25 Boy Names That Make Other Moms Jealous

So mom has found out she's expecting a baby boy- congrats! But now comes the hard part of deciding on the perfect name for the little one.

It can be tough deciding on the perfect name for a little boy. Parents might be leaning towards something more classic, or perhaps they want a traditional name but with a fresh twist on it. Or, parents could want something totally original and outside-the-box. But, at the same time, they probably don’t want something that’s too out there. We can think of tons of wacky celeb names that have gotten attention for their uniqueness, so most parents probably don’t want their own baby boy name to be too wild.

We’ve compiled a list of the 25 most beautiful boy names that are sure to give all the other kids on the playground a run for their money. These names are unique and cool sounding, but not so different that moms will have to worry about her son (or others) having a hard time spelling or pronouncing it.

Regardless of whatever name parents choose, we’re sure it will be perfect for the little boy because it was given from mom and dad to their baby boy with love.

25 Laszlo

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If you want a name that’s fit for royalty for your little boy, then consider this unique-sounding choice: Laszlo!

In both Hungarian and Slavic, the name translates to mean ‘famous ruler,’ so anyone with this moniker is destined to have a bright future. Expect your little man to be outgoing and charismatic with this original name, yet also responsible and hardworking, as all great leaders are.

This name is an awesome choice if you love the sound of biblical names like Leviticus or Lazarus, but are looking to put a modern spin on it. Plus, who doesn’t want their kid’s name to refer to royalty?

24 Bowie

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After legendary music icon David Bowie passed away in 2016, the surname Bowie surged in popularity as a baby's name. Many parents are choosing to pay homage to the musician by naming their kid after him, or they simply like the sound of the name.

Either way, if you give your son this musically-inspired name, then he’s sure to be a cool cat. Bowie originated as a Scottish surname meaning ‘yellow’ or ‘fair haired.’ David Bowie wasn’t actually born with the surname (he was born David Robert Jones), but adopted the eclectic last name before stardom.

Tons of celebrities have chosen this name for their kids, including Rebecca Minkoff, who named her daughter Bowie Lou.

23 Dashiell

Dashiell, though not unheard of, is definitely one of the more unique names on this list. If you’re searching for a name that no one else in your kid’s school is going to have, then look no further.

Despite sounding like a more modern name, Dashiell (pronounced Dash-ee-uhl) actually has a long history. It’s the anglicised version of the Old French surname de Chiel, which is of unknown meaning. As the families with this last name moved from France to Scotland and then finally to England, it eventually took on the spelling ‘da Shiell,’ which turned into the name we know today.

The first recorded use of the name was by famous American author Samuel Dashiell Hammett, who passed in 1961.

22 Xander

Many 90s kids grew up watching Xander Harris help the Scooby gang fight vampires and demons on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so it should be no surprised this name is a beloved choice.

Xander, a modern play on the classic name Alexander, has been a popular choice for a baby boy name for the last few decades. Even January Jones named her son this a few years ago! Just like Alexander, this name translates to mean ‘defender of mankind,’ so you can be sure your little man will grow up to do great things with such an important moniker.

21 Jagger

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Are you a fan of The Rolling Stones? Then consider the name Jagger!

This name has a lot of musical significance, thanks to the legacy of Mick Jagger. But, even if you’re not a rock n’ roll fan, it’s still a cool name that’s sure to make your little one stand out in the classroom.

Tons of celebrities have been choosing the name Jagger for their mini-me’s, including Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross (whose daughter is named Jagger Snow), and Soleil Moon Fry (whose daughter is named Jagger Joseph). Rachel Zoe, Kim Zolciak, and Pamela Anderson have all used the name Jagger as a middle name for one of their sons.

20 Bennett

Bennett is a name with a long history! While it was widely popular in the 18thand 19thcenturies, it lost traction once the 20thcentury rolled around. But now this adorable name is back in full swing!

Bennett is the perfect choice if you love the names Benjamin or Ben, but want something a little bit different. It comes from the Latin word ‘benedictus,’ meaning ‘blessed.’ Thus, you can rest assured that your little angel will be lucky for the rest of his life with a name as blessed as this one.

Considering that you can easily shorten this name to the classic name Ben, it’s perfect if you want something a bit different but not too crazy.

19 Harley

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You don’t need to own a Harley Davidson bike to name your kid Harley!

If you’re looking for a tough yet cute moniker, then Harley is a good option. This name has been popular amongst both girls and boys for years, so it’s not too out of place that it will sound odd. But you can definitely expect your kiddo to have an extra cool factor about them thanks to this bad a$$ name.

Despite being tough-sounding, you’ll likely be surprised to know that Harley traditionally translates to ‘meadow.’ This name is the perfect combination of edgy and sweet!

