25 Boy Names That Have Taken Over This Year (But Won't Be Popular In 2019)

Picking a good name for a baby boy is hard enough, but trying to avoid all of the hipster names that have been taking over really does seem like walking through a minefield. A minefield of odd baby names, that is. After all, new parents want to pick a name that not only sounds good right now, but during their child’s entire lifetime as well. But more often than not, a lot of parents end up picking names that they secretly aren't so fond of later on. And they do this quietly, just because they don’t want to admit to choosing a name for their child that doesn't quite stand the test of time.

With that being said, choosing the wrong baby name for a child might not be the end of the world. After all, there are many different ways that parents can alter or shorten the name without having to go through the lengthy process of changing it altogether. But here are 25 names that some parents are already thinking twice about this year. Don’t tell us that we didn’t warn everyone! Check out our list below and let us know if any of these names are on the radar.

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25 Liam

Just like Emma, Liam has been enjoying it’s rise to the top of the charts in recent years. Liam can be short for William but in most cases, a lot of people chose the name simply because they have strong Irish connections or they love it because of how strong and masculine it sounds. But having 12 different Liam’s on your child’s future football (or baseball) team will be no fun. As much as you want to hold on to this name, try something else.

24 Lucas

Lucas has been a very common name for decades now. It actually means “light giving” or “illumination.” And we are sure that there are plenty of parents out there who know at least one Lucas who can light up a room (either by sheer presence or by being “heard” if you know what we mean). But just like many biblical names, Lucas has run its course and is slowly dropping down the charts in recent years. The same goes with Luca or Luke, or even Lucah.

23 Laird

We can’t help but think of the name Laird for someone who will spend many days and nights catching the biggest waves off of the coast of Hawaii’s big island. Laird sounds like it’s a name that belongs to someone who is very laidback and in tune with the ocean. With that being said, though, take out the “i” in the name and you’ve got a whole new meaning. And one that won’t be appreciated by your child in the future, mind you. Moving on!

22 Birch

Never – and we repeat this – never name your child Birch. We don’t care how much you love this name, or how meaningful it might be for you and your family, it’s simply not a good idea. Sure, “Birch” is cute (if you are into nature and birds) but one little mistake in the spelling of the name, and you’ve given your child a lifetime of trouble and a lot of explaining to do. Just don’t be that cruel parent. Save this name for your pet hedgehog.

21 Mateo

Mateo is a name with Spanish origins that peaked in popularity back in 2016. It means “gift of God” and has long been on the rise, even with families that don’t have any Spanish origins. In other words, Mateo is the new Matthew, as Alejandro was once the new Alexander. But unless you have a real reason to use the name, skip it. Otherwise a lot of people will end up calling your son “Mat” for short. Some might even change his name to Matthew, just because.

20 Jacob

Jacob is a name that has managed to cross over from generation to generation and is still going strong. As a matter of fact, Jacob is on 2018’s top ten list of the most picked baby boy names. And because of that, there’s a very good chance that your child will be sharing a classroom with at least another little boy of the same name. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t have anything against Jacob. It’s just that the name needs to retire by now.

19 Mason

You can thank a certain reality television star for the revival of the name of Mason. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be talking about the name right now. Mason might look great on paper, but try saying it five times out loud. There’s just no spark to it, right? Well, you are not the only person who feels that way. A lot of people who pick Mason as a name for their sons oftentimes regret it later on. A mason is an occupation, not a good baby name.

18 Bowie

Unless you are a huge fan of the legendary David Bowie or you are a bona fide hipster, please don’t name your son Bowie. It’s just not right. Your child will have a very hard time living up to their name, especially if they turn out to be anything BUT a talented musician. Plus, let’s be real here: there’s only one Bowie, and that Bowie is no longer living with us on this planet Earth. Let’s not make him roll over in his grave by making it a hipster baby name.

17 Milo

If your first thought is that Milo sounds like a toddler with a lot of attitude, guess what? You’re probably not wrong. Milo has always been a favorite in the top ten lists and actually dates back to the Medieval Times. And while Milo might come from the English name Miles, a lot of hipster parents think that are getting themselves cool points if they name their child after a certain actor from This is Us. But don’t be fooled. It’s actually Milhouse that’s the cooler name, if you want to ask us.

16 Journey

Just like Bowie, naming your child after your favorite musician, artist or even band is not a good idea. In fact, it should be totally banned. Journey might sound like a good name if you happen to be a C-list Hollywood actress but for the rest of us out there, it’s just not going to work. Plus, everyone will end up asking your child the same question: what journey are you headed towards, young lad? This can become very repetitive and dare we say, boring.

15 Viggo

Have you ever met a Viggo that was cute? Actually, don’t answer that question. The only Viggo we know happens to be a handsome Hollywood actor. But unless you are Danish or have some sort of Viking blood running through your family’s veins, keep Viggo off your list. Let the men who deserve to be named Viggo, be Viggo. There’s only so much room in this world for names that are so strong, rugged, and ultra masculine. A name like this is reserved for a select view.

14 Zen

If your child has a name like Zen, but doesn’t act Zen-like whatsoever, then you’ve got a problem on your hands. Zen has long been a popular name – for both boys and girls – but it’s not really a practical one. Plus, do you really want to be getting side eyes from the other parents at mommy or daddy and me class for your child not living up to his or her name sake? We think not. Just leave zen the way it is, by keeping it as a feeling and not an expectation, if you know what we mean.

