25 Brand-New Baby Names No One Has Used Before

There has likely never been a trendier time to give a baby a name that’s completely out-of-the-box. More and more celebrities are coming up with creative, distinctive names to give their offspring, which nowadays means the more original a baby name is, the better. It doesn’t matter if no one else has used the name before or mom and dad came up with it just off the top of their heads. Rather, it just means parents-to-be can use their imagination and take inspiration from different sources when coming up with a moniker for their little one.

In this list, we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful modern names that have only recently been created. Some of them are based on characters from videos games or TV shows, while others take inspiration from actual words or places. Many of the meanings behind these original names are unknown, which we think makes them all the more rare and special.

Parents who want names that will truly stand out and will be memorable should keeping reading because their perfect baby name might be on this list. Even if expecting parents don’t find their perfect baby name on this list, they should at the very least not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone in terms of names and try to think of something that’s wholly unique for the expected baby.

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25 Xayah

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Although it may not look like it, Xayah is a twist on the traditional name Maya. Pronounced as ‘Zie-aah,’ this name is so brand-new that it doesn’t even have a meaning yet. The name can be spelt as ‘Zayah,’ which may be easier for folks to pronounce. However, we love the edginess that the ‘x’ spelling gives this name. Its short spelling makes it right on trend, while also giving it personality and flare. Any little girl with this out-there name is sure to be a ball of energy.

24 Gari

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Though we doubt you’ve heard of the baby boy name Gari, you’ve likely heard of the jewelry line Bulgari. The designer is known for making elaborate (and expensive) pieces inspired by Greece and Rome, which gives the shortened version Gari a sophisticated and stylish air. This name is perfect for any parents wanting to celebrate a heritage based in Italy or a love of fashion. The 4-letter spelling makes this name both trendy and easy to pronounce.

23 Luminara

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Teen Mom’s Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra just welcomed a third daughter named Vaeda Luma, while Chrissy Teigen and John Legend already have a daughter named Luna. If you’re attracted to monikers with this similar sound, consider Luminara as an option. This ethereal-sounding name is derived from the words ‘luminous’ and ‘luminescent.’ With such a glowing name, your daughter is bound to be the light of your life. What’s great about Luminara is that Luma can still be used as a nickname with it.

22 Zeaton

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Zeaton is a play on the more popular name Keaton. As a relatively new name, Zeaton lacks a direct translation of its own. But Keaton originally means ‘shed town.’ Though that’s not the most appealing meaning for a baby name, we would still keep Zeaton high up on your list. Not many parents have scooped up this modern moniker. It has an edgy feeling to it, but isn’t too in-your-face like other original names. Zeat or Zee would make cute nicknames for a kiddo with this name.

21 Quinzel

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Although it’s similar to names like Quincy or Quinton, we bet Quinzel is one modern name you’ve never heard of before. This name could easily be used with either gender, although it has a bit more of a feminine feel due to the ‘el’ ending. This is a nice alternative for parents who like the name Quin or who want to use as shorthand for something longer. Though Quinzel lacks its own meaning, Quin translates to ‘wisdom’ or ‘intelligence.’ So any kid with this name is bound to be a smarty-pants!

20 Linnux

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You’ve likely heard of the name Lennox. Linnux is pronounced the same way and shared the same meaning, but its unique spelling gives it a fresh-needed makeover. Lennox originates from Scotland and means ‘elm tree,’ which gives it a beautiful connection too nature. The ‘x’ on the end makes the name both distinctive and edgy. It’s also a great option for parents who like the sound of the name Lennon, but want something less popularized.

19 Adamia

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If you’re looking for a feminine name for your little girl that’s incredibly unheard of, then consider Adamia. Like many names on this list, this modern moniker lacks a direct translation. It’s soft ‘ia’ ending gives it a feminine sound, which is perfect for the little princess who’s about to arrive in your life. Adamia is both whimsical and ethereal. Better yet, there are tons of beautiful nicknames that can be derived from it, including Adma, Ada, or even Mia.

