25 Brand New Names That Moms Will Fight Over

There’s a soul crushing moment when moms are scrolling through social media and see her friend’s baby announcement. Super excited for her, mom quickly panics! Immediately, she skims through the caption to see her favorite baby name is now the name of her friend's beautiful child. It’s the worst, right? After a few angry eye rolls and heavy sighs, she opens her iPhone notes and erases that name off her list. We all know there is no way she can use that name now or ever- which means she'd better fire up her laptop and spend countless more hours finding a new name that will fit perfectly. Oh, and don’t forget to be excited for that new mommy friend. She didn’t mean it!

Don’t worry, we have a plan to make sure that heartbreaking moment never occurs again! Pregnant or not, next time mom and her friends are reading their “future baby name” lists out loud at dinner, and promising each other they won’t steal them, she may want to keep these names hush hush. These names are unique, trendy, and will be staples for mama's kiddo’s generation. Every mom will be considering these names when she hears them, which means it's important to call dibs on the perfect name when mom hears it. 

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25 River

We all know nature names are in! This won’t be the last one you see on the list. These hippy loving names are becoming so popular. River was originally seen as a boys name but is recently making a turn to also being an adorable little girls name. River is the type of name that will first surprise people, but you will find it grows on everyone. The name River fits the free spirited personality of your future child. He definitely will be a “go with the flow” kind of guy!

24 Keaton

This name immediately makes me think of a rockstar! Keaton is the perfect name for your little boy or girl. This catchy name is an English baby name with the meaning “place of the hawks.” We love the way this two syllable name sounds as a first name and pairs with so many great middle names. According to nameberry.com, “People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing.” The name was most commonly known because of Diane Keaton. So, grab this name for your little rockstar because Keaton will be headlining the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine before you know it.

23 Wren

New to the charts, this name is brilliant. The name Wren creates a community vibe, a kind hearted young man, and an affectionate gentleman. Everything parents want in their new little guy. According to ohbabynames.com, Wren comes from a bird. According to the old German folktale, the Eagle was always known as the King because he could fly higher than the others. Little did the Eagle know, the little wren cleverly hid in his feathers! For this flighty, migratory bird, “home is where the heart is.” Let your little one spread his wings.

22 Krew

Recently making his name on the charts in 2006, the name Krew is becoming even more popular. According to babynamescience.com, Krew is widely known in Utah and Arizona. This wanderlust baby will keep you on your toes and his constant happiness will keep your soul full. We love this four letter name with the unique letter W in it. Krew is cool and light. This short and unique name allows you to pair it with a longer middle name or even use a traditional family name. Can’t you picture the Beckham’s naming their kid, Krew? We can!

21 Dash

Your either picturing the adorable Incredibles character or the Kardashian’s hip clothing store, right? Dash is a solid nice name that most boys love. As a young boy, they will love running lightening fast on the playground and growing up to be the quarterback of the football team. His delightful personality will crown him king. We love Dash as a first name. The name comes from Dashiell meaning “from the ash.” Don’t let this new upbeat name stop you. Isn’t it a dashing name for your young one?

20 Suttyn

Want a trendy little twist for your southern belle? Suttyn is usually seen as Sutton, but we think this spelling puts a spunky sparkle to the name. Suttyn means “from the southern homestead.” The name caught our eye from Tony-winning Broadway actress Sutton Foster, now starring in TV Land's Younger. Suttyn will fascinate you on Saturday night, and show up Sunday for tea with her Grandma. She will dazzle you with her stories of volunteering at charity events and captivate you with her beauty. This soft name is a hit for your charming new girl.

19 Zara

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess someday? Mommy can make her dreams come true by naming her Zara. Zara means princess and to blossom. We love both of these meanings for a young girl off to take on the world. This cool Z name first caught parents eyes when they heard it in many older movies as well as the Wonder Woman comic books. You know this name is literally everything because even Brad Pitt and Angelina named their first name Zara, just with a different spelling. Which makes it even better because its not off the market yet! Swoop it up quick before Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth do!

