25 Bold Baby Boy Names That Are Perfect For A Future Athlete

Choosing a special name for the baby is one of the hardest tasks ever. What will mom name him or her is the question that comes up with the first hint of the pregnancy. In fact, many people think about it even before they get married or in a relationship. People often name their child after a person they're inspired or influenced by. This may include someone special from their past, a character or personality they've been watching on TV, or a famous athlete.

Athletes perform in the spotlight and fans love them for the talent they showcase and the persona they display. Mom also might be a huge fan of some sports person, so why not name the child after them?  As readers are here to look out for some awesome athlete names, it's pretty obvious that they want a sporty name for the child.

Here is a list presenting '25 Bold Baby Boy Names That Are Perfect For A Future Athlete', which will inspire parents to name the baby boy after a Sports legend, or a name that'll make a perfect choice for future athletes.

From this list, parents can pick the name of a popular sports person or a name that defines a sporty phenomenon in itself. So, it is time to go ahead and find out the names which will perfectly suit and uplift the future baby boy's personality.

25 Ali

Ali is the name that roared across arenas when Muhammad Ali, the most significant sportsperson and Heavyweight Champion of 20th century walked in a ring. Ali is a baby boy name from Arabic Origin, which means 'High', 'Elevated', or 'Champion'.

The first person who made it a popular name was Ali Ibn Abi Talib, an Islamic leader and cousin of Prophet Muhammad. Although, this name was also used by Pre-Islamic Tribesmen, and a Hebrew equivalent of this name also exists as 'Eli'. Ali is a legendary name to add the attitude and charm of a champion to your child's personality.

24 Ace

Ace is a baby boy name of English origin, which means 'One, Unity'. This term is used in sports like Tennis, Poker and Golf, and represents a good move in each of them. In tennis, an Ace is a service that remains untouched by the receiver and wins a point for the server.

It is a name which is also used for top performing players as, Tennis Ace Roger Federer. A name with the meaning of 'One' will act as a positive booster for your baby boy and motivate him to reach out and grab the bigger things, bigger goals and bigger achievements.

23 Archer

Archer is a male name which is related to Archery and means 'a bowman'. It has originated from Welch, and is derived from Middle English 'Archere' and Old French 'Archier'. Archer is commonly used as a surname but its sporty meaning has made it popular as a first name too.

If you are willing to see your child launching arrows or shooting bullets in the Olympic games, then Archer is a perfect fit to name your child. One of the famous persons who have Archer in his name includes and speaker Jeffrey Archer. Archer acts as a synonym for focus and determination, which makes it a preferable choice over most of the other names.

22 Blade

Blade means the cutting edge or sharp point of a sword, dagger or a spear. Apart from its word meaning, Blade is an English name with its meaning as 'Wealthy Glory'. Taking it's both meanings into consideration, it makes a powerful athlete name.

Blade has been the name of many football players in NFL and is one the most popular athlete names in the United States as well as in the English speaking world. If you are seeking your child's career in fencing or any combat games, Blade will make a perfect name to send a shiver down the spines of his competitors.

21 Tiger

Whether it is the King of the jungle or the King of Golf you're inspired from, Tiger makes one of the most impressive names for boys. We all know what tiger means and how it is one of the widely used names throughout the world irrespective of the language it belongs to.

Tiger is a famous name because of the Golf Legend Tiger Woods. It is also famous in Indian Subcontinent as the nickname of Veteran Indian Cricketer and Captain Mansoor Ali Khan 'Tiger' Pataudi. Tiger will always be a top name for baby boys, and naming your child with it might ensure the birth of a strong future athlete.

20 Hunter

Hunter is a baby boy name of English-Scottish Origin, used in middle ages for hunters. It means 'one who hunts'. Hunt is the short form of Hunter, as used by the central character of 'Mission Impossible' series, Ethan Hunt. The name bearers of Hunter have the ability to cast intimidation in their competitors.

The famous Hunters include Journalist Hunter S. Thompson and Baseball Player Hunter Morris. Hunter leaves a powerful impact on just a single hearing and builds hunter-like senses of alertness and quick attacks in its name bearer. Name your child hunter and you'll raise a man with a knack for winning.

19 Racer

Racer is an English name which means 'one who races, loves to race'. It is a baby boy name of modern times. Racer is a name used to denote the love for racing in the name bearer or his family. Many professional racers adopt this name to make an example of ferocity and speed.

Racer is not just a name but also the profession of a motorsports driver. Racing is one of the most popular sports and if you are one of the MotoGP, F1 or any motorsport fans, naming your son as Racer will delight you every time you'll call him by name.

