25 Bright "Z" Names No Other Kid in the Classroom Will Have

For a lot of people, Z is a letter that is rarely use, and everyone knows it. It is how people end the alphabet song and filing cabinets but as far as the words that are actually said, most don’t contain it. Even the first sentences in this paragraph only featured the letter once and it was about it. The letter is rare enough to gain the highest number of points possible for a tile in Scrabble, 10, along with Q.

Z has continued to enthral and entrance the world with its exotic sound because of the mystery and lack of use that continues to today. This mystery and lack of use hold over to names as well. Z names are extremely uncommon in this part of the world, limited to names such as Zachary, Zachariah or Zoe; they are few and far between. Aside from rarity, one of the best qualities of these exotic sounding names is their strong attention-grabbing sound that still retains an upbeat quality. This letter may be last but it is certainly not least. Take a peek at these twenty-five Z names that a child is sure to be the only one in the classroom with.

25 Zacco

Zacco is a name that comes from a long line of variations. Zacco is a more demure looking variation of Zakko. The name Zakko is a Hungarian variation on the name Zachariah. Zachariah is a Hebrew variation on the word Zechariah that means, “the Lord has remembered.” This long line of descent gives the name Zacco an origin that is either Hungarian or Hebrew and a meaning consistent with Zechariah.

Zacco has a smoother appearance than Zakko, which makes it a little bit easier on the eyes and more in line with popular names in the United States. Although for parents who want in your face and edge the Zakko spelling variation is always an option. Another plus to this bold name is that it allows for the ever popular Zac nickname that is a fan favorite with parents.

24 Zuleika

Zuleika is a beautiful girl’s name that breaks the traditional rules for what U.S. parents expect out of feminine names. The name doesn’t have an Ella or Lina ending and it does have sharp sounds despite that it still sounds feminine and gorgeous. The beautiful name also has a fierceness that is lost in many typical feminine names. The Z provides a strong beginning and K keeps that strong sound throughout the name.

Zuleika may have a strong and bold sound but this beautiful girl’s name has a meaning that is soft and subtle. The name Zuleika is Arabic and its means, “fair.” This gorgeous name offers a variety of spelling options such as Zuleka, Zulekha, Zuleica, Zulaica, Zuleyka or Zuleikha.

23 Zeru

This sweet yet bold little name comes from a Basque origin and means, “sky.” For those who do not know Basque is a language that was spoken in Europe prior to its Romanization, mostly in a small area in Spain and France. The language has survived however and many speakers exist throughout the globe estimated to number close to one million. It is from this mysterious language that we get the name Zeru.

Zeru is pronounced Zeh-roo and is a short and sweet name with a nature meaning. The perfect solution for those parents who like the meaning behind the name Sky but do not want such a hippie name or think it is too feminine.

22 Zakia

Zakia has a double origin as well. The name comes from Arabic and Hebrew roots and has a meaning of, “pure.” This sassy name is pronounced za-KEE-a. Bold and beautiful this name is sure to grab attention with its sassy and fabulous sound.

The name Zakia has a similar sound to the more formal Zachariah. Zakia, however, is more modern sounding and livens up the stuffy name. Zakia offers some flexibility, it can be spelled Zakkia, or Zakya making it slightly customizable and is a great option to honor the Zachary in your life without being stuck with Zachariah. Bright and bold this name is a perfect combination of sass and familiarity.

21 Zerah

This name is a unisex name and it is another one that is given slightly different origins depending on if it is utilized a girl’s name or boy’s. The name Zerah as a girl’s name is a variation on Zera which is pronounced ZAY-rah and is a Hebrew name that means, “seeds or beginnings.” The name, when used as a boy’s name, is also Hebrew in origin however it is given the meaning of, “to arise or dawn.”

Zerah has ties to the bible as is similar to names such as Sarah and Zara. This name is a great choice for those looking for a biblical name but trying to avoid overused boy’s names such as Joshua or Noah or girl’s name such as Ruth or Mary. The name is also a great replacement for the over popular Sarah.

20 Zadie

A variation on the well-known name Sadie, Zadie creates an edgier feel to the demur classic. The name Zadie is a Hebrew girl’s name and it means, “princess.” Though this name has a modern sound and spelling and is less well known, Nameberry states that the name was actually number 539 on the top 1000 names in 1881 and remained on the list for almost 30 years before falling out of popularity and being forgotten for its now more common cousin.

The name Zadie may have a history but it is definitely rare in the United States today. The only spotlight this name has seen recently is British writer Sadie Smith changing her name to Zadie Smith. This bold and edgy name from the past is perfect for your modern little princess.

19 Zephyr

Zephyr is a Greek name that means “west wind.” This name comes from Greek mythology and is actually the name of the Greek God of the west wind. The name is one that can be used for girl’s or boys but is more often used for boys. The name Zaferina is a female variation that is more popular among girls.