18 Falcon

If you’re looking to give your baby boy a unique name yet one that isn’t too over-the-top, then consider the bird-inspired moniker Falcon. It’s unusual enough that no one else on the playground is going to have it, yet not so much that people will have a hard time pronouncing it.

This name carries an air of elegance and superiority with it, as the falcon is one of the most powerful birds in the animal kingdom. It’s been a trend in recent years to adopt bird-inspired names, so Falcon is fittingly fashionable for this generation.

Though, if Falcon isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for a comparable name, such as Hawk, to get a similar vibe.

17 Enzo

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If you want a name that sounds effortlessly cool, then look no further than the name Enzo. This name choice glides off the tongue, and sounds mysterious no matter what middle or last names you pair it with.

This name also has a very regal meaning behind it. In Spanish, it translates to ‘ruler of the household,’ while its Italian translation means ‘winner’ or ‘rules an estate.’ By the sounds of it, anyone with this name is destined to be a great real estate agent, or at least own a gorgeous home.

Plus think of all the cute nicknames you can create from it, including Enz, En, Zo, or Zeeo!

16 Kai

Simple, three-letter names are all the rage nowadays, and not just as nicknames. The name Kai is increasing in popularity, and we can see why.

This name has origins in many languages. In Chinese, the name roughly translates to mean ‘victory’ or ‘victorious.’ In Hawaiian, its meaning is ‘ocean.’ Yet, in Scottish the name oppositely means ‘fire.’ And, in Welsh, it means ‘keeper of the keys.’

This name is obviously a great choice for families that want the name to have a multicultural meaning. Kai can also be used as shorthand for many other attractive names, including Kaiser and Kayden.

15 Rowan

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Rowan is an Irish-originating name that comes from the ash tree of the same name.

Given its connection to nature, this name is perfect for anyone who wants to give their son a name with floral connotations, but without it sounding too feminine. This name is also a play on the more traditional name Owen, so it’s perfect if you want to opt for something a bit different.

In Gaelic, Rowan also means ‘red’ in order to describe the colour of the tree it’s named for. So, this is the perfect moniker if you have a little redhead on the way!

14 Stiles

Fans of Teen Wolf will recognize this name from Dylan O’Brien’s beloved, hilarious character, Stiles Stilinski.

Even if you’re not a Teen Wolf enthusiast, this is still an adorable and edgy name to give to your baby boy. This name is relatively new as a first name, but it is a traditional last name. Famous celebs with this surname include actress Julia Styles and former One Direction member, Harry Styles.

Whether you choose this name because it reminds you of a celebrity you love, or purely because you love the sound of it, it’s bound to make your boy one of the coolest kids around.

13 Wilder

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Wilder is one of those names that has soared in popularity in recent years, thanks to its adventurous, hipster-inspired sound.

This gorgeous boy name, which can also be a girl’s name, is a play on the word ‘wild,’ so you can expect your kiddo to have a passionate personality if they’re given this unique moniker. The name has traditionally been used as a surname, such as by Little House on the Prairieauthor Laura Ingalls Wilder, but its now more commonly associated as a first name.

If you’re feeling like going on the wild side, then this is the perfect name for your impending arrival!

12 Ezra

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In pop culture, most people recognize the name Ezra from the hit show Pretty Little Liars. But, even if you’re not a fan of the long-running teen soap opera, we still recommend considering this fashionable name.

Ezra has a beautiful meaning behind it, as it translates to mean ‘ to help’ or ‘helpful.’ If only this guarantees that your little one will grow up to be helpful and polite! But, with a name as symbolic as this one, you can expect your baby boy to grow up having a strong connection to and love for his family.

Could you see yourself giving your kid this name?

11 Gunner

Gunner is another edgy baby name that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities. Most recently, reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt welcomed their first child, and gave him the adorable name Gunner Stone (along with his own Instagram page!).

The name Gunner originates from the Old Norse word ‘gunnarr,’ which translates to ‘war,’ ‘strife,’ or ‘battle.’ The name was given to several important figures in Norse mythology. If you decide to give your tyke this stylish moniker, then they’re bound to be adventurous, brave, and resilient given the prestigious meaning behind it.

But how would you feel about calling your kid Gun for short?

10 Skyler

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Skyler is more popular as a girl’s name- which is why your little man will stand out with this adorable, unisex name.

Skyler, which can easily be shortened to Skye for a cute nickname, originated in Europe. In Danish, its meaning is ‘fugitive’ or ‘to give shelter,’ which likely means your little man will grow up to be kind and generous. In German, however, Skyler has a much stronger meaning, roughly translating to ‘Little Warrior.’

There are various ways you can spell this cute name, including: Schuyler, Schyler, Skielar, Skielor, Skyelar, Skylar, Skylen, Skyller and Skylor. Variations of it also include Kyler, Tyler, and Skylark.

9 Zane

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The name Zane has gained popularity in recent years thanks to former One Direction member-turned-solo singer, Zayn Malik. And, if that’s not enough to turn you onto the name, then just wait until you hear the meaning behind it.