18 Spike

Spike is an English baby boy name, popular for it's meaning 'pointed, sharp'. This name will interest the Volleyball players at most, because of its relation with 'Spiking', a move of scoring a point by slapping the ball over the net.

The name bearers of this name include Spike Dudley from WWE and director Spike Lee. Spike is an athletic sporty name due to its definition of an attribute. If you think your son will become a volleyball star in the future, naming him Spike will serve an upper-hand to him in staying confident above his team and opposition.

17 Becker

Becker is a popular baby boy name of German Origin. It means 'baker'. The meaning doesn't seem to fit with what name bearers have reflected, as this name represents many famous personalities related to Sports, Arts, and even Nobel Prize.

Primarily used as a last name, Becker named personalities include German Tennis Player and Youngest Grandslam winner Boris Becker, Nobel laureate Gary Becker and Mexican Actor Kuno Becker. If you are a Tennis fan, you know the worth of Becker name and if you're a football fan and have watched 'Goal', you are not going to miss naming your child as Becker.

16 Cristiano

In today's world, everyone is fascinated by the name Cristiano. It is wise to claim that Cristiano is one of the most famous names throughout the globe and the credit goes to Portuguese Footballer and Global Star Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is derived from Latin 'Christianus', which means 'Christian' or literally 'Follower of Christ'.

Cristiano is undoubtedly the most charming and trending name in today's time. If you are a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo or love his incomparable skills, then there can't be any better name than Cristiano for your baby boy, who knows, years later your son might become the next global celebrity.

15 Agassi

If you've witnessed those 20 years or even a bit of it when Andre Agassi reigned the Tennis courts, then you must be well aware of why Agassi can be a nice option for your child's name. Andre Agassi was one of the dominant players from 1990-2000 decade and winner of total 8 Grand-slams.

There are millions of Agassi fans throughout the globe, and if you are one of them, then maybe you've found the best name for your baby boy. Agassi's name is worth to be adopted and maybe you can also use his nickname 'The Punisher' too.

14 Beckham

Beckham is an English boy name from a place in Norfolk named 'Beckham', made up from the words 'Becca' and ham ‘homestead’, meaning 'Becca's Homestead'. Although, this name is dominantly famous because of English Footballer David Beckham. Due to his free-kick goals and amazing hairstyles, Beckham has been a famous name among both guys and girls.

Basically, it's the last name, but due to its immense popularity, Beckham can be fashioned as a first name too. If you are a fan of Beckham, you'd really like to call your son by this too cool and stylish name.

13 Sachin

Sachin is an Indian name derived from Sanskrit name 'Shachindra', which is the name of Hindu mythological god 'Indra', as well as 'Shiva'. In history, there were many influential persons named Sachin, but the popularity of this name was truly affected by the legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Every cricket fan knows the stature of this name represented by the best record-holder of all times. If you are a cricket fan, this name needs no introduction for you, but if you are somehow unaware of it, then Sachin means the 'Master Blaster', and the best Indian name for your son.

12 Bryan

Bryan is male given name which is a variant of another given name 'Brian'. It is derived of a Celtic word meaning 'high', 'strong' or 'noble'. Bryan is mainly a surname, though Bryant being the surname of superstar football player Kobe Bryant has popularized this name to global heights.

This name belongs to other famous celebrities like Singer Bryan Adams, Actor Bryan Cranston and many more. The fame of Bryan name has been continuously on fire for many decades and is surely going to remain a talked-about name in years to come. So why not that famous guy be your son?

11 Sinclair

Sinclair is a Scottish baby boy name which means 'bright' and 'clear'. Just like it's meaning, this name has been the name of clear-minded personalities like Writer Sinclair Lewis and Jamaican actress Madge Sinclair, who made this name a popular choice since years.

In the recent times, Canadian Soccer player Christine Sinclair also has this name as her last name. English Footballer Scott Sinclair gives it an athletic background, making this name a sound-meaning sporty name for your son. Sinclair has a cool and charming touch in its pronunciation, which can be a bonus for your Athlete child.

10 Jenner

Jenner is an English occupational name which means 'designer' or 'engineer'. It is a boy's name, but Jenner being the family name of Kylie and Kendall Jenner have also become a popular girl's name.

Although, their father, 1976 Summer Olympics Decathlon Winner, Bruce Jenner (Now Caitlyn Jenner) had already made this name a hit back in those times. Caitlyn Jenner being known as 'The Greatest Athlete', has given this name a rank that no other name can challenge. If you want to name your son as Jenner, this name will ensure a sporty identity in your child right from the start.

