25 Brand New Names That Make Any Girl An Instant Beauty

Who doesn’t want their baby girl to be beautiful? Let’s face it; there are much more important things than beauty. Let’s remove the stereotype that girls must only be pretty right NOW since girls and women are capable of doing literally everything. At this point, all women are Wonder Women in disguise. Girls and women are attentive, extremely smart, organized and neat, great at handling stress, reliable, independent, beautiful, and the list honestly goes on and on. Girls are capable of doing whatever they put their mind to and it is very important for parents to constantly remind their newborn flowers and teenage daughters that they are capable, strong, and beautiful even though society tells them otherwise. Society’s standards on beauty do not mean anything and everyone needs to be reminded of that.

All of the names on this list will make a newborn baby girl an instant beauty since the names are all original, creative, and their meanings are very symbolic. Pushing this aside, all little girls are beautiful in their own way and grow into beautiful women. But, these names will definitely attract many individuals and the parents’ friends and families will be jealous to not have named their baby girl after one of the names on this list. Happy reading!

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Let’s begin with the first gorgeous name, Evelina. This baby girl name has a Latin origin and it symbolizes a bird. The name Evelina has many different meanings in different languages; for example in Russian and in English it means life, and in both Celtic and American it means light. All in all, the meanings are all refreshing and make the name much more gorgeous! Little Evelina will grow up to crave and desire love and companionship from everyone and every living thing she befriends. Her sole mission in life will be to achieve peace and harmony and to spread it around the whole world! The changes she accomplishes in the world will excite her and motivate her to continue since individuals with this name are excited by change.


The baby girl name Alegra has an Italian origin and it means joyful. Baby Alegra will by shining like the sun each time she walks into a room with a huge smile on her face. Not only will Alegra always have a smile on her face, but she will constantly feel the need to understand and to analyze what is going on in the world, the truths of the world, and what is truly going on in every community. Her capability to concentrate on this topic will bring her to be very quiet and motivated. She will also grow up to be very practical and reliable in most situations that she will become good at. Individuals will heavily rely on her since she will be very independent.



When reading the name Yasmine, Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladin might come to mind. Baby girl Yasmine will definitely grow up to be a little princess with this beautiful name. The baby girl name has an Arabic origin and it means a jasmine flower. Individuals with this name have a need to find a stable and loving partner in order to build their own stable family filled with love. They want to spread love everywhere they go! Yasmine will also have a constant need to feel appreciated by all of her loved ones each time she completes a task or a project.



The name Keva comes from a Hebrew origin and it is the female version of the boy name Kevin. Little Keva will definitely grow up to be a leader. Many of her followers will look up to her due to her natural leadership skills. She will be very strong on independence and on relying on herself to complete all of the tasks she sets up for herself. If consequences to her actions do arise, she will always complete them on her own terms. She will focus on the larger issues of the world and she will constantly try to solve them. She will be capable of solving problems since she is great at analyzing, understanding, and learning situations!


Isadora is a gorgeous baby girl name with a Greek origin. It means, ‘a gift of Isis’ which Isis is an Egyptian deity. Her main goals in life will be to achieve power, organize every situation, supervise, and to eventually achieve wealth and status by following her goals. Her great capabilities to lead and organize will put her in a stable job which has order; and her success and dedication in that field of work will build a strong foundation to a successful life. Little Isadora will definitely value truth, justice, and discipline especially if she works in a domain with a lot of order and service. She will be very practical in her daily life which will make her very good at managing and saving her own money.



Individuals might think that this next name means a little gem, however it has a more symbolic meaning. Jemima is a baby girl name with an Arabic origin. The name means little dove which is a beautiful meaning since doves symbolize love, peace, marriage, and a messenger. Since her name does mean little dove, of course her goal in life will be to find a very stable and loving partner and soulmate which she loves very much to eventually build a very stable and healthy family with her partner that she will love very much. She will find harmony and balance in the objects she loves which will bring her to have very positive responses.



The baby girl name Talia might sound like the name Tania, however it is somewhat more original since it is rarely heard. Talia has a Hebrew origin and it means, ‘the dew of God’. Her mystical aura will skyrocket her intuitive features. She will be able to know if a situation she puts herself into is good for her or bad for her. She will also be able to tell if an individual will be a bad reputation or a good reputation. Her strong intuition will not put her in situations that she would not want to be in. She will also be a very wise individual which will bring her everywhere she wants to go. Her large amount of imagination will also bring her to dream big!