The Hebrew meaning behind this name is ‘Gift of God,’ which is probably how you feel about your little one! Interestingly, Zane is seen as a variation of the classic name John, which translates to the same meaning. You can expect great things from your son if you give him this important moniker.

Plus, there are tons of ways to spell this name to make it more original, from Zayne, Zain, and Zane.

8 Flynn

On-trend with short baby names is this adorable choice- Finn! Plus, it’s a unisex name, so it’s perfect for whether you’re having a boy or girl.

You might remember that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom gave their only son this unique moniker when he was born, which has undoubtedly helped popularized the name in recent years.

Irish in origin, this name translates to literally mean ‘son of a red-haired man.’ Even if the baby’s father doesn’t have ginger locks, don’t let this stop you from choosing this name if you think it’s a good fit for your baby boy. Hey, if Orlando Bloom likes it, then what’s not to love?

7 Declan

Declan is an extremely posh sounding name, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something sophisticated yet unique. And it’s also the perfect name if you want to celebrate your Irish heritage!

The name originates from the Irish name Deaglan (which is also a cute baby name), which comes from the words ‘dag,’ which translates to ‘good,’ and ‘lan,’ which translates to ‘full.’ Thus, the full translation of Declan means ‘full of goodness’ or, alternatively, ‘man of prayer.’ And who doesn’t want their kid to be good?

Declan has been a popular baby name amongst celebrities, too. Most recently, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump named is son Declan.

6 Fitz

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Fitz is the shorthand version of the popular surnames Fitzgerald or Fitzpatrick, but its now more commonly becoming known as a stylish first name.

The word Fitz literally translates to mean ‘son of.’ So, as a surname, it’s meant to signify who your father was; if your last name is Fitzgerald, then your dad’s name (historically, at least) was Gerald, or it was Patrick if your last name was Fitzpatrick. Though no one really goes by those conventions anymore, Fitz has a fresh, modern sound to it that makes it a perfect choice for a baby boy.

Just make sure your last name isn’t Fitz-something, because that would be too much!

5 Acer

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While the name Ace has been popular within the past decade, Acer is a fresh update on the uber-popular moniker. So, it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking to make a statement with you son’s name without going too much out of the box.

In Latin, Ace traditionally means ‘one,’ ‘expert,’ or ‘one with the father,’ whereas the English meaning of Ace translates to ‘one who excels’ or ‘number one.’ And, its French translation has a similar meaning, translating to ‘highest rank.’

Whatever translation you choose to go by, it’s clear that someone named Ace or Acer is going to achieve big things and probably be a bit of a braniac! That sounds good to us!

4 Caspian

If you ever watched or read C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe series, then you’ll likely recognize this name from the main Prince in the books!

Beyond its reference to Narnia, this name has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Caspian has many references within nature. The name is generally thought to mean ‘of the sea,’ as it is the name of the largest enclosed inland body of water, The Caspian Sea.

Alternatively, this name also references multiple sorts of animals. The Caspian Tiger, also know as the Hyrcanian tiger, was a tiger that went extinct in the 1970s, whereas it is also the name of the Caspian Tern, a bird with black legs and an orange bill. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Neve Campbell chose this name for her son!

3  Wyatt

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If you bestow your mini-me with a name like Wyatt, then he’s sure to be destined for greatness!

Originating in France, this name translates to mean ‘guide.’ Your little tyke is bound to be wise beyond their years, and have a good sense of direction and leadership, if their namesake is any indication. Other sources suggest that it also means ‘hardy,’ ‘brave,’ or ‘strong.’

The name Wyatt is generally associated with a sense of adventure, loyalty, and attention to detail. They are also natural born leaders, and know how to focus on the big picture rather than getting caught up in the small details.

2 Micah

Micah is another unique sounding name that’s referenced in the bible, making it perfect for any parents-to-be who want to incorporate their religion into their new addition’s name.

This stylish moniker comes from the Hebrew phrase for ‘who is like God.’ Other sources suggest that the names translates to ‘humble.’ Micah is the name of several Old Testament characters, and is also a famous book of the Bible.

If you name your kiddo this gorgeous moniker, you can rest assured they’re going to be a generous, kind, and modest individual. And who doesn’t want those qualities for their kid?

1 Alistair

Alistair has a very adventurous flare to it, which is probably why it tends to be the name of lead characters in adventure books and movies.

While this name choice sounds unique, it’s actually a spin on the traditional name Alexander, which translates to ‘Defender of Mankind.’ You can expect your little guy to have a deep sense of adventure and bravery if you give him such an important moniker. Alistair rolls off the tongue excellently, so you can also expect your kid to have a role in the spotlight, possibly!

We can also think of a couple cute nicknames that can come from this name, including Al, Alis, or Stair!

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