9 Carey

Carey is an Irish-English male name, as well as a surname which means 'dark, stoney or spear'. It is a famous name because of the Canadian Ice-hockey goaltender Carey Price. The strong meaning of Carey and its association with many celebrity surnames make it a popular name to adopt for your son.

Carey being diversely originated from four different geographical regions, Ireland, Welsh, France and English West Country is already a popular and well-used name. However, it's association with the Canadian star Carey Price has made this name a famous athlete name that makes a too good choice for your baby boy.

8 Malo

Malo is a Hawaiian as well as a Polynesian name which means 'Winner'. It is one of the best names as far as it's meaning is concerned. This name sounds a little strange and different, yet it's usage for an athlete's name will make a great choice.

This name sounds too familiar and smooth to utter. Malo doesn't require a nickname either. If your child becomes a good athlete with this name, people are going to admire the name that'll fit your son's success. Malo also gives a foreign touch and seems a name that may fit for a future superstar.

7 Andre

Andre seems to be a name that's destined to be famous. Legendary Tennis player Andre Agassi and Canadian Sprinter Andre de Grasse are two of the great sports personalities. Andre is the French and Portuguese version of Andrew, which means 'manly', 'brave' and 'warrior'.

The meaning of this name goes in perfect accordance with the too many athletes named Andre. A few of famous Andre include West Indian Cricketer Andre Russell, French Wrestler Andre The Giant and rapper Andre Young A.K.A Dr Dre. Andre is an ideal name for your child if you want people to admire your son like they admired every other Andre.

6 Alistair

Alistair is a male given name of Scottish Gaelic Origin. It is an Anglicised form of Alasdair, which is derived from the Latin, incorporated in English as 'Alexander'. It means 'one who repels man'. Its meaning makes it a warrior name and also an apt name for a future athlete.

The famous celebrities of this name include the Scottish novelist Alistair MacLean, MMA Fighter Alistair Overeem and International Cricketers Alistair Cook and Alistair Campbell. The usage of this name in the Sports world has made it popular to name a future superstar. Name your son as Alistair and he might become an another Alexander in sports.

5 Sidney

Sidney is a popular unisex name of English origin. This name means 'wide island, south of the river'. Sidney is a famous name due to many great personalities like Sidney Sheldon and r Sidney Poitier. Being a common name for both boys and girls, Sidney is widely used for boys.

The Canadian Ice-hockey player Sidney Crosby and French Footballer Sidney Govou are some hugely acclaimed athletes by the same name. Sidney is a popular name in the sports world, and if you are looking for a name that is charming enough, then Sidney is what you've been looking for.

4 Varick

Varick is a Teutonic name which means 'protector or defending ruler'. It is a sporty name that fits apt for a football center-back or defender. Varick also sounds like a name that makes a great choice for both the first name as well as last name.

The main charm of Varick is its meaning, which does complete justice as a name for an alert and efficient defender. If you wish your child to become a future football player, then Varick might be a name for the next best defender on the planet. Varick is capable enough to grab attention and also prove just with its meaning.

3 Aindreas

Aindreas is an Irish male given name, which means 'Strong'. It is an Irish version of the name 'Andrew'. For every sportsperson, strength is the primary element, so what could be a better option than Aindreas to name your newborn? Aindreas is equally popular like its other versions Andy, Andreas, and Andrew.

This name has an aura of strength that directly comes from its powerful meaning. Aindreas also has a modern pronunciation and feels like a pretty cool name. Name your baby boy as Aindreas and feel grateful for giving your child a strong name for an athletic future.

2 Armstrong

Armstrong is mainly a surname of Scottish borders origin. In English, it means 'someone with strong arms'. Even after being a surname, it has impressed people around the globe due to its popular name bearers. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong are two great sportspersons who popularized this name.

If you are looking for a name that can influence something truly exceptional, then Armstrong is the name where you should settle down. Armstrongs have the capability to break the trend and do something beyond human potential. To satisfy the need of a bright athletic future, Armstrong might be the name for your tomorrow's superstar.

1 Pernell

Pernell is a baby boy name of English Origin. The meaning of Pernell is 'little rock'. The P.K in the Canadian Ice-hockey Defenceman, P.K Subban stands for Pernell Karl. Pernell has been the name of various footballers, and also Pernell Roberts. This name is a favorite among aspiring athletes and their parents.

Pernell Whitaker was a professional boxer who won a Gold at 1984 Olympics. Pernell is the name of many sports personalities makes it a popular name to become a choice for your baby boy. The rocky meaning of this name might create an inner strength in your son.

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