your daughter choose her own nickname, choosing from shortened versions like Bella, Bell, Anna, or even Annie.

9 Saundra

With a meaning behind this name being "defender of mankind," your daughter may grow up with a little bit of a big head. But in the same way, she may feel lucky to have been gifted with such a strong and important name to go through life with. Of course, what she does with a name of strength like this is totally up to her but finding a baby name with a good meaning behind it means you actually took the time to find the perfect fit for your new baby.

8 Teagan

Not only is the name Teagan unique on its own, but the meaning behind the Scottish name "attractive" says it all. If you can find a beautiful name for your new baby girl that also means the same thing, then it's a double whammy. So, go you and your baby name finding skills!

7 Geneen

Geneen is like the more common Jeanine but with a unique Scottish spelling that allows you to pick out a truly unique Scottish baby name for your newborn. The meaning "God is gracious" also makes it possible for you to pick a name that has religious undertones should that be on your agenda as you figure out the right Scottish baby name.

6 Catriona

The Scottish meaning behind Catriona is "pure" which is as clean sounding and straightforward as you can get. It's also a Scottish twist on the name Katrina may have people mispronouncing your little girl's name for years to come, so be warned. Then again, that's kind of par for the course as far as different sounding or spelling names go for kids.

5 Aili

The Scottish name Aili, which is a feminine name, means "truthful" in Scottish culture. It doesn't lend itself to any possible nicknames, which could be an understandable deal breaker for some but it's a short enough name to stand on its own. It's also a unique and strong enough Scottish name to not require any variant.

4 Isla

The Isla is a river that flows through Scotland, so this is one of the names that has ties as close to the actual country as you can get. It is pronounced "Eye-la", with the 's' being silent much like Hollywood actress Isla Fisher. That's not to say you have to consider your baby's name because of a celebrity, but it's a beautiful name regardless of who currently shares it.

3 Maisie

If it isn't enough that actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark on Game of Thrones) shares this name, consider the fact that it's Scottish meaning is "pearl," which is equally as important as with whom your little girl would share the name. It also just makes you think up a little carefree girl running through a field with rolled up jeans and a head of wild hair. Basically, the adorable and beautiful little girl you expect your newborn baby to grow into.

2 Teva

The Scottish baby name Teva means "twin" which would obviously be perfect if you're having twins (that includes a boy and a girl) and want to play up the whole twin thing. And yes, you will, since you will be forever referring to your two children as "the twins" or, you know, something like that. Regardless, the simple but unique Scottish baby name is a perfect one to consider when its meaning will count as something special to you and your little girl.

1 Aileana

To pronounce this name, think of the more common Aileen with an 'a' tacked on the end of it. The Scottish meaning of Aileana is "from the green meadow", as you would expect a feminine Scottish name to be. Scotland itself is a lush and beautiful country, so any Scottish baby name you shoot for will likely have the sort of meaning to connect you and your little one to nature. Not a bad deal, eh?

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