18 Kash


Of course, you are thinking of the one and only, Johnny Cash! This name is extremely new to the market and funky fresh. The legend himself provides a cool first name for your boy. Your little man may have big shoes to fill but he won’t hesitate to go out and make a new name for himself. We love the awe-inspiring vibes Kash gives off. Obviously, the name comes from, Cash, which means, “money.” We know Kash will be a successful CEO in one of those tall New York buildings.

17 Dak

Dak is the dreamer. The chosen one. He will dream big goals. The name means friend, and that is exactly what Dak will be. He will inspire his friends with his go-getter personality. Dak is also an athletic name. When he is challenged to run a half marathon, he will run a full. He will always push the limits. We love this short statement name. According to babynamespedia.com, this name is beyond unique. It doesn’t even make the top 1,000 yet! This new name will draw people in, keep them close, and make them love your new little Dak.

16 Ford

Ford is an English and Shakespearean name. As expected, the name is associated with the Ford Motor Company. If your husband is into cars, I am sure he will be sold on this ravish name! Don’t let the car get in the way of this being a strong, independent, short name. Actor Owen Wilson already discovered this name for his mini me. According to sheknows.com, people with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers.

15 Beckett

Coming from the Irish origin, Beckett means bee. Beckett is the child full of energy, the one who will dance with you in the kitchen, and splash for hours in the tub. He will give off energy and positivity. People will want to be around Beckett and laugh with him. Watch him stomp around in his high tops and want to be independent at such a young age. Beckett will enter every room like he just listened to the Beyonce soundtrack. Bold, lively, and the center of attention. Don’t worry, he won’t take on his dad’s dance moves!

14 Ezra

If you are a fan of the hit show, Imposters, then you already love the name Ezra! Ezra has a mysterious ring to it. Ezra’s don’t open up to everyone. They are great secret keepers and loyal to their friends. Ezra’s are a wealth of knowledge and are quiet about their witty intelligence. This Hebrew name means helper. Sheknows.com says Ezra’s tend to be optimistic and open to change. Sounds like your baby is going to be the friend on everyone's speed dial. A charmer for sure.

13 Kohen

Cohen has always been a name on the baby charts, but recently we saw Kohen spark parents attention. It is very common and popular to swap the “K” in for a “C” among American parents. Kohen is a Hebrew name that means priest. According to ohbabynames.com, “Parents who are looking for new and creative ways to impart spiritual or “priestly” names on their children might discover Kohen as an original choice.” Kohen will be a family man and his only goal in life will be being super dad!

12 Remy

Masculine and French? Sounds like a good pair to me! Remy means “oarsman.” Surprisingly, Americans use the name occasionally for boys but Australians like it better for baby girls. Much like the Australian’s, writers of the TV series “House” used this name Dr. Remy Hadley, M.D. for one of their female characters. Others have heard Remy from the squeaky aspiring chef animated film “Ratatouille.” Boy or girl, we love it! Ohbabynames.com also shares that given the name’s meaning it might also be a great choice for families who like to row crew, paddleboard, kayak or canoe.

11 Cleo

An icon does it again for us! Just like many other legends on this list, we have found stunning nicknames derived from them. This name speaks attitude and spunk. Nameberry.com states, Cleo is one of the few girls' names to boast the cool-yet-lively o endings. This Greek name meaning glory was first popular among boys in the twentieth century. Cleo is the name of the ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry, one that is rich with modern charm. Cleo is going to hit the charts quick, put it on your list before it becomes the name of the next Disney character!

10 Nash

Want to see a name climb the baby charts faster than any other? Nash is just that. This name is what every mommy is trying to get her hands on. The name has a celebrity tone mixed with a gentleman feel. Nash will amuse the ladies in Tennessee and strut the carpet in Hollywood. The name Nash means, “by the ash tree.” The name first spawn from the TV character Nash Bridge portrayed by Don Johnson in the late nineties. Although it wasn’t a hit name then, it sure it now!