Zephyr is a name that has a light and airy feeling to it which is fitting as it is associated with the wind. The name looks much harsher than it sounds so in a way it is a bit like wind, it can be soft and gentle or it can be strong and old. This name is perfect for those who love mythology, or nature or who are looking for a name that is strong and smooth.

18 Zafira

This Arabic name has a meaning that any parent would love for their child. The name Zafira means, “to succeed.” This name has a beauty and fierceness to it that is perfect to reflect the drive to succeed. This name is definitely fierce although it has not gained enough popularity in the United States to make it on to the top 1000 name list.

The name Zafira is one that does not allow for much variation or nicknames so if you are looking for a name that is strong and definitive this is a fantastic name, with a gorgeous sound and a fierce meaning that may just be perfect for you.

17 Zayd

This short and modern Arabic name has a sound similar to names like Zayn which may explain why it has gained such popularity. The name Zayd has gained popularity in recent years making it to number 931 on the charts according to Nameberry. The name Zayd means, “increase or growth,” and is pronounced zah-eed.

The name Zayd is the perfect modern name to replace overused names like Zack. The name Zayd offers many spelling variations and customization options such as Zaiid, Ziyad, Zaied, Zaid, Ziyyad, or Zahid. This name may have a modern feel and be relatively unknown in the United States but it is a well-used Arabic name and has been around for quite some time.

16 Zagora

This unique name is a beautiful girl’s name that is from a Swahili origin. The name is a place name for a main town in eastern Morocco. The name Zagora is definitely unlike anything that is currently used in the United States and it has managed to remain off the name charts keeping its rarity and remaining a beautiful mystery.

Zagora is a feminine name that still commands attention with an elegant and regal sound. The name, however, does not offer variation in spelling and there are not any obvious nicknames however with some creativity any parent would be able to make this name their own for their precious little one.

15 Zahi

Zahi is a short and sweet variation of Zahir. While the name Zahi is considered to be a boy’s name the name Zahir is unisex. Zahir means, “helper or supporter,” and comes from an Arabic origin. While the name Zahi has not yet gained much popularity, Zahir is ranked number 966 on Nameberry so it may only be a matter of time for its cousin name Zahi.

Zahi has a softer more relaxed sound than many boy’s names which makes it unique. The name is still strong and has a nice bold meaning however it is not harsh in the spelling or sound. This sweet name is perfect for your sweet little boy.

14 Zivanka

Zivanka sounds like the name of a foreign supermodel or princess. The name is commanding and strong but beautiful. Zivanka is a name that definitely draws attention. Slavic in origin this girl’s name is one that is sure to be noticed. The name Zivanka means, “full of life.”

Similar to Ivanka but not as well-known and overused, Zivanka offers a uniqueness that is unlike anything else. While there is no direct variation of the name there is the shorter name Zivka that could be used as a nickname or can be used as a stand-alone if Zivanka is too long or formal for you.

13 Zaire

This sharp and sassy name is African in origin. The name Zaire is a place name which originates from a place for the Democratic Republic of the Congo which existed from 1971-1997. The name is pronounced zye-eer. While Zaire is unisex it has seen more popularity as a boy’s name in the United States. Nameberry has even listed the name as number 747 on their boy’s name list.

The name has a historical significance both by being the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and also Zaire is the heroine of a 1732 play by Voltaire.

12 Zaferina

Zaferina is a female variation on the name Zephyr. The name Zaferina is unique and exotic. There is a beauty and strength in the spelling of the name and then when you hear it you can’t help but be struck by the lyrical sound of a name that looks like it should sound harsh.

The name Zephyr where Zaferina comes from is unisex in nature. The name is Greek and has a meaning of, “west wind.” Despite the name Zephyr being a girl’s name, it does not have a feminine sound which makes Zaferina the perfect variation for those who like the meaning or the feel of a Z name with. Greek origin but want something that is a bit on the girly side.

11 Zale

Zale is a name that is perfect for parents who love the sea. The name Zale is Greek in origin. This bold and brave name means, “sea-strength.” Zale is a brief yet bold sounding name that definitely sounds like it belongs in a Greek legend.

The name does have a commanding feel about it despite its short nature. Zale is similar to popular names like Kale. The name does over the spelling variation of Zayle and the nickname of Za or Zay for anyone looking to soften the edges on this rather strong name. This name is very masculine but with nicknames has the potential to allow for nicknames that soften the edges and make this name extremely versatile a perfect choice for your little sea-faring warrior.

10 Zdenka

Zdenka is a Czech name that is definitely a handful to look at. The name is beautiful but it is hard to know where to start with pronouncing it. The name is pronounced Z’DEN-kah. The name means, “woman from Sidon.” While Nameberry says the name Zdenka has gained more popularity than the male version Zdenko in its origin country and others neither has gained much popularity in the United States.

Zdenka is a name that has beauty and originality, however, the name does not offer much in the way of ease of use or flexibility. For any variations or nicknames, parents would need to rely on their own creativity. However, this name is definitely one of the most original and beautiful on the list.