18 Million

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It’s super trendy right now to give children royalty or wealth-inspired names. Celebrities have given their kids names like Cash, Prince, and even Money. If you want to hop on this bougie trend, then consider naming your child Million. While this could be used for either gender, Million definitely has a more masculine, commandeering ring to it. It’s a great option for parents who are attracted to names like Milton or Millie, but want something more unique. Plus, any kid with this attractive name is bound to be good with money.

17 Ora

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Ora is a variation of the word-name Aura, which refers to the distinctive atmosphere or quality that sounds a specific person or thing. Thanks to this whimsical meaning, Ora has a magical, ethereal feel to it that makes it a beautiful choice for a baby girl’s name. Ora’s three-word spelling not only makes it trendy but ensures that it’s easy to pronounce. Other variations of this sassy name include Ara, Ari, or Ori. Could you see your baby with this moniker?

16 Zeal

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Similar to Ora, Zeal is another name based on a word of the same spelling. Zeal is a word that means ‘great energy’ or ‘enthusiasm,’ so any baby given this name is sure to have a bold personality and love being the center of attention. We love the care-free vibes that emanate from this moniker. Since it’s originally a descriptive word, not many parents have considered using it as a baby name, which is a plus in our books.

15 Blessence

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Any new parent considers their baby to be a blessing. So, take that literally by naming your daughter Blessence. This stunning name combines the words ‘blessing’ and ‘essence’ to create this one-of-a-kind moniker, giving it an ethereal, angelic feeling. Blessence a modern name, so it has no direct translation of its own. But it's feminine, delicate sound makes it a perfect choice for parents who want their daughter to have a girly name. Plus, wouldn’t Bless make an adorable nickname?

14 Mazikeen

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Mackenzie and Makenna are already popular baby girl names, which is why we suggest giving them a fresh makeover if you’re considering a name along this line. Mazikeen is a great option that’s both unique but not too over-the-top. Although this name lacks a direct meaning, some parents may recognize it as the name from a character on the TV show Lucifer. Whether or not you’re a fan of the show, this edgy name should definitely be kept on your list of potential baby names.

13 Xenex

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In general, names that start with ‘x’ aren’t very popular, which is how many of these names sound so rare and unique. Xenex is a handsome baby boy name that’s barely been used by millennial parents. Pronounced as ‘ZEN-ex,’ the doubles ‘x’ spelling makes this name edgy and stylish. Any boy with this name is bound to grow up with a charming personality that fits the bold moniker perfectly. We recommend ‘Xen’ or ‘X’ as potential nicknames.

12 Furiosa

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Mad Max: Fury Road fans will recognize this name from Charlize Theron’s incredible character. Given how strong and empowered Furiosa is in the film, this is a great option for a baby girl name for any parents who want their daughter to grow up brave and fierce. Furiosa is a commanding name that is sure to stick in people’s heads. We imagine any little girl with this bold moniker will grow up to do something incredible with their life.

11 Whiz

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Whiz is a modern baby name inspired by the word ‘wisdom,’ which can be defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Whiz is also sometimes used to describe a person who’s smart. So, you give your little girl or boy this appealing name, you can rest assured they’ll have a good head on their shoulders. Aside from that, Whiz’s ‘w’ spelling makes it a more unique option, as ‘w’ names are one of the more rarer kinds.

10 Lavinica


If you’re looking for a name that’s both sophisticated and stylish for your baby girl, then look no further than Lavinica. With no direct translation, the meaning of this gorgeous name is unknown to this day. But while it may have no meaning, this name is definitely not lacking in personality or class. It’s a variation of the Latin name Lavinia, which was derived from the ancient city of Lavinium. With a Victorian-inspired sound, Lavinica is both charming and trendy.

