25 Boy Names That Will Make Teachers Freeze During Attendance

Some women think that the hardest thing they will ever have to do in their life is their taxes every year... until they learn how hard naming a child is. It is a big responsibility to name a person, to give them a title that they will have to carry and live with for the rest of their life.

The process can take the full nine months; even if mom and dad each have their own lists, it can seem like nothing fits right or that they are unable to agree on one name together. Some find that the gender of the baby complicates things; for some parents, naming a boy seems harder than naming a girl. This could be because they need to find a name that will fit both a cute little guy who runs around playing in the dirt and a grown man who has a career and a life of his own.

When a parents child grows up and enters school, they will spend a lot of time with their teacher. They may even spend more time with their teacher than they do with theirs. If their name can impress their educators, it will go a long way to impressing everyone they meet for the rest of their lives. Here are 25 names that are sure to make their teachers say ‘wow!’

25 Abiel

Since we want the names to impress, they are going to be a little different than the average names for little boys we are all used to. Abiel is a sweet name that is sure to impress anyone. The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “God is my father"- how sweet is that?

According to Nameberry.com, the name is not currently ranked when it comes to popularity. This means that the name is not on the top 1000 list. Perfect for parents who are searching for that unique, one-of-a-kind name. Could you see your son with this cute moniker?

24 Aiden

Aiden is a name that is becoming quite popular now, so there may be parents out there who may not wish to use this name because of how common it is. The name ranked in at #17 in 2017, when it comes to popularity.

The name is of Irish origin and it means “little and fiery." If that does not describe a lot of little boys, I have no clue what does. The name can also be spelled Aidan instead of Aiden is mom and dad want some variety.

23 Asher

Asher is a strong name that has a sweet charm to it that would be perfect for any little boy. The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.” A lot of people take the meanings of names very seriously, so this may be very important.

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #59 on the popularity list. While it is not too common, it is around enough to not be considered ‘weird.’ The name also dropped another 9% this week alone.

22 August

A lot of people like to name their babies after months, the problem is that a lot of the months are very feminine. Not August. August can be used for a girl, but it is also just as suitable for a little boy and it is adorable.

The name is of German origin and it means “great, magnificent.” In 2017, the name ranked in at #191 in popularity, so it is perfect for parents who want their child to stand out in a crowd (or playground).

21 Brayden

Brayden is a sweet name that is one of the best alternatives to the name Brandon, which may be a bit overused for a lot of couples out there? The name has roots in an old Irish surname, Braden, and it means “salmon.”

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #72 making it one of the more popular names on our list. It also rose another 17% this week alone. Parents should hop on this name before it becomes too popular.

20 Bryce

Bryce is not a name you hear very often anymore, which can often bring a smile to a teacher's face. The name was originally a Scottish surname before it gained its own spot at the front. It means “speckled, freckled.”

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #166 in popularity. That may seem pretty popular still, but the name does continue to drop as every week goes by. It may not be long until the name is not even on the charts anymore.

19 Brenden

This name is another great alternative to the name Brandon, and the only problem we may foresee with this name is that your child may be accidentally called Brandon. The name, when spelled with the second e, is ranked in at #989 in popularity.

When spelled with an ‘an’ at the end, the name comes in at #516, so slightly more popular. The name is of Irish origin and it means “prince.” Our little boys sure are our own prince charmings, so the meaning does fit.

18 Cecil

Cecil is definitely not a name you hear any more. This is further proved by the fact that it has no ranking on any popularity chart. Parents are not naming their little boys this anymore, so it is a perfect one-of-a-kind name.

The name is of Latin origin and it means “blind.” While the name is not currently ranked, it has shown an increase of 17% this week alone, so it may be on its way for a comeback, parents should grab this name now while it is still uncommon.

17 Cyril

Cyril is such a unique and special name that there is not much information on it out there. The name is of Greek origin and it means “lordly.” However, that is all we really know about the name. The name is not ranked when it comes to popularity, and it hasn’t risen or dropped recently.

The name has not been seen on the charts since 1966. Cyril is the name of several saints, including a Greek missionary who invented the Cyrillic alphabet.

16 Dexter

Dexter has become quite popular since there was a TV show carrying the same name. It was centred around a man named Dexter, a vigilante who hunted down and brought justice to criminals- well, in his own, unique way. Teachers may love this name, even if they fear your child just a little bit.

The name Dexter is of Latin origin and it means “dyer, right-handed.” In 2017, the name was ranked in at #447 but it is slowly rising each week. This last week alone, the name rose 6% so slowly but surely, the name is getting back to a top spot.

15 Eloy

The traditional spelling of this name is ELOI, and there is no information for the name spelled this way. If you love the sound of the name but want to put a spin on it than choose this spelling. The name is pronounced EE-loy.

The name is of Spanish and Latin origin and it means “the chosen.” The name is not ranked when it comes to popularity and it is dropping even further off the charts. Unique names always make a teacher freeze and wonder where the name came from, a sure conversation starter.

14 Emery

Emery is a name that just rolls off the tongue, and it sounds beautiful. The name is of German origin and it means “brave, industrious.” Two things we all want our boys to grow up to be, so why not start them off right with a strong name.