This next pretty name has a Spanish origin and it means love. It is guaranteed that parents will love their newborn baby girl so why not call her Amora? It is both beautiful to hear and it is very symbolic. She will be creative and excellent at expressing herself both verbally and written. Little Amora will be deeply attracted to the arts and her passion for everything in art will bring her to have a very positive mindset. Regardless of her love for art, she will also be very good at leading, organizing, and supervising the situations she is interested in. All of those traits will bring her to achieve status, power and of course, wealth!



Celia is derived from a Latin origin and it means heavenly and/or ‘the heavens’. The name of this article describes instant beauties and this name will definitely serve to the title. Little Celia will want to be a part of many different activities that she is interested in so her schedule will always be full with the activities that she enjoys doing. She will always be the center of attention due to her loving and joyful character which will make her enjoy careers that put her in the limelight. Individuals with this name will also be very capable of expressing themselves both verbally and written.



This next gorgeous baby girl name is derived from a French origin and it means flower once translated into English. The name is very symbolic since a flower grows and blooms into a beautiful part of nature and who doesn’t love flowers?! Little Fleur will constantly think of achieving everything she does. Her mind will always be focused on the achievements she puts her mind to. Once she grows up, her mind will work well in the business world since she will be very competent and practical. Her achievement to gain loads of power and wealth may also encourage her to start her own business because why not? Another achievement to add to the checklist!


Any little girl with this name will instantly make her a princess! The name Tazanna has a Native American origin and it means princess. Little Tazanna will grow up to be very faithful to everyone she meets, and loves. Everything she wishes for, she will get! Her large amount of imagination will make her have many dreams for herself and her go getter character will make her achieve her goals and dreams. She will be an incredibly creative individual in her daily life as well as in the domain she decides to work in. Individuals with this name are not only creative but they are also very logical thinkers. Any situation they get thrown under, they will think up the best solution using both their creative and logical minds.



The name Elektra will create any electrified feeling in anyone who looks into her eyes! This baby girl name has a Greek origin and it means the stone amber, ‘shining’ and ‘incandescent’. Elektra is both passionate in everything she does and puts her mind to; and she is brilliant in many ways especially in what she decides and enjoys studying. Her brilliance will definitely make her succeed and bring her towards wealth. She will shine from the inside out since she will have both beauty physically and mentally. She will also love inspiring others with her knowledge which will make her very compassionate. Her strong views and opinions will attract many followers who support her towards her.


Galiana is derived from a German origin. This baby girl name means proud and superior. Little Galiana will always have a constant need to create and express herself through artistic ways like public speaking, acting, writing, and/or singing. She will also enjoy surrounding herself and her work environment with the things she finds most beautiful. Individuals with this name are very passionate beings in general and they are also extremely compassionate. They also have magnetic personalities which definitely has some romance in there! Galiana will enjoy a job that serves to humanity since she is very affectionate to everyone as well as very giving.



The baby girl name Trinity has a Latin origin and it means, ‘three in one’. A daughter with this name will have the looks, the brains, as well as an amazing personality; therefore making her a three in one girl! Little Trinity will have a constant desire to serve to humanity by sharing her money with individuals in need, and helping individuals in need. She will definitely grow up to be a humanitarian. Individuals with this name are also great at analyzing, understanding, and learning certain situations and/or subjects. These traits make them good mystics, scholars, teachers, and philosophers. They are also quieter than most individuals.


The name Diamonique is very original since it is rarely heard which makes it a gorgeous name! This baby girl name has an English origin and it means, ‘of high value’ and ‘brilliant’. If parents want their child to shine bright like a diamond, this name is the best one to choose. Little Diamonique will grow up to be very romantic with the one she loves the most and she will be one of those girls who fall in love easily. She will also be very passionate about her favorite things and what she enjoys doing the most, as well as compassionate.



The baby girl name Zarah has an Arabic origin and it means, ‘brightness’. She will bring the brightness into every room since her main goals will be to spread peace and harmony. She will constantly be spreading peace and harmony even though she does not know the individuals in which she tries to help. She will also have an inner meaning to find love and companionship for herself. She will be very focused on spreading harmony to others that she’ll sometimes put others before herself. She will also be very intuitive which will help her overcome many different situations that are placed before her.