9 Callie

Callie is a sweet and sincere name. The Greek origin means “beautiful.” Very fitting for a darling girl like Callie. According to sheknows.com, people with the name Callie search for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things. Callie’s kind heart and grace will teach others so much more about life. Callie will aspire to be the best version of herself. We think Callie is modern enough to stand out, yet old enough to not sound “made-up.” Welcome to the world, beautiful!

8 Skye

Nature names are in, I told you so! According to Urbandictionary.com, Skye’s are unforgettable and irreplaceable. They can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Her loyal personality will help her to always fight for what she believes in! Skye’s are usually quiet at first, but you best believe they will be the loudest in the room amongst their friends. Hold on to any Skye you find because if you get the chance to know one, you will never let go of that heart of gold.

7 McCartney

The music genius himself, Paul McCartney is where this name comes from. It is a genius gender neutral name. The name is fresh and is widely honored around the world. Your little piano player will love being called Mac for short and enjoy the history behind the name. Your home will not be quiet with McCartney around. The infectionist laugh will keep a smile on your face for days. You best believe the Beatles will never go out of style, so clearly McCartney will be a legendary name. Just don’t go to crazy, I’m not sure McCartney Ringo will fly!

6 Blakely

Instant cuteness! Her caring smile will be one others come to for advice. She will be charismatic and a leader. This little Wonder Women will have the brains and beauty others die for. Her bubbly personality will make others fall for her instantly and the ring to her name will help her stand out. According to ohbabynames.com, Blakely is popular for females in the United States and popular for males in Australia. If you still can’t get your partner to dive into this perfect name, you can agree on naming her Blake, with a middle name of Leigh! Sounds like a deal to me.

5 Paxton

According to babble.com, Paxton also means peace. The perfect name and meaning for a beautiful baby girl. Your little girl will be a people watcher, seeing more in life than what is right in front of her. She will earn for the beauty in nature and enjoy life's simple treasures. Sheknows.com says, “People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in.” You will be in awe of what your little beauty becomes.

4 Tatum

Other than Tatum being the name of the hunky dreamy actor Channing Tatum, it also means happy. Channing Tatum and happiness sold me right away! Anyways, this name is perfect for a girl or boy! Basketball player and coach Derek Fisher named his little girl Tatum Fisher! Tatum’s spiritual personality and way of life will have him or her dancing even if there is no music playing. This gender neutral name can flow either way and has great nicknames for both genders. Plus, how cute is the nickname Tate?

3 Lennox

Lennox is the best name to please the in-laws with. It’s an old fashioned name but will still keep your wishes with a flashy new hit name! Lennox actually is Shakespearean and the meaning of the name is, “The Tragedy of Macbeth who is a nobleman of Scotland.” You bet this baby boy name is going to be one your friends wish they spotted first. According to sheknows.com, people with the name Lennox often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. Nicknames like Lenny or Lex. Both easy, charming, and we love a name with the letter x in it!

2 Berkleigh

Berkleigh sounds intelligent, fashionable, and kind. It sounds like the name of a fashion model or a girl with a very good instagram page, right? She is the real deal. Many people will pair UC Berkeley college with her, which is a well known studious school. We don’t mind this association for this creative and deserving munkin! It is a great characteristic to be paired with. According to mybabyname.com, the name means “meadow where birch trees grow.” Don’t worry who Berkleigh will become because she is already a diamond!

1 Kruse

Kruse is the perfect fit for your strong curly haired boy. Kruse is a German and Danish name that dates way back and was often found as a last name. The history of the last name Kruse is known for being a hard working labor family. Your little boy will be diligent and ambitious like his name. He will strive for always doing the right thing and pleasing others. You can guarantee success for your child with a name like Kruse. Your world will be better with Kruse in it.

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