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #722 in popularity, and it experienced a slight drop this week. Teachers will love this name because there will probably only be one in the whole classroom.

13 Gage

Gage is the first name that comes to us from France, and anything from France will immediately sound romantic. The name means “oath, pledge.” In 2017, the name was ranked at #328 in popularity and it has stood there for quite some time.

Hopefully, the teacher is not a movie fan, because the name may make her think of the movie Pet Semetary. The movie featured a frightening yet young boy who shares the same name. It may make her keep an extra eye on him in class.

12 Hudson

Hudson is a trendy name that is slowly climbing towards the top of the list of popular boy names. As of 2017, the name was sitting at #64 in popularity. When 2018’s list is released, we expect this name to be much higher.

The name is of English origin and it means “Hugh’s son.” It would be too perfect if the dad-to-be’s name was Hugh, but nothing could ever be that perfect. Teachers can expect to see a lot of Hudson’s entering their classroom in a few years.

11 Keegan

Keegan, like some of the names on our list, is classified as a unisex name. So, they can be used as a name for a little girl as well. The name Keegan is of Irish origin and it means “son of Egan."In 2017, the name was ranked in at #309 in popularity.

The name did drop 1% this week, so it doesn’t look like it is anywhere near being a popular and common name for a little boy anytime soon. This may be good or bad depending on what mom and dad are looking for.

10 Kavan

There was a time when the name Gavin was very popular for little boys. That name has slightly dropped out of fashion, but it has been replaced with names like Kavan that sound similar but are even more charming.

The origin of the name Kavan is Breton and it means “battle.” The name is not ranked in popularity and it actually experienced a drop of 32% this week alone. This will definitely make the teacher look at her list twice to make sure she got it right.

9 Laird

If mom or dad have some Scottish in their background and they are looking for a name that has Scottish roots but is still considered trendy than Laird is the name for them. The name comes to us from Scotland and it means “lord of the land.”

The name was not ranked when it came to popularity in 2017, but it has risen 14% this week. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if this name had a spot when we hear what the top names were for 2018.

8 Mackay

This name is so rare and unique that there is hardly any information for it. In fact, when using the database, I use for names the only information I can find on this name is that it is a male name. This is definitely a name that a teacher will not have heard before.

It is always refreshing for a teacher to hear a new name, and it would make sense. They hear so many names every day and year that it can get exhausting when they hear the same names over and over again.

7 Magnus

Magnus is a name that seems to be larger-than-life, so it is perfect for a little boy who is your whole world. The name is of Latin origin and it means “greatest.” Just be careful that your little boy doesn’t get an inflated ego with a name like this.

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #721 when it comes to popularity. It is rising slowly as each week goes by. It won’t be long before there are many boys who share the name in the classroom, and the teacher will have to use their last names as well when doing roll call.

6 Pax

A big trend right now in the world of baby names is short names. These names are easy to spell and even easier to say which is perfect for students and teachers alike. The name is of Latin origin and it means “peaceful.” What a sweet meaning.

The name was not ranked when it comes to popularity in 2017. However, it did rise 28% this week alone so it may be inching its way towards a spot in the top 1000. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that Angelina Jolie has a son with this interesting moniker!

5 Ryker

Ryker sounds like a perfect name for a little rebel, and we all know that every school classroom has at least one of these kinds of students. The name is of German origin and it means “rich.” A good goal for your little one to strive towards.

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #131, making it more popular than a lot of people probably realized. It won’t be long before you will hear a lot of moms call out this name on the school grounds.

4 Silas

A lot of people who grew up in the ’90s are becoming teachers, which means there are probably a lot of teachers who were big fans of Justin Timberlake at one point if there aren’t still today. This name will bring a smile to their face because that is what JT named his son.

The name Silas is of English and Latin origin and it means “wood, forest.” Perfect for parents who love being outdoors. The name ranked in at #120 for popularity in 2017, and that is because a lot of 90’s babies are also becoming parents.

3 Tanek

This name may make a teacher freeze because of how unique and rare it is to hear a name like this. Tanek is actually a Polish name and it means “immortal.” We would all love for our little boys to live forever.

This is a name that is sure to start a story anywhere you go. On the playground and in the classroom, many will want to know how you came up with such a unique and beautiful name for your charming little boy.

2 Wynter

The name Wynter is charming, unique and is just as beautiful as the season. It is sure to have a teacher freeze and marvel at what a refreshing name this is for a little boy. This form of the world is spelled with a Y instead of an I to give it that little bit something extra and to make it stand apart from the season.

This name has no meaning or place of origin as it is derived from the magical and beautiful season. It also is not ranked when it comes to popularity making it even more special.

1 Zeus

Finally, we come to Zeus. One of the few adorable names out there that start with the letter Z. This name is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face, including the teacher. The only information on this name is something we all know- that it was derived from Greek mythology.

The name was also not ranked when it comes to popularity in 2017. It also dropped 29% further away from a top spot. It is a name that is sure to make your little one stands out in a crowd.

References: Nameberry.com

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