13 Diesel

Diesel sounds great… if it’s your last name. But as a first name? Not really. Just imagine all of the gas-related jokes, should you name your child after a more efficient mode of filling up your car. Plus, when you think of Diesel, you think of someone riding their motorcycle off to the sunset. You don’t of someone who desperately needs to be potty trained in the middle of the night, and after several awful attempts. A toddler named Diesel will have a hard time living up to his name.

12 Ryker

Ryker or Rider? You decide. Either way, Ryker is a tough one. Sure, a lot of parents out there want to be original but what they don’t understand is that the harder you try, the more your child will suffer from their bizarre name in the long run. And Ryker is just not a good one. Ryker actually means “Rich” in German and thankfully, it’s falling in the popularity polls. Keep falling, Ryker, until you are off the list. You’ve still got a ways to go.

11 Striker

Just like Ryker, Striker isn’t a good name, regardless of what kind of great soccer player your son will grow up to be. Heavens forbid your child doesn’t grow up to like soccer at all, because that would be a huge waste, too. Either way, don’t use this name. You don’t want to end up having a child who likes to kick all the time, too. That’s never any fun. Kids are hard enough as it is, and Striker can be dangerous. Trust us on that.

10 Chet

In theory, Chet sounds like a great name for the future generation. But Chet also comes off as a very pretentious name, too. The name Chet is actually of English origin and means “fortress, walled town.” In other words, he’s not going to let anyone in on his feelings. It might sound like a cool name, but it’s a name that’s full of attitude. And yes, we will say it: Chet sounds like a stubborn little chap, too. Forget trying to get him to eat his veggies, because it’s almost never going to happen.

9 Gabriel

Gabriel is another name that has been on parents’ minds for quite some time. It might sound like a very angelic name, but don’t be fooled. There are plenty of Gabriel’s out there that end up in the principal’s office for their not-so-angelic behavior. It’s a Hebrew name that literally means “devoted to God.” If you are still stuck on the name, try Gabriel-Michael or Gabe for short. But if you go with Gabriel, chances are someone well end up messing up the spelling by writing Gabrielle on his tax forms or Panera Bread membership card later on in life.

8 Sebastian

No matter how hard parents try to make this name go away, Sebastian rules the charts, year after year. It’s the Greek form of the Latin “venerable” or “revered.” Sebastian was actually a martyr and gained popularity during the middle ages. Unless you have someone in your family, like a grandfather or a great grandfather already named Sebastian and you want to honor them with the name, skip it. Sebs has been around long enough and needs a break, for at least a century or two.

7 Elijah

Elijah seemed like a great, original name just a few years back. But not anymore. That’s because every hipster on this side of the Hudson river has named their son – and in some cases daughter – Elijah. And when you name your child Elijah, there’s always the pressure or notion that the child will be just as original, creative, or hipsterish as their name. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes all Elijah wants to do is watch Paw Patrol and eat non-organic cookies just like everyone else.

6 Jayden

Unless you are still living in the early 2000’s and are about to have your first newborn, do yourself a favor and cross Jayden off your list. In fact, cross off Jaydin, Jaydyn, Jeden, Jaydon or any other spelling you might have thought up of during your last prenatal visit in the doctor’s office. Why? Because Jayden has become utterly boring and uncreative just like all of the Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Kaycee, Keira, Josslyn, and Jesslyn names that have emerged from that era. Just say no.

5 Wyatt

Wyatt has fast become one of the most popular names in the baby book – for both girls and boys. But just like any stylish name that surges in popularity, it also plummets pretty fast, too. That’s because many parents have realized that Wyatt isn’t a name that it’s all cracked up to be. It might sound cute and creative at first, but it’s one that doesn’t stick for very long, either. Yes, Wyatt is a strong name, but it’s one that lacks essence or even originality.

4 Julian

Julian is a great name in theory but one that might not last down the road. Julian sounds like a scholar, a whiz kid and someone who will be doing everyone else’s homework later on – but at a hefty price, mind you. Julian aces all the test scores, but he doesn’t fair to well on the soccer pitch. He doesn’t care too much about basketball, either. Think twice if you want to name your son Julian, especially if his first onesie has dad’s favorite football team on it.

3 Leo

Everyone loves a Leo, don’t they? The boys who are named Leo are often the cute, funny little kids who end up either being the class clowns or making all the girls smile later on in life. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But when you are a Leo competing for attention because there are several other Leo’s just like you, then you’re in a pickle. Plus, all the Leo’s that we know have adorable freckles and cute, tight curls on top of their heads.

2 Skylar

Skylar is another name that sounds great when you first think about it in your head, but do yourself a favor and say it aloud at least five times before putting it on your child’s birth certificate. Do you find yourself getting upset at Skyler a lot? Do you think Skylar is going to be a mischievous one? Or worse, not have any interest in astronomy or science in school? If you said yes to any of the above three, then do your child a favor and skip this name and take it off your list.

1 Asher

Everyone knows an Asher by now, right? Either Asher is in your local play group, he’s your child’s buddy from his Kindergarten class or he’s the neighborhood kid who is freakishly obsessed with Paw Patrol (but then again what toddler isn’t this days?). Asher always has a problem washing his hands after the bathroom, but we can save that complaint for another day. Either way, you get our drift. Ashers are everywhere so much so that your son’s best bud is fast becoming the new ‘Michael’ from the 1980s.

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