9 Zaliv

The name Zaliv is the Russian variation of Bay a name that it looks nothing like. Zaliv is traditionally a girl’s name of Russian origin. Bay the name it is a variation of is actually unisex. It is a Latin name and it means, “berry.” This sweet meaning is given a twist when you use Zaliv which has a much edgier sound than Bay.

The name Zaliv is strong and commanding sounding. The name has the bold Z in front and the V at the end that gives it a strong sound through and through. This name is great for those parents who like names with natural meanings but do not want to sacrifice a strong sound.

8 Zaida

Zaida is an Arabic name. This strong girl’s name is pronounced zah-EE-dah and has a meaning of, “prosperous.” The name is beautiful and has a meaning that is full of hope and positivity for sure definitely something anyone would wish for their little girl.

The downside to this strong sweet name is that the way the name is spelled and the way it sounds appear to be at odds. This leaves open a large possibility for mispronunciation or misspelling. There are some variations such as Ziyada, Zahida, Ziada or Zayda is you like the ability to personalize. This name has also belonged to politician and princesses.

7 Zalmen

Zalmen is a bold new update on the old school biblical name of Solomon. The name Solomon is a boy’s name that originates in Hebrew and means, “peace.” The name has been popular for years and has held fast to that popularity keeping a place on the list. The name is currently at number 377 on Nameberry’s name chart.

Zalmen takes a classic name and turns it on its head creating a unique look and slightly different sound but still nodding at the original. This name is the perfect way to honor someone with the name Solomon or to honor a biblical meaning without being stuck using an over popular old school sounding name.

6 Zaira

This name is attributed to a truly unique origin. The name Zaira is listed as having its origin as an Irish literary creating. The name is not listed with a meaning as it was a creation of literature. With a pronunciation of ZARE-ah this girl’s name is truly beautiful and unique. The name has not gained enough popularity to make it onto the name charts, however, it has a sound that is simple, sweet and lovely.

The name Zaira has a pronunciation that is similar to popular names such as Clara or Sarah that would make it the perfect alternative to those. It would be a great way to honor those with a name such as Sarah without having to repeat the name. The name has made a few appearances in the spotlight such as with an opera by Vincenzo Bellini name Zaira.

5 Ziven

Slavic in origin, the name Ziven is definitely different than anything currently common in the United States today. Ziven is traditionally a boy’s name and it has a meaning of, “vigorous or lively.” The name may not be new but it has a fresh and edgy sound that is perfect for modern parents.

The name Ziven has edge and boldness to it that is unlike anything currently used in the United States but it is definitely in line with the common trends of naming. The name Ziven also offers the spelling variation Zivon or Zivan. With even more edge the name Ziven allows for nicknames like Ziv and Zev. This name is perfect for parents who are looking for an upbeat meaning, an edgy sound and something entirely unique.

4 Zuri

Zuri is a name that has made it onto the charts for girls and yet remains off the list for boys although the name is technically unisex. This sassy name has made it to number 365 on Nameberry’s top name charts for girls. However, it has not enjoyed the same success as a boy’s name. The name Zuri has a Kiswahili origin. Kiswahili is another name for the Swahili language which is spoken on the east coast of Africa.

Zuri has made it into the spotlight, primarily as a girl’s name. The name was featured on the Disney show Jessie through the character Zuri Ross, and on the animated The Lion Guard.

3 Zulma

Another name with an Arabic origin, Zulma is a beautiful sweet girl’s name. The name has a meaning of, “healthy and vigorous.” This sweet soft sounding name is a great option for those looking for a name that is interesting and exotic but not sharp or too strong sounding.

This name would be fantastic for parents looking to honor older names like Alma, this name preserves the sound with a new twist to it. The name does offer some variation in spelling such as Zullma, Zulamma, or other double letter variations. This name is different and unique, it brings the letter z to light in a whole new subtler way.

2 Zalika

Zalika has a past that is created in multiple origins. The name is attributed to both Arabic and Swahili origins. This bold and beautiful name means, “wellborn.” A gorgeous girl’s name Zalika has not gained much popularity in the United States as of yet. The name has managed to stay off the top 1000 names list so if you are looking for a unique name that is bold and bright this may be the one for you.

Zalika is definitely a strong sounding name making it a bit harsher on the ears than some of the more feminine names that are popular for girls. However, that doesn’t stop the name from being beautiful in its fierceness. There is a little wiggle room for variation such as Zallikka, Zalikka, Zaleeka or you could always use the cousin name Zuelika if you prefer.

1 Zann

Zann is a boy’s name that is a modern variation on the boy’s name Zan. Zan is a unisex name that has multiple origins. The name for boys is a diminutive of the name Alexander which is Greek and means, “defending men.” This name is also spelled Xan. The name Zan, when used for a girl, has an origin that is traced back to China. The name Zan means, “support or comfort.”

This name is a great choice that can be used for either girls or boys. The name is a great way to honor an Alexander but it is also able to stand on its own. The name is not overly well known so it is definitely one that will be unique on the playground.

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