25 Brand New Baby Names That Moms Will Fall For In 2019

Choosing baby names isn't what it used to be. The old days of winding up with traditional names aren't fully over, but there's no denying that mommies-to-be have their eye on new names.

In the 1970s, the most popular baby names were Jennifer, Amy, and Melissa for girls. For boys, it was Michael, Christopher, and Jason. Fast-forward one decade to the 1980s, and the same names were ranking for top slot. Amanda, Ashley, and Matthew got thrown in, but the world was still light years away from #Millennial.

Anyone considering baby names right now will be more than aware of the #Statement name. With celebs like Kylie Jenner picking Stormi (and Cardi B naming her daughter Kulture), the 2019-ready celeb mom might come with a Hollywood baby name, but not every regular mother will be that keen.

2019 is finally here. In the most jarring way ever, that actually means that baby names from 2009 are now 10 years old. It's time for something fresh. Something new.

If that stick turned pink in 2018 (or 2019), it's time to look at names that aren't #2012. There's nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the classics. At the same time, browsing the new ones is just too tempting. Here are 25 brand new baby names moms will fall for in 2019).

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Easily one of the most beautiful names on the planet, Lumi is the baby girl's name that is #Ready for 2019. With a short, crisp spelling, a signature "i" ending, and the "loo-mee" pronunciation, you've got all the reasons to pick Lumi. This Finnish name has a meaning of "snow"– everything about fresh snow represents purity and light. Lumi is the name that 2019 moms are buzzing around, although not many know that Lumi is also a Japanese Vocaloid. We absolutely adore Lumi.


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Something about Selket gives off that unusual, classy vibe without sounding pretentious. Selket is the Egyptian goddess of scorpions and magic, but if weren't aware of that, no one else will be. Saying this name out loud also brings a lot of benefits. The soft "s" and "elket" ending make this girl's name different than the rest– don't count on anyone else in class having this name. With ancient goddess origins and a sound that couldn't be more 2019, Selket is definitely one to consider.


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Talk about a powerful name. The gender-neutral name of Onyx is one that hits you with a bang the minute you see it (but the more you look at it, the more there's beauty). This gem name packs in a lot of uniqueness into its four letters– both the "y" and the "x" are right on-trend for 2019. Yes, there's a Pokemon called Onix. No, your baby won't be one. What your little Onyx might just be though, is a baby whose name alone lights up the room.


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Storm is the gender-neutral name that takes the best and most powerful from weather-centric names. While a storm can make you think of gray skies and rain, a really beautiful storm will bring pouring light, electric skies, deep colors, and the kind of atmosphere you just can't put your finger on. X-Men didn't pick Storm randomly. This name is powerful as they come (and 2019 mommies are loving it).

The amperage on Storm went up 100% with Kylie Jenner picking Stormi for her girl.


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Short, cute, unusual, and utterly adorable, Mika is the gender-neutral name that's just perfect for a baby born in 2019. With a meaning of "beautiful fragrance" and Japanese origins, this name also takes on a funky Asian streak. At the same time, Mika isn't one of those names that nobody will be able to pronounce. Mika is also the Scandinavian short for Mikael. The Walking Dead has Mika for a girl, while Final Fantasy X has it for a girl.


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Watch out– Juno is a name that other mothers will 100% want to steal. This girl's name is slowly transitioning over to boys to become the 2019-ready, gender-neutral name that everyone is falling in love with. Maybe it's the playful "o" ending and fresh sound. Maybe it's the fact that the vowels are simple. Not many "new feel" names have a Latin origin and a meaning of "queen of the heavens," though. It's time to forget Juno the movie, and focus on Juno the name.


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2019's mommies are less about the Britneys or Katherines (and way more about the unusual letters). With a silent "k" opening that not many other names have, Knox is the baby name that's going to make waves. Originally a boy's name, Knox is now being chosen for girls as well. "Round hill" is the meaning of this Scottish name, but it's the edgy sound and spelling that mommies are eyeing up.

Angelina Jolie chose Knox for her daughter's middle name– Vivienne Knox.


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2019 mothers are looking for something fresh. Names like Brie, Bryanna, and Bryony have dominated charts for the last decade, but there's nothing like a new twist. Brynlee is the beautiful baby girl's name that is an alternate version of Brinley. The "ee" ending adds a ton of class, while the unusual "br" opening and "y" give this name soft femininity. We had Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives. Marvel has Brie Larson. Now it's your turn. Brynlee is just perfect.


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With so much beauty, so much depth, and the kinds of spirituality you just can't invent, Solace is the gender-neutral name that's calm, grounded, and packed with uniqueness. Alanis Morissette chose this name for one of her children. Don't expect much in the way of hidden meanings with Solace. While it does have connotations of being alone, remember the kinds of alone that it could mean. Your little baby girl or boy playing alone in their crib and being content. Solace is stunning.


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In the 1990s, girls would group together and sing along to Destiny's Child. The name was then chosen by tons of moms. Times have changed, though. Destry is the gender-neutral name that's unusual, poised, chic, and it even comes with a meaning of "warhorse." This English variation of the French name adds an international spin, but nobody is going to be wondering which country Destry is from. To be honest, they'll be too busy regretting that they didn't pick Destry for their own baby.


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Yes, it's got a super-cool strike through the "o." Søren is the Danish and Norwegian boy's name that even comes with an alternate spelling of Sören. This slick, modern, but traditional name isn't one that many other parents will have heard (unless, of course, you live in Scandinavia). 2019 mommies are all about the open vowels, deep sounds, and names that move away from the "usual" names. The Matrix Reloaded, Underworld, and Star Trek Generations have all had a version of this name.