9 Ozzer

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Thanks to Ozzy Osbourne, the first name Ozzy has been relatively well-used as a baby boy’s name. But if you want something that won’t remind people of Black Sabbath as much, then consider this option: Ozzer. Just like Ozzy, this moniker is considered shorthand for the more proper names Oswald, Osborn, and Osmond. However, we love the refreshing feel that Ozzer offers. It’s got an edgy flare and may even be a bit wacky, but it’s bound to ensure that your little boy is the center of attention with such a bold name.

8 Maze

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Granted, you’ve likely heard of the word ‘maze’ before, especially if you’ve ever walked through a corn maze during the fall. But this is another word that can be repurposed as a gorgeous baby name. What we like about Maze is that it’s rarely ever been used as a first name, making it original and unique. However, since it’s a word commonly used in such a commonly spoken language, it won’t be difficult for people to pronounce. It’s also not too out-there, so you can bet it will stand the test of time.

7 Adecyn

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Adecyn might look like a rare name, but it’s actually just a different way of spelling the popular girl’s name Addison. Addison is a name with roots in England that translates to mean ‘son of Adam,’ whereas Adam means ‘son of the red earth.’ We love that Adecyn presents a different way to spell a common name, giving it a much-needed upgrade. It’s feminine and dainty without being too girly. Adecyn is also a great option for parents who like the names Adelyn or Adeline for its similar sound.

6 Zeplyn

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Tons of millennial parents have named their sons Zeppelin in honor of the iconic band Led Zeppelin. And while that does make for an attractive name, it’s becoming a bit over-used. So if you like the sound of it but want something a tad different, consider this version: Zeplyn. Zeplyn is pronounced the same way as Zeppelin but doesn’t automatically make people think of the band because of its upgraded spelling. It’s edgy, easy-to-pronounce, and above all, cool.

5 Versailles

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Granted, you’ve likely heard the name Versailles before- but not for a person. Versailles is the iconic palace that was built by King Louis XIV in the 1600s. The palace still stands today and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Paris. If you want a name that’s extravagant and a bit over-the-top for your little girl, then Versailles will do nicely. It’s sophisticated and classy thanks to its royal connection, but rare as a first name. So you can guarantee all the other parents will be jealous that you thought of this baby name first.

4 Jetter

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You’ve likely heard the short name Jett used before (John Travolta’s eldest son was named Jett!). But what’s less common is the name Jetter. This modern, millennial name has no direct translate, but it’s derived from the word jet, which refers to fast movement. Don’t be surprised if your little boy grows up to be a pilot or some sort of athlete with such a commandeering name. Although Jetter is uncommon, it’s not too in-your-face or wild as a first name. Plus you can always use Jet as a nickname.

3 Xenovia

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Genovia may have been a made of place in Princess Diaries, but fans loved the name enough that it’s actually become a popular choice for baby girls since the early 2000s. If you love the sound of Genovia, then we suggest considering its variation Xenovia. The ‘x’ spelling helps make this darling name stand out more without sacrificing its femininity or sophistication. We love that this name makes us think of royalty thanks to its connection to the Disney movie, making it fitting for your little princess.

2 Excalibur

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You likely recognize Excalibur as the name for the sword in the stone- aka. the legendary sword of King Arthur that was said to have magical powers. This name is perfect for parents who love fantasy, anything medieval, or are just looking for a striking name for their little prince. Excalibur is definitely eye-catching with a bit of edgy flare. No kid in your child’s class will have this unique moniker, which is all the more reason to choose it for your little boy.

1 Avenza


Finally, our last name on this list is the striking girl’s name Avenza. There’s currently no name out there that sounds quite like this one, although you could definitely use Ava are a more traditional nickname for it. Although Avenza is distinctly feminine, it also has a bit of edge thanks the ‘v’ included in its spelling. Names that feature a ‘v’ always have a mysterious air to them. Along with Ava, Aves or Avi would also make nice nicknames.

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