This next baby girl name means heavenly and, ‘of the sky’. Which parent doesn’t want their beautiful daughter to fly down from the sky with a halo on the top of her head and angel wings? It’s pretty surreal and maybe not realistic but little Celestia will definitely be a gorgeous angel. Derived from a Latin origin, Celestia will have many different ideas which will make her idealistic. She will also have a lot of imagination which will bring her the ideas that she will be constantly thinking about. Her high levels of intuition will make her understand the goods and the wrongs of a situation and will transport her to the right option in the end.


The baby girl name Mika comes from a Hebrew origin and it means, ‘a gift of god’. Her beauty will definitely present a gift from god and she will not only be about beauty. Little Mika will have much more to offer to the world. Individuals with this name are born leaders. Everything they say or do, people must follow. They are also very independent and they will only rely on themselves even if they are in certain situations that they would not want to be in. They tend to look at situations as a whole instead of just looking at the tiny details. Little Mika will grow up to be great at analyzing and understanding situations.



Another baby girl name with a Hebrew origin is the name Jada meaning, ‘he knows’ and ‘the knowing one’. Like the name describes, Jada will be very knowledgeable and wise in life. She will grow up to know what to do in everything and everyone will ask her about certain situations and questions due to her resourcefulness. She will have a lot of imagination like many baby girls on this list, which will make her reach the goals and aspirations that she wishes to achieve. Her eccentric personality will also attract many people to her since they will love and enjoy her personality and energy!


The name Violina sounds like violin and it is derived from a Latin origin. Little Violina will grow up to love nature and the outdoors. She will spend a lot of time outdoors since it will bring her peace, harmony, and joy. She will be curious to learn all of the different aspects nature has to offer. Individuals with this name tend to live within their own thoughts which make them very independent. They rely on themselves and it does not matter what they are faced up against. Violina will always be positive and this will bring her to lighten anyone up! Once she steps into a room, everyone will suddenly become happy.



The stunning name Cataleya is derived from a Latin origin and it is a beautiful purple and violet orchid. Little Cataleya will grow up to be as beautiful as an orchid. Her beauty will give off an eccentric look and character which will get people looking twice since they will constantly be in ‘aw’ when they see her. She will also be a very wise little girl, knowing the ins and outs of certain aspects as well as very book smart and street smart. Her great intuition will also guide her to the right solutions and where she should stay away from. She will not be able to trust many and she will definitely keep her circle of friends and family small. She will definitely prefer being solitary since she will be constantly thinking in her own mind.



The next beautiful baby girl name is Azura which has a Latin origin and it means sky blue. Little Azura will want to fly everywhere due to her constant need to travel and see the world and experience the whole world around her. She will also love adventure and be driven by it. She will definitely not follow society’s norm and she will complete all of her work and objectives at her own pace. Individuals with this name have very powerful mindsets and characters which get them anywhere they want to be. They are capable of doing everything they put their minds to and they are also very charismatic individuals. With their leadership skills, success will follow them everywhere.


Another baby girl name derived from a Latin origin! The name Valentia means brave which means that this little girl will complete anything that is thrown her way very boldly. She will be bold, but she will also appear very quiet. She will constantly be analyzing the world around her and she will always wonder what the deeper truths of the world are which will bring her to learn about them. Valentia will have no problem expressing herself both verbally and written. She will also enjoy being very creative and putting her artistic mind to work. She will definitely enjoy life very much!



To change it up a little bit, we have a baby girl name with a Scandinavian origin. The name Kaira means pure which is cute since every newborn is pure! Little Kaira will grow up to want to observe the larger problems of the world and she will try to fix them. She will definitely volunteer for these greater causes and by doing so, she will inspire many to follow her footsteps. She will not only encourage individuals to help others, but she will also encourage them to speak up and say what they feel about their beliefs and their thoughts. She will have a very powerful and leader type personality.



The last stunning baby girl name on the list is Cosimia and it has a Greek origin. This baby name means, ‘of the universe’ which is very symbolic since little Cosimia will be the center of any parent(s) universe! Individuals with this name look for harmony and balance in everything they own. If it does not bring them joy, they disregard the person or the object. They also tend to be on the quieter side since they enjoy analyzing everything over speaking. Their main goal in life is to learn about the real meaning as to why humanity exists and what created it. The universe will definitely be on their mind!

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