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We literally have no words for how beautiful this baby girl's name is. Leocadia is the elegant, Spanish name that means "splendid brightness." Whether or not you knew the meaning, you'll probably agree that Leocadia just rolls off your tongue with so much charm. While Leocadia is a longer name, it can easily be shortened to Leo (or even Cadie). You can 100% guarantee that no one else in her class is likely to have this name (although they'll probably wish they did).


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If you watched Breaking Bad, you'll remember that Walter White's son, Walter Jr. took a rebellious streak in his teens– he suddenly decided to go by the name Flynn. With the same "ynn" ending, but a more unusual "w" opener, Wynn is the 2019-ready name that's got the #Edge. Plus, it's gender-neutral. There's a breezy, wild, outdoorsy feel to Wynn. The Welsh origins and meaning of "fair, pure" follow suit. There's even a 5-star hotel in Vegas called The Wynn.


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You'll be hard-pressed to find a classic girl's name that pulls off #2019 as perfectly as Opera. This musical girl's name flies the flag for the classy opera houses of Paris and London, although moms are loving it as much for the offbeat vibe as the chic spelling. An opera is one of the most beautiful pieces of music that a voice can ever pass on. The Magic Flute and Madam Butterfly are both famous operas, but there's nothing old-fashioned about Opera, the name.


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Talk about a wow-worthy name. From someone who is French, take it on good authority that Cadeau is a beautiful name. The "eau" ending might throw people, but it's one of those French endings that everyone knows. Cadeau has a meaning of "gift" or "present"– isn't the gift of life the biggest gift there is? French names have always been chic. If you've got a feeling she'll be classy, go with Cadeau (pronounced kad-doh if you were wondering).

Cadeau means "gift" in French.


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Power names are on the rise. Zephyr is the gender-neutral name that's still very new (but will forever be super-cool). "West wind" is the meaning of Zephyr– take that, North West. With Greek origins, this name manages to sound like it was only just invented, but the classic roots are all there. The Hunchback of Notre Dame had a Zephyr. Then again, name your son or daughter Zephyr, and everyone other mom will be kicking themselves for not having picked it.


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Vico is the super-slick, super-edgy boy's name that packs a real punch. This Italian surname might not turn heads over in Italy, but everywhere else, it's the name that moms are honing in on for in 2019. While Vico would be especially cool if you have Italian roots, it's the kind of name that works for anyone (from anywhere). It's snappy, upbeat, and nobody will stand there wondering how to say it out loud. Nico and Vito are more common, but Vico really stands out.


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This time ten years ago, nobody would've dreamed of calling their baby after the French port town of Calais. Look more closely at this name though, and you'll spot the super-classy "ais" ending. Yes, it rhymes with ballet. Calais is a girl's name that would suit a unique, one-in-a-million baby– yes, we're looking at you. Calais is an incredibly picturesque French town by the sea. It's got lighthouses, green horizons, plenty of crashing waves, and now a side that works as a girl's name.


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Just saying Kaia out loud is enough to make a mommy-to-be pray that it's a girl. If it is, you may just have landed on the perfect name. A ton of names start with "k"– and they all try to be unique. We've got Kayla, Kailyn, and endless variations of Kathy. None of them have the unique "aia" that Kaia has. The rising supermodel, Kaia Gerber has this name (her mom is Cindy Crawford). While this name is short, those final letters really add elegance.


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First things first– mommy is the hero (no, really). Then again, if strength is something you want to pass onto your baby, you might want to consider the gender-neutral name of Hero. It's definitely 2019-ready. While you might look at this name and think: "Well, the meaning isn't rocket science," you might want to learn that Hero is a Greek name. The meaning is "demi-god." Shakespeare chose this name for Much Ado About Nothing, but this is much ado about something. Specifically, that awesome name.


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Location names have become a bit of a thing. For the most part, they have a celebrity feel. We've got Paris Hilton, Brooklyn Beckham, and Chicago Kardashian-West. What we don't have, is a celebrity Tokyo. Why not? They probably haven't thought of it yet. With glitzy skyscrapers, lantern-lit alleys, the bubblegum-pop Harajuku district, and a wonderful sense of mystery, Tokyo is the Japanese city that's so beautiful, it deserves to be a baby boy or girl's name.

What would be more #2019 than Japan's most futuristic and beautiful city?


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Gender-neutral, botanical, and super unusual, Sorrel is a name that'll make heads turn from day one. This French name actually means "reddish brown," but it's the fragrant, herbal link that everyone thinks of first. Sorrel is definitely "non-regular," but it isn't one of those names that feels too "wacky." Mommies are increasingly turning towards earthy and nature names– Kylie Jenner did with Stormi. We wonder, though. If she'd had all the herbs in the kitchen out, would she have picked Sorrel?


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Fable is the stunning, gender-neutral name that has fairytale imagery, bedtime story vibes, and the #Unusual that any baby in 2019 is likely praying their mommy will choose. With an obvious meaning, Fable tells a story– but it's yours to choose. In many ways, every moment from the minute your baby is born is a story. That first word. That first step. The first time they come home from school with a giant smile on their face. If you want their life to be a story, consider Fable.


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If something about Paris Hilton makes you think of the 2000s, you're absolutely right. While this celeb had her heyday nearly a decade ago, the location name trend has stuck around. It's taken a different turn, though. Londyn is the gender-neutral baby name that takes the British city of London and adds on a 2019 spin. London is definitely a name you can choose, but we've reached a point where you can spell a baby name any way you like.


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The gender-neutral name of True has only just started working (but everyone's loving it). When a Kardashian picks a name, it's a giant deal. True might only have four letters, but it's one of those names that will forever carry timeless beauty, deep meaning, and hopefully a little munchkin who will grow up to be true to themselves. Many moms feel that life changes after the baby arrives. If truth is what you seek, you might just want to consider True.

Khloe Kardashian named her daughter True.

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